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pAThakula abhiprAyAlu

I padaM(padAlu) unna abhiprAyAlu chUpiMchaMDi

"#eemaata"# SOdhana phalitAlu : 384

  1. saMskRtAMglAla madhya nalugutUnna telugu guriMchi tamminEni yadukulabhUshaN abhiprAyaM:

    06/28/2016 4:33 #pm

    J.P.L# gvin nighaMTu nirmANaMlO pAlupaMchukuni sahasaMpAdakatvaM neripinaMduku gAnu jonnagaDDala vEMkaTESvara SAstrigAriki 2008 braun paMDita puraskAraM labhiMchiMdi

    <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200811/1359.html" rel="nofollow">http://eemaata.com/em/issues/200811/1359.html

  2. #vallUri jagannAtharAvu guriMchi #Sreenivas Paruchuri # abhiprAyaM:

    06/19/2016 7:45 #am

    Thanks to Sri P.V. Ramana of Sobhanachala blog fame who dug out some more information about Valluri and kindly shared with me. This advertisement from June 2015
    <>eemaata.com/images/mar2016/Valloori_lp1915.png" rel="nofollow"><>eemaata.com/images/mar2016/Valloori_lp1915.png" width="382"/>
    clearly proves that Valluri recorded by 1915 itself, and perhaps even little earlier. My sincere thanks to Ramana gaaru for this valuable information! If you are already not of aware of his blog it is a real treasure trove of information on Telugu culture at large.

  3. #ImATa mE 2016 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    05/21/2016 12:25 #am

    Greetings! Editors.

    About the news release in reference to Emory/Telugu:

    Interested to see the invitees list, and the places they are from. Will you be able to release it kindly, ahead of publication of the essays, please.

    Also, when you say translations, are the essays in eemaata going to be in English or in Telugu?

    Love criticism. Perhaps more than original Literature/art sometimes. Currently reading “Better Living Through Criticism- How to think about Art, Pleasure, Beauty and Truth” (by A.O. Scott,) a book published this year. The author is a film critic.

    I will look forward to the essays from Emory- Telugu division. Quite excited.


  4. #rAgalahari: SivaraMjani guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    03/31/2016 5:49 #am

    In response to V. Lakshmanna’s letter to me in eemaata on 3/28/2016.

    Your remarks in the letter don’t make any sense to me for the following reasons.

    If you laughed for half hour, that means you enjoyed my prior comment. Then why would you ask me not to comment again? (Although I must say I neither see humor nor provocation in the few lines I wrote. But, this is good news. I can try those sentences on a few others. If they all burst out laughing, I will go do standup comedy. Another dream of mine.)

    Let me try again Lakshmanna, if we can connect.

    In my previous comment – the first part of the comment is not for you. You did not have to answer it. Thanks for taking the trouble. As you go down, it says Question to V. Lakshmanna. You see it? That’s for you. Clear?


    You are saying in your response, Mohana Rao himself said he does not know about ragas and music etc. So if Mohana Rao already knows, and you already know, about his lack of musical knowledge -what is your fuss about? Why are you asking weird questions? Like# mI kochchE lAbhamEmiTI? #And write stuff about Mohana rao and Sreenivas being your friends? What does that got to do with Music?

    And Lakshmanna, it’s perfectly fine, if you don’t listen to my music. A little while before I wrote my last comment, you were merrily shooting questions to other readers, listening to music clips others are asking you to listen to, analyzing the AIR signature tune and identifying the notes in it. The minute I enter the conversation, ask same sort of questions, boom, you seem to be going bonkers. Why the abrupt change?

    Please don’t lose sleep over my musical composition. I will not question you about it. You don’t have to listen to it. The eemaata editors have already heard you. They will not come to you for an opinion.

    But, now that I am here, writing again a few questions about your essays on Music. (Generally people who write educational essays, research essays take questions. But again, if you want to plead fifth, go right ahead.)

    You have said you don’t know Telugu well. Are you understanding it better now? Do you understand English O.K.? You said in your previous essays somewhere among those heaps of# sarigamalu, #that you had no formal training in music. Since then, have you gotten some training from some authentic music teachers? Can you update us readers about your musical learning/training, even if you are self-trained? What are all those musical notes at the end of your recent essay? Under a song called# vagalarANivi nIvE. #Who gave you those# svarAlu? #The owner of the film song? Or, Are they yours? Where did you learn to write them like that?

    To close on a personal musical note; For past three months, I have been listening to live concerts of musicians of international repute, of different nationalities, and meeting with some. These musicians went to good music schools, some of them hold doctorates, they teach. They take questions from lay people, new students, and colleagues. I am in good company. I am very happy. I am laughing.

    Lakshmanna, if you want to laugh again, go right ahead and laugh your head off. Comments will be continued to be made by me in this magazine, so long as I want to. If you wish no comments to be made about your writings, you should take it to the editors, and I am sure they will apply the ruling uniformly across the board. Thanks.


  5. #ImATa mArch 2016 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi #Siddineni Bhava Narayana # abhiprAyaM:

    03/06/2016 4:40 #am

    The Editorial Board,


    Dear Sir,

    As to the page layout and the format of this journal is concerned, I have been encountering hitches on five counts:

    1 .The indents on the page have their own inflexible mind. Every paragraph has a right aligned first line.

    2. The right side of the paragraph has loosely hanging, uneven lines.

    3. Gap between two words, what you cal space, is insufficient. The reader cannot do any thing to adjust the spaces. The words look like having been fused together. This deficiency causes strain on the eye.

    4. One more cause for strain on the eye is the cluttering of lines.

    Line spacing is narrow; Inflexible. Coupled with insufficient word spacing , narrow spacing between lines hinders easy reading.

    5.The jagged flank of each paragraph begs for an even alignment.

    Should you feel the same as I do, I request you to see to it that the issues are addressed.

    Warm Regards.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Siddineni Bhava Narayana.

  6. #dESabhakti gEyAlu guriMchi #Sreenivas Paruchuri # abhiprAyaM:

    02/06/2016 8:17 #pm

    #SrI erikalapUDi: nEnu ImATalO pAThakula abhiprAyAlu tarachugA chadavakapOvaDaMvalla nannevarainA praSna aDigitE veMTanE/asalu javAbivvakapOvaDaM chAlA sArlu jarigina mATa vAstavamE! kAnI mIru 02.navaMbaru 2013na aDigina praSnaku nEnu 19.jUlai 2014 na javAbivvaDaM jarigiMdi. <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201311/2718.html" rel="nofollow">http://eemaata.com/em/issues/201311/2718.html
    #kluptaMgA, mIraDigina viMjamUri sUrya subbalakshmigAri guriMchi nAku teliyadu.
    namaskAraM, SrInivAs

  7. dhUrjaTi kavitvaMlO mAdhurImahima: tenAli rAmakRshNuni madhurapUraNa guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    01/22/2016 5:51 #pm

    Dear Editors:

    1. About article by Elchuri in this magazine.

    Reading this article gave me similar joy as reading Bertrand Russell’s “The Problems of Philosophy” where in the author thinks, he writes as he thinks and he solves as he writes. Russell simply writes fluently, logically, and relevantly.

    Seeing a ‘man of letters’ as Elchuri, take a question up -about a poet’s poetry in a poets’ assembly seriously, is so heartwarming. It is downright professional. The author/ a poet – to consider, there is possibly more to a question about poetry than it appears on the surface, that there is a purpose when the poets and poetry readers sit together and mull over reasons for one’s poetry being ‘extraordinary’, go look for the reasons outside the poetry in the outside world, and bring the reader back to poets’ forum, finally to take the reader into the poet Dhurjati’s poetry itself, to find the answers is an enchanting quest. The story telling, the back and forth goings for search of clues, looking into all possibilities of the word arrangements, the possible meanings the words in a poetry piece may convey -is phenomenally charming.

    The linguistic prowess of this writer, Elchuri, is so glamorous.

    Literature is one area where a writer can talk all day, all night. Writing is where you pour out words. Language is all about lengthiness. When some ask for brevity in poetry, or prose, I don’t understand why. The whole show is, how much can a writer write, how long one can keep a reader ensnared. Either enchanted by one’s thought, enchanted by the way one is speaking, the peculiar accent, the dialect, subject chosen, storytelling capacity etc. etc.

    Writing in general, is certainly a show off arena for vocabulary. Writers are a clan who never need to apologize for being lengthy, wordy and nerdy in their writings. Who wants to complain about verbosity of Shakespeare, Milton, Proust and Oscar Wilde? Not me. Their gushing is charming to me. I read them sometimes, like I read dictionaries, because I am hungry for words. And God bless! If you are equipped with powerful artillery, that you can use a variety of ways without repeating yourself, without fumbling every few seconds, the more power to you! Seriously, if you don’t have at least a student Webster dictionary in your head, how are you going to have a meaningful conversation with anyone?

    I rejoice in Elchuri Muralidhara Rao’s linguistic grandeur. I am simply thrilled to be his reader.

    2. I am responding to the comment below, relating to this essay, and a few recent comments of his and others, relating to writers/publishing/readers.

    “Of course, I have this gripe with the editors of eemaata too, who forget to bring to the notice of the original authors to add all relevant references.” Veluri Venkateswara Rao

    I am surprised at Veluri. I am disappointed at the lack of -freedom spirit. Surprised at the territorial rights that are being demanded of other free spirited writers. A writer has every right to pick up any subject and talk about it. It could have been said hundreds of times before him. Still any writer can put his own spin on it. And also, a writer does not have to know what is all said and done before him, by any and every writer. Even if he knows, he does not have to pay obeisance. He does not have to quote any one, if he wants to present his own thoughts his own way.

    It does not make any one’s writing less interesting because they have not mulled over other’s umpteen dumpteen thoughts. In fact a person may do a lot better if they think their own way and scribble and submit what comes to their own mind, than what is filtered thru so many degenerate brains. Stale stuff that is passed on by oral traditions of family members, guru parampara. Must writers be so incestuous? Must we be becoming age old serpents, so incessantly guarding some nation/individual ‘treasure pits?’ Must we be becoming the watch dogs, so vehemently protecting some “Knowledge” which is not any# amma moguDu sommu #to begin with? Just stop being promoters of this writers and that writers. Surely introduce your favorites. But stop putting a one writer on pedestal, and stop acting as if nothing beautiful, nothing important is written before him. Don’t be ridiculous. Nobody is the ‘Be all and End all’. Let everybody write. The more people write, the more interesting life is. And people who use internet, who do most of their readings on gadgets now, are not stupid people. They are smarter people. How are people who buy the latest technology, subscribe to various magazines free loaders? They are buying their reading in a different way. People who built up digital libraries, did it -so vaster number of people anywhere in the world have access to them, to browse, to read in depth, circulate, enjoy. Not to prevent someone going to a shop and buying their own copy, if it is available. It is not nice to call people cheapskates, just because they are not spending on the same things you like.

    If someone does not have access to computers, those can simply ask for hardcopies to be send to them. Just for those few in a village here and there, to see their own foreword, their pretty name in print one more time, there is no need to print tons of poetry books or thousand page books without sending out feelers for demand first.
    If you think, it is such an intelligent work, just attach it to the same wiki you are gloating about. People who are interested in the poetry can start reading it from there. Type it out yourself. Can’t you type?


    This Monday, there was one question on ‘Jeopardy’ – Alex Trebec asked. Some remarkable event happened in 1957 in US, and that led eventually to building a presidential library in a town in USA. What is the name of the town? That final jeopardy question no one could answer, more over all three contestants, left with 0 dollars that day. It is pretty unusual.  It was 9pm and I went on the net, thinking I will google the details. No need, by 9.04 pm, this episode of jeopardy is already written up, with the answers, from an alert reporter from that same town. I felt so good to see such quickness, smartness.

    My heart goes out for smart writers. And smart thinkers.


  8. #dhUrjaTi kavitvaMlO mAdhurImahima: tenAli rAmakRshNuni madhurapUraNa guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    01/21/2016 9:48 #pm

    Dear Prof. Muralidhara Rao garu and editors:

    At the outset, let me apologize for writing this comment in English, particularly for an interesting and entertaining essay written in classical”Telugu.” It would be evident as you go through my comment with a little patience.

    The poem Prof. Muralidhara Rao analyzed with such passion is simply a “caaTu” poem. I do not mean it in any derogatory way. On the other hand, I love and enjoy reciting, I repeat, reciting caaTu poems I have had the pleasure of learning, remembering as a young pre-teen (mostly for the mere pleasure of the fables woven around these verses)from my maternal uncle. The verses are always beautiful; make great conversation pieces, some even might evoke and excite the erotic ‘gene’ at least temporarily, in the reciter and the listener.

    But, the way Prof. Muralidhara Rao presented the above verse almost misguides one into believing the fable(s) around the piece. May be, I should say legends in stead of fables to avoid further controversial counter-comments.

    I do not deny the importance of the caaTu tradition. It is a great oral tradition, and hopefully,– and I sincerely wish — that it would still be alive with the newer generations of the Telugu readers.

    Allow me to digress. I do not know how Prof. Muralidhara Rao missed Velcheru Narayana Rao’s definitive work on selected caaTu poems collection — from Sanskrit, Telugu and Tamil–” A Poem at The Right Moment” published by The University of California Press in 1998.

    A reference to the said work would not have done any harm to the article. At least mentioning the introduction to the book, the after-essay and the translations with all the legends associated with the poems and their purport would have enlightened the readers on the importance and exact purport of the caaTu poetry.

    Of course, I have this gripe with the editors of eemaata too, who forget to bring to the notice of the original authors to add all relevant references.

    Although, it is not very much out of place to give a few snippets from Narayana Rao’s book, I refrain from doing it at this time.

    I remain,(absolutely with no malice)
    Sincerely yours,

    Veluri Venkateswara Rao

  9. #saMpAdakuni tiraskaraNa lEkha guriMchi ke.ke. rAmayya abhiprAyaM:

    01/21/2016 12:14 #am

    #telugu kavitvAniki oka vinUtna vibhinna diSAnirdESaM chEsina mahAkavi SrISrI SatajayaMti saMdarbhaMgA ImATa janavari 2010 SrISrI pratyEka saMchika
    <>#eemaata.com/em/category/issues/201001" rel="nofollow">http://eemaata.com/em/category/issues/201001

  10. #akkaralu guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    01/05/2016 2:30 #pm

    #vyAsamunu chadivi tama amUlyamaina abhiprAyamulanu telipina SrImati suprabha, SrI vElUri veMkaTESvararAvu gAralaku nA namassulu. idi akkaralapai vyAsamu kAbaTTi okaTikanna ekkuvagA udAharaNamulanu chUpalEkapOyinAnu.

    SrImati dOnEpUDi lakshmIkAMtamma “telugu kavitvaMlO madhyAkkara – oka pariSIlana” anE #PhD# siddhAMta graMthamulO madhyAkkaralanu upayOgiMchina telugu kavulapai pratyEkamugA konni prakaraNamulanu kETAyiMchAru. aMdulO A kavulu vrAsina kAvyamulanuMDi enniyO udAharaNamulanu kUDa ichchAru. kriMdi modaTi EDu madhyAkkaralanu akkaDinuMDi grahiMchi, udAharaNamulugA ikkaDa poMduparachinAnu. enimidavadi “vEdanAmadhyAkkaralu” (liMku) anE pustakamunuMDi grahiMchAnu. tommidavadi SrI ravigAru nEnu vrAsina “ChaMdassuku oka koMDa – kokkoMDa” (<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201203/1923.html?allinonepage=1" rel="nofollow"#>liMku) vyAsamunaku oka abhiprAyamulO telipinAru. viSvanAtha madhyAkkaralu ikkaDa labhyamu (liMku)

    1) tummala sItArAmamUrti chaudari – mahAtmakatha

    O yayya prAyOpavESamunaku – mUnaku, nIvu
    pOyina mAku svAtaMtrya mEla pra-bhutva madEla
    SrIyEla jIvita mEla sauhArda – siddhikai Sramamu
    sEyudumani kamma naMpi rA yOgi-SEkharu kaDaku

    2) Arudra – Suddha madhyAkkaralu

    padamUDu mAtra lunnaTTe – pAdArdhamula vaLlu peTTe
    tudi prAsa laMdulO nilupu – tUkAna avi reMDu kalupu
    modalaTlu toli prAsa vuMchu – muddugA nAlgAlapiMchu
    kuduraina aMdAla gamulu – kottavI madhyAkkaramulu

    3) nAyani subbA rAvu – vishAda mOhanaM

    pOyina sUryuMDu vachchu – pOyina chaMdruMDu vachchu
    pOyina padunA~ru kaLalu – pUrtigA vidhunaku vachchu
    pOyina tArakata minuku – pUvula guttulu vachchu
    pOyina mOhanA vinaya – bhUshaNA tirigi rAvEmi

    4) kOvela suprasannAchArya – pAMchAlarAya Satakamu

    ennaDu vinuTayE kAni – yennaDu kanuTayE lEdu
    ennaDu kAMchuTa kAdu – yenna DUhiMchuTa lEdu
    ennALla kennALla kayye – yiTTi mI divya darSanamu
    kannula paMDuvu kAga – karuNAbdhi pAMchAlarAya

    5) dASarathula bAlayya – SrIvAsaraj~nAnasarasvatI madhyAkkaralu

    okachEta vINa dhariMchi chirunavvu – lolukabOyuchunu
    nokachEta@M bottammu gonuchu naMchapai – noppAri rAve
    prakaTiMtu vEvEla natulu sakala sau-bhAgyaMbu lIve
    yika nAku j~nAnasarasvatI vAsa-rESvarI dEvi

    6) jaMdhyAla veMkaTESvara SAstri (SAMtiSrI) – satyaSAyi madhyAkkaralu

    talli vaMduru koMdaru mari koMdaru – taMDri vaMduru ja-
    gallIla kAni strIpurusha bhEdammu – kalada nIyaMdu
    tallivai lAliMtu veMto taMDriyai – daMDiMtu vaMte
    challani mA talli taMDri jaya satya-SAyI namOstu

    7) dOnEpUDi veMkayya – chAritrakaM
    (itaDu madhyAkkaranu #free verse# rUpamulO yatiprAsalanu ellappuDu pATiMchaka vrAsinAru)

    ishTadaivamu dESamAta kAvale nItarammunaku
    ishTakAmyArthamu losagu nIdEvi yInADu manaku
    sarva lOkamu lElu talli svayamugA sAkshAtkariMche
    sarvAvatArAla mUlamau paramAvatArammu
    SarvANi vANi vaishNavi sakaladaiva sammELanammu
    urvilO bharatOrvi, Ime sEvayE uttama pUja

    8) ji. vi. subbA rAvu – vEdanA madhyAkkaralu

    hEmaMta mAnaMda bhAva – hElA manOj~nammu naguchu
    chEmaMti virabUchi navvi – sImaMtinI kESa modigi
    bhAmAMtara praNaya madhu-vAnu priyuni harsha moliki
    hEmaMta SItala jyOtsna – yimuDadI kavitApathAna

    9) puTTaparti nArAyaNAchAryulu – SrInivAsaprabaMdhamu

    pArvatI paramESa madana – paravaSatAvRtti jelle
    yOrvaMga rAka bekkEDu, – ludriktulai suralella
    Sarvuni bhaMgiMpaneMchi, – SatadhRti tODana gUDi
    parvettiruttAla sAla-paMkti tushArAdri gu~richi

    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  11. saMpAdakuni tiraskaraNa lEkha guriMchi #Veluri Vemkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    01/04/2016 1:18 #am

    Dear Suresh:

    Talking of rejections, you have missed one more important rejection. Ernest Hemingway’s works were rejected not once, not twice but many times. He was dejected with the rejections and wanted to quit writing fiction for good, until O’Brien discovered him and included his first story The Old Man in his American Short Story collection. In addition, O’Brien dedicated the collection to Hemingway. If O’Brien were not there, we wouldn’t have had Hemingway. Forgive me for my self promotion, this anecdote was recorded in eemaata (See: eemaata, March 2010).


    Veluri Venkateswara Rao

  12. #aTTu nA AdarSaM guriMchi #Veluri Vemkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    01/03/2016 9:02 #pm

    #mAgaMTi vaMSImOhan gArU:

    mahachakkani pEraDIlu rAsAru;– ismAyilgAri cheTTu nA AdarSaM anE prasiddha kavita phakkIlO aTTu nA adarSaM adbhutaMgA unnadi! pEraDIlaMTE chevikOsukunE nEnu mimmalni abhinaMdiMchakaMDA uMDalEnu! (koMtamaMdi SrOtriya parulu mimmalni abi niMdiMchakaMDA uMDalEru leMDi! evari bhAgyAniki evaru bAdhyulu, cheppaMDi!)

    #I whole heartedly envy you!

    #manaki nachchina, manaM mechchina rachayitala rachanalanE pEraDI cheyyagalaM. adi, vAripai manakunna abhimAnAniki, gauravAnikI gurtu. evaDO ‘ kOn kissA goTTaM,’ gADi rachanalu enni unnA, vATipai pEraDIlu evarU rAyaru. eMduku rAyarO cheppaTaM, ImATa mejAriTI pAThakulani avamAniMchaDaM avutuMdi.

    pEraDI manasAhityaMlO chAlA pAta prakriya. kUchimaMchi jaggakavi (18 va SatAbdaM)AMdhra vA~mmayaM lO pEraDIki nirdushTa rUpaM kalpiMchADani mAchirAju dEvIprasAd(1922-1974)rAsADu. dEvI prasAd pEraDIlaki peTTina pErani vErE cheppakkaralEdu. atanu rAsina ‘ErODDu charitra chUsinA Emunnadi garvakAraNaM,’ chadavaMgAnE maLLI marokasAri SrISrIni chadavAlanipistuMdi. adi pEraDikunna oka goppalakshaNaM. madrAsulO chaduvukunE rOjullO AMdhrA messu mIda rAsina I pEraDI chUDaMDi:

    ‘nijaMgAnE nikhila AMdhraM, niMDu harshaM vahistuMdA?
    bhOjanAniki nijaMgAnE bhOgakAlaM rahistuMdA?’

    chadavaMgAnE, SrISrI gurtuki rAkapOtE manaM telugu vALLamani cheppukOvaTaM nAmardA ani nA abhiprAyaM.

    viSvanAtha satyanArAyaNagAri Saili mIda jalasUtraM rukmiNI nAtha SAstri gAru cheppina pEraDI padyaM, satyanArAyaNagArinE kavviMchi navviMchiMdani cheptAru.

    kiMchit tikta kashAya bADaba rasa kshE pAtirE kAti vA, ani modalai, nAlugava pAdaMchivara, pAshANapAka prabhU! ani mugustuMdi, ApadyaM.
    (sthalAbhAvaM valana pUrtipAThaM kAmeMTla SirshikalO ivvadalachukOlEdu.)

    I pEraDI chUDaMDi:

    ‘guMDu goMtukalOna koTlADutAdi
    guTakEyanIdurA kUsinni kUDa,’ vinaMgAnE evari pATa gurtukostuMdi?

    alAgE marokaTi:

    ‘tokkina vadalani saikilu
    pakkiMTi miTAripaina pagaTi bhramayun
    ekkake pAreDu gurramu
    grakkuna viDuvaMgavalayu gadarA ….’, chinnappaTi pajyaM gurtuki rAvaTallEdU?

    SrIramaNa prasiddha rachayitala vachanAniki chakkani pEraDIlu rAsADu. machchuki:

    ‘adi dhUmaSakaTamu. abhimukhamuga pOvuchunnadi. ataDu modaTi taragati peTTelO nAsInuDayyenu. prathamaSrENi maMjUshamu suviSAlamugAnunnadi… ‘ evari Sailini pEraDI chEstunnADu, chepmA?

    ImATa vyavasthApakuDu ke.vi.yas. rAmArAvu, jAshuva SmaSAna padyAlapai SmaSAna vATika ani pEraDI ( chU: ImATa, mE 2000) rAsADu. alAgE SrISrI kavitalaki kUDA pEraDIlu ( chU: ImATa, sepTeMbar, 2002) rAsADu.

    I mATa prastuta saMpAdakulu svOtkarshani sensAru cheyyaranukuMTAnu. velchEru nArAyaNa rAvugAru veyyELLa telugu sAhityaMlO merikallAMTi konni pustakAlaki iMglIshu anuvAdAlE kAkuMDA, AmukhAlu, A@hmukhAlu(aMTE venuka mATa ani nEnu peTTina pEru) rAsArani mIlO chAlAmaMdiki telusu. vATipai ‘<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201203/1911.html" rel="nofollow"#>emitini sepitive nArA?’ (nArA anna padaM mAdhav cheripEsi achchu vEsADu!) ani nEnu ImATalOnE rAsAnu ( chU: <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201203/1911.html" rel="nofollow"#>I mATa mArchi 2012). nArAyaNarAvu gAru dAnini chaduvukoni, poTTachekkalayyETTu navvi, navvi, navvi AyAsapaDDArani vinnAnu. navvuki nAbAdhyata; AyAsaM Ayana bAdha!

    iMtagA eMduku cheppAlsi vachchiMdO maLLI marokasAri cheppAlA?

    I saMchikalO saMpAdakuni tiraskaraNa lEkhamIda vachchina kAmeMTlu konni chadivitE, avi pEraDilaMTE EhyabhAvaM uMDabaTTO, pEraDI arthaM kAkapObaTTO rAsina kAmeMTla lA kanapaDutunnAyi. A vyAsaM chadiviMtaruvAta, kukkachevullA muDuchukopOyina pEjIlatO kuTlUDi chirigipOtU SidhilAvasthalO unna mahAprasthAnaM pustakaM maLLImarokasAri marichipOkuMDA ApyAyaMgA terichi chUddAmani anipiMchaTallEdU! adi pEraDI mahattu.

    AkharigA maroka mATa. I mATa sthAyi digajAripOyiMdi anna vyAkhya anuchita vyAkhya. #It is unfortunate.

    #pEraDIlu gopparachayitalapainE rAyaTaM AchAraM. I AchAraM krottadEmI kAdi. reMDu SatAbdAlugA telugu sAhityaMlO pEraDI oka chakkani prakriyagA gurtiMchabaDiMdani vinnaviMchukuMTunnAnu.

    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu

  13. AnaMdaM arNavamaitE – ratnAlasaramulu guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    11/29/2015 6:02 #pm

    “What does that mean? A misleading sentence right in the beginning of the essay. Neither Gurajada nor Sri Sri wrote poetry to show case matra chandassu.”

    #gurajADavAru vADuka bhAshalO mAtrAChaMdassunu upayOgiMchi vrAyumani cheppagA, tAnu vrAsinAnani SrISrI cheppADu. aMTE aTTi mAtrAChaMdassuku agrasthAnamu nichchADaniyE kadA dAni arthamu? aMtakumuMdu SrISrI vRttamulalO, jAtyupajAtulalO tana kavitvamunu vrAsiyuMDenu, aTTi kavitalaku udAharaNamunu ikkaDa ( <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201001/1530.html?allinonepage=1" rel="nofollow">http://eemaata.com/em/issues/201001/1530.html?allinonepage=1 )# chaduva vIlagunu. iTTi ChaMdassunu tyajiMchi, mAtrAChaMdassunu mAtramE ta~ruvAta vADiyunnADaMTE dAniki oka unnata sthAnamu ichchADaniyE ani nEnu arthamu chEsikonnAnu. itarulu vE~ru vidhamugA arthamu chEsikoni uMTE dAnini viSadIkariMchaDamu vAri kartavyamu avutuMdi.

    ikapOtE lailAgAru reMDava aMSamulO
    “2. #Now clarification about my previous words … Asshole … Dumbshit …”
    #cheppinavi #digression# kAka ma~rEmiTO?

    pATalanu pADukonETappuDu dAni naDaka, laya – vITiki taggaTlu padamulu amarinappuDu mAtramE SrOtalaku goppa anubhUti labhistuMdi. padamulanu gAyakurAliki tOchinaTlu ekkaDikkaDa na~riki pADitE anubhUti kalagaDamu kAdu asahyamu kalugutuMdi. alA na~riki pADina pATalu bAguMDavani ennO mArulu eMda~rO chEsina vimarSalanu nEnu chadiviyunnAnu.

    bhArAtAdi graMthamulalO uMDE arthavaMtamaina padyAlanu chadivi AnaMdiMcha vachchunu. adoka anubhUti. kAni anniTinI pADukOlEmu, mukhyamugA tALabaddhamugA pADukOlEmu. I AnaMdArNava ChaMdassu tALabaddhamainadi. A~ru, enimidi mAtralaku vi~rugutuMdi. SrISrI alA eMduku vrAsinADaMTE, appuDE gEyapu naDaka, laya vATilO pratibiMbita mavutAyi. SrISrI pAdAMta virAmamunu kUDa pATiMchADu. ivannI A mahAkavi eMduku chEsinADaMTE, vATini janulu pADukoni oka krotta udrEkAnni poMdAlani.

    uttara bhArata bhAshalalO, saMskRtamulO, tamiLa, malayALamulalO ekkuvagA pAdAMtayatini vADutAru. alA chEsinaMduvalana vATiki gAnayOgyata labhistuMdi. telugu kannaDa bhAshalalO (mukhyamugA telugulO) sAhityamu reMDu bhinna rItulalO rUpoMdinAyi. kAvyamulu paThanIyamulu mAtramE. adi saMgItamutO ekkuva saMbaMdhamu lEkuMDA rUpoMdinadi. vAggEyakArulu rachiMchina gItulaku mAtramE gEyatvamu labhiMchinadi. kavulu ekkuvagA I vAggEyakArulanu, yakshagAna kartalanu sarakugonalEdu. ippuDu ChaMdObaddhamaina kavitvamu nirAdaraNaku pAlavaDAniki idi oka mukhya kAraNamu ani nAku anipistuMdi.

    aMdukE nEnu gAnayOgyataku anuvaina vRttamulanu abhyasiMchaDamulO kRshi chEstunnAnu. aMtE kAdu, maname~rigina mAlikA vikrIDitamulanu kUDA tALabaddhamunu chEya vachchunani nirUpiMchinAnu.

    itarulu dInini aMgIkaristArO, anumOdistArO, kanIsamu bAguMdani oka mATainA aMTArO lEdO annadi vArikE nEnu vadalivEstAnu. kAni nAku mana@htRpti labhiMchinadi dInivalana. adi chAlu nAku. eMdukaMTE nEnu “ImATa”lO vrAsina 50 paina vyAsamulanu itarulu mechchukOlEdani anukoni uMTE arjununilA astra sanyAsamu chEyaDAniki udyamiMchi uMDEvADini.

    lailAgAriki, tahatahagAriki, vElUrigAriki, aSmAchaMgAriki nA hRdayapUrvakamaina dhanyavAdAlu!

    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  14. AnaMdaM arNavamaitE – ratnAlasaramulu guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    11/08/2015 1:30 #pm

    Dear Mohana Rao:

    I am one of those who is keenly following your work on prosody ever since you started expounding on the subject. If you remember it right, I have been coaxing you to apply your expertise on Group Theoretical Methods to prosody, and do write in English. (Even today, you will see new and interesting books on prosody in English being published!)

    Let me digress.

    If Ramanujam had felt the way you are feeling now because of comments in eemaaTa (or lack of them) work on Number Theory would have been in its infancy and its current use in contemporary genetics, physical sciences,etc., would not have been even dreamed off. One has to follow one’s passion, irrespective of criticism and lack of appreciation. When you get upset, read Hardy’s A Mathematician’s Apology once more!

    I will give you a personal failure of mine, because of my shortsightedness when I was in graduate school. A professor of mine offered to teach a course entitled “Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics,” and almost all the other faculty members advised the then graduate students against it. I did not know why, it might have been politics! Any way, I took the course to fill-in the required credit hours. But, I did not care to pursue it further. Of course, I regret it now! (I still have the 1960s vintage text book by Volker Heine!)

    Personally, I believe what you are experimenting in prosody is extremely important. Of course, there are always a few people (no personal accusation intended, please!)who might think it is a worthless pursuit. A ‘modernist’ and “Marxist” once remarked: why do people still read, do research on, classics? What could you say to that person? Do you remember what Chalam said to the guy who wondered about looking at “sandhya?”in his preface to SriSri?

    Keep it on! And, please try to translate some parts of your valuable research into English! Time is running out!

    Best wishes, — Veluri Venkateswara Rao

  15. #pOtanAmAtyuni kalpanAnalpaSilpaM guriMchi #Sivaramakrishna Vankayala # abhiprAyaM:

    09/12/2015 11:55 #am

    #mAnyulu ElchUri muraLIdhara rAvu gAri vyAkhya adbhutaMgA unnadi. vichitraM EmaMTE konni nimishAlamuMdE oka vIDiyOlO vAmanuDu virADrUpAnni dhariMchi, ravibiMbAnni ChatraM tO modalupeTTi chivariki pAdapIThika gA chEsukOvaDaM chUsAnu. ippuDu I suMdara vyAkhya chUSAka nA AnaMdaM paripUrNamayiMdi.iMdulOnunnadi yE alaMkAramainA, adi mottaM bhAgavatAnikE alaMkAramainadi.

