Sri Potti Sriramulu was born in Madras in 1901 but lived in Nellore. He studied in Madras and Bombay and graduated in sanitary engineering. He worked in a railway comp. in Bombay. He lost his wife while he was 25 and he developed dispassion towards life. He decided to get involved in service to mankind and the struggle for Indian independence.

He answered to Mahatma Gandhi's call asking the youth to join the freedom struggle. He relinquished his job, left for the Sabarmati Ashram, and became a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. He underwent rigorous training at the Sabarmati Ashram and participated in the noncooperation movement. He was imprisoned 3 times during the independence movement. In 1944, he went back to Nellore to serve the country.

Sri Sriramulu protested the restriction of harijans from entering a a temple in Nellore for the first time and launched a hunger strike. He served the harijans and worked for their upliftment. Sri Sriramulu was a true follower of Gandhian philosophy - truth, nonviolence, and service to mankind. He used to wear khaddar dhoti and walk with out sandals even in scorching summers. Watching this behavior of Sri Sriramulu, people considered him as a mad man.

A separate Andhra state and its partition from Madras was demanded for a long time. Even after independence, the govt. of India kept a deaf ear to this request and demand. The congress party passed a resolution that separate Andhra would be formed if Andhrites sacrifice the city of Madras as an integral part of Andhra state. The leaders of separate Andhra formation did not accept the offer. The strike launched by Sri Swami Seetaram was in vain for achieving separate Andhra. Sri Potti Sriramulu took over the leadership and continued the struggle for the formation of separate Andhra.

On October 19th of 1952, Sri Potti Sriramulu launched a hunger strike in Madras. Again the govt. of India ignored Sri Sriramulu's efforts. Going unconscious, Sri Sriramulu said "Do not try to destroy my holy mission!". He was unconscious. Nobody tried to save him according to his orders but sure out of respect. He continued that hunger strike for 58 days and died on the 15th of December. That sudden tragic loss of Sri Sriramulu shook every telugu soul. That brought a revolution in the Telugu desam. Indian govt., then, decided to form a separate Andhra state.

Andhra Pradesh was born in October of 1953.

Another bright star, Sri Potti Sriramulu, in the galaxy of the GENIUSES OF ANDHRA.

******************************************************************************* ----based on Andhra Pradesh Charitra by Marla ---English translation by PALANA

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