  16. nAku nachchina padyaM: reMDu aMdamaina padyaSilpAlu guriMchi #Sivaramakrishna Vankayala # abhiprAyaM:

    09/12/2015 7:39 #am

    #SrImAn ElchUri muraLIdhara rAvu gAri padyaSilpanirmANa sAmarthyAniki machchutunakallA unnAyi pai reMDu padyAlU.

  17. oka telugu pustakaM kAvAli guriMchi #Anil# anil aTlUri abhiprAyaM:

    09/04/2015 8:08 #am

    #aMdari abhiprAyamE nAdi kUDA.
    “#Veluri garu should publish his style book.” <>eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

    This is in continuation to the article here:
    <>eemaata.com/em/issues/200905/1436.html" rel="nofollow">http://eemaata.com/em/issues/200905/1436.html

  18. #telugulO pustaka prachuraNa – AkAravikArAlu guriMchi #Brahmanandam Gorti # abhiprAyaM:

    09/03/2015 10:29 #pm

    #mAdhav gArU:

    mI ImATalOnE sTail buk avasaraM guriMchi oka vyAsamU, dAnipai charchA jarigiMdi gataMlO! aMdulOnU achchu pustakAla guriMchI uMdi.

    <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200905/1436.html" rel="nofollow">http://eemaata.com/em/issues/200905/1436.html

  19. #TIchiMg mUmeMTs guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    08/30/2015 4:55 #pm

    #aMTE? nisi tana AMtaraMgika bhUrja patrAlalO, lalita lavaMga bhAvamulu prOdi chEstE,
    #the no good chronicler, who does not know how to handle them -is burning them into cinders and turning them into ashes,# anA? ha!

    #Nisi and I will go look at Bridget Jones diaries. There I can get to see Colin Firth and Hugh Grant rolling in mud, beating each other to pulp, fighting over Bridget.

    I am all for primitive, rustic, ruggedness where a man loses it over a woman, for no reason at all.:-)


    PS: Waiting for the release of new issue of eemaata as the clock strikes 12 at midnight, on Aug 31st, so I can read real writers. Have fun.

    [Sorry, but it is around 7am on 1st! – Ed.]

  20. #pradhAna saMkhyalalO kavalalu guriMchi vAsudEva rAvu erikalapuDi abhiprAyaM:

    07/16/2015 3:12 #am

    “I am enjoying the mathematicians”

    Dr Yerneni: You are blessed for, academic administrators over the world without exception affirm that mathematicians as a class are cranky. I relished your scintillating notes on Guru Mitchell et al. Your refreshingly original views couched in inconveniently provocative terms do disturb writers and readers of eemaata alike. May your tribe not increase and you remain the one and only one Lyla.


  21. #pradhAna saMkhyalalO kavalalu guriMchi #Rao Vemuri # abhiprAyaM:

    07/13/2015 8:17 #pm

    #nEnu rAsina pradhAna (abhAjya) saMkhyala mIda vyAsaM chadivi, tappulu etti chUpina vAraMdarikI marokasAri nA dhanyavAdAlu. nEnu vidyArhigA unna rOjulalO nA guruvugAru “#pay attention to the harshest reviews of your paper”# anEvAru. aMdaru sUchiMchina mArpulu, chErpulu chEsi I vyAsAnni tiraga rAyavachchu. rAstAnu. kAni prastutAniki koTTochchinaTlu kanipiMchE reMDu mUDu tappulani sarididdi saMpradiMchavalasina mUlAlaki oka aMSAnni chErchutunnAnu.

    1. pradhAna saMkhyalu annI bEsi saMkhyalu kAvu. alA rAyaDaM nA toMdarapATE. “pradhAna saMkhyalu (2 ni minahAyiMchi) annI bEsi saMkhyalE” ani uMDAli.

    2. #sexy# ki “laiMgika” anna anuvAdaM bAgu lEdani nEnE oppukunnAnu. yadukulabhUshaN gAru dAni lETin mUlAnni sUchiMchina taruvAta #sexy primes# ni “shashThyaMtaramulu” ani teligistunnAnu.

    3. nEnu vADina “kachika pradhAna saMkhyalu” ki pratyAmnAyAlu okariddaru sUchiMchEru. I “kachikalu” (#palindromes)# anna mATani moTTamodaTa 1985 lO gaNitaSAstra AchAryulu SrI upAdhyAyula vEMkaTa satyanArAyaNa gAru rAsina oka vyAsaMlO vADEru. A vyAsAnni 1985 lO nA saMpAdakatvaMlO veluvaDina tAnA vAri suvanIr lO prachuriMchEnu. A<>#eemaata.com/misc/kacikalu.pdf" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"># vyAsAnni I jAbuki jata chEsi paMputunnAnu.

    evvarU chadavarEmO ani bhayapaDutU telugulO rAsina iTuvaMTi vyAsAnni chadivi, sahRdayaMtO spaMdiMchi, salahAlu ichchina vAraMdarikI marokasAri dhanyavAdAlu.

    – vEmUri

  22. telugu aMtarjAtIya bhAsha kAvAlaMTE… guriMchi #Brahmanandam Gorti # abhiprAyaM:

    05/02/2015 7:25 #pm

    #I vyAsaM mottaM chadivitE iMdulO kottagA pratipAdiMchina vEmI lEvu. pratipAdanalU aMTU cheppinavi kUDA pAtavE. vyAsa rachayitalaki telugu rAshTrAlU, akkaDi rAjakIya paristhitulU telusu. yUnivarSiTIllO udyOgAlu kAvAlannA, nidhulu kAvAlannA prabhutvAla chEtallOnE uMTAyi. vALLu vidilchi pArEsina grAMTulatO E viSvavidyAlayamU naDava lEdu. iha pariSOdhana aMTArA? sAhityamE avasaraM lEdu. migatA E vibhAgAlu aMTE sainsU vagairA, Evi tIsukunnA iMtakaMTE dAruNamaina paristhiti. ekkaDA udyOgaM rAni vALLu telugu eM.E kAnI, pi.hech.DI kAnI chEstAranna chinna vishayaM pasi pillADikkUDA telusu. okavELa I vyAsarachayitalu pratipAdiMchinaTlu oka saMstha chEsinA, maralA adE manushulU, ivE rAjakIyAlUnu. praivETu saMsthalU anagAnE rakarakAla samIkaraNAlu muMdukochchEstAyi. aMteMduku? tAnA, ATA tIsukOMDi. kanIsaM pAtikELLugA unnAyi kadA? vALLaMtA telugukI, sAhityAniki chEsiMdi eMtO aMdarikI telusu. ilA cheppaDaM valana A saMsthalani takkuva chEyaDaM kAdu. manakA dRkpathaM lEdu. mIru prastAviMchinaTlu iMDiyAlO telugu chaduvukochchi, amerikAlO uMTU telugu mIda abhimAnaMtO rachayitalugA mArina vALLu uMDachchu. iMTarneT vachchAka kAlakshEpAniki rAstunna vALLE ekkuva, nAtO sahA! iMTarneT rAka munupu eMta maMdi telugu rAsEvALLu kanabaDatAru? idaMtA eMdukaMTE pravaiTu saMsthalU, akADamIla valla EmI prayOjanaM uMDadu.

    mOhana gAru cheppinadi akshara satyaM. nAlAMTi vALLu rachayitalugA eppuDu mArAma. mA kaDupulO challa reMDu pUTalA hAyigA pArinappuDE kadA? iMDiyAlO uMTU, rOjU vArI udyOgaM chEstukuMTU, dina dinagaMDaM nUrELLa AyushshulA gaDiputU uMTE sAhityaM ekkaDa ekkutuMdi. I vishayamlO mOhana gAritO nUTiki nUru pALLU nEnU EkIbhavistAnu.

    chivaragA – vElUri gArU idE vishayammIda chAlA kAlaM kritaM <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200707/1120.html" rel="nofollow"#>saMpAdakIyaM rAsAru kUDA. tATAku chappuLLalA kAmeMTlu vachchi paDipOyAyi. aMtE! akkaDitO aMdarU marchi pOyAru. maralA ippuDu marOsAri vachchiMdi kAbaTTi aMdarU AvESaMgA tIrmAnAlU, salahAlU ichchEstAru. akkaDitO challAri pOtuMdi. kAnI idaMtA goMgaLI vyavahAraM.

    iMkO saMpAdakIyaMlO kUDA ilAMTi vishayAlE prastAviMchAru. OpikA, AsaktI unna vAri kOsaM – <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200205/551.html" rel="nofollow"#>telugu bhAshaki bhavishyattulEdA?

    maralA vinnavE viMTunnAM; koMta virAma taruvAta. aMtE!

    -brahmAnaMdaM gorti

  23. dESabhakti gEyAlu guriMchi #Sivaramakrishna Vankayala # abhiprAyaM:

    03/31/2015 12:28 #am

    #chinnappuDu vinna uttejapUritamaina gItAlanu maLLI gurtuchEsAru SrInivAs gArU! dhanyavAdAlu!

  24. amerikA emarI yUnivarSiTIlO telugu sAhityapIThaM guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    03/27/2015 10:43 #pm

    Dear eemaata readers and commentators:

    Allow me to share with you all the following:

    On the 26th March 2015, the Koppaka Foundation Professorship was announced by the Dean of Emory College, Emory University. Ninety years old Koppaka Sita garu with her three children attended the function. The dean announced that Prof. Velcheru Narayana Rao, an internationally well-known Telugu, poet,critic, and translator will occupy the Koppaka Foundation Chair as its first professor. More than 200 Telugus and quite a few Americans have attended the function.

    The announcement was followed by an hour long well organized classical music concert, Kuchipudi dance performance, and poetry readings from classics along with English translations. After that the Dean of Emory College hosted a reception to the Koppaka family and the invited guests.

    At the reception, Dr. Venkataramarao Koppaka, M.D., Ph.D, son of Dr. Koppaka Visweswara Rao and Sita garu, who works for CDC spoke at the request of the dean. Dr. Koppaka spoke from his heart, truly from his heart, about his parents’ cherished desire to establish the Telugu Chair. During his short speech, he mentioned that the family first wanted to fund the Chair at the Central University in Hyderabad, and that effort did not ‘some how’ go far!

    When that effort did not ‘go far’ they opted to fund the chair at the Emory University in Atlanta which has a strong South Asian Languages and Cultural Studies program.

    (Personally, I really wonder why the Central University did not enthusiastically welcome the offer to fund the Chair!)

    It was not the right time or place find out why the Central University, Hyderabad administration did not pursue such a great offer and have the chair at their own institution.

    As one who has closely followed the birth of Emory Telugu Initiative about 5 years ago, its growth, and to witness the final establishment of the Telugu Chair in a premier university in the United States, I felt very proud, and at the same time very humbled and reminded of a line from one of Gurazada Apparao’s song:

    ”# vaTTi mATal^ kaTTi peTTOy^
    gaTTi mEl^ talapeTTavOy^”

    #Sincerely, — Veluri Venkateswara Rao

  25. #ImATa mArch 2015 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    03/02/2015 12:58 #pm

    In Praise of ‘eemaata’ magazine

    #nEnoka pUla mokka kaDa nilchi,
    chivAluna komma vaMchi gOrAneDu naMta lOna
    eMdaro divya mUrtulu taTAluna egiri vachchi,
    nE kOsi ittunu, nE kurulaMduMchudu, maguvA! nE nIku mAla kUrtu
    naMchu, nA chuTTu nartiMchuchu, saMraMbhiMcha;
    vibhrAMtitO nEnu:
    vIrilO –
    E rUpasi gOrudu? evvAniM jErudu? evvAnito bhOgiMtu?
    evvani gUDudu? evvani yaMdu nuMdu? sarva samardhuMDevvaDu?
    sakalamu nAku samakUrchagala vADevvaDani, vitarkiMcha;
    A koMdaru,
    mUDu vElai, lakshalai, laksha kOTi janulai, lAvaNya SRMgAra dhIra sukumAra mAnavulai,
    lAlita sarasa mAnasulai, lAhiri vihArulai, lAghavamuga pushpApachayamunaku udyamiMcha,
    nE bhrama vIDi;
    hA! telisen! nA kipuDu! idi aMtayu mAya rasa maya jagati
    idi ‘I mATa!’
    telugu sAhityapu tOTa; ichaTa strI purushulu, bahu vidha kAvya kalpanalu chEyuduru;
    chaduvudu nEniTa nityamu, chaduvulalO sAramella teliyudu taMDrI! ani nA
    #Cartier# ghaMTamutO, manO phalakamu pai likhiMchukuni,
    patrika chaduvuTa kupakramiMchi sukhiMchitini.


    1. SRMgAraM okkaTE rasaM. (bhOjuDu)
    2. SRMgAraM pushpAlachEta, gAMdharvaMchEta, kAvyapaThanaMchEtA uttEjitaM avutuMdi ani nATyaSAstraM cheputunnadi.
    (alaMkAraSAstracharitra – mahAmahOpAdhyAya AchArya DA. pullela SrIrAmachaMdruDu)

  26. sirinivAsa vRttamu guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    11/02/2014 4:17 #am

    #SrInivAs^gAri dastUritO vAru vrAsina kavitanu ikkaDa chaduvagalaru

    <>#eemaata.com/images/nov2014/PBS.jpg" alt="PBS" />

    #(ballUri umAdEvigAri saujanyamutO)

    – mOhana

  27. bApU guriMchi #Madhav # abhiprAyaM:

    10/20/2014 8:24 #pm

    #chiTTenrAju gAru,

    pemmarAju gAri vishayamai mIru evaritO saMpradiMchArO cheppagalarA dayachEsi? #I do not have any record of your communication with eemaata in my emails. Could you please forward that correspondence to the editors? Thank you.

  28. #nippulu guriMchi #Madhav # abhiprAyaM:

    10/10/2014 11:39 #am

    #mAnasa gArikOsaM, nAkOsaM, ImATa pAThakula kOsaM, SrI ElchUri muraLIdhararAvu gAru tama abhiprAyAnni ippuDu telugulO cheppAlani nA vinnapaM. :-))


  29. jayaprabhaSabda kavitvaM guriMchi #nirmala kondepudi # abhiprAyaM:

    09/25/2014 11:12 #am

    #helO yadukula bhUshaN mariyu itara mitrulArA,
    mI vyAsAlu ilA vuMTE elA chadavAli ? telugulO rAyachchu kadA, pOnI Suddha AMglaMlO ayinA nA rAyaMDi.

    koMDEpUDI nirmala

    #[#mIru #RTS# skripT chUstunnAru, bahuSA. A pEjilOnE ImATa pEru kiMda unna bUDida raMgu DabbAlO kuDivaipu #Read this page in Telugu script# ani oka liMk uMdi. dAnimIda nokkitE mIru telugulO vyAsAnni chUstAru. lEdU, I <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200211/1659.html" rel="nofollow"#>liMk nokkaMDi. — saM.#]

  30. #telugulO graMtha parishkaraNa guriMchi konni AlOchanalu guriMchi velchEru nArAyaNarAvu #&# paruchUri SrInivAs abhiprAyaM:

    09/21/2014 7:21 #pm

    #bollOju bAbAgAriki:

    braun mIda mEmu chEsina vimarSani “visurlu” anukOkaMDi. braun vachchinappaTi saMdarbhAlu, paristhitulu vivariMchi, bhAratadESAnni uddariMchaDAniki vachchina tellavALlakuMDE darpaM guriMchi cheppi, telugu graMtha prapaMchaM elA vuMdO telusukOvaDAniki E prayatnamU cheyyakuMDA appaTiki amalulO vunna pASchAtya graMtha parishkaraNa vidhAnAlanu teluguki paTTiMchaDaMlO braun chEsina prayatnaM vivariMchi, aMduvalla valla teluguki jarigina apakAraM sahEtukaMgA mEmu gurtiMchi rAsina mA vyAsaM braun ni vyaktigataMgA agaurava parachaDAniki rAsiMdi kAdu. mAku braun mIda mIkunnaTlugA bhakti lEdu nijamE. braun mA dRshTilO oka vyakti kAdu. oka valasa prapaMcha bhAvAlaku pratinidhi. A bhAvAlu bOdhaparuchukOvaDAniki mEmA vyAsaM rASAM kAni vyaktigataMgA Ayanni agaurava parachaDAniki kAdu.

    maddipATi kRshNArAvugAriki:

    mIraMTunna “prakshiptamu” anE Uha braun anusariMchina pASchAtya parishkaraNa vidhAnaM lOMchi vachchiMdi. aMtaku muMdu bhAratIya graMtha parishkartalu kUDA “prakshiptamu” anE mATa vADAru. I reMDu rakAla prakshiptAlaki tAttvikaMgA tEDA vuMdani mEmu vivaraMgA cheppalEdu. A saMgati I vyAsaMlO charchiMchaDAniki avakASaM lEdani mEmu bhAviMchAM. dAnni guriMchi vErE vyAsaM rAyAli. vEmana padyAlu, sumatI SatakaM padyAlu, ilAMTi padyAlani dorikinavi oka chOTa pOguchEsi prakaTiMchaDaM valla jarigina nashTAnni nArAyaNarAvu sumatISatakAnni guriMchi <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201303/2071.html" rel="nofollow"#>rAsina vyAsaMlO cheppi vunnADu. adi mIru chadivAranukuMTAM. sumatI anE makuTaMtO vunna padyAlanni oka choTa pOguchEsi prachuriMchaDaM valla kaligina nashTaM A vyAsaMlO nArAyaNa rAvu vivariMchADu. I vimarSa vEmana pErutO vunna padyAlaki kUDa vartistuMdi. dorikina rAtapratulanniTnI vATi lEkhaka saMdarbhAlatO saMbaMdhaM lEkuMDA pOguchEsi peTTakUDadani mA pratipAdana. mIku I saMgati iMtakannA vivaraMgA cheppakkaralEdu.

    maMgammagAri pustakaM telugulO tolinALlalO achchayina telugu pustakAla guriMchina samAchArAnni chakkagA pradarSistuMdi. kAnI pustaka nirmANa charitra vEru. adi evarU rAyalEdani mEmannadi. nijAniki A prayatnaM pappu nAgarAju, paruchUri SrInivAs modalupeTTAru. A prayatnaMlO reMDu vyAsAlu prachuriMchAru. migilina vyAsAlu iMkA rAvalasivunnAyi. nAgarAju, SrInivAs rAsina reMDava vyAsaMlO maMgammagAri pustakAnni prastAviMchAru. ayinA mA vyAsaMlO kUDA A pustakAnni prastAviMchi vuMDAlsiMdi. adi mA EmarapATE kAni A pustakaM udahariMchaDAniki arhamainadikAdu ani mA uddESaM kAdu.

    mA vyAsAnni chadivi dAni mIda mI abhiprAyAlu cheppina mI iddarikI mA namaskArAlu.

    nArA, SrInivAs.

  31. manaku teliyani braun dora: ChAls philip braun guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    06/15/2014 5:29 #pm

    #sAdhu SakaTa rEphamulanu gu~riMchi charcha jOrugA jarugutunnadi. I saMdarbhamugA I SakaTarEphamunugu~riMchi nannechODuni vyAsamulO ikkaDa (<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201401/3071.html/3" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"#>tommidava aMSamu) kluptamugA charchiMchiyunnAnu. konni saMdigdha samayamulalO (okE uchcharaNa, vE~ru arthamulu, udA. vE~ru – bhinnamu, vEru – vRkshamUlamu) I SakaTarEphamunu vrAtalO upayOgiMchuTa nA uddESamulO samaMjasamE. E padamulaku sAdhu rEphamO, E padamulaku SakaTa rEphamO anu vishayamulO nighaMTuvulu (udA. AMdhrabhArati) upayOgakaramu. I vishayamu arasunna vADukaku kUDa chellutuMdi. vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  32. vimuktaM guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    06/03/2014 8:38 #pm

    #‘vATEsukOTaM.’ #What a word!

    #asalu aMta mOTu mATa, A prakriya, telugu saMskRti lOnE sAdhyaM. ninnO, monnO, obAmA tana pres sekreTarIki vIDkOlu cheputU, vATEsukObOtE, iddarU magALlu ayyEsarikO, telugu vALlu kAnaMduvallO, marI pIlagA uMDEsarikO, A dRSyaM aMta darSanIyaMgA lEdu. ani janAbhiprAyaM.

    pAThakulu katha sukhAMtaM aMTArEM? asalikkaDa katha ippuDippuDE modalavutunnaTTuMdi. #I am watching the scene.# jarugutunnadi idI! oka ADadi, iMkO ADadAni naDumu kAviliMchukOTaM, guMDellO tala dAchukOvaTaM. #My God! Why does not the guy stop it? He is patting his wife’s hand. In silent consent. While she is rubbing her face, against another woman’s breasts. Horror!# magADini pakkana verri vedhava lAgA nilabeTTi, – oka ADadAniki iMkO ADadi, lemanED tAgiMchaTaM, netti mIda nUne mardana cheyyaTaM. ISvarA! chinna pilla chUstuMDagAnE -kathAnAyika, ‘#The other woman’, # vATEsukuMTArEMTaMDI? idA, idA? achchamaina, svachChamaina telugutanaM? #Lesbianism. Does the heroine want ‘the other woman’ all to herself? Is that what her sudden bout of jealousy, is all about?


    #PS: Love this essay, in this magazine. <>eemaata.com/em/issues/199907/1107.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">#‘maidAnAniki cheliyali kaTTa.’ rachana. jayaprabha. #A good one. <>eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

  33. #vaij~nAnika raMgaMlO telugulOki anuvAdAlu cheyyaTaMlO sAdhaka bAdhakAlu guriMchi #V R Veluri # abhiprAyaM:

    05/06/2014 11:38 #am

    #gata nAlugunnara daSAbdAlugA sainsu vyAsAlu telugulO EkadIkshagA chEstunna vEmUri gAriki abhivAdaM. Ayana vyAsaM mukhya uddESaMtO (“A pani elA chEyAli? aMdulO unna sAdhaka bAdhakAlu EmiTi?”) nAku Evidhamaina pEchI lEdu. I panilO unna kashTAlu vEmUri gAriki telisinaMtagA marevvarikI teliyadani nAku telusu.

    ivi nA praSnalu.

    I tarjumA pani eMduku? evarikOsaM? I praSnalu nannu gata nAlugu daSAbdAlugA bAdhistunnayi. (bhArati patrika vALLu aDigina taDavugA okappuDu nEnU bhautika SAstra aMSAlapai okaTi reMDu vyAsAlu rAsi, A taruvAta kimmanakuMDA viramiMchukunnAnu)

    nannu bAdhistunna praSnalaki samAdhAnAlu maroka vyAsaMlO charchiMchavalasina avasaraM unnadi. iMglIshu mAdhyamaMgA chaduvulu cheppaTAniki ippuDu prati kugrAmaMlOnU baDulu kukkagoDugullA veliSAyi. prabhutvaM vAru naDipE telugu mAdhyamaM baDulaki veLLE pillala guriMchi, vAri bhavishyattu guriMchI AlOchiMchavalasina avasaraM eMtainA unnadi. A dRkpathaMtO, nApraSnalaki samAdhAnAlu vetakavalasina avasaraM unnadani anukuMTunnAnu.

    AkharigA, oka phoTO. I bomma tiyyaTAniki venuka katha, tIsina taruvAta prabhutvaMtO nA uttara pratyttarAlu, nA apajayaM guriMchi marOsAri cheppukuMTAnu. prabhutvaM jOkyaMtO telugu chEyyabaDDa oka udAharaNa mAtramE idi. (nA daggira telugulO haDAviDigA prachuriMchina bhautika SAstraM pustakAlu unnAyi. vATini AdhAraM chEsukoni pAThaM cheppalEka chEtulettEsina paMtuLLu kUDA nAku telusu.)

    <>#eemaata.com/images/may2014/telugus.png" rel="nofollow"><>eemaata.com/images/may2014/telugus.png"/>

    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu.

  34. hiMdUmata charitralO pratyAmnAya kathanAlaku AskAraM lEdA? guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    04/21/2014 8:56 #pm

    “#alAgE saMskRta bhAgavataMlO rAsakrIDala SlOkAlu chadivina vAriki A pustakaM mIdi mukhachitraM aMtA chOdyaMgA anipiMchadu. machchuku I SlOkaM arthaM telusukOMDi:
    nadyA@h pulinamAviSya gOpIbhirhimavAlukam…”

    I vyAsaM chaduvutunnAnaMDi. anni saMskRta SlOkAlaku ardhaM cheppina vAru, I SlOkaM ardhaM mammalnE telusukOmannAru. elAgaMDI telusukOTaM? kRshNuDochchi cheputADA?

    iMtaku muMdOsAri viSvanAtha satyanArAyaNa ilAnE chESAru. vasucharitra kAvyaM, viSvanAtha sAyaMtO chaduvukuMTunnappuDu, A pustakaM modaTlOnE oka parvataM oka naditO prEmalO paDutuMdi. akkaDi oka sannivESaM, kavi chamatkAraM, nE cheppEdi kAdu, evarnainA saMpradiMchi telusukOmani vi.sa., AdESaM ichchAru. adi viSvanAdha lATi paMDituDu cheyyAlsina panEnA? evarini veLli aDaganaMDI nEnu, I kadhalO vishayamEMTi ani, iMTiMTikI veLli talupu koTTi aDaganA? viSvanAtha aMta vipulaMgA, rasavaMtaMgA cheppE rachayita, cheppakapOtE iMkevaru cheputAru. EdO nA Uhaku taggaTTu UhiMchukunnA. adi tappO oppO cheppE guruvulErI?

    aMdukani, IsAri ikkaDE aDugutunnAnu. okarO, iddarO, iMkA ekkuvamaMdO, pai SlOkAniki anuvAdaM, dayatO, telugulOgAni, iMglIshulO gAni “ImATa” patrikalO istArA. alAgE, I pustakaM aTTa mIdi varNa chitraM guriMchi kUDA, telisinavAru vivarAlu ivvaMDi. I peyiMTiMg nAku mahA AkarshaNIyaMgA uMdi.


    #Ps: Isn’t it time to give page numbers to the opinions on a writing in eemaata? Looks like scrolling days are over for opinions. This e-Magazine needs to make browsing opinions, just as efficient as browsing articles. Who knows what gets read more in the long run?

  35. #nAku nachchina padyaM: pallavaDOlalO pasibAluDu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    03/18/2014 12:21 #pm

    #chaMdra mOhan gAru,
    mIru cheppina pATa sAhityaM adbhutaM gA anipiMchiMdi.
    kavi iMkAEM rAsADA ani telusukOvAlani vuMdi.
    daya chEsi A pATa ni pUrtigA telugulO ki anuvadistU.. A pATa liMk ni ImATa pAThakula kOsaM ikkaDa aMdachEyagalarA plIj?
    namassulatO ..

  36. hiMdUmata charitralO pratyAmnAya kathanAlaku AskAraM lEdA? guriMchi #Yoga # abhiprAyaM:

    03/12/2014 5:39 #pm

    “#libaral mahASayula viSlEshaNala mIda prajalu nammakaM kOlpOyE paristhitulu unnAyi”

    ideppuDO modalaipOyiMdi. iMkO reMDu nelallO mugiMpu kUDA. vILLa abadhdhapu, asaMbadhdhapu vyavahArAlu iMkA ennALLo sAgavu. vinASa kAlE viparIta budhdhI annaTTu… I koMta kAlaM vALLa pichchi vALLaki AnaMdaM.

    gujarAtI chaMDa siMhaM, jUlu dulipI AvuliMchiMdi
    udaya sUryuDi sapta hayamulu nurugulettE paruguleTTAyi
    agni sarassuna SatakOTi kamalAlu vikasiMchAyi
    TI kappu lO bhayaMkara tupAnu rEgiMdi
    bharatamAta ku puriTi neppulu
    kotta sRshTini sphuriMpiMchAyi…

    appuDu I libaral mahASayulu pAripOtuMTE –

    yamuni mahishapu lOha ghaMTalu
    mabbuchATuna khaNElmannAyi…

    vastunnAyostunnAyi rathachakrAl…

    #[please refrain from overt political sloganeering on eemaata – Ed.]

  37. #anagA anagA okarAtri guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    03/09/2014 11:40 #pm

    ‘#Apai Ame manishigA migiliMdi, pagalU, rAtri kUDA!

    -I okka vAkyaMtO pUrti avaDaM kathakE aMdaM.chakkaTi bhAvukatvaMtO kUDina katha. bAvuMdi.

  38. hiMdUmata charitralO pratyAmnAya kathanAlaku AskAraM lEdA? guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    03/09/2014 5:27 #pm

    After so many comments, counter-comments, offensive statements and defensive explanations, it may be stupid of me to throw my hat into the ring. Either my hat falls off flat and trampled by heavy feet, or I might shoot myself in the foot. Either way, I should not worry.

    At the outset, allow me to betray my ignorance. My knowledge of Sanskrit, The Vedas, and ‘The Alternate History of The Hindus,’ is anywhere between zero and nothing. So, I would not dare to dwell on them. But, my note might touch them of tangentially – as tangentially as a fast proton would scatter of from a collision with a hydrogen nucleus –, for which I beg your forgiveness ahead of time.

    David Shulman records a quote attributed to Velcheru Narayana Rao (from now on VNR) in his introductory essay on VNR in “<>eemaata.com/em/issues/201301/2047.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Syllables of Sky,” published by Oxford University Press in 1995. I will transcribe the quote verbatim: ‘Anything regarded as fact exists in many variants; fictions, on the other hand, are definitive.’ I used this quote, with permission from the ‘author’ of the quote, in a ‘Letters to the Editor’ exchange/ debate in a journal devoted to nuclear radiation sometime during the year of our Lord, 2000, in regard to certain ‘truths’ and ‘facts’ pertaining to some problems encountered in radiation science. (The journal is quasi-scientific and my letter was peer-reviewed. Also, I was asked to submit the relevant page from Shulman’s essay. And, that I did.) There may be some relevance of this exchange to the current highly enlightening debate — sometimes scary to a general reader like me — that ensued, and still continuing on Suresh Kolichala’s recent article. I will come back to the relevance of my letter later.

    I have again <>eemaata.com/em/issues/200707/1119.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">mentioned about the same quote in July 2007 eemaata. Unfortunately, since my translation skills from English to Telugu are ignominiously despicable, to say the least, it gave room to some admirable and educative comments, one from Kodavalla Hanumantha Rao. In his comment, he mentions a quote from VNR cited in another book, Questioning Ramayanas: A South Asian Tradition (2001) edited by Paula Richman. This quote reads: “Fiction has only one form. True story has inevitably many.” And, Hanumantha Rao’s Telugu translation was precise and succinct.

    I think, the intent and purport of these two quotes, should we say ‘aphorisms’ ultimately is to drive home the same message, with respect to ‘facts’ and ‘fictions.’

    Now my problem arises. Did VNR say the same thing in two different ways within a matter of six years? Or to put it differently, ‘are there two different versions of the same aphorism’? Or did the editors take the liberty of transcribing VNR’s oral statement in their own language? Or did VNR write the quotation in his own hand for Paula Richman’s book, and uttered the quotation that was recorded by Shulman?

    I could ask VNR to elucidate. But, according to Shulman, he uttered the aphorism, ‘in the overwhelming heat of a Tirupati street as the goddess Gangamma passed before our eyes.’ Knowing VNR for over five and a half decades, I am afraid that I may get a third version of the same aphorism from him compounding my predicament further. Hence I refrained from asking him. I could send an e-mail to Shulman for clarification, but my earlier experience with Shulman is that he never replies on time. And, as a last resort, I could correspond with Paula Richman, but neither have I had her address nor her e-mail. Alas! I am really stuck in mud, in a quandary about the veracity of one ‘single’ quotation, as far as I am concerned, that has produced two variants in a matter of six years!

    No wonder, how many variants are plausible for the age old ancient sacred books, epics, etc., orally transmitted through ages, and later transcribed into the pundits language with an undeniable possibility of scores of interpolations? So, by deduction from VNR’s aphorism(s), am I to conclude that they are not fictions or myths. Is it bad logic? I ain’t Wittgenstein.

    Speaking of myths, I found another definition from Wendy Doniger elsewhere. {(‘In classifying the Rama story as myth, I am defining a myth as a sacred story about supernatural beings and events that holds great significance for the members of a culture.’ Quoted by Kathleen M. Erndl, as a foot note to her essay The Mutilation of Surpanaka, in ‘Many Ramayanas’ edited by Paula Richman (1991)}

    I said I will get back to the letter relating to some ‘facts.’

    Here is a story. Sir Walter Raleigh (1554-1618), a one-time darling of the queen of England, Elizabeth I, spent considerable time in prison, probably for marrying one of queen’s maids. In stead of indolently lazing around in the Tower (jail), he set out to write world history during his incarceration. One day, as the story goes, he saw some altercation outside his cell. He asked his warden and other inmates who witnessed the incident for details. Each and everyone told him a different story about the same incident. ‘I saw an event, an incident with my own eyes; and I have several versions of the same thing. How could I write world history about those events I have never witnessed?’ he surmised, and withdrew from writing world history. That’s how the story goes! (Of course, he later wrote something known as world history, which is now available as a freebie, courtesy Google Books! Here is a sentence from his unfinished world history preface: “… whosoever, in writing a modern history, shall follow truth too near the heels, it may happily strike out his teeth.”)

    I repeat this Raleigh’s story for my own reasons. I do not consider what Raleigh wrote as history. But then, what is history?

    Should I go with the definition from the The Devil’s Dictionary? Or a definition allegedly attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte? Or that famous 1911 essay from the Encyclopedia Britannica? And, what are most relevant factors that should enter ‘History’? Religious, Cultural, Chronological, or Subaltern? (Oh! SriSri, save me!)

    Or simply, should I accept that history is written by ‘winners,’ – in whatever the chosen field for the battle — and whoever they might be?

    The last one suits me most. Do you agree?

    Regards, — Veluri Venkateswara Rao

    Ps: Jill Lepore’s article “JUST THE FACTS MA’AM’ in The New Yorker, March 24, 2008 sheds some light on the history of history, although appears to have been written in a lighter vein.

  39. #hiMdUmata charitralO pratyAmnAya kathanAlaku AskAraM lEdA? guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    03/09/2014 2:07 #pm

    #okaru ImATanugu~riMchi ilAgaMTAru – kASInAthuni nAgESvararAvu paMtulugAri bhArati sAhityamAsapatrika mUtapaDiMdani bahukAlaMgA telugusAhityAbhimAnullO unna vichArAnni nETi ‘ImATa’ tolagiMchiMdi. aMduku I patrikaku abhinaMdanalu.

    ma~rokarEmO ilAgaMTAru – #I begin to pity eemaaTa now. I guess the transformation of eemaaTa into a mediocre e-rag due to the loose vocabulary syndrome has just begun (I haven’t read eemaaTa in a long while. So, it could have begun much earlier).

    #iddaru pAThakula dRshTi reMDu vidhamulugA nunnAyi. adE vidhamugA veMDI DAnigar pustakamu kUDa vibhinna abhiprAyamulanu kalpiMchinadi. #There are no facts, only interpretations, it’s all in the perspective!

    #vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  40. hiMdUmata charitralO pratyAmnAya kathanAlaku AskAraM lEdA? guriMchi #Yoga # abhiprAyaM:

    03/09/2014 9:24 #am

    I hope eemaaTa publishes the following comment as is (in the spirit of free speech). For some reason I wanted to read eemaaTa’s “#muMdumATa”…#and I found this about the essay…

    “#niMda, pratiniMdala I ayOmayapu paristhitilO, A vivAdapu pUrvAparAlanu nishpakshapAtaMgA, sahEtukaMgA bErIju vEsi manaku tana vyAsaM dvArA vivaristunna surES kolichAlanu abhinaMdistunnAM.”

    #Seriously? “#nishpakshapAtaMgA, sahEtukaMgA”? #ROFLMAO. I really fell off my chair. Whoever wrote this… what were you smoking man (or woman)?

    I begin to pity eemaaTa now. I guess the transformation of eemaaTa into a mediocre e-rag due to the loose vocabulary syndrome has just begun (I haven’t read eemaaTa in a long while. So, it could have begun much earlier).

    This explains why India has been unable to produce any modern ideas. They all originated in the west (or in Japan). Not in philosophy, social sciences, natural sciences, religion, nothing…Precise language is important in propagation of ideas and if we continue this way, we are doomed.

    We lost it when we lost the respect for respecting the importance of language.

    Note: I am no exception to this either. Thanks to some mentors I am being more careful about it these days…


  41. #hiMdUmata charitralO pratyAmnAya kathanAlaku AskAraM lEdA? guriMchi #Yoga # abhiprAyaM:

    03/07/2014 1:39 #pm

    @Ramarao Garu and Vasu garu (and others):

    Atanu Dey, one of the writers I admire (and I am proud to say one of my best friends too) had a few bunch of articles on free speech. Type in Free speech category and there are some good articles to read.

    He also wrote about this issue during the time when the book was released. Interesting read for the interested readers.

    As far as hate speech is concerned: I don’t think it is to be restricted. However, there should be relevant laws to deal with consequences of hate speech.

    For eg, Koran may encourage its believers to kill non-believers. Koran itself need not be burned or banned but there should be effective laws to deal with it such that the consequences of the intended hate speech are costly enough. I sincerely hope eemaaTa doesn’t edit this!

    Here it is important to recognize the idea of negative and positive rights. Note negative and positive are not used in any evaluative sense. Freedom of speech is a negative right. However, when hate speech is being used, it imposes restriction on other people’s freedom (say right to live or right to be left alone). Some cannot claim freedom of speech if they themselves are restricting it to others. That is where you draw the line for hate speech.

    In Wendy’s case, she is not restricting anyone’s freedom of speech even if her book is “denigrating” to some. She is not restricting anyone from rebutting it. Therefore, it is ok.

    A nice post in Atanu Dey’s blog on this is illustrated here:

    It is a very insightful post. Do read it.


  42. #hiMdUmata charitralO pratyAmnAya kathanAlaku AskAraM lEdA? guriMchi #Yoga # abhiprAyaM:

    03/05/2014 5:21 #pm

    The latest analysis of Raghottama Rao garu clearly illustrates the importance of precision in language and the context. So, given these inputs and the fact that the conclusion of the essay is erroneous, would the author Suresh garu consider revising his opinion? Is he open to being corrected?

    [Rest of the post is edited as it pertains to a discussion on Facebook and not here on eemaata. — Ed.]

  43. #hiMdUmata charitralO pratyAmnAya kathanAlaku AskAraM lEdA? guriMchi #Yoga # abhiprAyaM:

    03/04/2014 6:48 #pm

    With all due respects to Suresh garu:

    0. I still couldn’t read it completely but with a quick scan I say the following:

    1. The essay is too long with lot of needless details

    2. Does eemaaTa have a word limit for essays?

    3. Was this peer reviewed and followed the same process like it does for other entries? I am appalled that a mediocre essay like this being accepted by eemaaTa. Just because someone throws lot of information and references or the author self-proclaims that it is a “Detailed analysis” doesn’t make it a good essay.

    4. It is not clear what the author is trying to convey. There is absolutely no clarity in thought of the author nor any insights coming out of this essay. It seems like too much of information ending with a very bizarre conclusion.

    5. The author should clarify what is the problem first. Is it Indian penal code or is it Hindutva. He seems to think latter but in this Wendy Doniger case, it has nothing to do with Hindutva. Besides, for all his “research” if one types in wikipedia the list of books banned in India (takes five seconds), it will perhaps clear the ignorance of the author.

    I don’t know what is Hundutva nor what the author means is Hindutva but somehow the author comes to this bizarre conclusion that Hindutva is more dangerous to Hinduism and Hindus? Was Hindutva reason for all this list of banned/unimportable books?

    6. It has to be understood that India is not a free country. We live just under an illusion. There was never free speech (British and later and current times). India is also not a secular country. There is a clear state policy supporting specific religions. The wiki list will educate the author and others that book banning and courts intervention are routine regardless of the religious affiliations. With his selective treatment of the problem and the bizarre conclusion that he draws, it seems to me that the author is at best ignorant or at worst intellectually dishonest.

    7. Teaching and pontificating Hindus about debate is another unnecessary attempt. And how Hinduism is open adnauseum doesn’t add any value to the (confused) problem the author is trying to tackle. The author however should clarify in what context ancient Hindus debated, and educate us on the Purvapaksha tradition. Then, he should clarify if Wendy and her ilk, and the all non-Hindu religions and if Christianity and Islam also agree to the rules of this tradition. This will add value to the essay.

    8. The author also conveniently seems to ignore the glaring errors pointed out by readers like Raghottama Rao garu (ref: His FB timeline).

    9. The context of the problem needs to be defined after removing all the needless details. The problem is simple. Wendy Doniger published a book. Some Hindus found it offensive and they are well within their rights to file a law suit based on the laws of the land. They did that. The court case ran for two years or so and Penguin withdrew the books themselves voluntarily. The reasons are known only to them. So, where is Hindutva (whatever that means), or un-openness of Hindus coming from?

    10. The question to address is whether there are errors in the text as agreed by experts (and I do think there are as pointed out not only by Raghu garu but also from Rajiv Malhotra’s assessment). If so, why can’t Wendy agree to correct those? Can the author clarify if the open debate rules of Hindus apply to her also? Of course if there are not errors and why she thinks so should be clarified. I guess this is what happened in the two year court case. However, if Penguin thought strategically it makes sense for them to withdraw, it is their problem. Why is it Hindus’ problem? Just so that the author and educate themselves on this matter: Penguin withdrawing books is not happening the first time: It happened before:

    11. More later… once I manage to complete this extremely long essay… eemaaTa should spare its readers from ordeals of this kind…

    12. I hope the author addresses these and either modify his essay or write a rejoinder considering there has been enough discussion on the subject matter also.


  44. #gautami guriMchi #srivasthava # abhiprAyaM:

    03/04/2014 3:42 #pm

    very nice….

  45. #gautami guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    03/04/2014 1:00 #pm

    #katha bAvuMdaMDi. rachanA Saili AkaTTukuMdi. konni telugu padAlu bhalE muchchaTlu pOyAyaMTE nammaMDi.:-)

    abhinaMdanalu rAdha gAru.

  46. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    02/16/2014 12:29 #pm

    “#manishikI manishikI madhyanunna ahaMbhAvamanE porani AtmavimarSatO baddalu koTTina nADE nijamaina paMDuga”
    * kathalOni Atma ki akshara vivaraNa I mI vyAkhya muraLi gAru!
    katha guriMchina mI praSaMsalaku ivE nA dhanyavAdAlu teliyachEsukuMTU, -SubhAbhinaMdanalatO..

  47. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    02/16/2014 12:18 #am

    #manasulOni prEmani unnadi vunnaTTu cheppaDaM, aMdulOnU adi lEkhA rUpamainappuDu, mIrannaTTu amRtatulyamE nEmO! eMta tIyagA cheppAru mIvaina mATallO!

    dhanyavAdAlu annapUrNa gAru!

  48. valasarAjyamulaMdu bhAratIya SilpakaLa: 1. haiMdavasAmrAjyamu guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    02/11/2014 8:43 #am

    #chaMpAdESamulO maMdAkrAMtamunu guriMchi <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201205/1942.html?allinonepage=1" rel="nofollow"#>ikkaDa chaduvavachchunu.
    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  49. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/31/2014 2:14 #pm

    “#OvarAlgA chUstE byUTiphul!
    abhinaMdiMchaDAniki I kathalO enni vAkyAlunnAyO!
    pheMTAsTik abjarvEshans and analisis!…”

    *ohhO!kanreppa pATulO himAlayAla mIdakelA vAlAnO telIDaM lEdu!:-)
    (bhAskar gAru! bahu dhanyavAdAlu mIku.)

  50. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/15/2014 8:25 #pm

    “#kathani uttaraM dvArA cheppaDaM chAlA bAguMdi ”-anE mI praSaMsa nAkeMtagAnO nachchiMdi sUrya nArAyaNa mUrti gArU!

    -phOn chEsi kAni,edurayi kAnI mATallO cheppalEni konni atisunnitamaina hRdaya bhAvAlanu – avalIlagA vyaktaparachagala okEokka sAdhanaM –‘uttaraM’ ani nA nammakaM.bhAvOdvEgapUritamaina vAkya vinyAsAniki uttaraM mAtramE O goppa SaraNyaM. iMkA cheppAlaMTE,uttarAlu rAyaDaM oka kaLa. aMdukE I kathakiMtaTi kaLani techchichchiMdanipistuMdi nAku.

    nijAniki idoka prEmalEkha. mATallO chebitE mannika pOtuMdi. adi- aksharaM lOnE nammakAnni poMdutuMdi. aMdukE kAmOsu -“#A real love letter is made of insight, understanding, and compassion. Otherwise it’s not a love letter. A true love letter can produce a transformation in the other person, and therefore in the world. But before it produces a transformation in the other person, it has to produce a transformation within us. Some letters may take the whole of our lifetime to write.”# ani aMTADu oka jen bOdhakuDu. I mATalu eMtagAnO AkaTTukuMTAyi,mareMtagAnO AlOchiMpachEstAyi- kadU?

    katha ‘Ekabigina chadiviMchiMdanE’ mI marO praSaMsaki..ivE nA hRdayapUrvaka dhanyavAdAlu teliyachEsukuMTU,
    saMkrAMti paMDaga SubhAkAMkshalatO..

  51. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/13/2014 1:12 #pm

    #nijaMgAnA rAdha gArU? nA katha chadavaMgAnE ammaki phOn chEsArA, paMDagaki rammani!eMta AnaMdamaiMdO, mIrilA cheppaMgAnE. eMdukaMTunnAnaMTE, nA katha ASayaM kUDA adE. Ipedda paMDaga nADainA, kannavArinI, ayinavALLani talachukOvAlani, kalusukOvAlanI, aMta avakASaM lEkapOtE, kanIsaM phOn chEsainA mATlADukOvAlanI, saMtOshAlanu paMchukOvAlanI! sariggA nE ASiMchina respAns ni mI niMchi poMdagaliginaMduku chAlA saMtOshamaiMdi. paMDaga lATi kAmeMT aMdachEsinaMduku mIkivE nA hRdayapUrvaka AnaMdAbhivaMdanAlu rAdha gArU!

    saMkrAMti SubhAkAMkshalatO…

  52. soMtaM guriMchi elanAga abhiprAyaM:

    01/12/2014 10:13 #am

    Allusion#nu ChEdiMchalEni medaLLaku I kavitalO aMtA ayOmayamE kanipiMchE avakASamuMdi. kAmeMTlu rAkapOTAniki kAraNaM adEnanukuMTA. hechchArke gArU! mIku abhinaMdanalu.

  53. sirula saMkrAMti guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/08/2014 1:05 #pm

    #aMTE 23 yELLa kiMdaTi mATa kadU mIru chebutOMdi ?..A kavita ikkaDa vuMchitE mEmu kUDA chadivi AnaMdistAM kadA rAv gAru! <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /># sirula saMkrAti nachchinaMduku dhanya vAdAlu teliyachEsukuMTU,
    paMDaga SubhAkAMkshalatO.

  54. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/05/2014 12:42 #pm

    *# manasunna vArikE madhura j~nApakAluMTAyEmOnaMDi subrahmaNyaM gArU! guMDe mIda nIDalu kadalinappuDallA kaLLeMdukO chemarchipOtAyi. nAkU aMtE. mI viluvaina abhiprAyaM oka aMdamaina kAmeMT lA nilichipOtuMdikkaDa. mIku nA dhanyavAdAlu teliyachEsukuMTU, paMDaga SubhAkAMkshalatO…

    *unna Uru, kanna vAru, bAlyaM nATi rOjulu. manakeppaTikI manasulO nilichipOyE sajIva suMdara chitrAlu. kAlaM mArochchu. mArpulatO bratukU malupulu pOvachchu. kAnI eppaTikI mAyanadi, mana saMskRtI, mana sAMpradAyaM. kannabAbu gArU! mIrI kathani adbhatamaina kathagA abhivarNiMchaDaM eMtayinA harshadAyakaM! mIku nA mana@h pUrvaka dhanyavAdAlu teliyachEsukuMTU, saMkrAMti SubhAkAMkshalatO…

  55. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/04/2014 11:07 #pm

    #maNi bhUshaN gArU! mUDu mukkallO, mutyAllaMTi mATallO poMduparachina mI praSaMsalaki chAlA saMtOshamaiMdi. hRdayapUrvaka dhanyavAdAlu teliyachEsukuMTU, nUtana saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalatO..

  56. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/03/2014 1:45 #pm

    #sunIta gAru, mI kAmeMT – ‘dEni kOsaM EM kOlpOtunnAmO’ annAru chUSArU? – idokka mATa chAlu. evariki vAru praSniMchukunEMduku, javAbu kOsaM vetukulADukunEMduku. edagaDaM kOsaM puTTina vUru vadilEstAM. pai chaduvula kOsaM rAshTrAnni vadilEstAM. bratakaDaM kOsaM E dESamainA sarE anukuni pOtunnAM. barDen ani chivariki soMtavArini kUDA vadi lEstE, mIrannaTTu dEnikOsaM EM kOlpOtunnAmO ardhamautuMdi. apOhalatO kArAlU miriyAlU nUrukODaM kaMTE evarO okaru O aDugu muMdukEsi, chEyI chEyi kalupukuMTE jIvitaM – idigO ilA baMti pUla paDavalA vuMTuMdani cheppaDaM kOsaM rAsina katha idi. paDava aMdaMgA vuMdanna mI praSaMsakivE nA dhanyavAdAlu sunIta gArU! SubhAkAMkshalatO <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

  57. #baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/03/2014 9:04 #am

    * ‘#mI rachana baMti pUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA’ chadivEnu. chadivEnu anaDaM kanna anubhUtiki lOnayyEnu ani cheppAli. –

    jOgArAvu gAru! E raiTar kainA iMtaku miMchina avArDseMdukanipistuMdi. mIku nA hRdayapUrvaka dhanyavAdAlu teliyachEsukuMTU..nUtana saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalatO.

    * eMta aMdamaina vyAkhya rAsi manasuni raMjiMpa chEsAru pUrNima gArU! mI abhimAnAnikivE nA dhanyavAdAlu. chakkani kavitvaMtO kUDA katha ni ilA praSaMsiMchavachchani nirUpiMchAru. bAvuMdi. achchu saMkrAMtilA! chivarlO bhakturAlu aMTU chamakkumanipiMchAru lEkhani. thAMkyU.thAMkyU! mIku paMDaga SubhAkAMkshalatO. mI lEkhAbhimAnini. <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

  58. #baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/02/2014 8:18 #pm

    #anni paMDagallOki saMkrAMti aMTE nAku bhalE bhalE ishTaM. I SObhE vEru. asalI paMDagani anubhUtiMchaDAnikE manaM puDatAmA anipiMchEMtagA vuMTAyi I paMDaga lOni viSEshAlu kUDA. kAnI, kuTuMbAlu anEka kAraNAla valla viDipODaM valla iLLallO A paMDaga vAtAvaraNaM koMta koravaDipOtOMdi anni chOTlA kUDA! A AlOchanA vEdanalOMchi puTTina kathE idi. katha mIku nachchinaMduku, mI abhiprAyAnnikkaDa teliyachEsinaMduku, dhanyavAdAlu SrIvAtsava gAru! nUtana AMgla saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalatO…

  59. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi #srivasthava # abhiprAyaM:

    01/02/2014 2:16 #pm

    #chAlA bAgA rASAru mAm, nijaMgA katha mottaM kaLLamuMdE jarugutunnaTlugA anipiMchiMdi.

  60. baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/02/2014 1:27 #pm

    #chAlA bAgA rASAru damayaMtI! — eMta bAguMdO, mI kAmeMT nAku biginiMglOnE! thAMkyu thAMkyU!

    paMDaga pAThakula iLlaki vachchEsiMdi parugulu peTTukuMTU. — nijamA! alA anipiMchAlani rAsina kathE idi mari! nA ASa neravEriMdaMTArA aite!

    koMcheM hRdayaM peMchi paMchutE pAta kArAlu pOyi kotta mamakArAlu rAgalavani chAlA sahajaMgA cheppAru. — chAlA sariggA cheppAru bhAnumati gAru. attagArilO maMchitanaM, vEpa kAyalO tIyadanaM reMTinI gurtiMchA#lsina# avasarapu rOjulostunnAyi.

    idi chaitanyasravaMti vidhAnaMlO cheppina aMdamaina kathalA anipiMchiMdi nAku. — nais kAMplimeMT!

    chAlA dhanyavAdAlaMDi! nUtana saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalatO <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

    #*jayaSrI gArU ! mimmalnikkaDa chUDagAnE eMta AScharyavU, AnaMdavU kaligAyO! katha pai mI vyAkhya chAlA chAlA nachchiMdi. uttarAlu karuvaipODaM vallE I kathanilA prejeMT chESAnu oka uttaraM rUpaMlO. nachchinaMduku dhanyavAdAlu. mIkU nA SubhAkAMkshalatO <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

  61. #baMtipUla paDava mIda pOdAM padavA! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/02/2014 8:22 #am

    #*vanaja gArU! chAlA chAlA dhanyavAdAlu! mIru pratyEkaMgA oka koTEshanannaTTu menshan chEsArU aMTE, nA mATalu mIkeMtagAnO nachchAyO kadA ani AnaMdamaiMdi. <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /># nUtana saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalu teliya chEsukuMTU…

    *lakshmInArAyaNa gArU! …mI hRdayaspaMdana ki nA mana@h pUrvaka dhanya vAdAlu teliyachEsukuMTU,

  62. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    12/30/2013 7:53 #am

    #ohhO! pUrNima gArU! ennenni praSaMsalu kuripiMchAru mIru nApaini ! nijaMgA mI pogaDtala pUla vAna jallullO taDisipOyAnaMTE nammaMDi.aMdamaina sAhityAnni iMtagA anubhUtiMchE vArunnAru kAbaTTE..A talli mAlAMTi vAri chEta ilATi rachanalu chEyistuMdanukuMTunnA! chAlA chAlA dhanyavAdAlu pUrNima gAru, mI viluvaina abhiprAyAnni teliyachEsinaMduku!
    <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

  63. #ImATa guriMchi guriMchi #hymavathy.Aduri # abhiprAyaM:

    12/10/2013 10:21 #am


    AryA! nEnu EdainA rachana paMpAlaMTE E mail ku paMpAlO mail ai.DI ivvagalaru.

    (muMdugA <>#eemaata.com/em/instructions" rel="nofollow"#>rachayitalaku sUchanalu chadavaMDi. #submissions<AT>eemaata.com# ku mI rachanalu paMpAli. – #Ed.)

  64. #rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi #S A Rahman,Chittoor. # abhiprAyaM:

    11/13/2013 6:52 #am

    #gau!! saMpAdakulu gAriki:

    raChanalanu TekshT phaiLLalO paMpamani sUchiMchinAru. TekshT phail aMTE EmiTi?
    dayachEsi vivariMchagalaru.

    idE pEjIlO rachana hAmItOpATU paMpavachunA?

    #[Text file# aMTE #pdf, jpeg, gif# vaMTivi kAkuMDA (*.#txt)# vaMTi pErutO unna #files. Unicode#lO gAni, #RTS# paddhatilOgAni Taip chEsi (#submissions@eemaata.com)# anna chirunAmAku paMpaMDi. achchutappulu lEkuMDA telugu lipilO elA Taip chEyAlO #e#-palaka veb saiT^lO nErchukOgalaru. – saM.#]

  65. #kaLApUrNOdayaM -8: maNihAraM guriMchi #K.V.S. Ramarao # abhiprAyaM:

    11/12/2013 11:03 #am

    #ennela gAru: mI anumAnaM sahEtukamE. mIru sarigAnE arthaM chEsukunnAru. aitE, kavulu bhaugOLika, chAritraka SAstravEttalu kAvAlani lEdu kadA? okavidhaMgA chUstE, kaLApUrNOdayaM pratipAdiMchE vishayamE “bhautika prapaMchaM vaSyavAkku aina kavi sRshTiMchina kAvyaprapaMchAnni pratibiMbistuMdi” ani kanuka tana kAvyaprapaMchAniki bhautikaprapaMchapu niyamAlu vartiMchavani kavi bhAviMchinaTTu kUDa anukOvachchu. aMtEkAkuMDA “kalau vEMkaTanAyaka@h” anna bhAvana piMgaLi vAri kAlAnikiMkA pUrtigA dRDhapaDalEdEmO ! aMteMduku, mahAbhArata yuddhaM lO pAMDyarAju pAMDavula pakshAna, AMdhrulu kauravula pakshAna yuddhaM chEsinaTTu bhArataM cheptunnadi. aMTE pAMDyulu, AMdhrulu kUDa kRshNuDi kAlaM nATi vALlanEnA? (tikkana gAri yuddhaparvAlaki tElika telugu anuvAdAnni <>#eemaata.com/em/library/tikkana-yuddhaparvam" rel="nofollow"#>ikkaDa chadavochchu. ilATi vishayAla “chAritraka satyAlni” niggudElchabOvaTaM saMklishTamaina vishayamani mIku teliyaMdi kAdu. velchEru nArAyaNarAvu gAru “<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200309/471.html" rel="nofollow"#>telugu rAmAyaNAlu” anna vyAsaM lOnu (idi ImATalO dorukutuMdi), <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201301/2040.html" rel="nofollow">Textures of Time# anna graMthaM lOnU I samasyanu sudIrghaMgA viSlEshiMchi anEka maulika pratipAdanalu chESAru. kutUhalaM vuMTE, vIlaitE vATini chUDaMDi.

  66. ImATa guriMchi guriMchi #pasupuleti ramakrishna # abhiprAyaM:

    10/16/2013 7:25 #am

    #mImUlaMgA telugu sAhityAniki maMchi gurtiMpu vastuMdi… kotta tarAniki spUrthipradAtalu.


  67. iMTi moguDu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    09/05/2013 6:21 #pm

    <>eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /># bAguMdaMDi.

  68. #About eemaata# guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    08/27/2013 2:10 #pm

    eemaata Editors/Technical experts:

    Can you facilitate, selective hiding of the various sidebars on both sides of the page,( the side bars -giving info on issues, headings, library, poetry, stories etc.,) by a click in an adjacent box. The reading of the articles will be so much nicer, if they are on a nice clean page, without the constant clutter, and claustrophobia created by the side bars.

    Thanks for your kind attention.

    [We cannot make them disappear, unfortunately. However, within an article by clicking on “Printer Friendly Page” link on the right side bar (near the top), one can read only the text on a plain white background. – Ed.]

  69. #prAchIna telugu kolamAnaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    08/14/2013 3:36 #pm

    Padmaji Rao# gAru,

    mIru cheppina A kolata kaThA ayyi uMTuMdi. kaThA/kaThThA aMTE bIgamulO iruvadiyava bhAgamu aMTE mUDu gajAla kolata ani ai. koMDalarAvu gAri urudU – telugu nighaMTuvu (1938) lO pErkonnAru.

    kAshThamu anna saMskRtaMlOni kolata padaM prAkRtaMlO kaThThA (#kaṭṭhā)# gA mAriMdani prAkRta nighaMTuvulu chebutunnAyi. vigraha- anna kolata prAkRtaMlO bIga- gA mAriMdi. bIga aMTE ekaraMlO mUDava vaMtani A nighaMTuvulu chebutunnAyi. I lekka prakAraM kaThThA aMTE 80 gajAlu (ekaraMlO 60va bhAgamu) avutuMdi.


  70. niSSabdaM guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    07/30/2013 9:47 #pm

    #asalu A padAnni muMdugA vADiMdi lailA gAru.

    lailA gAru, gataMlO, “eph” aksharaMtO modalayyE oka iMglIshu bUtu padAnni kUDA rASAru oka vyAkhyalO. ImATa vAru dAnni elA aMgIkariMchArA ani AScharyaM vEsiMdi.- prasAd

    #The word “Fuck” has almost lost its profanity connotation. Some may still use it that way. But, who wants to be that kind of a dud.

    Fuck – made its appearance in English Novels, initially causing some turmoil, slowly transformed its image over last few years, and now is used with great deal of freedom and joy in English literary magazines, cinema. T.V, dramas. It is now much more fashionable word than –“sexy” used to be a few years back. Its applications are multiple and are lot of fun. The editors of this magazine are pretty familiar with current English idiom. I don’t think I sneaked the word in.

    Let me give you an example of this word’s usage in the next sentence. This writing of yours; reading sentence by sentence back like a courtroom clerk; saying my name nine times, to frame me; (of what guilt?) while appearing as such an innocent who will not even write the name of his own body part; it’s fucking good. (Meaning, I really enjoyed your writing.)

    Talk to the lexicographers, and other gentlemen, who are enthusiastic in writing scientific essays in Telugu. They appear on eemaata, from time to time. They may help you find better Telugu words which are palatable to you. When I asked Microsoft Word for <>eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> “#A padaM” #it brought up “#sorakAya” #as the word I should use.
    I don’t think so.:-)


  71. rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi #swetha # abhiprAyaM:

    07/28/2013 1:58 #pm

    #aMdariki namaskAraM, modaTisArigA I vebsaiT chUDagAnE amma chEti bhOjanaM tinna aMta AnaMdaMgA vuMdi. yuva rachayatalaku chakkani avakASaM kalpichinaMduku kRtaj~natalu.

  72. UhAtItaM guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/26/2013 10:44 #am

    #katha bAvuMdi. AlOchiMpachEsElA vuMdi.

  73. daivaM guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    07/23/2013 3:36 #pm

    #“Ta” vEdAMtaM

    ‘okka “Ta” tO eMta pani chEyiMchukunnAru mIru!’ — ani oka prakhyAta ArOchakulu anna veMTanE maroka pramukha ArOchakulu avunu sumA, ‘maMchi padyamEnani’ kitAbu ichchina tadupari nAbOTi sAdhAraNa pAThakuDu, okarakaMgA ‘satRNAbhya vyavahAri’ uddhatula madhyaki digi, ’tagudunammA ani’ abhiprAyaM rAyaTAniki nijaMgA bhayaM vEstunnadaMTE nammaMDi.

    nAmaTuku nAku oka padyaM chadavagAnE merupulA EdO, ekkaDO chadivinadO, evarO cheppagA vinnadO j~nApakAni kostuMdi. Aj~napti nA burraki panikalpiMchi sAdRSyaM kOsaM vetukulADistuMdi. A sAdRSyata EdO taTTagAnE, A padyaM okaTiki padi sArlu chadivi, AnaMdiMchaDAniki tODpaDutuMdi. I padyaM, marI mukhyaMgA A ‘Ta’ mIda vivaraNa nAku RgvEdaMlOni nAsadIya sUktaM ( padi.129) j~napti ki techchiMdi. marI mukhyaMgA, A sUktaMlO EDava ‘SlOkaM.’

    iyaM visRshTiryata AbabhUva yadi vA dadhE yadi vA na ।
    yO asyAdhyaksha@h paramE vyOman sO aMga vEda yadi vA navEda ॥

    #This hymn has been translated, commented and critiqued by tons of scholars. It has been known as the Creation Hymn. It has been interpreted as one of the earliest accounts of skeptical inquiry and agnosticism. There was a Telugu translation by Vadlamudi Gopalakrishnayya from the Rigveda Samhita published by the Tirumala Tirupati Deevasthanam. It was more difficult than the original Rik. I will give one translation, I liked most. It was by Raimundo Panikkar. Here it goes:

    “That out of which creation has arisen,
    Whether it held it firm or it did not,
    He who surveys it in the highest heaven,
    He surely knows – or may be He does not.”

    May be, it tells more than the alleged #‘Ta’; #or may be it does not. Who knows!
    Whether Indrani Palaparthi has this# smRti #when she was penning the poem would be a topic of discussion on her knowledge or association with Hindu Scriptures, Mysticism and even Psychoanalysis. And, that would be fodder for other comments and counter-comments.

    I know, I have been accused of living in the 1980s, and did not ‘grow up.’ With this note I am afraid I would be condemned to be living some three thousand five hundred years ago! I would like to end my comment with a light hearted story.

    Long long ago,there was a king by name Sisunaga. He had banned eight sounds in his kingdom because they were difficult to pronounce. They are :
    #Ta Tha, Da Dha, Sa sha, ha, ksha. #If this poem were to be written in Magadha during Sisunaga’s time, what could have happened to the, #‘Ta,’ #story?

    Finally, Indrani garu! I loved reading your poems before publication in eemaaTa; and I love them more now after publication in eemaaTa.

    Best Wishes, — Veluri Venkateswara Rao

  74. #teluguvAri ULla pErlu – iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/20/2013 7:02 #pm

    #ElchUri muraLIdhararAvu gAru,

    sapraSrayaMgA ennO naighaMTika vivarAlatO mIru rAsina lEkhaku kRtaj~natalu. paTTaNa/paTTana/pattana anna padajAla prayOgAlapai, vATi vyutpatti vishayamai iMDAlajI paMDitula madhya chAlA charcha jarigiMdi. praSastamaina saMskRta padAla vyutpatti nighaMTuvu nirmiMchina #Mayrhofer# paMDituDu pattana- padAniki iMDO-yUrOpiyan vyutpatti nirUpiMchaDaM kashTataramani (*#partana — (√pr̥ > Lat. portus, ch.) )# idi anAryapadaMgAnE bhAviMchAlani 1953 nighaMTuvulO pErkonnADu. barO paMDituDu 1947 lOnE idi drAviDa bhavamani vAdiMchADu. ippaTikI dIni vyutpatti vivAdAspadamanE cheppukOvAli. #Franklin Southworth# rachiMchina #Linguistic Archaeology of South Asia (2005)# pustakaMlO sthUlaMgA ilA vivariMchAru:

    #paṭṭaṇa/paṭṭana ‘town’ ON, VarBrS ← PSD *paṭṭi ‘cow-stall, habitation’; *paṭṭiṇam/ paṭṭaṇam ‘town, city, seaport’ DEDR 3868 (Burrow 1947a). M53 notes that the form pattana with dental -tt- is attested earlier (from the MBh on) and suggests that if the word is borrowed (Dravidian being the likeliest source), the earlier form with dentals represents phonological assimilation of the foreign word.


    1. Burrow, T. (1945) “Some Dravidian words in Sanskrit,” TPS, pp. 79–100.
    2. Burrow, T. (1947a) “Dravidian Studies vii: further Dravidian words in Sanskrit,” BSOAS 12:365–96.
    3. Mayrhofer, M. (1953a) “Die Substrattheorien und das Indische,” Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift 34: 230–42.
    4. Mayrhofer, M. (1953b) (M53) Kurzgefasstes etymologisches Wörterbuch des Altindischen: A concise etymological Sanskrit dictionary, Heidelberg: Carl Winter, Universitätsverlag.
    5. Southworth, Franklin C. 2005 Linguistic Archaeology of South Asia. London/New York: Routledge Curzon.
  75. #teluguvAri ULla pErlu – iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/19/2013 10:22 #am

    #ravikiraN gAru: iMTipErla guriMchi mIru dAdApu sariggAnE UhiMchAru. iMTipErlu manaku kAkatIyulaku pUrvaM unnaTTu dAkhalAlu lEvu. kavula vishayaMlO nannayya (bhaTTu birudu kAvachchu) nuMDi SrInAthuDi varakU unna kavula iMTipErlu manaku teliyavu. nAchana sOmana pErulO nAchana taMDri pEru ayitE, pAlkuriki sOmanAthuDi pErulO pAlkuriki vAri UrupEru kAvachchunu. bammera pOtana, ashTadiggajAla kAlaM nuMDi manaku iMTipErlu aviraLaMgA kanipistunnAyi.

    prA~mnannayya SAsAnAlalO UrupErO, prAMta nAmamO tagiliMchina pErlu konni arudugA kanipistunnAyi; kAni, A rOjullO telugu vAru kUDA drAviDa saMpradAyaMlO lAgA taMDri pEru tagiliMchukonE alavATu uMdani konni SAsanAlalO pErlu sUchistunnAyi.

    sthUlaMgA prastutaM teluguvAri iMTipErlalO UripErE adhikaMgA kanipistuMdi. vRttinAmAlu/padavulu (pragaDa mo.), dhAnyAla pErlu, kuTuMbaMlO pEru poMdina vAri pEru ilAMTivi kUDA viraLaMgA kanipistunnAyi.

    I vishayaMpai vEmUri gAru rAsina <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200011/817.html" rel="nofollow"#>vyAsaM, alAgE, idivaraku nEnu iMDO-yUrEsiyan rIsarch vEdikapai chEsina charchanu mIru chadavavachchunu.

  76. teluguvAri ULla pErlu – iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/17/2013 10:36 #am

    #jayaprabha anipiMDi ilA annAru:

    mIrevarU ani mA pUrvIkulani evarannA aDigAranukOMDi, vALLu “mEM anAtAraM anipiMDAramaMDI ” ani cheppEvArannamATa! ilAgE vErE gRhanAmAlu kUDA vAri vArivi AyA ULlatO kalipE chebutAru. anipiMDi kEvalaM iMTipErE ayi vAru vAri Uruni anAtAraM ani cheppukunnappuDu mIranna “piMDi” anna padAniki ikkaDa viDigA oka grAma spRha ani vivariMchE vIluMdA? nAku spasTaMgA rUpudiddukODaM lEdu vishayaM! kAnI mI Uha mAtraM bAguMdi. mIru mariMta velugu I vishayaM mIda prasariMpajEyAlani kOrutunnAnu.

    jayaprabha gAru: ninna mIku javAbu rAsina taruvAta sthimitaMgA AlOchistE, mI iMTipEru vishayamai ippuDu nAku koMta spashTata ErpaDiMdanipistuMdi. mI iMTipEru grAmanAmaM kAkuMDA mI pUrvIkulu paMDichE dhAnyAla AdhAraMgA vachchi uMTuMdi. dhAnyAla AdhAraMgA telugulO ennO iMTipErlu unnAyi kadA! kaMdula, miriyAla, AvAla, pesalu, nEti, biyyaM, uppala, pappu, vaMkAyala annavi machchuku konni.

    anumulu anapamokkaku vachchE giMjalu. vATini anapagiMjalu ani kUDA aMTAru. anumulanu piMDi chEstE A piMDini anuM + piMDi = anu@MpiMDi anigAni, anapa piMDi = anappiMDi ani gAnI anE vArEmO. A piMDi dorikE vAri kuTuMbAlanu anupiMDi anigAni anappiMDi ani gAni pilichE vArEmO. anAtAraM (idi anaMtavaraMku rUpAMtaraM kAvachchu) anE ULLO anappiMDi dorikE vaMSasthulanu ‘anAtAraM anupiMDi’ vArani pilichEvArani nAkanipistuMdi.

    anapiMDi, anupiMDi anna padAlalO chivari reMDu i-kArAlatO svaramaitri kUDi reMDava achchukUDA i- kAraMgA mAri adi anipiMDigA sthirapaDiMdani nAkanipistuMdi. mIrEmaMTAru?


    nAgamuraLi gAru: ElUrunu hElApuri gAnU, nallagoMDanu nIlagirigAnu, kolichAlanu kOlAchalaMgAnu — annI saMskRtaM nuMDE udbhaviMchAyani — vivariMchE paMDita vyutpattulu kOkollalu.

  77. teluguvAri ULla pErlu – iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/17/2013 10:01 #am

    #rAjASa~mkar kASInAthuni ilA annAru:

    “guMDlakamma aMTE guMDla kappu ayyE avakASaM uMdi.”

    #Not to muddy the waters further but…
    #nAku telisi “kamma” aMTE jAbu (uttaramu). “kamma”lanu aMdiMchaDaM vRttigA avalaMbiMchina kAraNaMgA kammavArainArani EdO kammavAri charitranu telipE pustakaMlO chadivina gurtu.

    vyAsakarta rAsiMdi guMDlakamma anE nadi guriMchi.

    “‘kamma’lanu aMdiMchaDaM vRttigA avalaMbiMchina kAraNaMgA kammavArainArani” vivariMchaDaM lOkanirukti (#folk etymology).# karma anna saMskRta padaM prAkRtaMlO, pALIlO kamma- gA mAriMdani (dharma annadi damma-gA mArinaTTu), dAni AdhAraMgAnE kamma-, kammari-, kammatIDu- modalaina vRtti nAmAlu vachchAyani bhAshAvEttala nammakaM (chU. telugu bhAshA charitra 2010).

    nA dharmapatni puTTina Uru paMjAb lOni paTiyAla. a ULLO saMskRta paMDituDu okAyana nAtO a Uri pEruni guriMchi ichchina vivaraNa prakAraM A Uri asalu pEru pati (rAju) Ala (Uru) aMTE rAjugAri Uru (rAchanagaru) ani. #Is there a remote possibility that the #‘Ala’ #in Patiala is the same as the #‘Ala’ #in Telugu?

    #nAku telisi paTiyAla asalu pEru paTiyAvAla. paTiyAvAla anna iMTi pEru unnavAru chAlA maMdi unnAru. alAgE, chuDiyAla, boriyAla, dadhiyAla anna padAlanni chuDiyAvAla, boriyAvAla, dadhivAla anna Urla pErlu gAnE parigaNiMchAlani nA abhiprAyaM.

    paTiyAvAla aMTE paTTamulu- (baTTalu) nEsE vAru uMDE Uru. paTa-/paTTa- annadi #cloth, garment# anna arthaMlO saMskRtaMlO uMdi. telugulO baTTa- annadi saMskRta/prAkRtAlanuMDi vachchiMdanE cheppavachchu. ayitE, paTTa- annadi anArya padamani koMtamaMdi vAdana. muMDA bhAshalalO pattini karpaTa- ani karpasa ani aMTAru. I padAla AdhAraMgAnE saMskRtaMlO paTTa- anna padaM vADukalOki vachchiMdani vAri vAdana. Edi EmainA, paTiyAla paTiyAvAlA nuMDi vachchiMdE kAnI, drAviDa grAma pratyayamaina *~nAla/Ala tO saMbaMdhaM lEdani nA abhiprAyaM.

    drAviDa bhAshalalO okaTaina brAhuyI guriMchi mareppuDainA!

  78. teluguvAri ULla pErlu – iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/16/2013 12:03 #pm

    #jayaprabha gAru,

    anipiMDi, anupiMDi, anappiMDi ani mUDu rakAlugA mI iMTi pEru uMDaDAniki oka kAraNaM anu-, -piMDi reMDu vEru vibhAgAlu kAvaTaM valla kAvachchu. dhAtuvullO prathamAchchuku unna prAmukhyata chivari achchuku uMDadu. adIkAka telugulO svaramaitri (#vowel harmony)# valla madhyAchchulu chivari achchulatO kalasi pOvaDaM kaddu. anupiMDi lO chivari reMDu i- kArAlaku maitrigA anupiMDi- anipiMDi kAvaDaM telugulO asAdhAraNamEmi kAdu.

    piMDi, piMDiprOlu (khammaM jillAlO Uru), piMDisUra, muripiMDi anna itara iMTipErlaku mI iMTipEruku saMbaMdhaM uMDavachchu. alAgE, aniyAdi, aniSeTTi, anumagurti, anumAlaSeTTi, anumula, anumOlu anna iMTi pErlaku mI iMTipEruku saMbaMdhaM uMdO lEdO evarainA pariSOdhana cheyyAli.

    uttarAdilO “grAmamu” anna arthaMlO piMDi/piMD anna ULLa pErlu sarvasAdhAraNaMgA kanipistAyi. pAkistAn lOni rAval piMDi nuMDi paMjAb^lOni bArApiMD, bIspiMD, bhallApiMD, bIr piMD, habit piMDi, giddar piMDi, kapUr piMD, navApiMD, rANIpiMD, varakU, alAgE, alahAbAd jillAlO, phirOj pUr jillAlO “piMDi” anna pEru gala grAmAlu unnAyi. I uttarAdilOni “piMDi” grAmAlaku mI iMTipEruku saMbaMdhaM uMdO lEdO idamitthaMgA cheppalEnu.

    nA Uha: “piMDi” anEdi grAmanAmAniki saMbaMdhiMchina pratyayamaitE, anu-/ani- annadi anumulu anna dhAnyAniki saMbaMdhiMchinadai uMDavachchu. anumulu utpatti chEsE anupa- cheTTu unna Urini anupiMDi ani annArEmO. idi pUrtigA nA UhE kAnI, SAstrIyamaina vivaraNa kAdu. bhAratadESaMlOni Urla pErlapai samagramaina DETAbEsu tayAru chEsi dAnipai vipulaMgA oka pariSOdhanA vyAsaM rAyAlannadi nAkunna kOrikallO okaTi. eppaTikainA vIluchEsukoni A prAjekTunu pUrti cheyyagalananE ASistunnAnu.

  79. teluguvAri ULla pErlu – iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/15/2013 4:19 #pm

    #vEmUri gAru,

    chakkaTi praSna vEsAru. I vyAsakarta eMchukunna aMSaM mIkU, nAku chAlA Asakti rEkettiMchE vishayamani nAku telusu. ayitE, I vyAsaMtO nAku ennO ibbaMdulunnAyi. sthUlaMgA I vyAsakarta tAnu chEsina chAlA nirNayAlaku E SAstrIyamaina AdhArAlu chUpalEdu. tamiLa, kannaDa vaMTi itara drAviDa bhAshalalO unna padAlanu tulanAtmakaMgA viSlEshiMchi uMTE Ayana vAdanalalOni porapATlu telisEvi. ayitE, Ayanaku A rakamaina tulanAtmaka dRshTi lEdani nAkanipiMchiMdi.

    I vyAsaMlOni lOpAlanu charchiMchE muMdu mIraDigina paTnaM vishayaM.

    paTnaM/paTTaNaM-/paTTinaM- anna drAviDa bhAshA padAniki mUla dhAtuvu *paTTu-. rAchapaTTu, arasupaTTu, karapaTTu, muMgilipaTTu anna ULLu dakshiNa bhArataMlO chAlA unnAyi. paTTinaM- aMTE pedda Uru, #commercial town# annadi prAthamika arthamanE bhAviMchAli. samudratIraMlO lEni ULLaku kUDA paTnaM anna pEru chivarana unna konni Urlu:

    bukkapaTnaM, turakalapaTnaM (anaMtapUr jillA), dEvagiripaTnaM, rAghavapaTnaM (varaMgal jillA), kESavapaTnaM, rAyipaTnaM (karIMnagar jillA), molkapaTnaM (nalgoMDa), nAgapaTnaM, maMgapaTnaM, bukkapaTnaM (kaDapa), rAyapaTnaM (khammaM) mo.

    karNATakalOni SrIraMga paTnaM, kOyaMbattUr lOni malayaMdipaTTinaM, taMjAvUr jillAlOni mallipaTTinaM modalainavEvI samudra tIraMlO lEvu.

    rOmanla kAlaMnuMDi samudra tIraMlO uMTE prAMtAlu samudra vartakaM valla #commercial town#gA, pedda nagarAlugA abhivRddhi cheMdAyi kAbaTTi chAlA rEvu prAMtAlaku paTTinaM/paTTaNaM ani pEru vachchiMdani nA Uha.

    ika I vyAsaMtO nAkunna samasyalu:

    saMskRta Sabdamaina grAmAniki, prAkRta Sabdamaina Uriki konni pratyEka lakshaNAlunnAyi.

    1. Uru annadi drAviDa bhAshapadamEnanna vishayaMlO nAku telisinaMtavarakU E vivAdaM lEdu. kAnI, I vyAsakarta dAnni prAkRta bhavamani pErkonnADu.

    nEDu kAlabOdhakaMgA upayOgistunna sAmeta ‘EMDlu pUMDlu gaDichA’yanEdi nijAniki A arthaMlO vachchiMdi kAdu. EMDlu, pUMDlu gaDavaDaM aMTE Erulu aMTE nadulu, pUMDlu aMTE buradanElalu dATi vachchAyanEdi asalaina arthaM.

    2. #Humbug!# Eru anna padAniki bahuvachanaM EMDlu elA avutuMdO EMDlu pUMDlu gaDichA’yanEdi kAlabOdhakaM eMduku kAdO vivariMchaDAniki rachayita E AdhArAlu ivvalEdu.

    rAvikaMpADu, pOlakaMpADu modalaina grAmanAmAllO kanpistunna ‘kamma’ku nadi ani arthaM. guMDlakamma manaM eriginadE. kRshNAnadiki ‘pErakamma’ anEdi achchapu tenugu pEru. I reMDu kammalaku madhya vunna nADu ‘kammanADu’. ‘kammaguTTu gaDapa dATadu’ anE sAmetanu kammavAri kuTuMbAlalOni guTTu gaDapa dATi bayaTaku rAdanE arthaMlO vivariMchaDaM paripATi. nijAnikidi sarikAdu. kammanATi guTTu kaDapa dATipOdu ani arthaM.

    3. rachayita Uha tappa kamma anna padAniki ‘nadi’ anna arthaM ivvaDAniki E AdhAramU kanipiMchadu. kamma annadi kappu- anna arthaMlO tamiLaMlO vADuka uMdi. guMDlakamma aMTE guMDla kappu ayyE avakASaM uMdi.

    palle modaTa bauddhula nivAsaM. pADu jainuluMDE chOTu. vADa SAkhA nagarAniki pEru.

    4. palle, pADu, vADa drAviDa padAlaitE avi bauddhulu, jainulu modaTagA vADinaTTu cheppaDAniki AdhArAlu Evi?

    chIrAla, pErAla, gUTAla, kaDiyAla modalaina vAnilOni ‘Ala’ gaDDijAtiki cheMdina mokka.

    5. Ala anEdi gaDDijAti mokka kAdu. ~nAla (ñā#la =# nEla) anna dhAtuvu nuMDi vachchiMdi. -Ala anna pratyayaMtO telugudESaMlO unna UripErlu kOkollalu: jagityAla, malyAla, naMdyAla, chIrAla, pErAla, koDimyAla, parakAla, pariTAla, peMDyAla, ponnAla, mAmiDAla, kanagAla, OgirAla, kAnAla, guMDAla, chikkAla, vAvilAla, iTikyAla, liMgAla mo॥ konni udAharaNalu. -*~nAla SabdamE taruvAta kAlaMlO nElagAnU, -Ala gAnU mAri uMDavachchananukuMTE, naMdyAla (naMdi+Ala), peMTyAla/peMDyAla (peMTi + Ala) vaMTi padAllO ~nAla Sabdapu prAchIna tAlavya rUpAnni ya-vattutO manaku sUchistU uMDavachchu.

    vaivAkalOni ‘vAka’, pAluvAyilOni ‘vAyi’ chinna pravAhAlanu sUchistAyi.

    6. nA dRshTilO vAka annadi ‘pAka’ anna padAniki rUpAMtaraM. padAla madhya ‘pa’ kArAnni tElikagA -va- kAraMgA palakaDaM drAviDa bhAsha varNa lakshaNAlalO okaTi. dAnnE manaM ga-sa-Da-da-vAdESa saMdhi ani cheppukuMTAM. tamiLanADulO ‘vAka’ ‘vAkaM’ anna pErutO chAlA pradESAlu unnAyi. vATini pAka anna arthaMtOnE vivaristAru.

    mAnikoMDa, pOlu koMDa, koMDa pATUrulalOni ‘koMDa’ SilAsUchi kAdu. koMDaMgi anEdi gaDDi jAti mokka. dInini baTTi ichchaTa koMDa anEdi mokka ani bOdha paDutuMdi.

    7. I vAdanaku AdhArAlu bOdhapaDavu.

    ‘viMja’ anEdi oka nITipakshi dAni IkalatO chEsinadi viMjAmara.

    8. #Totally false.# viMja aMTE nITi pakshi kAdu. viMjili aMTE oka rakamaina chEpa. ayitE, dAni IkalatO viMjAmaralu tayAru chEstArani ekkaDA vinalEdu. asalu vivaraNa idi: chAmara aMTE pakshi Ika. vi~n- annadi vIchu, visuru anna padAlaku saMbaMdhiMchiMdi. vIchE pakshi Ika viMjAmara. I padAnni vella (=tellani) + chAmara ani konni nighaMTuvulu vivaristAyi kAnI, dAniki kUDa bhAshASAstraM oppukOdu. vella annadi viM- elA ayiMdi?

    puligaDDa, puliveMdula, puliprodduTUrulalOni ‘puli’ jaMtuvu kAdu. puli aMTE anAdi baMjaru.

    9. #Totally puzzling.

    #ayinavOlu, ayinaMpUDi lalO gala ‘ayina’ SabdAnikarthaM nadivaMpu tirigEchOTa abhimukhaMgA vunna bhUbhAgaM ani arthaM.

    10. tamiLaMlO Ayini, ayani aMTE oka rakamaina malle anna arthAlu unnAyi. (ā#yiṉi, āciṉi bread-fruit tree, añcali jungle jack, āyini, āññali, āññili A. pubescens; ayaṇi, ayani, ayini, ānūṇi, āmini, āyani, āvani, āvini A. hirsuta).# A arthAnni vadilEsi “nadivaMpu tirigEchOTa abhimukhaMgA vunna bhUbhAgaM ani arthaM” elA vachchiMdO nAkaitE arthaM kAvaDaM lEdu.

    vaLaMdapAleM DachchivAri rAjadhAni hAleMDu SabdaM nuMchi vAri makAmuku pErugA nelakonnadi.

    11. hAlAMD DachchivAri rAjadhAni kAdu. hAlAMD DachchivAri rAjyaMlO oka prAMtaM pEru. vaLaMdapAleM nijaMgA hAleMDu SabdaM nuMchi vachchi uMTE mUrdhanya -La- kAraM vADaDAniki kAraNamEmi?

    pharaMgula (vidESIyulu) AvAsaM phiraMgi puraM. (#Foreign# anE AMglapadaM telugu lipyaMtarIkaraNaMlO pharaMgi ayi, vyavahAraMlO phiraMgi ayiMdi.)

    12. nijaMgA #Foreign# anE AMglapadaM telugu lipyaMtarIkaraNaMlO pharaMgi ayi uMTE hiMdi/urdU lOnU, iMkA arabik, parshiyan, Tarkish bhAshalalO kUDA phiraMgI ani eMdukaMTAru? asalu vishayaM EmiTaMTE, idi #Frank# anna padAniki abhAsarUpaM. madhya yuga kAlaMlO paSchima yUrap vAraMdarinI madhyAsiyA muslimulu phrAMkulani, phiraMkulani, phiraMgulani pilichEvAru. mana musliM pAlakula dvArA telugutO sahA bhAratIya bhAshalanniMTilO pravESiMchina padaM phiraMgi. (#The term Frank has been used by many of the Eastern Orthodox and Muslim neighbors of medieval Latin Christendom (and beyond in Asia) as a general synonym for a European from Western and Central Europe, areas that followed the Latin rites of Christianity under the authority of the Pope in Rome — From Wikipedia).

    “#mallemAla aMTE … koMDadApuna gala aDavilO nunna pallenu mAla aMTAru”, ” tyADa anE Uri pErupai bahuvachanaM tELLa” aMTU sAgE I vyAsaMlOni ennO vAkyAlu SAstra vivEchanaku niluvavani cheppavachchu. Iyana tAnu svayaMgA teluguvAri ULla pErlu – iMTi pErlapai pariSOdhanA graMthAlanu veluvariMchArani, Apai eMtO maMdiki idE aMSaMpai #Ph. D.# ki mArga darSakulugA unnArani vinnAnu. A pariSOdhanA graMthAlanu pariSIlanagA chadivina vArevarainA vATi nANyata guriMchi vivaristE bAguMTuMdi.

  80. urumu urimi… guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/14/2013 3:44 #pm

    #kuTuMbAlalO – strIlaki sATi strIlatO gala saMbaMdha bAMdhavyAlalO madhuramaina baMdhaM – attA kODALLa anubaMdhaM. gRhAnni svarga sIma lA mArchaDaM lO I iddari pAtralU samunnataM gA vuMDAlani nA abhiprAyaM. A prayatnaM lO bhAgaM gA rAsina chinna saMghaTana idi! mIku nachchinaMduku, mI hRdaya spaMdana teliya chEsinaMduku dhanya vAdAlu – ratnaSikhA maNi gArU!

  81. bhOgi talaMTlu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/14/2013 3:29 #am

    ‘#kaLa kaLalADutunna paMcharaMgula chitraM lOki veLLipOyAnu ‘ anna mI praSaMsa nAkeMtO AnaMdAnnichchiMdi maithili gArU!
    mI spaMdanani teliya chEsinaMduku kRtaj~natalu teliyachEsukuMTU,

  82. bAlkanIlO bachchalimokka guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/11/2013 10:36 #am

    ‘#cheMbeDu nILLeinA pOyaMdE.. tAnu mAtraM
    gaMpeDAkula tIgalatO gaganAniki egabrAkutOMdi.
    bAlkanIlO baTTalAravEsE tIgalapai kegabAki
    baruvugA AlapiMchina daruvulA sAgutuMdi.
    mutyAllAMTi pUlu pUsi pagaDAllAMTi paLLu kAsi
    paMDaganATi tOraNamai bAlkanI niMDugA paMdiri vEsiMdi.’ –

    nA chinnappaTi mATa. gODa paguLla lOMchi moluchukochchi, iMtai, aMtai, vistarAkulaMta Akupachchani patrAlatO koMDaMta paMdirai dAni nIDana kUrchuni chaduvukunE nAku SAMti nikEtanamaiMdi I bachchali tIvE! iMta goppa j~nApakAnni gurtu chEsinaMduku mIku nA hArdikAbhivaMdanAlu.

  83. chitra gItamulalO ChaMdassu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/11/2013 9:33 #am

    #maMchi sAhityamunu aMdiMcha DAniki kavulu maMchi ChaMdassunu eMpika chEsikOvAli. ikkaDE telugu chalanachitrasIma adRshTamu chEsikonnadi. svatahA goppa kavuleina vAru chalanachitrAlaku pATalanu vrAsinAru.

    prati telugu vArU garvapaDE mATa cheppAru. vyAsaM lO mI viSlEshaNa, viSadIkaraNa eMtO utsukatani kaligiMchiMdi. Asakti karaM gA chadiviMpa chEsiMdi. abhinaMdanalu teliya chEsukuMTU..
    Ar. damayaMti.

  84. alikhita kaThina SAsanaM! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/08/2013 7:24 #am

    ‘#kavitani oka sains pIr revyUD vyAsaM lAga nEnu chUDanu.’

    ‘…nAku nachchiMdi, nachchiMdani cheppaDaM. kavitvaM tO saMbaMdhaM lEdu, manasutOnE saMbadhaM, batukutOne saMbaMdhaM. ‘

    I okka vAkyaM chAlu, – eMdarinO AlOchiMpa chEsEMduku!

    mIrannaTTu – guMDeni kAjEsukupOyEdE asalaina kavitvaM. aMdulO saMdEhamE lEdu. konni aksharAlaku guLLu kaTTalEM. vATlani voDisipaTTE guMDelE..goppa dEvasthAnAlu. volikE kannILLE pushpAbhishEkAlu. ravikiraN gArU! kavitvaM paTla mIku gala bhAvAbhiprAyAlanu – eMtO svEchChagA, svachChaMgA, mareMtO hRdyaMgA – vyaktaparachinaMduku mimmalni abhinaMdistunnAnu. marOsAri, mIku nA mana@h pUrvaka dhanya vAdAlu teliya chEsukuMTU


  85. alikhita kaThina SAsanaM! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/06/2013 12:27 #am

    1.# jvaliMchE prEmala valla kaligE saMyOga viyOgAlu aMdari jIvitAllO sahajamE kAbaTTi kavita chaTukkuna bAguMdanipistOMdi.

    * idi mI modaTi abhiprAyaM.

    2. kAnI, #form # dRshTyA, aMTE nirmANaparaMgA kavita ‘aMta maMchi kavita ‘ anipiMchaDaM ‘ lEdu.

    * idi mI reMDO abhiprAyaM. (ayinA, aMta saMdigdhata eMdu ku?)

    3. nA kavita mATa pakkana peDadAM! kanIsaM…nA samAdhAnaM ayinA pUrtigA chadavakuMDA, ‘vibhajanA vidhAnAnni ‘chEpaTTi, lEni pOni spardhalu rEpi, vinOdiMchAlanukOvaDaM..mI vaMTi paMDitulaki tagadu.

    4. kosamerupu gA mIkU nAdoka mATa! ‘ nA I kavita valla ‘pAta j~nApakAlEvO rEgi,”…tAnu mariMta ekkava #connect # ai, I kavita chadavamani- mIku mI mitru rAlu liMk paMpArA?

    ( .. badulivvaDaM – oka #slap on the face …? –# aMTE nAku ardhaM kAlEdaMDi.)

    * dhanya vAdAlu!

  86. mana sAhityaMlO kavulu, pustakAlu – 2 guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/02/2013 8:48 #pm

    ‘#achchamaina kavitvaM achchamaina sahRdayulaku mAtramE arthamavutuMdi. ” – kavitvAnni eMta aMdaMgA, hRdyaMgA nirvachiMchAru! -abhinaMdanalu.

  87. alikhita kaThina SAsanaM! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/02/2013 12:54 #pm

    ‘#anubhavAnni iMta chakkagA aksharAllO malachaDaM oka kavitA kanikaTTu.
    oka atyadbhutavaina aksharAla mEjikku.’

    *anubhavaM soMtaM kAvochchu. UhA janitamU kAvochchu.

    chakkadanaM mana bhAshalOnE imiDi vuMdi. kadU? mIrannaTTu kavita – kanikaTTu chEstuMdi. I mAjikk mAtraM …aMtA…anubhUtiMchE vAri sahRdayatalOnE dAgi vuMTuMdi.

    mI spaMdana nAkeMtO AnaMdAnni kalagachEsiMdi ravikiraN gArU!
    mIku nA mana@h pUrvaka dhanyavAdAlu telupukuMTU..

  88. rAgalahari: AbhEri guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    06/27/2013 12:06 #pm

    #iMdrANigAru, kadanakutUhalamu guriMchi <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201005/1571.html?allinonepage=1"#>ImATalO chaduvavachchunu –

    namassulatO – mOhana

  89. palukubaDi – kAlamAnamu #II# guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    05/14/2013 1:21 #pm

    190#1lO mana telugu paMchAMgakartalaku “SrAvaNamAsaM adhikamA? AshADhamAsaM adhikamA?” anna goppa vivAdaM ErpaDaTamU, chiva~riki rAjamaMDrilO paMDita parishattu ErpaDi parishkArAnni sUchiMpavalasi rAvaTamU, adi kOrTuku veLLaTamU – A kathaMtA mIru vinE uMTAru.

    muraLIdhararAvu gAru: nAku nijaMgA 1901 vivAdaM guriMchi teliyadu. ayitE, nA Uha prakAraM adhikamAsa nirNayaMlO saMdigdhataku kAraNAlu I kiMdi vATilO EdainA kAvachchu.

    1. uttara bhArataMlO paurNami nuMDi paurNami muMdurOju dAkA oka chAMdramAsaMgA parigaNistE, AMdhrapradES, karNATaka, maharAshTrA, gujarAtulalO amAvAsya taruvAta rOju nuMDi amAvAsya varakU oka mAsaMgA lekkistAru. dIni valla adhika mAsaM vErvEru mAsAllO vastAyi. (ayitE, 1901 vivAdAniki idi kAraNaM kAkapOvachchu).

    2. adhikamAsa nirNayAniki sUrya saMkramaNa kAlaM, chAMdramAsa kAlaM kachchitaMgA nirNayiMchAli. konni ghaDiyala, vighaDiyala tEDA valla adhika mAsaM oka mAsaM kAkuMDA marO mAsaM avutuMdi. okkO paMchAMga karta I kAlAlanu okkO rakaMgA koddipATi tEDAtO lekkiMchavachchu (akshAMSAllO tEDAla valla kUDA I lekkallO tEDA rAvachchu). nA Uha prakAraM 1901lO sUrya saMkramaNa kAlaM, chAMdramAsa AraMbhamO, aMtaM chAlA daggarigA uMDi uMDAli. appuDu koMtamaMdi paMchAMgakartalu AshADhamAsAnni adhikamAsaMgA lekka kaDitE, marikoMta maMdi SrAvaNAnni adhikaMgA parigaNiMchavachchu.

    bhUminuMDi sUrya, chaMdra gamanAlanu parikistE elA uMTuMdO, adhikamAsaM elA nirNayistArO I vIDiyO phailu chAlA sulabhaMgA vivaristuMdi. ayitE, ikkaDa oka vishayaM gurtu peTTukOvAli. sUryasiddhAMtaMlO sUryachaMdrulu bhUmi chuTTU tirugutunnaTTu gAnE lekkalu kaTTAru. ayitE, kAlagamana nirNayAniki bhUmi sUryuni chuTTU tirugutuMdA, lEka sUryuDu bhUmi chuTTU tirugutunnADA anna vishayaM sApEkshaM (#relative).# sUryuDu bhUmi chuTTU tirugutunnaTTu bhAviMchaDaM valla kAla nirNayaMlO, Rtu nirNayaMlO EmAtraM tEDA rAdu.

    mIku 1901 vivAdaM guriMchi marinni vivarAlu telistE vivariMchagalaru.

  90. saMgIta sAhitya SrInivAsuDu guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    05/09/2013 3:44 #pm

    [#daMtya cha, jalu ~#ca, ~ja# Taip chEstE vastAyi. kAnI, vATi guNiMtAlu viMDOs 8lOnE sariggA kanipistAyi – saM.#]

    The latest windows, word, touch screen computers, with key pads – on screen or desktop -wireless mouse etc., offer you multiple language selection. Dictionaries are also built in. That’s what I am using now, even to write in this box – not the writing tool provided by eemaata, any more.
    For instance if I had this computer a few weeks back, I could have written the Hindi poem in Hindi, and it would have attempted to correct some of my mistakes.

    Although <>eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> just by correcting mistakes, one can not turn every writing, into a ‘good’ writing.

    Also, real fast readers don’t even notice spelling mistakes, unless the spelling “mistakes” appear in clusters, and/or in crucial places. Readers don’t really read “letters,” unless they are kinder garden alphabet readers. Material, what it says overall, is what matters to an adult (= not childish, grown up) reader. Except – for dinosaur language show -offs. But I enjoy that bedlam too, like I enjoy Jurassic park.


    [You can use any computer, tablet or pad but to properly display ౘ, ౙ# guNiMtAlu #it must have Windows 8 OS. As we are told by Microsoft, Unicode 5.1 engine has these sequences and the Indic shaping engine in Windows 7 is not updated to that version. This has nothing to do with the writing tool you use. – Ed.]

  91. #palukubaDi – kAlamAnamu #II# guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    05/09/2013 12:51 #pm

    #vEmUri gAru,

    maMchi praSnE. Adhunika nirvachanaM prakAraM #equinox# aMTE sUryuni kEMdra biMduvu bhUmadhyarEkhA (#equator)# talaMlO uMDE rOju. I rOjuna sUryuni kEMdraM kachchitaMgA 12 gaMTalu AkASaMlO uMTuMdi (bhUmi mIda anni prAMtAlalO). ayitE, sAdhAraNaMgA sUryOdayAnni sUryagOLapu modaTi aMchu kanipiMchaDaM nuMDi lekkapeDatAru; alAgE sUryAstamayaM sUryagOLapu chivari aMchu mAyamayyE vELagA gaNistAru. ivi akshAMSaM nuMDi akshAMSAniki mArutuMTAyi. aMTE mArchi 20/21va tEdInADu bhUmadhyarEkhapai 12 gaMTalu pagalu, 12 gaMTalu rAtri uMTE, 25º akshAMSaMlO A rOju pagalu rAtrikaMTE 7 nimishAlu ekkuva kAlaM uMTuMdaTa. kAbaTTi nEnu “vishuvattu (#equinox)# rOjuna bhUmipaina rAtribhAgaM, pagaTibhAgaM samAnaMgA uMTAyi.” ani rAyaDaM tappE. etti chUpinaMduku kRtaj~natalu.

    I vishayaM guriMchi marinni vivarAlu #Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory# vAri pEjIlO chUDavachchu.

  92. palukubaDi – kAlamAnamu #II# guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    05/08/2013 9:38 #am

    @mohan# gAru: bhUmi sUryuni chuTTU tiragaDAniki 365+ rOjula kAlaM paDutuMdi. chaMdruDu bhUmi chuTTU tiragaDAniki dAdApu 29.5 rOjulu paDutuMdi. 12 chAMdramAsAlu 354+ rOjulaku pUrti avutAyi. aMTE saura chaMdra mAnAlaku dAdApu 11 rOjula tEDA uMdi. reMDunnara saMvatsarAlalO I tEDA dAdApu oka chAMdramAsapu niDivi chErukuMTuMdi. kAbaTTi I tEDA parihariMchaDAniki dAdApu prati reMDu saMvatsarAla enimidi nelalaku oka mAsAnni adhikamAsaMgA jata chEstAru. A saMvatsaraMlO padamUDu nelalu uMTAyi. udAharaNaku 2012lO naMdana nAma saMvatsaraMlO bhAdrapada mAsaM reMDu sArlu vachchiMdi. A saMvatsaraMlO mAsAlu varusagA chaitraM, vaiSAkhaM, jyEshTaM, AshADhaM, SrAvaNaM, (adhika) bhAdrapadaM, (nija) bhAdrapadaM, ASvayujaM… ilA annamATa.

    sUrya gamanAnni, chaMdra gamanAnni SAstra paraMgA gamaniMchi, adhikamAsa nirNayAniki chAlA sulabhataramaina mArgAnni sUryasiddhAMtaMlO sUchiMchAru. A paddhatini sthUlaMgA vivaristAnu:

    sUryuDi 365+ rOjula saMvatsarapu kAlagamanAnni 12 rASulugA vibhajiMchavachchu. prati nela 14-16 va tEdIla samayaMlO sUryuDu oka rASi nuMDi maroka rASiki saMkramaNaM chEstADu. dInini mAsasaMkrAMti aMTAru. (sUryuDu makararASilOki pravESiMchinappuDu manaM makara saMkrAMtini paMDagagA jarupukuMTAM kadA!) I sauramAsaMtO saMbaMdhaM lEkuMDA 29nnara rOjula chAMdramAsamEmO amAvAsya nuMDi amAvAsya dAkA sAgutuMdi. aMTE tarachugA chaMdramAsaM oka sauramAsaMlO prAraMbhamai marO sauramAsaMlO aMtamautuMdi. udAharaNaku prastutaM naDustunna chaitra mAsaM Epril 11na prAraMbhamai (Epril 10 amavAsya), mE 10va tEdi amAvAsyatO mugustuMdi. ayitE, sUryuDu Epril 14na mEsharASilO pravESiMchADu. mE 14na vRshabha rASilOki pravESistADu.

    ayitE, E kAlaMlOnainA 29nnara rOjula chAMdramAsaM okE sauramAsaMlO (aMTE sUryuDu okE rASilO unnappuDu) prAraMbhamai, adE sauramAsaMlO pUrti avutuMdO A mAsAnni adhikamAsaMgA parigaNistAru. udAharaNaku 2012lO sUryuDu AgashTu 17na udayaM 8:05ku siMharASilO pravESiMchi sepTeMbar 17 udayaM 8:23 varakU unnADu. adE samayaMlO AgashTu 18na chaMdruni bhAdrapada mAsaM prAraMbhamai, sepTeMbar 16 udayaM 8:05 gaMTalaku amAvAsyatO pUrtavutuMdi, kAbaTTi A bhAdrapadamAsaM adhika bhAdrapadaM.

    2012lO bhAdrapada mAsaMtO pATu, 2010 vikRti nAma saMvatsaraMlO vaiSAkha mAsaM adhikamAsaM. maLLI iMkO adhikamAsaM 2015lO manmatha nAma saMvatsaraMlO – adhika AshADa mAsaMgA rAbOtuMdi.

    idE kAkuMDA prati 141 saMvatsarAlaku, Apai 19 saMvatsarAlaku oka nela takkuvagA saMvatsaraMlO padakoMDu nelalugA lekkistAru. takkuvagA lekkiMchina mAsAnni kshayamAsaM aMTAru. udAharaNaku 1964lO pushya mAsaM kshayamAsaM, 1983lO mAgha mAsaM kshayamAsaM. maLLI marO kshaya mAsaM mana jIvitakAlaMlO manaM chUDalEmu — vachchE kshayamAsaM 141 ELLa taruvAta 2124 saMvatsaraMlO vastuMdi.

  93. ImATa mE 2013 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi #Madhav # abhiprAyaM:

    05/07/2013 10:26 #am

    #mOhana gAru prastAviMchina <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200705/1090.html"#>mE 2007 vyAsaMlO – pi. bi. SrInivAs svahastAlatO vrAsina prati nakaLLu uMchAmu. vITini aMdachEsina sAyi brahmAnaMdaM gortigAriki mA kRtaj~natalu.

    – saMpAdakulu

  94. ImATa mE 2013 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    05/05/2013 8:54 #pm

    #pibies nivALi saMchikalOni vyAsAlatObATu dAnini kUDa pAThakulu tappaka chadavAli. -mOhana

    I saMchika nivALi saMchikA? ekkaDa unnadi alA? mIru, I saMchika guriMchE mATlADutunnArA?

    mIru, iMkO iddaru, eMdukO haDAviDi paDi, oka gAyakuDi pai atukula boMtagA chEsina rachana – #It is more horrific patch work cadaveric surgery than Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s monster.

    Eemaata appears to be (like America,) on auto pilot – funeral services the only services, regularly pushed on people, in this and that cathedral, by elected, and self appointed any one and every one.


    [One does not have to attend a funereal if the deceased has no meaning to them. But to insult a mourner is entirely different thing – Ed.]

  95. #ImATa mE 2013 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    05/05/2013 5:47 #pm

    #pi bi SrInivAs gArini kalisinappuDu, vArini aDugagA vAru tana svahastamutO vrAsi SrI brahmAnaMdaM gorti gAriki oka chinna vyAsamunu bahUkariMchAru. adi ImATalO sarigA A~ru saMvatsarAlaku muMdu, anagA <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200705/1090.html"#>mE 2007lO prachuriMchabaDinadi. pibies nivALi saMchikalOni vyAsAlatObATu dAnini kUDa pAThakulu tappaka chadavAli.

    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  96. #Good Bye.# guriMchi #Brahmanandam Gorti # abhiprAyaM:

    05/03/2013 9:04 #am

    What to say, Veluri garu? No words.

    Setting the literary standards for a web-zine is not an easy task for any editor. But you set an example to follow.

    Peer review introduction is just one we never heard of in Telugu literature.

    We have witnessed the transformation of eemaata into a quality magazine under your editorship.

    Enjoyed, learned and more over cherished every letter you penned, with great intrest and liking.

    We miss you as an Editor!


  97. #ImATa mArch 2013 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    04/11/2013 10:41 #pm

    #manasaina majilI!
    idi kAlaM chekkina raMgula SilpaM.
    kaDali niMchi viDi, nadi – nEla mIda sAgina vainaM
    chivuLLannI saMtasAna muriyu vannela maMdAraM
    gaMdharvulanu maripiMchE kOyila madhura gAnaM
    varamai vIchu, temmerala – mallela saugaMdhaM
    vachchi nilichenilA mana muMgiTa vasaMtaM
    techchi ichchenOyi kAnukagA – ‘ vijaya ‘ hAsAla nUtana vatsaraM.

    aMdarikI! ugAdi parvadina SubhAkAMkshalu!


  98. telugulO modaTi nIti pustakaM: sumati SatakaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    03/28/2013 11:00 #am

    #tikkana bhArataMlOnU, tikkana taruvAti kAlaMlOnU ardhabiMdu prAsa pATiMchina padyAlu/gEyAlu chAlA dorikAyi. machchuku konni:

    nE@M DI brAhmaNu chEtaM
    bO@MDimi seDi yEnu jikki pOvaka yuMDan
    vE@MDimi me~rayu SaraMbula
    vA@MDimi soM pella@M jUpa valayuM jummI. — tikkana karNa parvamu 7_1_232

    A@MDu@MdanaMbu nikkamuna kArasi chUchina lEdu puMstvamuM
    bO@MDimi dappi yunnadi napuMsaka janma mavaSyabhOgya mai
    vA@MDimi galguSApamuna vachche@M burAkRtakarmabhAvya me
    vvA@MDunu nErchunE tola@Mga vaiva@Mga nOrvaka pOva vachchunE. — tikkana virATa parvamu 238

    pO@MDanu brAhmaNuMDu yadupuMgavu vITiki vAsudEvu@MDun
    rA@MDanu niMka@M bOyi hari rammani chIreDi yishTabaMdhu@MDun
    lE@M Danu rukmikiM dagavu lE diTa@M jaidyuna kittu naMchu nu
    nnA@M Danu gauri kISvariki nAvalanaM gRpa lEdu nE@MDanun — bhAgavatamu, rukmiNI kalyANamu 50, pOtana, 15va SatAbdamu.

    pU@MtapasiMDivaMTi valapun^ bachariMchu kulaMbu nItikin^
    lE@Mta gadamma yitte~ra@Mgu? lEma! surAMgana lella niTTi nI
    chE@Mtaku metturamma? dayasEyaka tinnani mEnu vennelan^
    vE@MturaTamma? yiMta kanuvE@Mdu~ru selluna@MTamma yiMtikin^? — manu charitramu tRtIyASvAsamu 33, allasAni peddana, 16va SatAbdamu.

    lE@Mta nIchittamulO@M dAlimi galuga@Mga@M baTTi
    chE@Mtala nIyalukella@M jelle@MgAka
    pU@MtamA@MTala solapuboMkulane dUrEvu
    yI@MtalEni challulATa yEmisEsEvE — annamayya rEku. 64 kIrtana 196

    pU@Mta nI garvamula chUpulE vArakamulu
    lE@Mta nI nagavulE paLLemulO kUDu
    pU@MtagAni chittamanE vupparigenuMDinA
    bA@Mti paDi nI gubbalapaiDi kuMDaletta@MDA — annamayya rEku. 66 kIrtana 206

    pO@MDimi gala tatpuramuna
    lE@MDu khalu@MDu dushTakAmi lE@MDu chaduvulan
    vA@MDimi mI~ranipurushu@MDu
    lE@M DaTa nAstiku@MDu neMdu lE@MDu vedakinan. 259 SrImadAMdhra vAlmIki rAmAyaNamu – vAvilikolanusubbArAvu gAru

    tA.ka. #my silly poem was a result of my own efforts of late-night wordsmithing, not a parody of any known poem.

  99. #telugulO modaTi nIti pustakaM: sumati SatakaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    03/27/2013 4:41 #pm

    #mOhanarAvu gAru: ChaMdaSSAstramu upayOgiMchi kavikAlAdulanu parishkariMchE dRshTitO nAku eTuvaMTi ibbaMdi lEdu. saMskRtaMlO vEdavA~mmayaMlOnU, mahAbhArataMlOnU mUla SlOkAlanu, prakshiptAlanu nirNayiMchaDAniki ChaMdassunu, bhAshanu upayOgiMchina vArunnAru. telugulO ChaMdassupai eMtO pariSOdhana chEsina mIru telugu kAvyAlalOni ChaMdassu guriMchi, adi kAlanirNayAniki eMtavaraku panikivastuMdO cheppaDAniki arhulu. nAkA arhata lEdani nAku telusunu kAbaTTE, pEraDI padyaM rAsi vadilESAnu.

    SrI ta@h ta@h: ardhabiMdu prAsa pATiMchina I reMDu padyAlu E E SatAbdAlaku cheMdinavO cheppagalarA (#taken from old world)?

    #pU@MtapasiMDivaMTi valapun^ bachariMchu kulaMbu nItikin^
    lE@Mta gadamma yitte~ra@Mgu? lEma! surAMgana lella niTTi nI
    chE@Mtaku metturamma? dayasEyaka tinnani mEnu vennelan^
    vE@MturaTamma? yiMta kanuvE@Mdu~ru selluna@MTamma yiMtikin^?

    pO@MDanu brAhmaNuMDu yadupuMgavu vITiki vAsudEvu@MDun
    rA@MDanu niMka@M bOyi hari rammani chIreDi yishTabaMdhu@MDun
    lE@M Danu rukmikiM dagavu lE diTa@M jaidyuna kittu naMchu nu
    nnA@M Danu gauri kISvariki nAvalanaM gRpa lEdu nE@MDanun

  100. telugulO modaTi nIti pustakaM: sumati SatakaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    03/27/2013 8:06 #am

    #bhavadIyuDu gAru,

    nEnu kAvAlanE 21va SatAbdapu vyavahArika bhAshalO rAsAnu. kEvalaM ardhabiMdu prAsa unnaMta mAtrAna sumati SatakAnni 11va SatAbdamanaDAniki vIllEdani, aMdulO charchiMchina aMSAlu, bhAshA modalainavi taruvAti kAlAnni sUchistunnAyani gamaniMchAlani nA pAyiMTu.

    vyavahArika bhAshalO SrISrI rAsina sirisirimuvva kaMdapadyAlu nAku chAlA ishTaM. reMDO pAdaMlO, nAlugO pAdaMlO chivara guruvu rAvaDaM kOsamani cheppan, chUDan, bhaMgin ani sAMpradAyikaMgA aMdarU vADitE SrISrI I kiMdi kaMda padyAlanu vADukabhAshalO eMta chakkagA naDipiMchADO chUDaMDi!

    “EvEnA kottavi rA
    SAvA? chUpiMcha”maMchu chaMpEvALLaM
    tA vinaDAniki nEnI
    jIvatkRti nAlapiMtu sirisirimuvvA!

    saMgItaM pAravaichi sAyaMkAlaM
    kAMgAnE AkASapu
    cheMgAvini trAgenokaDu sirisirimuvvA!

    nA padyaMlO kUDA “mIrI nA@MDiTa”, “pATiMchaMDI” ani rAyaDaM A 20-21va SatAbdapu vADukabhAsha chUpiMchAlanE. kEvalaM ardhabiMdu prAsa unnaMta mAtrAna I padyaM 11va SatAbdapu padyaM ayipOdu kadA? adi cheppaDamE nA lakshyaM.

  101. telugulO modaTi nIti pustakaM: sumati SatakaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    03/26/2013 3:06 #am

    #vE@MDukoneda vibudhulanika
    vA@MDimi mATala lakOri visaraka mIrI
    nA@MDiTa yIvEdi@M nilupu
    pA@MDini maryAdala@M sari pATiMchaMDI!

    ardhabiMdu prAsatO unna I kaMdaM E SatAbdAniki cheMdiMdaMTAru? :-).

    I charchalalO lEvanettina bhAshASAstra saMbaMdhamaina vishayAla guriMchi reMDu mukkalu:

    1. kAmESvararAvu cheppinaTTu “sumatISatakaM” vaMTi mATalalO dIrghaM nijAniki saMskRta bhAshA prabhAvaM valla vachchinadE. bhAshASAstraMlO ilAMTi rUpAlanu atidESa (#analogy)# rUpAlu ani aMTAru. anyabhAshA vyAkaraNaM pUrtigA teliyanappuDu kotta padAlanu, samAsAlanu telisina itara padAla sAmyaM AdhAraMgA nirmiMchE prakriyaku I pEru. iMkonni udAharaNalu:

    “raghOttama” ani palakaDaM telugudESaMlO chAlAchOTla kanipistuMdi. tyAgarAja kRtini “ramiMchuvArevarurA raghOttamA ninu vinA” ani chAlA pErumOsina gAyakulE pADAru. raghOttamareDDi, raghOttamarAvu anna pErlugalavAru AMdhradESaMlO kOkollalu. ayitE, ‘raghOttama’ annadi kUDA atidESa (#analogical)# rUpamE. nijAniki raghu + uttama = raghUttama (savarNadIrgha saMdhi) kAvAli. kAnI, sarvOttama-, narOttama- vaMTi padabaMdhAlaku sAmyaMgA ‘raghOttama’ anna nirmANaM jarigiMdani cheppukOvachchu.

    iTuvaMTidE bhAnOdayaM. nijAniki idi bhAnu + udayaM = bhAnUdayaM kAvAli. kAnI, chaMdrOdayaM, sUryOdayaM vaMTi padAla sAmyaMtO ‘bhAnOdayaM’ ani palukaDaM kaddu.

    2. “-aka” “-akuMDA” pratyAyAla vADuka guriMchi nArAyaNarAvu gAru Asaktikaramaina vivaraNa ichchAru. bhAshApariNAma daSalalO I rakamaina mArpu bahuSA madhyatelugu yugaMlO vachchiuMDAli. ayitE, drAviDa bhAshalalO vyatirEka pratyayaM -a-/-A-. ‘nEnu ADanu’ anna vAkyaMlO ADanu = ADu ‘#to play’+ #-a- #negative affix + #-nu ‘uttama purusha pratyayaM’. pUrvakAlInatvAnni sUchiMchE ktvArthaka asamApaka (#non-finite)# kriyallO mAtraM vyatirEkArthaMlO -a- tO pATu -ka- pratyayaM tODaituMdi. cheppaka-, chEyaka-, vippaka-, tappaka- modalainavi udAharaNalu.

    madhya teluguyugaMlO vADukalOki vachchina ‘cheppakuMDA-‘ vaMTi kriyApadAlni vibhajana chEstE ilA uMDavachchani nA Uha: cheppakuMDA- = cheppu ‘#to say’ + #-a- + -ka- + -uMDu- ‘#auxiliary verb’+ #-A- Satrarthaka #durative aspect’.# nArAyaNarAvugAru ichchina ‘cheppakuMDA’ ‘chadavakuMDA’ ‘paDipOkuMDA’ vaMTi padAla prayOgAlaku udAharaNalugA ichchina vAkyAlanu tumunnarthaka (#gerund)# rUpAlalO rAstE I padAlalO aMtarlInaMgA unna -uMDu- bahirgatamautuMdi.

    cheppakuMDA veLLipOyADu — cheppakuMDuTa tappu kadU!
    chadavakuMDA mATlADakaMDi — vyAsaM pUrtigA chaduvakuMDuTa nEramE kadA!
    paDipOkuMDA nilustuMdA — eMtO prabhutva dhanaM vechchiMchi kaTTina I vaMtena varshAlaku paDipOkuMDuTa nyAyamE kadA!

    nA UhalO EdainA porapATu kanipistE, cheppakuMDA uMDakaMDi.

    3. nArAyaNarAvugAru “prati pustakAniki chAritrakaMgA gurtiMchadagina oka karta uMDAli anEdi Adhunika vidyAvaMtulaku alavATaipOyina oka bhAvaM” ani cheppina taruvAta kUDA ‘sumatiSatakaM rAsiMdi bhImanA? baddenA?’ anna aMSaMpai iMta sudIrghamaina charcha AScharyAnnE kaligiMchiMdi. nAku arthamainaMtavarakU, Ayana dRshTilO sumatiSatakaMgA koMtakAlaMnuMDI reMDu vErvEru pAThAlu abhivRddhi cheMdAyani, vATiki reMDu vErvEru vargAlu tama tama avasarAlakanuguNaMgA baddenanu, bhImananu graMthakartalugA ApAdiMchArani Ayana vAdana.

    sumati SatakaM vAgvyavahAraMlO prachAraM ayina pAThaM okaTi, likhita pUrvakaMgA prachAramaina pAThamokaTi reMDu pAThAlu unnAyani, saulabhyaM kOsaM okadAniki vAviLLa sumati Satakamani, reMDava dAniki braun sumati Satakamani pEru peTTi vATini pariSIliMchAnani mIru gamaniMchAru. laukikaMgA paiki rAvaDAniki sAdhikAramaina graMthaMgA sumati SatakaM vuMDAlani pUnukunna karaNAlu tama pAThAniki baddena pEru peTTukunnAru. vivEkavaMtuDaina rAjya paripAlakuDugA baddenaku unna prakhyAti atanu karta ayitE vALLaku upayOgapaDutuMdi.

    maukhika saMpradAyaMlO sumatiSatakAniki bhImanaku graMthakartRtvaM ApAdiMchaDaMpai nArAyaNarAvu cheppina I kiMdi vivaraNa kUDA sababugAnE tOstunnA, kAmESvararAvu lEvanettina konni praSnalaku nArAyaNarAvugArO, Ayana siddhAMtaM pUrtigA telisina vArerainA samAdhAnAlu istE chadavAlani uMdi.

    ika pOtE vAgvyavahAraMlO karaNAlakannA ekkuva maMdilO pEru techchukunna sumati SatakAniki SAstra sthAyi rAvAlaMTE bhImanna pEru panikostuMdi. udAharaNaki appaTiki SAstrAlugA pEru poMdina pustakAlannI chAritrakaMgA phalAnA ani cheppaDAniki vIlulEni oka goppa vyakti pErutO vunnavE. manuvu, kauTilyuDu, bharatuDu, vAtsAyanuDu, vILLaMdaru RshulanE pErE kAni vALLa chAritraka vyaktitvAlani guriMchi manakEmi teliyadu. AlA teliyaka pOvaDaM vallanE A SAstrAlaki aMta prAmANikata vachchiMdi. bhImana pEru alATidi. SApAnugraha samarthuDaina bhImana vaSyavAkku kAbaTTi atani pEru I sumati SatakAniki SAstra sthAyini saMpAdiMchi peDutuMdi. ataneppuDu puTTADO, ennALLu batikADO, ekkaDa unnADO chAritrakaMgA teliyaka pOvaDaM, ataniki ati mAnavamaina Saktulu uMDaDaM I SatakAniki SAstra sthAyi rAvaDAniki avasaraM.

  102. telugulO modaTi nIti pustakaM: sumati SatakaM guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    03/24/2013 6:50 #pm

    (1)# ardhabiMdu prAsanu guriMchi charchiMchunapuDu oka vishayamu gurtuMchukOvAli. chIkaTivaMTi padAlaku nannaya, tikkanala kAlamulO ka aksharAniki muMdu arasunna lEdu, taruvAti kAlamulO chErchabaDinadi. nannayabhaTTu mAtramE sArdhabiMduprAsanu tappakuMDa anusariMchinADani vij~nula abhiprAyamu. tikkana kAlAniki idi koddigA saDalinadi. ra,~ralu uMDE padAlavalenE ardhabiMduvulu uMDE padAlalO kUDa niyamAlu tagginAyi. Ta, pa laku muMdu arasunna uMDE padAlaku alA lEni padAlatO prAsa chellutuMdani anaMtuni ChaMdamulO (ChaMdOdarpaNamulO) nunnadi. aTTi padyamunu sumatiSatakamunuMDi nEnu udahariMchinAnu. I kAraNamulana valananE nEnu Sataka rachayita tappaka nannaya nannechODula taruvAti vADani telipAnu.

    (2) tikkanaku 50 saMvatsarAlu aTO yiTO anaDAniki maroka kAraNamu. sumatiSatakamunu bhImakavi vrAsinADAni anukoMTE I bhImakaviyE bhImanaChaMdamu ani piluvabaDE kavijanASrayamunu kUDa vrAsinADani anukoMTE I kavijanASraya kAlamunu manamu nirNayiMchAli. dInini nEnu vivaramugA nA<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200903/1413.html#?allinonepage=1"> krauMchapadamu anE vyAsamulO vrAsiyunnAnu. telugulO uMDE krauMchapadamu, maMgaLamahASrI vRttapu lakshaNAlu nannechODuni kumArasaMbhavapu prabhAvamu valana vachchinavE. kAbaTTi bhImana kavijanASrayamunu vrAsiyuMTE adi nannaya, nannechODula taruvAtanE, muMdu kAdu. ika pOtE eMta taruvAta annadi nannechODuni kAlamunu baTTi uMTuMdi. nA UhalO nannechODuDu nannaya samakAlikuDu, kAni chAlamaMdi ataDu nannaya tikkanala madhyakAlamulO jIviMchADani aMTAru.

    (3) ikkaDa maroka chikku EmanagA, sumatiSatakamulO padyAlu chAla takkuva, aMduvalana manaku takkuva dattAMSamulatO ekkuva phalitAlanu ASiMchaDamu vIlu kAdu (udA. nannaya vrAsina reMDunnara mahAbhArata parvAlalO arasunna prAsa uMDE padyAlu padikaMTe takkuva). nEnu ikkaDa telipinavi pUrtigA ChaMdaSSAstramupaina AdhArapaDina nA Uhalu mAtramE, migilina vishayAlapaina vrAyaDAniki nAku arhata lEdu.

    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  103. aDavidArilO gAlipATa – pustaka parichayaM guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    03/24/2013 1:09 #am

    #mOhana gArU! mI samIksha chAlA bAguMdi.
    -abhinaMdanalu teliya chEsukuMTU..

  104. arjuna guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    03/24/2013 12:42 #am

    #kadilE kAlAnikI, kadalaka medilE yeda yETiki madhya saMgharshaNalA, saMvEdanalA sAgiMdi I katha!

    gaTTu mIda cheTTukI, oDDunorusukuMTU pravahiMchE nadikI madhya ennEsi mATalu jarigAyI! anE vismayamU kaligiMdi. AtrEya gArannaTTu “eda mIda eda peTTi sodalannI vinukuMTE…” ilATi kathA sudhalennO kurustAyEmO!!

    “sauparNika nAku chalanAnni chUpistuMdi! nEnu Ameku sthiratvAnni viSadIkaristAnu!” — okari anubhavaM marokariki j~nAna bOdhana kAvaDamE I vAkyAniki bhAshyaM! adE I katha lOni vEdasAraM kUDA!

    jayaprabha gAriki abhinaMdanalatO..

  105. telugulO modaTi nIti pustakaM: sumati SatakaM guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    03/21/2013 8:10 #pm

    (1)# bhartRhari subhAshita SatakamulalOni padyAlu okE ChaMdassunaku cheMdinavi kAvu. kAni hAluni gAthAsaptaSatilOni padyAlanniyu gAthAlakshaNamulu kaliginavi. dInini guriMchi nEnu <>#eemaata.com/em/category/library/gathasaptasati/ "># iTIvala charchiMchiyunnAnu. kaMdapadyamunaku AdhAramu I gAthayE. aMduvalana sumatiSataka karta hAluni udAharaNamugA neMchukoni okE ChaMdassaina kaMdamunu mAtramE vADiyuMDavachchunu.

    (2) sumatiSatakamunuMDi oka reMDu padyamulu –

    A@Mkali yuDugani kaDupunu
    vE@MkaTiyagu laMja paDupu – viDuvani bradukun
    brA@Mkonna nUti yudakamu
    mE@Mkala pADiyunu rO@Mta – mEdini sumatI

    I padyamulOni oka viSEsha mEmanagA – iMdulOni anni pAdamulalO prAsAksharamunaku muMdu ardhabiMduvu (arasunna) unnadi. ilATi padyamulu nannaya bhAratamulO konni unnavi, udA.

    vI@Mka@M ba~rateMchi nalugaDa@M
    dA@Mkina gaDu naligi ghOra-taraSarahati na-
    mmU@Mkalu viriya@Mga narjunu@M
    DA@Mkaramuna nEse penuguru@M-Dayi raNabhUmin – Adi, 8.200

    tikkana bhAratamulO iTTi niyamamunu pATiMchani padyamulu unnAyi. nannechODuDu ardhabiMdu, pUrNabiMdu prAsalanu konni chOTulalO saMkaramu chEsenu. kAvuna sumatiSataka karta nannaya ta~ruvAti vADaniyu, tikkanakaMTe muMdO lEka atani samakAlikuDO ani cheppavachchunu. eMdukaMTE Ta aksharamumuMDu uMDE arasunnanu prAsasAMkaryamu chEyaDamu tikkana kAlamulO amalulO nuMDinadi. sumatiSatakamulO alATi padyamu mATaku prANamu … padyamulO bO@MTi padamunaku arasunna unnadi, migilina padamulaku (mATa, kOTa, chITi) adi lEdu.

    (3) nannaya, nannechODuDulATi kavulu baMDi ra, guMDu ra laku prAsa sAMkaryamunu chEyalEdu. sumatiSatakamulO ~ra prAsa pATiMchabaDinaTlE tOchuchunnadi. konni chOTulalO dAni lEmi taruvAti kavulu padyasaulabhyamunakai chEsina mArpu ani anukoMTAnu.

    pai mUDu kAraNamulavalana sumatiSataka karta bahuSA tikkanakaMTe muMdu lEka tikkana samakAlikuDO ayi uMDavachchunu.

    (4) manmathuni bhArya ratini guriMchi cheppETappuDu ratIdEviyE sari. kAni ratikELiki, AnaMdamunaku dEvi annappuDu A padamu ratidEvi avutuMdi.

    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  106. pratimA nATakaM: oka sannivESaM guriMchi #Sreenivas Paruchuri # abhiprAyaM:

    03/08/2013 9:57 #am

    re: <>eemaata.com/em/issues/201303/2071.html/7/#comment-49825" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com/em/issues/201303/2071.html/7/#comment-49825

    #muraLIdhararAvugAru: “chaturbhANini telugulOki anuvadiMchaDaM jarigiMdi” lEdA, “chaturbhANilOni nAlugu bhANAlanU telugulOki anuvadiMchaDaM jarigiMdi” – ani uMDAli.

    nA vAkyAnni sarididdinaMduku kRtaj~natalu! A nAlugu bhANAla guriMchi bAgA telisi kUDA vAkyAnni nirlakshyaMgA rAsinaMduku nA kshamApaNalu.

    bhavadIyuDu, SrInivAs

  107. telugulO modaTi nIti pustakaM: sumati SatakaM guriMchi #Sreenivas Paruchuri # abhiprAyaM:

    03/06/2013 6:05 #pm


    mIru pai vyAsaMpai <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201303/2075.html/#comment-49424"#>vEroka chOTa vyAkhyAnistU “adI gAka SrI velchEru vAru 1868ki pUrvapu E sumatI SatakaM mudraNA tamaku prapaMchaMlOni E graMthAlayaMlOnU kanabaDalEdu annAru.” ani rASAru.

    #But what he wrote is this: “#kAni 1868 saMvatsarapu prachuraNa nAku prapaMchaMlO E graMthAlayaMlOnU dorakalEdu.”

    #He is referring to Vavilla/Adisaraswati’s edition, reported to have been published in 1868, not about any Sumati Satakam. And his distinction throughout the essay is between “Vavilla/Popular” and “Brown” editions. Perhaps Prof. VNR may comment himself, if he should happen to check this comments page.

    Well, we all know that C.P. Brown apparently published his edition in 1842 itself (and VNR mentions it as well!), but there is no copy of it came to light so far. Even a person like late ban.gO.re could not locate a copy of it.

    Regarding your reference to Barnett’s catalogue that work contains other verses as well. I can personally speak in detail about British Library Telugu collections, also the uncatalogued ones. But, I believe, its out of topic as the question is not about pre-1868 publications in which some verses from sumati Satakam appear.


  108. #I saMchika guriMchi… guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    02/28/2013 1:47 #am

    #koMdariki mAtramE telisina I mahA mEdhAvini telugu vAraMdariki parichayaM chEsi, AnaMdiMpa chEsina ghanata mIkE dakkiMdi anaDaMlO elAMTi saMdEhamU lEdu. mIrannaTTu, nijAnikidi chinna prayatnaM kAdu — chAlA pedda prakriya anE cheppAli.

    SrI velchEru nArAyaNa rAvu gAriki puTTina rOju SubhAkAMkshalatO bATu, mIku SubhAbhinaMdanalU teliya chEsukuMTU…


  109. UrmiLAdEvi nidra guriMchi #surya venkata subrahmanyam # abhiprAyaM:

    02/19/2013 9:37 #am

    #tUrpugOdAvari jillAlO pADukonE pATa UrmiLA dEvi nidra nA daggarunna pratini paMpamaMTArA?

    #[#tappakuMDA. dayachEsi <>#eemaata.com">submissions@eemaata.com# ki paMpaMDi. kRtaj~natalatO – saM.#]

  110. #vaMSIvanamu (hAluni gAthAsaptaSati nuMDi konni padyamulu) guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    02/05/2013 6:45 #pm

    #oka vaMdaku paigA padyAlu graMthAlayamulO <>#eemaata.com/em/category/library/gathasaptasati/"#>gAthAsaptaSati SatakaM anE chOTa unnadi. migilinavi kUDa anuvadistunnAnu. vIlainappuDu avi kUDa prachuriMpabaDutAyi. vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  111. mana pErlu, iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    02/02/2013 4:10 #pm

    #nEla SabdAniki mUladrAviDa dhAtuvu -*~nAla Sabdamani bhAshAvEttala abhiprAyaM. — surES kolichAla

    ‘ila’ kUDA ilA vachchiMdEnEmO nanipistoMdi — ta@h ta@h

    telugu lipilO rAyaDaMlO -*~nAla (ñā#la) #‘ila’ (#ila)# dAdApu okE rakaMgA kanipistAyi. I rUpasAmyaM tappa ~nAla nuMDi ila anna SabdAnni nishpannaM chEyaDAniki vErE AdhArAlu EmainA unnAyA?

    nAku telisi ñā > #i# drAviDa bhAshalalO ekkaDa kanipiMchadu. adIkAka, ‘ila’ SabdaM tatsamamani (‘ilA’ SabdAniki samamani) nighaMTuvulu pErkoMTAyi. RgvEdaMlO ‘ilA/iLA’dEvini agnitO samAnaMgA prAchIna dEvatagA pUjiMchaDaM kanipistuMdi:

    tvAm agnE prathamam Ayum AyavE
    dEvA akRNvan nahushasya viSpatim |
    ilAm akRNvan manushasya SAsanImpi
    tur yat putrO mamakasya jAyatE || 1-31-11

    ‘ila’ mUla drAviDa SabdaM anigAnI, adi *~nAla nuMDi nishpAdana cheyyavachchani cheppaDAniki gAnI EmainA AdhArAlu uMTE vivariMchagalaru, ta@hta@h gAru.

  112. mana pErlu, iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/31/2013 2:31 #pm

    #@ta@h ta@h gAru: muMdugA paruchUru anE rASAnu. taruvAta, -ki anna dvitIyA vibhaktiki aupavibhaktika rUpaM rAyAlEmO ani anumAnapaDi paruchUri ani mArchAnu. paruchUru ani rAyaDamE karekTu.

    @mOhana gAru: nA svasthalamu telaMgANalOni jagityAla. dAnini koMtamaMdi jetyAla ani, jejyAla ani palakaDaM nEnu vinnAnu. -Ala anna pratyayaMtO telugudESaMlO unna UripErlu kOkollalu: jagityAla, malyAla, naMdyAla, chIrAla, pErAla, koDimyAla, parakAla, pariTAla, peMDyAla, ponnAla, mAmiDAla, kanagAla, OgirAla, kAnAla, guMDAla, chikkAla, vAvilAla, iTikyAla, liMgAla mo॥ konni udAharaNalu.

    nEla SabdAniki mUladrAviDa dhAtuvu -*~nAla Sabdamani bhAshAvEttala abhiprAyaM. I -~nAla SabdamE -yAla SabdaMgAnU (naMdyAla, peMDyAla modalaina vATilO) -Ala SabdaMgAnu UripErlalO nilachipOyiMdani nA abhiprAyaM.

    drAviDabhAshalalO padaMlO achchula madhya uMDE (#intervocalic) #-ga- kArAnni tElikagA kaMThyOshma (#Velar fricative) #-ha- (#x)# kAraMgA palakaDaM kaddu. pagalu anna padAnni paha#x#lu ani palikinaTTu, jagityAlanu jahityAlagAnu, jejjAlagAnu palikE avakASaM uMdi.

    ayitE, saMdhya anna padaM saMjegA mArinaTTu (dhya > ja/je) jaMdhyAla anna iMTipEru kUDA jeMjAlagAnU, jejjAlagAnu mArE avakASaM kUDA uMdi. mI gOtranAmAlu jaMdhyAla vAri gOtranAmAlatO eppuDainA pOlchi chUsukunnArA?

  113. mana pErlu, iMTi pErlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/30/2013 8:46 #pm

    #paruchUriki cheMdina SrInivAsu: #Gabriel Jouveau-Dubreuil# rAsina #The Pallavas# anna pustakaMlO 6va SatAbdapu pallavula sar^nEm^la (#surnames) # prastAvana uMdi. ayitE ikkaDa prastAviMchina sar^nEm^lu iMTipErlu kAka birudulO, kulanAmAlO ayyE avakASaM uMdi. I pustakapu privyU gUgul pustaka vibhAgaMlO chUDavachchu.

  114. ghaMTasAla goMtulO jIviMchina udayaSrI padyAlu guriMchi #sukumar kuruganti # abhiprAyaM:

    01/11/2013 11:58 #pm

    Dear Lakshmanna garu,

    I read the article that you wrote in eemaata about the poems written by ‘Karunasree’ and sung by Ghantasala.

    It is good article and i certainly enjoyed reading it. Although i do not know even the basics of music, fortunately i developed an ear to appreciate music… i.e. essentially whatever is sonorous and melodious to the ear. thank you for writing and allowing us in to the nuances of music.

    I wish Ghanatasala sang more of Karunasree poems. As a matter of fact i wish he sang the entire books of Udayasree. I also think the Ghantasala’s voice was at his best when he sang all these poems and it never had such quality in his later life.

    If there are other singers who sang the poems of Papaiah sastry please do introduce them to us thru eemmata

    with best wishes
    sukumar kuruganti

  115. #rAgalahari: AbhEri guriMchi #k v subbarao # abhiprAyaM:

    01/07/2013 2:08 #pm

    Thanks. It’s a great service.
    Kindly let me know how to write musical notes for songs. What is the technique ?
    I byhearted notes for some telugu / hindi songs and I enjoy them on keyboard.
    I took training of keyboard for one or two months.
    Thank you once again.

  116. #kaLApUrNOdayaM: vishaya sUchika guriMchi #seshakumarkv # abhiprAyaM:

    11/22/2012 11:38 #pm

    I read this book many years ago and now I have read it again. Shri. K S RamaRao made a great effort to make Pingali Suranna easily understandable. Many Thanks to the Editor and team of EEMAATA!
    I request many such books be published to help understand Telugu classics by all,especially the youth.

  117. #palukubaDi – kAlamAnamu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    11/03/2012 3:09 #pm

    Lyla: You are right. The lunar cycle is around 28 days (more exactly 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes and 11.5 seconds), but the gap between two full-moons as observed from the Earth, known as synodic month, approximately averages to 29.53 days (We discussed about it in RB).

    Parmigiani family must have derived their surname from the ‘Parmigiano cheese’ or the city of Parma or both. Parmigiano cheese got its name from the city of Parma, where that cheese was originally prepared. The name of the city Perma apparently is an Etruscan term for ‘circular shield’.

    #kalpa anna padAniki kAlAniki saMbaMdhiMchina arthaM modaTinuMDi lEdu. Aru vEdAMgAlalO kalpaM okaTi. alAgE, kalpa-vikalpaM (#argument-counter-argument)# saMkalpaM, kalpadhEnuvu, kalpavRkshaM, kalpana, kalpita, kalpavallI, kalpadvIpaM modalaina padAlalO kalpAniki ‘saMkalpa’ (#Will)# saMbaMdhamaina arthamE kanipistuMdi.

    #Thanks for your interest.

  118. #rAtri nRtyaM guriMchi #indrani Palaparthy # abhiprAyaM:

    09/27/2012 7:56 #pm

    Just now seen this English translation.

    I am very happy that somebody actually took pain to translate this poem.

    Don’t know whether Mr. Satyananda kumar garu is still following eemaata or not, but I want to ask him if I can use this translation any where else.

    Thank you very much.
    Indrani Palaparthy.

  119. #jInO pEraDAksu guriMchi #Madhav # abhiprAyaM:

    09/23/2012 7:57 #pm

    #mirOslAv hOlUb mUlaM, vElUri anuvAdaM (bhArati patrika nuMchi) I <>#eemaata.com/misc/Theta-vElUri.pdf"#>pIDIyeph lO chUDagalaru. ivi aMdiMchina jejjAla kRshNa mOhana rAvu gAriki kRtaj~natalu.


  120. gAnavidyA vAridhi: DA. SrIpAda pinAkapANi guriMchi #Madhav # abhiprAyaM:

    09/21/2012 2:30 #pm

    #SrI SrIpAda gOpAla kRshNamUrtigAru bhArati patrika 1952 sepTeMbar saMchikalO <>#eemaata.com/misc/tyAgarAju%20sAhityamu%20-%20SrIpAda%20gOpAlakRshNamUrti%20-%20bharati%20sep%2052.pdf"#>tyAgarAja sAhityamu anE pErutO rAsina vyAsapratini ImATalO uMchAmu. I vyAsAnni aMdiMchina jejjAla kRshNa mOhanarAvu gAriki kRtaj~natalu.


  121. nAku nachchina padyaM: Urudyuti varNana guriMchi #A.Kurumaiah # abhiprAyaM:

    09/11/2012 11:13 #pm

    After so many days I found “Eemaata. com” surprised myself that you are doing a good job by giving more information about our culture and mythology. Really I am blessed when i read “Manu Charithra.” Sir I have a request. pl. give prose version of manu charithra. it helps to understand well. pl. do not forget it. not only that book, but also poetry version should be simplified in prose. I hope that you would take my request into consideration.

  122. #boMbAyilO telugu kAryakramAlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/09/2012 1:13 #pm

    #ImATaku SrEyObhilAshi, nAku AptamitruDu ayina rOhiNiprasAd gAru ika lEru anna vArta iMkA nammalEkapOtunnAnu. #Shocking news!

    #Ayana koMtakAlaM kritaM vijayavADalOni chigurupATi satIS^bAbuku ichchina iMTarvyU:
    <>#eemaata.com/rohiniprasadk" rel="nofollow">“#mA nAnna Erparichina vAtAvaraNamE nA jIvitAniki bATa vEsiMdi”

  123. mEru naga mEdhAvi guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    08/10/2012 11:41 #pm

    Prof. BhK is no more.

    “#mana sArathi, mana sachivuDu,
    mana viyyamu, mana sakhuMDu, mana bAMdhavuDun
    mana vibhuDu, guruvu, dEvara
    manalanu@MdiganADi chaniye …”

    gata koddi rOjulugA AspatrilO chikitsa poMdutunna bhadrirAju kRshNamUrti gAru AgasTu 10va tEdi rAtri kannumUsAru.

  124. kaLApUrNOdayaM -6: brahmalOkaM guriMchi #K.V.S. Ramarao # abhiprAyaM:

    08/01/2012 12:40 #am

    #saumya gAru: A laMke panicheyyaTaM lEdu. kAni A padyAla <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200205/542.html">URL# idi.

  125. telugu vyAkaraNAla parichayaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/18/2012 7:19 #am

    #kAmESvararAvu gAru,

    koMtamaMdi bhAshAvEttala abhiprAyaM prakAraM vaidika bhAshaku sOdara bhAsha ayina avestIya bhAshalAgA (#Avestan) # vaidika saMskRtaMlO mUrdhanya aksharAlE uMDEvi kAvu. Apai okka “ra” kAraM mAtramE mUrdhanyaM (#retroflex)# gA palikEvAru. taruvAti kAlaMlO manaM iMtaku muMdu charchiMchina nati sUtraM AdhAraMgA ra-kAraM taruvAta vachchE na- kAraM Na-kAraMgA (mUrdhanyaMgA) mAriMdi. aMtEkAka, vaidika saMskRtaMlO ra-kArAniki la-kArAniki tEDA uMDEdi kAdu ralayOr abEdha@h annadi saMskRta vyAkartalaMdarU aMgIkariMchina sUtraM. mUla bhAshalO ra- kAraMgA unna dAnni la-kAraMgA palikE mAMDalikAllO adi mUrdhanya La-kAraMgA palikEvArani oka vAdaM.

    rUbar (lATin), rOta (grIk) rOhita (mUla saMskRtaM) #># lOhita ( vEda saMskRtaM) LOhita

    ippuDu manaM vEdavA~mmayaMgA bhAviMchE sAhityaM taruvAti kAlaMlO (bahuSA maharAshTrI prAkRtaMlO) palikE uchchAraNa baTTi graMthasthaM ayyuMDavachchani koMtamaMdi abhiprAyaM. udAharaNaku mAdhav dES^pAMDE rAsina I vyAsaM chUDaMDi: “#Genesis of Retroflexion in Rgveda: A historical and socio-linguistic investigation”.

    #ika telugu, kannaDa modalaina bhAshalalO saMskRta padAlalO kanipiMchE “La” kAraM chAlAvaraku <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201203/1933.html" rel="nofollow"#>nati sUtraM dvArAnE vivariMchavachchu. I kiMdi padAlalO ra- kAraM taruvAtE vachchE la-kAraM La-kAraMgA mAriMdi, gamaniMchaMDi:
    araLamu, kEraLamu, khuraLi, garaLamu, taraLamu, dhAraLamu, paraLulu, praLayamu, muraLi, viraLamu, viraLi, saraLa vaMTi padAlalO ra-kAraM taruvAta La-kAraM kanipistuMdi. alAgE, prakshALana, kshvELitamu, kshALitamu, ikshunALika vaMTi padAllO sha-kAraM taruvAta La-kAraM kanipiMchaDaM nati vaMTi dhvanipariNAmamE.

    ayitE, telugulO “La” kAraM kanipiMchE konni padAlu kannaDa tamiLAlalO La-kAraM kanipiMchadu. udahAraNaku

    kaLyANi (telugu), kalyANi (kannaDa, tamiLaM);
    kaLa (#art)# kalA (kannaDa, tamiLaM);

    alAgE kannaDalO “La” kAraM kanipiMchE konnipadAlu telugulO mAmUlu la-kAraMtO kanipistAyi:

    maMjuLa (kannaDa), maMjula (telugu);
    tuLasi (kannaDa, tamiLa), tulasi (telugu).

    I padAlalO La-kArAnni vivariMchaDAniki ArOjullOni vividha prAkRta bhAshalanu pariSIliMchavalasi uMTuMdani nA abhiprAyaM.

    rama gAru: subbulakshi “solasi chUchinanu sUrya chaMdrulanu lali vedajalleDu lakshaNuDu” anna annamayya vAkyAnni “lalivEda jallaDu” ani pADiMdanEgA mIru cheppadaluchukunnadi? A tappu uchchAraNaku tamiLa varNanirmANAniki aMtagA saMbaMdhaM lEdaMDi. uchchAraNalO aMtagA tappulu cheyyani subbulakshmiki I annamayya sAhityAnni evarO tappugA rAsi ichchi uMTAru karNATik.kAM veb saiTulO lAgA (A veb saiTulO chEri yaSOdaku sAhityaM chUDaMDi). Ame pADiMdE prAmANikamai aMdarU alAgE pADutuMDavachchu. ayitE, migilina tamiLa gAyakulu saraLa, parushAlanu tArumAru chEyaDAniki tamiLa varNanirmANamE kAraNamani cheppavachchu. mUla drAviDaMlO padAdilO ka, cha, Ta, ta, pa-lu gA, achchula madhya ga, sa, Da, da, va-lu gA, anunAsikAla taruvAta (drutaM taruvAta) ga, ja, Da, da, balu gA palukEvAru. dvitvAksharAlu mAtraM kka, chcha, TTa, tta, ppa- lugAnE palikEvAru. prAchIna telugulO idE paddhati uMDEdani SAsanAla dvArA manaM telusukOvachchu.

    vUrupuTUri gAru: daMtya-cha, jalu nijAniki daMtamUlIya (#alveolar)# sparSOshmAlu (#affricates).# tAlavya-cha, jalu #palatal stops.# tAlavyAlanu nAlika madhya bhAgaMtO aMguli madhyabhAgaM tAkaDaM dvArA palukutAru. daMtamUlIyAlu nAlika kosa (#apical)# daMtamUlaM daggara tAkaDaM dvArA palikE dhvanulu.

    #suresh.kolichala [at] gmail.com

  126. #oka janavari SukravAraM, lOkasT^ vAk^ kArnarlO guriMchi #Hymavathy.Aduri # abhiprAyaM:

    07/08/2012 12:46 #am

    #ImATa bAvuMdi. eMtOmaMdi telugu vAriki ilA SEvalaMdiMchaDaM sAmAnya maina vishayaM kAdu. ayyA! nEnU chinnapillala kOsaM nItikadhalu vrAstuMTAnu. I mATalO prachuriMchE avakASaM uMdA? telupagalaru. telugu maruvakuMDA Tach lO uMchukunEMdukai karNATakalO uMTunna nA prayatnaM, AMdhralO TIchar gA 40 saM. pani chEsi viSrAti poMduchU ilA AnubhavaMtO chinna kadhalu vrAyaTaM modaleTTAnu. mI javAbu kOsaM eduruchUDavachA?
    ImATa lOni aMSAlaku prAbhAvitamaina chaduvari.

    #[#rachanalu elA paMpAlO <>#eemaata.com/em/instructions"#>rachayitalaku sUchanalulO chUDaMDi. dayachEsi abhiprAyaM paMpE muMdu achchu tappulu sarichEsukOmani savinayaMgA manavi chEskuMTunnAM. – saM.#]

  127. #palukubaDi: mAnava baMdhutva padAlu 2 guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    06/28/2012 8:25 #am

    “#telaMgANAlO tOTi alluDini saDDakuDu/shaDDakuDu ani, tOTi kODalunu saDDakurAlu ani aMTAru.” ani annAru. nEnekkuvagA vinnadi mAtraM – ‘yArAlu’ ani. (idi telugu padaM kAkapOvachchu kAnI, vADukalO I padAnnE ekkuvagA vinnAnu.)

    ‘palukubaDi’ lO ennO telIni saMgatulu teliyachEstunnaMduku dhanya vAdAlu surES gArU!


  128. kAlvInO kathala nuMchi – 3 guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    06/16/2012 11:33 #pm

    ”# mIku lEsulu muDEsukODaM rAdu. iMkokaDiki chakraM tippaDaM rAdu. okaDiki chekkapani chEyaDaM rAdu, iMkokaDiki baMkamannu pisakaDaM chEtakAdu. okaDiki chadavaDaM rAdu, iMkokaDiki dukki dunnaTaM rAdu. evarikI okaTostE iMkOTi rAdu. ennELLa nuMchi vetukutunnAnO okka manishi kOsaM, mIkEM telusu..” – sariggA ikkaDiki rAgAnE anipistuMdi..idi khachchitaM gA – kAlvinO katha ani.
    mAdhav gArU!
    mI anuvAdAlannI chAlA asakti karaMgA vunnAyi. AsAMtaM chadiviMchAyi.

  129. O nAlugu chinna kavitalu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    06/16/2012 11:19 #pm

    ‘# pEchI’ kavita bAguMdaMDi..
    pilla ATalatO – manushula bratuku tIrunu pOlchi cheppina O AMgla kavi gurtukochchADu

  130. addaMlO jinnA: katha nachchina kAraNaM guriMchi #vrveluri # abhiprAyaM:

    06/11/2012 7:42 #pm

    What more can I say to your erudite comment, Laila garu! Except to request and remind you to accept the adage, ” de Gustibus non est Disputandum.” — Regards, Veluri Venkateswara Rao commenting not as Editor-in-Chief of eemaata.

  131. #dIkshA lAkshA rAga rEkha guriMchi #vrveluri # abhiprAyaM:

    06/11/2012 7:39 #pm

    Although, the poem #dIkshA laakshaa raaga rEkha# does not strictly fall under the category of Cento Poetry, I venture to say that the author has courageously took a bold step in almost creating a cento verse. Just like elegy, epic, epigram, ode and sapphic are poetic forms in western poetics, Cento is also a respectable poetic form. Usually, one uses lines from famous poets ( of course strictly speaking one has to use the entire line) and creates a valid poem. Cento verses are also known as patch verses.

    To make a patch verse, you usually choose well-known poets and it is considered as a tribute.

    One does not write a parody of poems or prose pieces by Tom Dick and Harry. A parody has its readability and value, besides providing enjoyment, if one chooses famous persons’ works. So, is the case with Cento verses.
    I have nothing but admiration at the attempt by the author of dIkshaa laakshaa raaga rEkha.
    I have been trying to write a few Cento Verses in Telugu for a long time and the present author has encouraged me with re-doubled vigor.

    Veluri Venkateswara Rao, commenting not as the Editor-in-Chief of eemaata.

  132. #brahma sRshTi guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    06/01/2012 2:17 #am


    mI brahma sRshTi bhalE navviMchEsiMdi.

    ayinA mIkoka klU ivvAlanukuMTunnA. seMTer Aph da yUnivars lO saiman rich selavichchinaTTu I an phinishD bhUmi mIda A vUru eppuDO appuDu puTTaka mAnadani nA pragADha viSvAsaM. aMtakaMTE chitramEmiTaMTE I madhya nEneppuDu kaMpyUTar muMdu kUrchunnA nA kaLLu ‘SaMbaLa ‘ kOsaM vedukutunnAyi.


  133. AshADhasya prathama divasE guriMchi kAmESvararAvu abhiprAyaM:

    05/09/2012 2:35 #pm


    mI vyAkhyalO konni vishayAlanu marikoMta lOtugA AlOchiMchAlsina avasaraM uMdi.

    “bahukAlaMgA telugu kavulaku vRttachatushkaM (u., chaM., SA, ma) tappa yitara vRttAlu kEvalaM svalpaMgAnE vADAlanna tappuDu spRha okaTi saMpradAyaMgA vachchiMdi.”
    “telugukavulaku vRttavaividhyaM pradarSiMchAlanna kutUhalaM kUDA kaddu kAbaTTi, akkaDakkaDA vRttachatushkaM badulu mokkubaDigA saMdarbhAnusAraM annapErutO konni itaravRttAlu gilukutU uMTAru.”

    vRtta vaividhyaM pradarSiMchAlanna kutUhalaM saMskRta kavulalO kUDA unnadE. oka kAvyaMlO bhinna bhinna vRttAlu vADaDaM saMskRta kAvyAlalO kUDA kanipistuMdi kadA. mIranna vRtta chatushkaM kannA kUDA kaMdAlu telugu kavulu ekkuva vADAru. alAgE ATaveladi tETagItulu kUDA. saMdarbhAnusAraMgAnE sIsa padyAlu, akkaDakkaDa itara dESi ChaMdassulU kUDA vADAru. itara vRttAlanu arudugAnE vADAru. ayitE vATini virivigA eMduku vADalEdu anE dAniki kAraNAlanu vetikitE manaki koMta vishaya parij~nAnaM kalagavachchu. kAni, vALLa telivitakkuva tanaM valla, spRha lEni kAraNaMgA mAnEsArani samAdhAna paDitE dAni valla origE prayOjanamEmI lEdu. vALLu nijaMgA eMduku vADalEdO manaki kachchitaMgA telisE avakASaM elAgU lEdu.

    vRttauchityamannadi reMDu vishayAla mIda AdhArapaDi uMTuMdi. okaTi – cheppE vishayaM, reMDu – cheppE bhAsha. udAharaNaki maMdAkrAMta vRttAnnE tIsukuMdAM. modaTagA, cheppE vishayaM. kALidAsu maMdAkrAMta vRttaMlOnE mottaM oka kAvyaM vrAsADaMTE, A kAvyaM elAMTidi? adi kathA kAvyamA? kAdu. aMdulOni vastuvU, rasamU, pAtralU iMchumiMchugA modaTi nuMDi chivara varakU okaTE vidhaMgA uMTAyi. aMchEta A kAvyamaMtA okE vRttaMlO rachiMchaDaMlO auchityaM uMdi. adE kALidAsu raghuvaMSaMlOnU, kumArasaMbhavaMlOnU anEka vRttAlu eMduku vADavalasi vachchiMdi? avi kathA kAvyAlu kAbaTTi. aMdulO vividha sannivESAlu, pAtralu, rasabhAvAlu uMTAyi kAbaTTi.

    kAbaTTi, telugulO maMdAkrAMta virivigA eMduku vADabaDa lEdu anE praSna vEsukonE muMdu, telugulO mEghadUtaM vaMTi kAvyAlu prAchIna kAlaMlO eMduku rAlEdu ani praSniMchukOvAli. adi vErE charcha, kAbaTTi dAnilOki nEnu veLLaDaM lEdu. alAMTi kAvyAlu rAnaMduvalla, A vRttaM aMta virivigA vADabaDalEdu. adi modaTi kAraNaM. ika reMDava kAraNaM bhAsha. mOhanarAvugAru, mIrU cheppinaTTugA maMdAkrAMta vRttaM modaTi nAlugu guruvulU teluguki pratibaMdhakaM. guruvu laghuvula saMkhyE kAdu, vATi kramaMlO kUDA vividha bhAshala svarUpaMlO tEDA uMTuMdi. vRtta chatushkaM kAka migilina vRttAlu telugulO virivigA lEkapOvaDAniki yidi kUDA kAraNamEmO pariSIliMchAli.

    “mana telugukavitvaMlO yatini oka tappanisari taddinaMgA mArchEsukunnAM kAni virAmasthAnaMgA pATiMchaTamE lEdu kadA. ika virupula aMdaM mIda AdhArapaDina vRttaM vrAyAlani telugukavulu yeMduku tApatraya paDatAru?”

    vRttAnni virupulatO vrAyAlanE tApatrayaM lEdu kAbaTTE telugulO yati virAma sthAnaMgA kAka akshara sAmyaMgA mAriMdi. kAvyaM mottamU padyAla virupula aMdaM okkaTE uMTE saripOdani mIku nEnu cheppanakkaralEdu. saMskRtaMlO kUDA rAmAyaNa bhArataM vaMTi kAvyAlu iMchumiMchu pUrtigA, kEvala pAdAMta virAmaM mAtramE unna anushTupputO naDipiMchAru. itara kAvyAlalO kUDA kathA gamanaM kOsaM alAMTi ChaMdassE vADabaDiMdi. maMdAkrAMta vaMTi anEka virupulunna padyAlu mEghadUtaM vaMTi konni kAvyAlalO mAtramE iMta virivigA vADabaDiMdi. telugulO kUDA saMdarbhaM vachchinachOTa chakkani virupulatO hoyalupOyE kaMdAlU, sIsAlu modalaina mana dESi ChaMdassulO vrAsina padyAlu unnAyi. maMdAkrAMta, mattakOkila, layagrAhi modalaina pedda vRttAlaki virupulu lEkuMTE padyaM aMdaM cheDipOtuMdi. telugu kavulu I vRttAlanu vADina konni chOTla yI aMdAnni dRshTilO peTTukO lEdannadi mAtraM nijamE. kathAgamanaM kOsaM vRtta chatushkaMlO padyAlu vADinappuDu vATikunna okka virAma sthAnaM avasaraM mana kavulaki kanipiMcha lEdu. aMdukE vATini pATiMchalEdu. paigA, vATiki maMdAkrAMta vaMTi nirdishTamaina (mUDu virupulatO kUDina) naDaka lEkapOvaDaM valla, A unna okka virAmAnni pATiMchakapOvaDaM valla padya sauMdaryAniki elAMTi ibbaMdI lEdu. alA virAma sthAnaMlO virupu pATiMchanavasaraM lEni vRttAlanE telugu kavulu ennukunnAranI, avE vRttachatushkamanI nA Uha.

    koMtamaMdi maroka abhiyOgaM chEstU uMTAru. kathA gamanAnikI saMbhAshaNalakI saMskRtaMlO lAgA chinna chinna padyAlu vADakuMDA yI chAMtADu vRttAlani telugulO vADArannadi. idi kUDA aMta samaMjasaMgA anipiMchadu. okaTi, telugu kavulu kUDA chinna padyamaina kaMdAnni vistRtaMgAnE vADAru. reMDu, saMskRtAnikI, telugukI bhAshA svarUpaMlO chAlA tEDA uMdi. padAlalO, vAkyAlalO saMkshEpamu (#brevity)# ekkuvagA sAdhiMchE lakshaNaM saMskRtAniki uMdi. adi oka rakaMgA #formal language# kAbaTTi dAnikA guNaM uMdi. telugu bhAshA svarUpaM vEru. idi pUrtigA vADuka bhAsha. nityavyavahAraMlO saMkshiptaMgA mATlADaDaM annadi sahajamaina vishayaM kAdu. aMdukE saMskRta bhAshalO sAdhiMcha galigE saMgrahatvaM telugulO sAdhiMchaDaM sAdhyaM kAdu. alA sAdhiMchAlani chUstE adi sahaja sauMdaryAnni kOlpOyi kRtakaMgA tayAravutuMdi. aMchEta katha cheppaDaMlOnaitE nEmi, saMbhAshaNallOnaitE nEmi, konni chOTla manaki pedda vRttAlu avasaraM avutAyi. I saMgatulannI AlOchiMchakuMDA, saMskRtaMtO pOlchi, telugu kavitvaMlO saMkshiptata takkuva ani pedavi viricheyyaDaM sari kAdu.

    “asalu yati, prAsala niyamAlu reMDu vadali vRttasahajavirAmAlatO aMdaMgA telugulO yeMduku padyarachana chEyasAhasiMchamO bOdhapaDadu.”

    vRtta virAmAla guriMchi paina cheppAnu. ika yati prAsala niyamAlu vadili padya rachana chEsE sAhasaM guriMchi. eMduku cheyyalEdU, alAMTi sAhasAlu kavulu chEsAru! I vyAsaMlOnE mOhanarAvugAru pErkonnaTTu rAyaprOlu subbArAvugAru mEghadUtAniki anuvAdamayina dUtamattEbhamanE kAvyAnni yatiprAsa niyamAlu lEni mattEbhAlatO rachiMchAru. alAgE mallavarapu viSvESvararAvugAru chitrAMgada anE kAvyAnni yatiprAsa niyamAlu lEni padyAlatO rachiMchAru. yati prAsa niyamAlu pATiMchani kaMdAlu SrISrI siprAlilO kUDA manaki kanipistAyi. prAchIna kavulu eMdukalA rAyalEdu aMTE, bahuSA vALLakA ‘avasaraM’ kanipiMchakapOyi uMDavachchu. yatiprAsala niyamAlu pATiMchaDaM valla kavitvaM palachabaDaDaM, vATini pATiMchakapOvaDaM valla goppa padyAlu sRshTiMpabaDaTaM jarigiMdanaDAniki tagina AdhArAlu lEvu. akkirAju umAkAMtaMgAru alA jarigiMdani abhiprAyapaDDAru kAni, adi paina cheppinaTTugA saMskRtaMtO pOlchaDaM valla ErpaDina abhiprAyamE ani nEnanukuMTAnu. yatiprAsala niyamAlu kaviki okOsAri elA upayOgapaDatAyO kUDA chakkagA vivariMchE vyAsaM, ImATalOnE <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200611/965.html"#>yikkaDa uMdi.

  134. AshADhasya prathama divasE guriMchi ta@hta@h abhiprAyaM:

    05/07/2012 10:41 #pm

    #jayaprabha gAru aMta dIrghaM gA cheppiMdi ‘AshADhasya prathama divasE’ mIda cheppina abhiprAyamEnA? oka rachana mIda vachchinaTlugA prachurita maina abhiprAyAllo yenni nijaMgA A rachana mIda uMTunnAyi?
    alA yEdainA rachana mIda kAkuMDA cheppE abhiprAyAlaku ‘ImATa’lO chOTu kaligiMchE paddhatini guriMchi saMpAdakulu AlOchiMchAlsina samayamAsanna mainadA?


    #[#aTuvaMTi chOTu <>#eemaata.com/forums/"#>ImATa charchAvEdikala paina eppuDO kalpiMchAmu. kAni, pAThakulu A vEdikanu sadviniyOgaM chEsukOvaDaMlEdani cheppaDAniki chiMtistunnAmu … saM#]

  135. #chATu padyAllO SrInAthuDu guriMchi #vrveluri # abhiprAyaM:

    04/28/2012 4:51 #pm

    Allow me to add a couple of lines as information in re: SrInaatha.

    Velcheru Narayana Rao and David Shulman have recently written a cultural biography of SrInaatha, entitled, ” SrInaatha: The Poet who made Gods and Kings”, published by The Oxford University Press (2012). A section in the book, ‘remembered biographies’, has an interesting discussion on ‘cATuvulu’. The discussion on the cATuvulu could as well complement the afterword in their other work: A Poem at the Right Moment (University of California Press, 1998), which has been introduced in these pages long time ago. I am planning on writing a review of SrInaatha for eemaata, soon.

    Regards, — Veluri Venkateswara Rao

  136. #bhOgi talaMTlu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    04/27/2012 3:22 #am

    #aMta raMgAna parachu kunna aMbaraM
    AtmalO AtmagA veligE kiraNaM –
    venneMTi vachchE vechchani j~nApakaM – mAtR hRdayaM.
    idi satyaM!
    mananuMchi ammani viDadIyalEM.
    ika bAlyaM –
    chitra varNAla sajIva chitrapaTaM
    kalala tIrAna –
    karagipOni kamanIya dRSyaM.
    AkASAnegirE raMgula pataMgaM
    taLukulInu j~nApakAla nakshatraM – bAlyaM!
    nA vyAsaM chadivAka, mIku – mI ammagAru, vunna vUru gurtochchAyaMTE..
    nAkU AnaMdamEsiMdaMDi!
    adbhutamaina bAlyAnni aMdiMchina nA talli taMDrulaku nEnEmichchi RNaM tIrchukO galananipistuMdi!..
    nA manasaMtA lAgEsukunna saMkrAMti mIda rachanalu prachuriMchina ImATa vArikI – I saMdarbhaMgA nA kRtaj~natalu teliyachE su kuMTunnA…thAMkyU ImATa!
    mI spaMdanani teliyachEsinaMduku, rAdha gArU! dhanyavAdAlu.

  137. mahAmahOpAdhyAya Imani SaMkaraSAstri guriMchi #Sreenivas Paruchuri # abhiprAyaM:

    04/04/2012 6:06 #pm

    #bhAvanArAyaNagAru: IrOju “bahut din huye”lO pATalannI (tvaratvaragA – #fast forward# chEsukuMTU) vinnAnu. “chaMdA cham^ kE nIl gagan me” anna pATa nissaMdEhaMgA SaMkaraSAstrigAri bANInE. ApATalO Ayana vINa vAyiMchaDaM kUDA vinavachchu. lata chAlA goppagA pADina pATa!

    rAjA nAku telisi I sinimAlO okka pATE pADADu. chAlA chinna biT: “O chalA akElA nirjan van me” annadi. telugu “bAlanAgamma” AdhAraMgA tIyabaDDa I sinimAlO yugaLa gItAlu lEvu.
    iMka mIraDigina praSnaki javAbu, kluptaMgA, rAjAki, jeminI saMsthaki modaTi nuMchi vunna maMchi saMbaMdhamE. Ayanaku sinimAllO modaTi avakASamichchiMdi jeminI vAsan. (saMsAraM – 1950, tamiLaMlO; chU: rAjApaina idE patrikalO vachchina <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200905/1433.html)"#>vyAsaM. taruvAta koddi kAlAnikE “saMsAraM” hiMdIlO (1951) tIyadalachinappuDu rAjA goMtu ADishan chEyaDaM jarigiMdi. appaTlO jeminIlO hiMdI vibhAgAniki #incharge# gA unna pramukha gAyani: vakkalaMka saraLagAru rAjA gAtraM hiMdIlO oppaTaMlEdani anaDaMtO avakASaM dorakalEdu. A taruvAti saMvatsaraM tIsina “misTar saMpat”lO maroka kotta gAyakuDiki (pi.bi.SrInivAs) hiMdIlO pADE avakASaM dorikiMdi. 1953lO, hiMdIlO pADakapOyinA, rAj kapUr Eka kAlaMlO 3 bhAshallO nirmiMchadalachina “Ah/prEmalEkhalu” telugu tamiLa vershanlaku pADaTaMkOsaM jikki, rAjAlu boMbAyilO unnAru. (#Check Arudra’s essay on this film production in his “#sinIminI kaburlu” #for fascinating anecdotal information.)# chivarigA 1954lO jeminI dvArAnE hiMdIlO pADE avakASaM dorikiMdi. #I don’t think that any north Indian producer”d have taken him :).

    As to the “equation between Saluri and Eemani” I can’t say much. Nor do I think that there is much to say. Saluri was certainly *the* lead composer for Gemini between 1942 and 1948/49 (he did one more film:# maMgaLa-1951). #The other two in the music department; viz. M.D. Parthasaradhi and Eemani took care of orchestration and at times background music. SS Vasan, the totalitarian, didnot duely credit the talent (not only i.r.t music but in other departments too!). During his 7 year stay at Gemini Saluri did just 4 films, for he couldnot work for any other companies.

    Regards, — Sreenivas

  138. #ImATa guriMchi guriMchi #Krishna Moorthy Veloori # abhiprAyaM:

    04/03/2012 11:47 #am

    Dear Sri Venkateswara Rao Garu,
    I was delighted to read the EEMAATA web magazine first when I was in Sydney on a holiday during last October. I very much appreciate the efforts being taken by yourself and the editorial team in bringing out such a classy magazine for those telugu readers the world over interested in telugu literature. You are doing great service to the cause of Telugu literature. Today I happen to read an article from earlier issues (2000) on Translation by Vallampati Venkatasusbbiah (Anuvaadakudika Naa Anubhavaalu) and was extremely happy to understand the intricacies of translation, since I am translating some Kannada novels into Telugu, my mother tongue.

    V. Krishna Moorthy

  139. #mallepUla madhUlika guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/30/2012 12:08 #pm

    #lakshmI mAdhav gArU!
    chiguriMchina naMdana vanaM mIku nachchinaMduku, nAkeMtO saMtOshaMgA vuMdi.
    nUtana saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalatO-

  140. mallepUla madhUlika guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/27/2012 11:55 #am

    #surEsh gArU! mI spaMdana mottaM chadivAnu. chAlA bAgA rAsAru. aMduku muMdugA nA dhanyavAdAlu telupanIyaMDi. mIru vimarSiMchinaMdukO, praSaMsiMchinaMdukO kAdu, kAnI, oka pAThakuDigA mI abhiprAyAnni ikkaDa vyaktaparichinaMduku sATi telugu vArigA mimmalniAnaMdaMgA – abhinaMdistunnA..(eMdukaMTE chAlA maMdi chaduvutAru..kAni chepparu..hArliks prakaTanalO lA….) aMdukE mI okO saMdEhAniki okkO samAdhAnAnnikkaDa poMduparustunnAnu.
    @ ” mimmalni kAni mI kavitani kAni uddESiMchi anaTaMlEdu kAnI” …
    *.. aMTU AgArE! iMdulO venakADEMdukEmuMdI?.. mIru nA kavita nuddESiMchE idaMtA rASAru. (lEkapOtE nEniMta gA pratispaMdiMchE avakASaM nAkekkaDidanI !?)
    @ ‘ okasAri mI kavitani ‘chadivinaveMTanE ‘ abhiprAyAnni rAyaTaM modalupeTTAnu. kAnI ‘ maralA painuMchi kosadAka chadivAnu’ bhAvAnni elA pravahiMpachEsArA ani.,,’
    * chAlA takkuvamaMdiki mAtramE alavaDE oka maMchi alavATu idi. (nAku lEni maMchi lakshaNAlu evarilO vunnA mechchukOkuMDA vuMDalEnu mari! .)
    muMdochchE AlOchanlannI – samudrapu tuphAnlu. A venakochchEvE asalaina tETa tanapu pravAhAlu. – ilA reMDO AlOchana daggara Agi, AlOchiMchi rAsE vAri mATalE nijAniki – aMdarnI AlOchiMpachEstAyi. aMdukE mATlADETappuDu…telivaina vAru mAtramE – kAsEpAgi, nidAniMchi samAdhAnamistAru.

    @ ” mI vidhAnaM, padAlu, allika bAguMdi.’
    * nijamE. kavitvaM aMTE – maMchudArAla pOgulu, malaya pavanAla parimaLAlu – kalipi nEsina virimabbula kOka vaMTidi. thAMkyU!

    @ ‘chaduvutunnapuDu prati pAThakuDu tanakardhamainaMtavaraku vAkyaMlO rachayita poMduparichina bhAvAniki lOnavutADu..’
    * appuDE rachayita gurtuMDipOtADu. mana telugu lO alAMTi vArini vELLamIda lekkiMchochchu.. (A varasalO chErAlanukOvaDaM – nA varaku nAku khachchitaMgA atyASE avutuMdi. kAdananu. kAni, prayatniMchaDaMlO tappu lEdu kadA ani..)

    @ “oka vAkyaM nuMDi marO vAkyAniki, oka pAdaM nuMDi marO pAdAniki dATutunna grAhakuDiki, oka prayANIkuDu majilIlu majilIlugA pallakilO paya niMchi gamyAnni chErukunna anubhavaM kalagAli.”
    * aMTE mI vuddESaM lO – aksharAlu pallakIlu, bhAvAlu manasuni mOsE bOyIlU kA vA laMTAru.. avunA!?
    @ “okkOkavitalO navarasAlni paMDiMchavachchu aitE bhAshatO pATu bhAvAnni chakkagA parachagaligitE. mana telugu aMduku prasiddhaM.”
    * mIraMTOMdi nijamE! nEnU oppukuMTAnu. mana telugu bhAshakunna viSishTata EmiTaMTE – rachanallO navaratnAlni gummariMcha vachchu.. punnami guttulanU pUyiMchanUvachchu..

    @ ‘O pAThakuDigA nA abhiruchini vyaktaparustunnAnaMtE.’
    * aMtE anakaMDi. iMta adbhutaMgA..aMdarU vyakta parachalEru! maMchO, cheDO..tappO..oppO..nishTUramO..niggadIyaDamO..EdO oka dAni guriMchi mana telugu vALLaM svEchchagA mATlADukOvAli. sAhityaparamaina vishayAlu charichiMchukOvAli. abhiprAyAlu, vyaktaparachukOvAli. vistRta paridhilO vellaDiMchukOvAli. asaliMdukE gA – ImATa nirvAhakulu manakikkaDa I spEs ichchiMdi? mIku dorikina avakASAnni chAlA chakkagA sadviniyOgaM chEsukunnAru. abhinaMdanalu.
    @ “tappuluMTE kshamiMchAli.’
    * eMdukaMDI..aMta pedda mATa!..sAhitI priyula aMchanA mEraku rAyalEkapOtunnaMduku.. ilA – nEnE aDagAlEmO! .( rAyakuMDA nannu nEnu bAdhapeTTukuMTE saripOyEdAniki..rAsi aMdarnI bAdhistu nnAnEmO nanE SaMka kalugutU vuMTuMdi appuDappuDu!
    mUlgutunna nakka mIda tATi paMDu .. anna sAmeta chaMdaMlA..- IsAri saMpAdakula vyAsaM ‘ emitini sepitive.’. chadivAka nA bhayaM mariMta hechchiMdaMTE nammaMDi!)
    surEsh gArU! aMdari rachanla mIdA.. mI abhiprAyAlni – nirbhayaMgA, nirmohamATaMgA mIrilAgE abhivyaktIkariMchAlani abhilashistU…
    muMdu kAlaMlO kUDA mI viluvaina abhiprAyAlanu I rItilOnE mAkaMdachEstArani AkAMkshistU..
    mIku nA nUtana saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalu teliya chEsukuMTU..mari vuMTAnu.
    namassulatO –
    – Ar.damayaMti.

  141. rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi #dasthagiri # abhiprAyaM:

    03/26/2012 8:13 #am

    #namastE, rachanalu paMpaDAniki mIru ichchina I mail #submissionsATeemaata.com not recognized# ani vastunnadi. tagu salahA ivvagalaru.


    #[AT# ki badulugA @ ani uMchi meyil paMpaMDi. – saM.#]

  142. #mallepUla madhUlika guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/25/2012 7:39 #pm

    #vaMSIgArU! chAlA thAMksaMDI, mI spaMdana teliyachEsinaMduku.

  143. rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi #koride vishwanatha sharma # abhiprAyaM:

    03/21/2012 3:19 #am

    #saMpAdakulaku, namaskAramulu .

    ippuDE mI I mATa chUsAnu. chAlA saMtOshamugA uMdi. telugu sAhityAbhimAnulaku oka chakkani vEdika labhiMchiMdi. nEnu saMskRta upayAsakuDini. pratijnA yaugaMdharAyaNaM pillalaku chepputuMTAnu. A aMkakathalanu, pustaka samIkshanu mIku paMpavalenanukuMTunnA. prachuristArA? baraha. 8 lo paMpavachchA? teliyajEyaMDi.

    mI koriDE viSvanAtha Sarma

    #[#prachuraNArhata niyamAlaku <>#eemaata.com/em/instructions"#>rachayitalaku sUchanalanu chadavaMDi. yUnikOD^lOki mArchagaligina E phAMT ayinA vADavachchunu. – saM.#]

  144. #mallepUla madhUlika guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/19/2012 1:54 #pm

    #O! eMta AnaMdaMgA vuMdO! thAMkyU.. thAMkyU!
    mIkU nA hRdayapUrvaka nUtana saMvatsara paMDaga SubhAkAMkshalu teliya chEsukuMTU..
    – Ar.damayaMti.

  145. sirula saMkrAMti guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/18/2012 10:22 #am

    #sirula saMkrAMti nachchinaMdani mI spaMdanani teliya chEsinaMduku kRtaj~natalu Rshi! tanaki saMkrAMti aMTE chAlA ishTaM. bommala koluvulO – pArkulu, maMchu koMDala amarikalu tana pratyEkatalu. lAvaNyA! Rshiki ImATa ni parichayaM chEsinaMduku thAMks rA!

  146. kAlvInO kathalanuMchi – 2 guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/18/2012 6:53 #am

    #chinni chinni kathalu.. chiTukuchiTukU chadiviMchAyi. bAvunnAyi. anuvAdAlanna mATE kAnI, achchamaina telugu kathallA lakshaNaMgA vunnAyi.

  147. kinimA patrika nuMchi – 2 guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/17/2012 11:57 #pm

    #mI samAdhAnAniki thAMksaMDi!
    paMDaga SubhAkAMkshalatO –

  148. gaMji buvva guriMchi #bathulaprasad # abhiprAyaM:

    03/16/2012 8:03 #am


    naa peru bathula prasad …nenu ganjibuvva katha rachayithanu. meru naa parmission lekundaa naa kathanu me sitelo pettadam entha varaku sababu…okka saari alochinchaqndi.

    [#mI katha ekkaDa prachuriMchabaDiMdO AvivarAlannI muMdu ichchina taruvAta mAtramE, A sAkshi liMk ekkuva kAlaM panichEyadani teliyaDaM vallanE, mI kathanu ImATalO uMchAmu. adi kUDA mI katha guriMchi vistRtaMgA mUDu lAMtarlu vyAsa rachayita tana <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201105/1715.html"#>vyAsaMlO charchiMchinaMduvallanE. iMdulO sababu kAnidEmI lEdu. ayinA mI abhyaMtaraM valla mI kathanu ImATa nuMchi tIsivESAmu. mIku kaligina I asaukaryAniki kshamApaNalu. – saM.#]

  149. #ImATa mArch 2012 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    03/13/2012 11:37 #am

    #ugAdi E matasthula paMDaga avutuMdA anE saMdEhaM iMkA migilE uMdi.

    I nA abhiprAyamu pai vAkyamu paina mAtramE. maulikamugA pariSIlistE ugAdi oka mata saMbaMdhamaina paMDugE. idi teluguvALlaku mAtramE paMDuga kAdu, karNATaka (yugAdi), mahArAshTra (guDhi pADvA) gOvA rAshTrAlalO kUDa idi paMDugE. idi hiMduvulalO SAlivAhanaSakamunu anusariMchE vAriki chAMdramAna saMvatsarAdi. uttaradESamulO vikramaSakamunu avalaMbistAru, vAri saMvatsarAdi paurNami taruvAti dinamu. kAni sAMskRtikaparamugA hiMduvulu mAtramE kAdu migilinavAru kUDa SubhAkAMkshalanu aMdiMchavachchunu, aMta mAtrAna vALlu vAri AlayAlalO paMDuganu jarupukoMTArA anE vishayamu saMdEhamE. prathamamugA yidi hiMduvula paMDuga, kAni telugu mATlADEvALlalO ekkuva maMdi hiMduvulu kAbaTTi idi teluguvALla paMDuga ayinadi. alAgE yidi nAlA kannaDamu mATlADE hiMduvulaku, marAThI mATlADE hiMduvulaku paMDuga ayinadi. yUdulu vALla saMvatsarAdini sepTeMbaru nelalO chEsikoMTAru, sumAru Aru nelala taruvAta. I vishayAlanu konniTini <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201005/1573.html?allinonepage=1"#>kaLAvasaMtamu vyAsamulO charchiMchAnu.

    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  150. kinimA patrika nuMchi – 2 guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/10/2012 11:50 #pm

    #SrI rOhiNIprasAd gAriki, namastE!

    ‘aravayyELLa kritaM en.Ti.rAmArAvu ‘ – guriMchi chadivi, chAlA Asakti karamaina vishayAlu telusukunE avakASAnni kaligiMchAru. dhanyavAdAlu. I vyAsa rachanalO – rachayita ko.ku. saMtakAnni manaM chUDochchu. udAharaNaki shOku rAmayya pAtra manaki kaLLakaTTinaTTu kanipistuMdi. alAgE viSvanAdha vAru akshiMtalu jallaDaM kUDA. alAgE appaTlO rAmArAv gAri kArekTaraijEshan kUDA oka dRSyaMlA kanipistuMdi. nAkeppuDU EmanipistuMdaMTE – jarnalisT oka samAchArAnni aMdachEsETappuDu aMdulO jIvatvAnni kUDA niMpa galigitE pAThakula hRdayAlalO adi sajIvamai nilustuMdi kadA ani! I vyAsaM chadivAka A lOTu tIrinaTTu ayiMdi.

    marO vishayaM – ‘pErulEni eDiTar^gA koDavaTigaMTi kuTuMbarAvugAru chaMdamAmatObATu kinimA mAsapatrikaku kUDA chAlA ‘chAkirI’ chESAru’, anE vAkyaM nannu kAsEpu maunaMgA AlOchiMpa chEsiMdi.
    anEka rakAla dOpiDIlalO idI okaTi ani anukOvAlsi rAvaDaM nijaMgA vishAdakaramE!

    rOhiNIprasAd gArU! mI nAnna gAri j~nApakAlatO mIrEdainA pustakaM rAsArA? alA aitE, adi mArkeTlO dorikE avakASaM vuMTuMdA? vIluMTE teliya chEyagalaru.


  151. mallepUla madhUlika guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/02/2012 1:06 #pm

    #mOhana gArU, namastE.

    mI spaMdana teliya chEsinaMduku muMdugA nA kRtaj~natalu! mIrannadi nijamE. ‘cheTTu Akulanu rAlchaDaM prakRti dharmamE! ‘ ayinA, adoka vishAda ghaTTaM lA tOstuMdi nAku. adi maLLI chigirchAka gAnI… prANaM sthimita paDadu.
    ‘naMdana maMdistuMdi AnaMdAnni sukhaSAMtulanu, mIku, ImATa pAThakulaku tappaka ..’ – mI SubhAkAMkshalaku chAlA saMtOshamaiMdi. I mATa pAThakula taraphuna kUDA mIku nA kRtaj~natalu teliya chEsukuMTU..

  152. SivOhaM! SivOhaM! guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    03/01/2012 10:35 #am

    #SrInivAs gAru, chAla bAguMdi. dInini vinaDaM idE modaTisAri.

    okkokka vRttamu vrAyaDamulO okkokka kavi kaDu nErpari. bhAravi vaMSasthavRttamunaku, ratnAkaruDu vasaMtatilakAniki, bhavabhUti SikhariNiki, kAlidAsu maMdAkrAMtAniki, rAjaSEkharuDu SArdUlavikrIDitAniki prasiddhulani kshEmEMdruDu suvRttatilakamulO chebutADu. bhujaMgaprayAta vRttamulO chEsina rachanalaku mAtramu AdiSaMkarulu suprasiddhulu. I nirvANAshTakamu kUDa bhujaMgaprayAtamulO vrAyabaDinadE. SaMkarula rachanalO vRttavaividhyAnni <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200707/1127.html"#>ikkaDa chaduva vIlagunu.

    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  153. bhOgi talaMTlu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    02/17/2012 10:21 #pm

    #avunu. kuMkuDu rasaM kaMTlO pOvaDaM..uppu rAyini bugganuMchukODaM… oka chEttO kannu mUsukunE.. .alA oMTi kannutO illaMtA tiragaDaM… A kathaMtA okkasArigA gurtukochchiMdi, mIrannAka! ! marugaina marO j~nApakAnni gurtuchEsinaMduku, thAMksaMDi, vishNu vaMdana gArU! mI pEru bAguMdi! gurtupeTTukunElA..

  154. bhOgi talaMTlu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    02/14/2012 11:19 #am

    #nA rachana chadivi mI spaMdanani teliya chEsinaMduku thAMksaMDi #danny# gArU! .

  155. kAlvInO kathalanuMchi – 1 guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    02/05/2012 12:51 #am

    #guMDe gODala mIda vrElADE chitra paTAlu I chinni kathalu!
    aMtulEni SAkhOpa SAkhalugA bhUmina parachukunna pEru telIni O mahA vRkshaM lAMTidi – I samAjamu, I jana samUhamU! vibhinna mAnava manugaDalanu, jIvana vaividhyAlanu, vichitra manastatva vidhAnAlanu guriMchi telusukOvAlani uvviLLUrutU vuMTAM. aitE, I aMSAlani rachayita – E dRkkONaM nuMchi pariSIliMchi, pariSOdhiMchi, chebutunnADA.. anEdE rachanalO Asaktini rEkettiMchE asalaina vishayaM avutuMdi. nijamaina pAThakuni utsakata, tapana kUDA idE. sariggA ilAMTi saMdarbhAlalOnE A rachayita sAmAjika SAstravEtta gA mAripOtADu( mArAli kUDA). ‘rachayita ki sAmAjika bAdhyata vuMTuMdi.’ anE oka naitika SAsanAniki bahuSA idE punAdi anukuMTA!

    I kathalu chaduvutunnappuDu jAgrattagA pariSIlistE oka goMtu vinipistU vuMTuMdi. pUrtigA chadivAka adoka manishidani gurtistAM.

    manaM manushulaM. saMdEhAla chichchulaM. lEkapotE – manakiMta j~nAna, vij~nAna SA stra bhAMDAgArAlu labhiMchi vuMDEvi kAvu. okkOsAri DauTEstU vuMTuMdi. vAchI sariggAnE tirugutOMdA, lEdAni! appuDappuDu O goppa chikku praSnedurautU vuMTuMdi. asalI jIvitaM nijamA? abaddhamA? ani. navvutU mATlADutunna mana eduTi vADi manasulO EmuMdO telsukOvAlanE kutUhalaM kalugutU vuMTuMdi. kAnI, elA telusukODaM I nijAlnI? telsukOvAlanE jij~nAsa, teliyarAka nirASA kalugutU vuMTAyi. aitE, manishiki I tapanaMtA eMdukaMTE – oka nijaM telusukODaM kOsaM. nirdhAriMchukODaM kOsaM. aMtE. adelAMTi vishayamainA sarE manaki saMdigdhAluMDakUDadu. saMdEhAlaki SAstrIya paramaina nirUpaNa vuMDAlani kOrukuMTAM.

    manishi tana nIDani chUsi tAnu modaTa bhayapaDi pOyADuTa. A tarvAta konni kshaNAlaki.. AlOchanalO paDipOyADaTa. EmanaMTE – tanaku kanipiMchani I nalla manishi tana venaka mAtramE vastunnADA lEka aMdari veMTA vastADA ani. A takshaNamE tana tOTi vALLani tana pakkanE nilabeTTukuni, aMdari nIDalni pariSIliMchi ‘nIDa sahajamaina guNamanI, adi manishinuMchi viDa dIya lEnidi’ anI kanugoni tElika paDDADaTa.
    brhamalni tolagiMchukuni, vAstavAlni nirdhAriMchukunnAka, kaligE sthimitaM pErE SAMti! dIni valla manakEM telustuMdaMTE – tanu kalasi jIvistunna jAti vArilO Eka guNa lakshaNAlu, svabhAvAlU (avi sahajamainavainA sare, asahajamainavainA sarE ) vuMDAlani – manishi vAMChistADu. ippaTikI I manishi vAMCha tIraDaM lEdu.
    paTTa pagalE – kAgaDAlu paTTuku tirugutunna O prakhyAta tatvavEttani ‘nIkidEM pichchayyA?’ ani aDigitE cheppADaTa. ‘ekkaDainA manishi kanipistADEmO vetukutunnAnani. Ayana mATallO – eMta goppa arthaM dyOtakamautuMdO kadU!?

    idaMtA eMduku chebutunnAnaMTE.. mAdhav gAri kAlvinO anuvAda kathalu chaduvutunnappuDu – gupphuna gurtochchAyi nAkivannI!

    chinna chinna kathaleppuDU pedda pedda satyAlE chebutAyi. ivI alAMTivE. manaku arthamainA, kAkunnA – mana jIvitAlakunna arthAlu kEvalaM reMDu. reMDE reMDu. katha kainA aMtE. “#The ultimate meaning to which all stories refer has two faces: 1. the continuity of life, 2. the inevitability of death.”# ani aMTADu I rachayita. eMta bAgA cheppADU!, anipiMchiMdi nAku – chadavagAnE!

    nAkI kathalu bAgA nachchaDAniki marO kAraNaM. ivi anuvAda kathallA lEkapOvaDaM! kathallo pUrtigA telugu vAtAvaraNaM nelakoni vuMDaTaM valla.. maMchi telugu kathalu chaduvutunnaanubhUti kaligiMdi. ‘ivi anuvAdAlu’ ani chepitE tappa telInaMta sahajaMgA vunnAyi. mukhyaMgA chadiviMpachEsE chakkani Saili valla Asakti karaMgA vunnAyi. kathalu chadavaDamaMTE nAku chAlA ishTaM. maMchi kathalu – bAlyaM nATi j~nApakAllA.. guMDe gODala mIda phrEmulu kaTTina chitrAlai kUrchuMTAyi. nijAniki shArT sTOrIs rAyaDaM kashTaM. chadavaDaM tElika. kAni, marchipOvaDaM mAtraM aMta sulabhaM kAdu.

    mAdhav gArU! mIru parichayaM chEyaDaM valla nEnI rachayita guriMchi mariMtagA chadivi telusukOgaligAnu. I saMdarbhaMgA mIkU, I mATavAriki nA abhinaMdanalu teliya chEsukuMTunnAnu. marinni kAlvinO rachanalatO bATu, mareMdarO maMchi rachayitalani mAku parichayaM chEyagalarani ASistU…

  156. bhOgi talaMTlu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    02/02/2012 6:39 #am

    #nijAniki, appuDE kAdu..ippuDU manaM A muchchaTlu tIrchukOvachchu. kAnI, manakaMta tIrikA, OpikalatO bATu, aMta muchchaTlU muripAlaku – TaiM kUDA vuMTaM lEdu. kAraNAlu anEkaM. kAnI, kuTuMbapu ApyAyatAnubaMdhAlni peMchE I paMDaga saMskRtI sAMpradAyAla seMTimeMTs mAtraM chAlA gADhamainavani nA nammakaM!
    avunU! mI iMTlO elA vuMDEdi, I saMdaDi?! vIluMTE teliyachEyaMDi. saradAgA!

  157. nannu evarO chadivAru guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/17/2012 1:39 #am

    #bAvuMdaMDi. abhinaMdanalu!

  158. vENunAdaM AgiMdi! guriMchi ElchUri muraLIdhararAvu abhiprAyaM:

    01/12/2012 9:33 #pm

    #mAnyulu SrI rOhiNIprasAd gAri nivALini chadivi, Ayana anusaMdhiMchina A svaralaharilO tEliyADutuMTE maima~rapu kaligi, kaLLallO nILLutirigAyi. mA chinnappuDu – Ayana pErkonna A kAryakramaM jarigina tarvAta – mA bAbAyigAru, pinni madrAsulO mA iMTiki vachchinappuDu A saMghaTananu gu~riMchi mA aMdarikI vivariMchi cheppaTaM, mA pinni SrI rOhiNIprasAd gArini gu~riMchi eMtO ApyAyanaMgA mATlADaTaM nA kiMkA gurtunnadi. telugu sAhityAnni vElupaTTukoni naDipiMchina mahAmahuni tanayuniki Ayana saMgItAbhimAnamaMtA saMkramiMchinadani mA pinni anaTaM valla nAkappuDu SrI rOhiNIprasAd^gAri pEru telisiMdi. vArini nEnennaDU kalusukOlEkapOyinA – mA bAbAyigAru, nAnnagArala dvArAnU; vAri akkagAru prakhyAta rachayitri SrImati SAMtasuMdarigAru, bAvagAru suprasiddhakathakulu SrI rAmavarapu gaNESvararAvu gArala mukhata@h vArini gu~riMchi telusukonE avakASaM kaligiMdi. vAri smRtyaMjali mA iMTillipAdinI kadiliMchiMdani cheppaTAnikE dhanyavAdapurassaraMgA I nAlugu mATalU vrASAnu.

    vyaktitO anubaMdhaM, AtmIyata allukonnavAri rachanaleppuDU A vyaktitO tamaku gala parichayAnni nemaruvEsukoMTU I vidhaMgAnE uMTAyi. SrIkRshNadEvarAyalu paramapadiMchinappuDu allasAni peddanagAru ni@hspRhulai, “manucharitraM baMdukonuvELa yedurE@Mgi pallaki tana kEla@M baTTi yette”, “AMdhrakavitApitAmaha! allasAni peddanArya! ani nannu@M bilachunaTTi kRshNarAyala tODa divi kE@MgalEka bradikiyunnA@MDa” anna vAkyAlu svOtkarshalu kAvu.

    sAhityAbhimAnulu aMdulO charitraSakalAlanu gurtiMchi, vyaktijIvitAnni punarnirmiMchukoMTAru.

    chAlAkAlaMgA bhAratadESavAsAniki, InATi prachAra bhErIbhAMkArAlaku dUraMgA uMDaTaM valla mA bAbAyigArini gu~riMchi I tarAniki aMtagA teliyakapOvaTaM jarigiMdi. vAru svargasthulainappuDu nEnu mA kuTuMbAnikI, bAbAyigArikI Aptulaina SrI maMdalaparti kishOr gAriki teliyajEyaTamU, vAru sAkshi dinapatrikalOnu, sAkshi TivilOnU vellaDiMchaTaM jarigiMdi. tarvAta SrI ravibAbugAru sahRdayaMtO gauravapUrvakaMgA nemaruvEsukonnAru.

    I lEkhAvaLini IrOjE chUDaTaM mUlAna AlasyaMgA spaMdiMchinaMduku manniMpa prArthana.

    vAri j~nApakAlanu ma~reppuDainA vrAsE prayatnaM chEstAnu. SrI rOhiNIprasAd gAriki dhanyavAdAlu.

    ElchUri muraLIdhararAvu

  159. vENunAdaM AgiMdi! guriMchi #Editors # abhiprAyaM:

    01/12/2012 2:50 #pm

    Dear Posters:

    The editors have decided to not approve further comments on this article (barring those that are only about the person being remembered, Sri E. V. R).

    We appreciate your cooperation.

    Editors of eemaata.

  160. #kavitvaMlO SrISrI prasthAnaM, pariNAmaM guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    01/10/2012 12:05 #pm

    #SrISrIpaina ImATa pratyEka saMchikanu <>#eemaata.com/em/category/issues/201001/"#>ikkaDa chaduvagalaru. vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  161. UrmiLAdEvi nidra: oka AlOchana guriMchi #Sreenivas Paruchuri # abhiprAyaM:

    01/06/2012 5:01 #am

    #mOhanarAvugAru: gati, naDaka, mAtrAChaMdassula guriMchi *mukhyaMgA mIku* <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /># cheppanavasaraMlEdu kAnI chAlA “strIla pATalu”, udA. “rAghava pariNayaM”, ilAnE naDustAyi (/pADabaDatAyi). kastUri raMga raMga pATani prastAviMchAru kanuka, ApATanu “UrmiLanidra” pADina gAyani bi. subbulu goMtulOnE yikkaDa vinavachchu. pADina kAlaM: 1930lu. nA daggarunna rikArDu bAgA arigipOyi uMdi. #So, please bear with the poor audio quality. —# SrInivAs

    #[#kastUri raMga raMgA pATanu <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/201201/1898.html"#>alanATi pATa:UrmiLa nidralO ADiyOgA uMchAmu. gamaniMchagalaru. – saM.#]

  162. #kannevAna guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/06/2012 3:05 #am

    ‘#mA iMTichUru nITitIgavE ‘ ‘ AkucheMpapai merisi’ I gItaM lO nAkivi nachchAyi.

  163. kotta EDAdiki kotta tIrmAnAlu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/05/2012 3:43 #am

    #idO sarikotta prayOgaM!
    mArch 2, 2011 1:20 ImATa
    ‘ gauravanIyulaina saMpAdakulaku, namastE!
    .’ muMdugA mIku nA kRtaj~natalu teliyachEsukuMTunnA. ImATa lO -madhyaMtara rachanalaku’ sthAnAnni kalpistunna vainaM bAguMdi. alAgE- nelakO, reNnellakO, oka chinna navala kAnI, oka pedda kathaku kAnI vIlu kalpistE mariMta bAguMTuMdanukuMTunnA.(chinna chinna imEjes tO). – Ar.damayaMti.
    *(mI abhimAnAniki kRtaj~natalu. pedda kathalaku ImATalO eppuDU chOTu uMdi. navalA sAhityAnni prOtsahiMchAlani mAkU eMtagAnO uMdi. kAnI samIksha kOsaM, navala mottaM okEsAri paMpamanaDaM, rachayitalaku kudirE pani kAdu. alA ani, samIksha EmI lEkuMDA prachuriMchalEmu kUDAnu. navalanu samIkshiMchE paddhatipai oka avagAhanaku rAgAnE teliyajEstAmu. -saM. )

    pOyina saMvatsaraM lAnE – nEnikkaDa marO ASa ni kUDA vyakta parustunnA..

    I mATalO chakkani gItAlanu vinipistunnAru. saMtOshaM. alAgE pAThakula nuMchi kUDA gAyanI gAyakulanu AhvAniMchi, bAvunna pATalanu ikkaDa – prati saMchika lOnU mAkaMdiMcha vachchu kadA! pADutA hAyigA..lA gA ‘ ‘nA pATa ImATa ‘ ani O kotta phIchar AraMbhistE bAvuMTuMdEmO!?

    chakkani rachanala lAnE …chakkani gAtrAlakI – tudi nyAya nirNEtalu mIrE ayi vuMTE bAvuMTuMdi. AlOchiMchaMDi.

    chivarigA.. saMpAdakulaku, saMpAdaka vargAniki nA nUtana saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalu teliya chEsukuMTU..
    namassulatO –


  164. bhOgi talaMTlu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/03/2012 9:51 #pm

    #avunaMDi! nAkalAgE anipiMchE vAru. illu dEvAlayaM ayinappuDu ammA nAnnalu mari dEvatalE kadA ! .. aMdukani alA annA. katha chadivi, mI abhiprAyAnni vyakta parachinaMduku – thAMksaMDi.
    mIku nA saMkrAMti SubhAkAMkshalu teliyachEsukuMTU…

  165. kinimA patrikanuMchi guriMchi #Rohiniprasad # abhiprAyaM:

    01/01/2012 9:21 #pm

    Bhavanarayana garu,

    I happen to have with me a few copies of the rare and defunct monthly Kinema. I just have enough tech knowhow to scan its pages and send them across to the editorial board of <>eemaata.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com that has been kind enough to post the stuff.

    I feel that such archival material provides a glimpse for the present generation into our recent past and increase the general awareness of our journalistic past. I am glad at lease some readers are able to enjoy the experience.

  166. #ImATa navaMbar 2011 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    12/31/2011 10:28 #pm

    #hApI nyU iyar.

    gauravanIyulaina aMdarikI!
    nA nUtana AMgla saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalu.

  167. sirula saMkrAMti guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    12/09/2011 11:44 #pm

    #saMkrAMti sogasE aMta!

    A sogasaMtA..manadaina saMkrAMti paMDagadE aMTE atiSayOkti kAdEmO kadU! nAkU aMtE. A muggula lOgiLLu dATi rAbudhdhi kAdu.
    chAlA thAMksaMDi ratnAkar gArU. poddunE, ImATa teravagAnE mI mechchukOlu kanipiMchiMdi. aMtE. goppa utsAhamEsipOyiMdi.
    – Ar.damayaMti.

  168. ImATa navaMbar 2011 saMchikaku svAgataM! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    12/06/2011 7:50 #pm

    #oka vEDukaina j~nApakaM..
    Ame kannullO misa misalEvO toNikisalADatAyi
    Ame chUpullO tArakalu tAraTlADatAyi
    Ame navvullO virajAjulu sarikottagA vichchukuMTAyi
    Ame naDakallO rAjahaMsala sogasuluMTAyi
    Ame eduraitE..pagalu – paMDuvennelautuMdi. oka dEvata lA agupistuMdi.. venaka janma bAsalni gurtuku testuMdi. tIyani AnaMdAniki gurichEstuMdi.
    Ame vaMTi suMdari kAni..divya svarUpiNi kAni eMdeMdu vedikinA kanipiMchadu.
    Ame sauMdaryAnikE – sauMdaryavati. verasi Ame oka vEyi SaratpUrNimala tEjasvini.. niMDu nUru pALLU mana telugiMTi paDati.
    naTanalakE naTana nErpina mahAnaTi.
    A abhinEtri – sAvitri..
    IrOju ( DiseMbar,6) Ame puTTina rOju! telugu vAraMdarU vEDukagA gurtu chEsukuMTArani..
    aMdarikI abhimAnaMtO –

  169. pahADI rAgaM aMdAlu guriMchi #Ramamohan Kota # abhiprAyaM:

    12/02/2011 5:38 #am

    #guruvu gAru ,
    #I found this magazine in one of my search.. i have been using internet since 10 years , but i don’t know this magazine existence till now , your articles are wonder full , these are very use full for many people who are learning music like me. i want to read all of your articles since beginning. can you please advice me from which month you started posting these articles ?

    thanks in advance ,

    [If you click on <>eemaata.com/em/authors"#>ImATa rachayitalu #link and then select# koDavaTigaMTi rOhiNIprasAd, #you can see a list of all the articles in this magazine by him. …#saM.#]

  170. #jyOtishamU – lOpali saMgatulU – 2 guriMchi #nagamurali # abhiprAyaM:

    11/29/2011 1:27 #am

    Dear Murthy gaaru,

    Eemaata is probably not the right forum to dicuss purely Astrological topics like the one you have raised. There are many other forums in internet which discuss questions like these. However, my short answers to your questions –

    1. It is practically not possible to observe the birth time to the nearest second.

    2. There are many different opinions on what exactly ‘birth time’ is. Some say it is the time when the baby’s head comes out and some others say it is the time of first breath. For some other Astrologers it is the time of first cry or the moment when the umbilical chord is cut. So there is no consensus on this.

    3. Most of the ‘good’ Astrologers accept birth time which is accurate up to a few minutes and then correct it to the precise second based on past events.

    4. Generally it doesn’t matter for Astrology if it is a C-section or normal birth. People take the birth time as per whatever their definition of birth time is – normally the minute when the baby is taken out. These days people are trying to control the destiny of their children by choosing a ‘Muhurta’ or ‘good time’ for C-Section.

  171. #konasAgiMpu guriMchi #HIMAYATH # abhiprAyaM:

    11/26/2011 7:38 #am

    web page is excellent.
    can i send my telugu kavithalu to this page?
    please let me know how?


    [Please see <>eemaata.com/em/instructions" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com/em/instructions ..Eds]

  172. #pahADI rAgaM aMdAlu guriMchi #Rohiniprasad # abhiprAyaM:

    11/25/2011 10:47 #pm

    Bhavanarayana garu,

    Your confusion about Pahadi/Durga is because you could not identify the shadjamam correctly.
    I try and express myself in the minimum of words. My purpose is very clear. It is simply to help the reader/listener get more familiar with the ragas that are HEARD. The idea is NOT to write a historical or literary background to music. Several others already seem to be doing it. As a web magazine eemaata has the advantage of audio and video links. An author can ‘talk or sing’ although conversation is not possible. Writing about music has tremendous risks of becoming a verbose and showy piece and I try and avoid that.

  173. #mATa kAdu vinavEmE guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    11/13/2011 1:45 #am

    #mATa kAdu..madhuramaina pATE!
    * *

    padmAvatI gArU! ‘mATa kAdu vinavEmE manasA..’ pATa eMta bAga pADAraMTE, maLLI maLLI vinAlanipiMchEMtagA! sahajaMgA nE nAku chakravAkaM aMTE chAlA ishTamEmO..mariMta gA nachchEsiMdi. I rAgAlApana vinAlaMTE.. ETa vAlu koMDa nIDalO kUrchuni..vinAlsiMdE! mI gAtraM lO marinni pATalu vinAlanuMdi. nAkikkaDa dorukutAyA?

  174. pahADI rAgaM aMdAlu guriMchi #srinivasaraov,khammam # abhiprAyaM:

    11/04/2011 3:20 #pm

    I eagerly await articles from KRP, Paruchuri. I am one such person who uses list of ragas (sent) by Paruchuri and eemaata essays of KRP and trying something on my old harmonium. Please do continue sir. I am able to know something from the experiences of sri KRP. Thanq very much sir, for sharing information. People like me are benefiting from your incomparable analytical articles.

  175. #mUDu vaMdala rAmAyaNAlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    11/03/2011 3:56 #pm

    1.# assAmI… ani mIru modaleTTina chAMtAMDaMta jAbitA – assAmIlO rAmAyaNAlu unnAyannadi nijamE kAnI, rAmAnujan gAri lisTulO modaTi pEru annAmIs . annAM viyatnAMki pUrvanAmaM anukuMTAnu.

    nEnU chUsAnu, kAnI, mAdhava kaMDAli rAsina rAmAyaNaM pErkonakuMDA viyatnamIs bhAshaku pUrvanAmamaina annAmIs ani rAsADani anukOlEdu.

    2. #sculpture and bas-reliefs# anE mATa ki “Silpa pradarSana” anE anuvAdaM nappalEdu. abhinayanaM anE mATa appu tachchu kAbOlu.

    #Is# SilAphalakAlu #better?

    3. #“vAkya viSAraduDaina rAghavuDu alA aDagagA vini, mahAtEjassu gala mahAmuni viSvAmitruDu ilA samAdhAnamichchADu.” – I SlOkaMlO vAkya viSAraduDu viSvAmitruDu. mIru pErkonna SlOkaMlO vibhaktulanu anvayiMchukoni chUDaMDi.

    mIrannadE karakTu. toMdaralO chUsukOlEdu.

    4. ‘I ASramaM evaridO, E mahAtmuDu kOpaMtO SApamichchADO A kathanu saMtOshaMgA chebutAnu rAghavA!” – SApamichchina kathanu “saMtOshaMgA” cheppADA viSvAmitruDu? <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

    #haMta anna padAnni Emani anuvAdaM cheyyAli? <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

    5. #“pUrvaM divya saMkASaMtO, dEvatalachE pUjiMpabaDina I ASramaM”? saMkASamu aMTE pOlchadaggadi/ samAnamainadi ani arthaM. divya saMkASamu aMTE svarga samAnamu ani arthaM.

    divya aMTE svargaM anna arthamuMdani anukOlEdu. #You are right again!# aMtakumuMdu ASramasaMkASaM aMTE ‘ASramaM vale’ ani rAsAnu gAni,divyasaMkASaM aMTE divyamaina velugu ani arthaMkUDA cheppukOvachchani anukunnAnu.

    nA anuvAdAnni kshuNNaMgA chadivi nA saMskRta bhAshA parij~nAna parimitulni ettichUpinaMduku kRtaj~natalu.

  176. nAku nachchina padyaM: rukmiNI vartamAnaM guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    11/03/2011 2:48 #pm

    #idi nAku kUDa nachchina <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200609/910.html"#>padyamu. telugu kannaDa bhAshalalO kavulu ekkuvagA chaMpaka, utpalamAlalanu, mattEbha, SArdUlavikrIDitAlanu A kramamulO vADAru. pOtana mAtramu mattEbhavikrIDitAnni ekkuvagA vADADu. telugulO I vRttamulO iMta chakkagA vrAyagaligina kavi pOtana mAtramE. I rukmiNIkalyANamu enni kAvyAlaku dAritIsiMdO? saMskRtamulO mAghuni SiSupAlavadha (modaTi chaMpakamAla I kaviyE dhRtaSrI anE pErutO vrAsADu), vAdirAjayati rukmiNISavijayamu I saMghaTanapaina AdhArapaDinadE. rukmiNIkalyANamu oka goppa prEmakatha. bRMdAvanarAvugArannaTlu gaurIdEvi hRdayamu karuNAmRtabharitamu. aMdukE rajjuvunu kApADamani ippuDu kUDA strIlu maMgaLagaurini pUjistAru. vinAyakachaviti samayamulO moTTamodaTa pasupu gaurini pUjiMchina taruvAtE Ame muddula tanayuni pUjistAru. aMdukE karNATakamulO vinAyakachavitini gauri-gaNESa habba aMTAru. bRMdAvanarAvugAru, mI sAhitIsEva ilAgE niraMtaramugA konasAganIyamani bhagavaMtuni prArthistunnAnu. vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  177. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/26/2011 2:46 #pm

    #rama gAru: mI prOtsAhAniki kRtaj~natalu. bhAshASAstra vishayaMlO iMkA nEnu vidyArthinE.

    mOhana gAru: mIru cheppiMdi nijamE. kannaDamulO pa-kAramu tommidava SatAbdamu taruvAta ennOSatAbdAlu chalAmaNilO uMDiMdi. adIkAka, kAvyabhAshalO prAchIna rUpAla vADakaM konni SatAbdAla varakU konasAgiMchaDaM anni bhAshalalOnU kanipistuMdi. #As noted in the book titled A Grammar Of The Oldest Kanarese Inscriptions(1941) by Narasimha in its very first chapter: Up till the end of the 9th century p- is preserved. In the 10th century, forms with -h-in place of -p- begin to appear in all parts of the of Kanarese area (pg 1-2).

    10-1#1va SatAbdAlalO prajala bhAshalO chAlA pa- kArAlu ha- kArAlugA mAripOyAyani Ayana chebutU 14va SatAbdaM varaku idi saMpUrNa dhvanipariNAmaMgA sthirapaDiMdani cheppAru.

  178. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/25/2011 5:19 #am

    #rama gAru,

    avunaMDi. nA vAkya nirmANaM nEnanukunna arthaM ivvaDaM lEdu. spashTata kOsaM “rama bharadvAj gAru cheppinaTlugA nU@Mgu + Aru ani viravaDamE sababu.” ani rAsi uMDAlsiMdi. ettichUpinaMduku kRtaj~natalu.

    varNa vyatyayaM valla “chayan” “Enu” gAnu,”yeraDu” “reMDu” gAnU alAgE EDu kUDA I vidhAnaM lOnE teluguna pravESiMchinavi. kannaDaM lOni “ha” telugulO “pa” gA parivartanaM cheMdinadi. vALLa “haLLi” mana ” palli” ayinaTTu. iMkA ilA “hatti” mana “padi” aTlA! telugu, mukhyaMgA pAta telugu, kannaDaM niMchi tana rUpAlni grahiMchiMdi.

    ivi nannu bAgA ibbaMdi peTTE vAkyAlu. pAta telugu kannaDaM nuMDi tana rUpAlni grahiMchiMdi ani mIru eMduku anukuMTunnAru? manaM telugu kannaDaM nuMDi puTTiMdi. kannaDa tamiLaM nuMDi puTTiMdi vaMTi AlOchanalu mAnukOvAli. telugu, kannaDaM, tamiLaM annI okE mUla drAviDa bhAshaku puTTina sOdara bhAshalu.

    kannaDa lOni “ha” telugulO “pa” gA parivartanaM cheMdalEdu. mUla drAviDa bhAshalOni /pa/ varNaM iTIvalE (9va SatAbdilO) kannaDalO /ha/ varNaM gA mAriMdi.

    puli > huli
    paLLi > haLLi
    paMdi > haMdi

    telugu ‘reMDu’ kannaDa ‘eraDu’ nuMDi puTTalEdu (varNa vyatyayaM valla anna mATa karakTE). mUladrAviDa dhAtuvu *iraMTu nuMDi telugu reMDu, kannaDa eraMDu puTTAyi. ayitE, okka ‘ayidu’ anna padaM vishayaMlO telugu kannaDanuMDi aruvu techchukunna padaM ani cheppukOvachchu. I kiMdi paTaM chUDaMDi:

    #(peddadi chEyaDAniki klik chEyaMDi)

    mAmUlugA, mUla dhAtuvulOni /ya/ varNaM telugu vaMTi dakshiNamadhya bhAshalalO E- kAraMgA kanipistE, tamiLa, kannaDa vaMTi dakshiNa drAviDa bhAshalalO A- kAraMgA mArpu cheMdiMdi. konni udAharaNalu:

    yA~ru > E~ru (telugu = #stream)
       ># A~ru (tamiLa kannaDa)

    yAna > Enu@Mgu (telugu)
    #   ># Ana/Ane/yAnai (tamiLa kannaDa)

    aMdukE, ‘Enu’ anna padaM teluguku janmata@h saMkramiMchina padaM ani, akAraMtO modalayyE ‘ayidu’ pakka bhAshala nuMDiAtaruvAti kAlaMlO aruvu techchukunna padaM ani vAdiMchi nirUpiMchavachchu. kAdaMTArA?

  179. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/23/2011 11:22 #pm

    #pesaru (=pEru), pesa~ru (pesalu = #greengram)# okE dhAtuvu nuMDi rAlEdu. uttara drAviDa bhAshalaina brAhiyilO pin, mAltOlO pinje aMTE pEru. madhya drAviDa bhAshalaina parjI, gadaba, ollarIlO pidir aMTE pEru ani arthaM. tamiLaMlO peyar, kannaDalO pesaru/hesaru. ivanniTi AdhAraMgA pEru *pichar/*pisar- nuMDi vachchiMdani nirUpiMchaDaM sulabhaM.

    pesa~ru (#greengram)# mAtraM tamiLaMlO paya~ru ani, kannaDalO pesa~ru/hesaru ani, nAyikIlO pesaL ani aMTAru. dIniki pacha/pachcha- = #green# anna dhAtuvuku EmainA saMbaMdhaM uMDavachchunEmO kAni pEruku saMbaMdhiMchiMdi kAdu.

    telugulOni pesa~ru, usiru/usuru mUladrAviDa mAtRkala nuMDi kAkuMDA kannaDa nuMDi vachchAyani mOhanarAvu gAru anaDAniki AdhArAlEmiTO nAku bOdha paDaTaMlEdu. achchula madhya sa- kAra lOpaM telugulO saMpUrNamaina dhvani pariNAmaM kAdu. okE dhAtuvuku saMbaMdhiMchina kosaru, kOru anna padAlu kUDA telugulO unnAyi.

    saMkhyAvAchakAla vishayaMlO *chay^n^ anna mUla drAviDa dhAtuvu telugu SAsanAla kAlaMlO EnugA mAtramE kanipiMchi, taruvAta A rUpAniki E mAtraM saripOni ayidu gA kanipistOMdi kAbaTTi A ayidu taruvAti rOjullO kannaDa nuMDi aruvu techchukunnadigA vivariMchariMchAlsivastuMdi.

    telugulO pesa~ru, usuru,kosaru modalaina padAlu puTTukatOnE talli drAviDabhAsha nuMDi saMkraMchina padAlugA kAka, taruvAti kAlaMlO kannaDa nuMDi svIkariMchina padAlugA pratipAdiMchaDAniki AdhArAlu EvainA uMTE vivariMchagalaru.

  180. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/23/2011 9:47 #am

    #nU@Mgu anna padaM vyutpatti guriMchi nEnu AchArya bhadrirAju kRshNamUrti gAritO gata reMDu rOjulugA jaripina uttara pratyuttarAla dvArA nEnu nErchukunna vishayAlu:

    1. nU@Mgu anna padAniki nun- #[DEDR 3700]# anna dhAtuvuku aMtagA saMbaMdhaM lEdu. nun- anna dhAtuvu dvArA nU@Mgu anna padaMlOni prathamAchchu ayina dIrgha U- kArAnni vivariMchalEmu.

    2. nU@Mgu anna padAniki tamiLaMlOni nUMgu anna padAniki saMbaMdhaM lEdu.
    #Tamil lexicon# AdhAraMgA:
    நூங்கு¹ (nU~mku¹) #nūṅku, n. cf. ஊங்கு #(U~mku). 1. #Greatness; பெருமை #(perumai). (aka. ni.) 2. #Abundance, intenseness; மிகுதி #(mikuti). (#W.)

    3.# rama bharadvAj gAru cheppinaTlugAcheppinaTlugAnE nU@MgAru nu nUn + kAru ani viravaDaM sarainadi kAdu. veMTrukalaku saMbaMdhiMchi nU@Mgu padaM telugulO ippaTikE uMdi kAbaTTi nU@Mgu + Aru ani viravaDamE sababu.

    4. nU@Mgu anna padAniki *nusi/*nusu #[DEDR 3779]# annadi saraina dhAtuvu. telugulO -n^gu amahatvAchakAlaku tagiliMchE pratyayaM (udA: *nAlu > nAlu@Mgu (#four);# elu > elu@Mgu (#bear);# pINa > pInu@Mgu (#corpse)).# sa- kAra lOpaM valla nusu@Mgu nU@Mgu ayyiMdi. iTTi sa- kAra’ lOpAniki itara udAharaNalu:

    *pichar (#name) ># pesar > hesar (kannaDa)
    #                                   ># peyar (tamiLa)
    #                                    ># pEru (telugu)

    *uchir (#life/breath) ># usir > usiru (kannaDa)
    #                                   ># uyiru (tamiLa)
    #                                   ># Urchu/Urpu/UraDillu (telugu)

    kAbaTTi nU@MgAru anna padaM nU@Mgu + Aru nuMDE nishpannamayyiMdi.

    nU@MgAru <>

    nU@MgAru <> nU@Mgu <>nU@Mgu <>

    ikkaDa kriyAvAchakAlaku, viSEshaNAlaku mAtramE vADE “Aru” anna pratyayaM nAmavAchakamaina nU@MgAruku vADaDaM koMta arudaina viSEshamanE cheppAli. bahuSA@h nU@MgAru muMdugA kriyApadaMgA gAni , viSEshaNaMgA gAni uMDi taruvAta adE padaM nAmnIkariMpabaDi uMDavachchunani cheppavachchu.

    nAku OpiggA I vishayAlu vivariMchina bhadrirAju gAriki, charchalO pAlgonna mitrulaMdarikI nA kRtaj~natalu.

  181. SrIpAdarAyalu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    09/19/2011 12:03 #am

    #jaDamaina guMDe ki ‘sparSa’ maNiprabhavaM – saMkIrtanaM!

    gaurava nIyulaina SrI mOhana gAriki !

    hari nAma saMkIrtanamulaku mUla purushu Daina SrI pAda rAyalu guriMchi mIru vrAsina vyAsAnni pollu pOkuMDA chadiviviMchiMdI.. aMTE aMdukkAraNaM -. mI rachanA vidhAnaM! A vAggEya kAruni bhakti, tatvaj~nAna pada saMpadAsamUhaM, sammOhanaM!
    SrI pAda rAyala bAlyaM, ..atarvAta saMghaTanalu ..aMtA kaLLa kaTTinaTTu oka kathalA cheppAru. kannaDaMlO rAsina A mahAnubhAvuni kRtulaku mI telugu anuvAdaM rasa ramyaMgA vuMdi. aksharAlu chakkani sogasu tElAyi. manasuni bhakti bhAvaMlO muMchi tElchAyi. bhagavaMtuni paTla jaDa maina guMDe ki oka spRhani, spa rSa ni kaligiMchE vaidyaM – vAggEya kArula bhakti padaM, pathaM – hari nAma saMkIrtanaM!

    haripAdOdaka mI kAvEri
    virajAnadi snAnamujEsi

    ani chadavaMgAne, bhakti nadilO munakEsinaTTuMTuMdi. aksharAla aMchullOMchi oka pavitratA bhAvaM jAlu vArutU… tIpitEnevAna tuMparalu chimmutunnaTTu… anipistuMdi. eMta madhuraMgA vuMdI bhAvaM!

    kAliki yaMdamu hariyAtrale
    Alayapu TaMdamu tulasi bRMdAvavanamu
    chAla yaMdamu cheviki vishNu kathalu

    ikkaDa prahlAduDu kanipistADu..chEtulu jODiMchi harini saMkIrtistunnaTTu! ‘mastakamuna para vastu’ ani aMTunna I vAggEya kAruni mATalaku pratyEka viSlEshaNa EdainA vuMDi vuMDAlEmO nanipistuMdi. alAgE.. ‘manasijapitunikai..’ aMTunnappuDu kUDA!

    dayakai tanumanadhanammu lanniTi
    nIdu padakamalamulaM duMchitini
    ma~rika nannu mAya jEsedave
    saraku nosagitini pidapa suMka mEla nayyA..

    chaduvutU vuMTEnE, kaLLu chemma gillutAyi. bhagavaMtuni pAdAraviMdAlu darSanamautAyi. bhaktuni AvEdana, gaLaM lO Ardrata aMtA kalasi ‘ saruku nosagitini kadA, mari suMkamEla nayyA!’ ani bElagA aDugutunnappuDu..Ayana goMtu jIra bOyi vuMDenEmO!…anna bhAvana nAkeMtO goppa anubhUtinichchiMdi. bhagavaMtuNni prEmiMchi , tapiMchi, veta cheMdE hRdayaM lOMchi poMgE bhakti rasa bhAva taraMgA lE.. vAggEya kArula kIrtanalu. avi sajIva nadulu. saMgIta svarAlanu dArulu gA chEsukuni, amRta dhAra lai pravihistU vuMTA yi ! aMdukE, eMta pAnaM chEsinA gAnAnni, iMkA dAhaM gAnE vuMTuMdi. kAraNa janmulu. tapO dhanulu, bhakti j~nAna saMpannulu – vAggEya kArulu. sRshTi kartaku, saMsAra baMdhulaku,baMdIlaku madhya vAru saMdhAtalu!

    kAkuMTE, eMta tapistE dakkEnu sAmAnyulaku! I kAvErinadi tIrAna I viThaluni saMdarSanaM !?

    mI rachanalO mari konni sari kotta vishayAlanu kUDA chadivi telusukOvachchu. ‘sAvi rahE..’ pATaki muMdu yamunA tIra.. SlOkAnni pADAlani mIroka nijAnni teliya chEsAru. (kAni,sinimA pATalO I sAMpradAyaM anusariMchinaTTu lEdu. kadU!) alAgE, ugA bhOgamu aMTe oka rAgA lApana ani, aite, adi arthavaMtamaina padAlatO kUDi vuMTuMdanE kotta vishayaM kUDA telusu kOvachchu.

    ika vRtta mAlika, daMDakamu, bhramara gItaM, vENu gItamu.. vITlaki telugu anuvAdaM chAlA bAguMdi.

    nijamE! kannaDaM vachchina vAriki SrIpAda rAyala vAru rAsina kannaDaM sulabhaMgAne vuMDochchu! ayitE, A bhAsha rAni mana vAriki mAtraM, telugu lO mI anuvAdAlu rasaramyaMgA vunnAyanaDaMlO elAMTi saMdEhaM lEdu. mIrikkaDa pErkonna saMgIta sUchanalanu anusaristU.. kIrtanalanu AlapiMchE avakASAnni ImATa pAThakulaku kalaga jEsAru. svarArchana chEsukunE hari gAna priyulu – idoka adRshTaMgA bhAvistAru.

    soMpuchUpula sobagu sOga kanulaku SaraNu
    saMpaMgi kusumaMpu nAsikaku SaraNu
    guMpu ratnapu karNakuMDalamulaku SaraNu
    iMpuTaddamo yanu kapOlamulaku SaraNu

    ikkaDa nAku annamAchAryula kIrtana lOni padAlu chaTukkuna gurtukochchAyi

    kulikeDi muripepu kummaripu tana
    saLupu chUpulaku chAMgu bhaLA
    palukula solapula patitO kasireDi
    chalamula yalukaku …” .

    ‘karNATaka saMgItAniki paTishTha maina punAdi vEsina vAru SrIpAdarAyalu’ ani annAru. nEnU karNATaka saMgItaM viMTU vuMTA appuDappuDu.! mIrannaTTu vAggEyakAra trayaM lA.. vIri pEru ekkuva gA nEnu vina lEka pOyA mari!
    I sAhitya vyAsAnni vipulIkariMchi, viSadIkariMchi rAyaDaMlO gala mI kRshini, SradhdhA saktulanu mana@hsphUrti gA praSaMsistU… karNATaka saMgIta sAhitya pada pitAmahuDaina SrI pAda rAyala vAriki vaMdanamuliDutU…

    gauravAbhinaMdanalatO –

  182. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/16/2011 9:41 #am

    #ataDu ichchina vishayamu prakAramu nUgAru nUMgu + kAru lEka nU@Mgu + kAru lEka nUn + kAru avutuMdi.

    mOhanarAvu gAru, mI Sramaku kRtaj~natalu. kAru guriMchi AlOchiMchAli.

    #rama bharadwaj# gAru ilA annAru:

    alAgE ‘nU(ka” annapadaM ardhAnusvAram tOnU alAgE akkaDa arasunna lEkuMDAnU kUDA nighaMTuvulu eMduku pErkoMTunnAyI? ikkaDa ardhaM okaTE mUladhAtuvu kUDA okaTE ayinnI … ilA reMDu rUpAlu– okaTi arasunna uMDinnI. iMkOchOTa lEkapOvaDAnikinnI kAraNaM EmiTaMTArU??

    maMchi praSnE aDigAru. ikkaDa arthaM, mUladhAtuvu okaTE kAdaMDOy. (arasunna lEni) nUka anna padAniki mUla dhAtuvu *nU~ru- anna kriyApadaM. nU~ru anna dhAtuvuku viragakoTTu, mukkalu chEyu anna arthAlunnAyi. nU~rukka/nUka aMTE virigina dhAnyaM(biyyaM).

    arasunna unna nU@Mka anna padAniki nUMka/nUnka aMTE nuvvula cheTTu.

    nUne annadi nuvvu + neyyi anna padAla kalayikE. nuvvu padAniki nU@Mvu, nU@MbiMDi ani arasunna rAsina prayOgAlu unnAyaMDi. nUnelO arasunna lEdu aMTE sunnatOnO, anunAsikamaina achchutO uMDE uchchAraNa I padabaMdhaM ErpaDE nATikE luptamayyuMDachchani anukOvachchu.

  183. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/14/2011 2:16 #pm

    #@kAmESvararAvu gAru: pANini gAru sariggA idE vishayAnni sUchistU nAku meyil paMpAru. ayitE, kiraNAlu painuMDi kiMdaku prasaristAyi, tIgalE kiMdinuMDi paiki pAkutAyi (prAkutAyi) kAbaTTi “payi@M brAkumarIchula” aMTE miriyapu tIgalE kAvachchu ani nEnaMTE pANini gAru “nAkokkaTE saMdEhaM. marIchamulanu marIchulu ani nEnU, mIrU anavachchunEmO gAnI, tikkana aMTADA ani!” ippuDu mI vivaraNa kUDA chadivAka kiraNAlE oppani anipistOMdi.

    pANini gArE iMkO praSna lEvanettAru: adi ‘marIchula nU@Mgu nU@Mgu lE@MgommalA’? lEka ‘marIchulan Ugu nU@Mgu lE@MgommalA’? ani. UgulO arasunna lEdu kAbaTTi nU@MgunU@MgE sarainadani nEnu savariMchi cheppAnu.

    nUguki sannani anE arthaM tIsukunnA nUgu+Aru anna virupuki abhyaMtaramEmI lEdu.

    nU@MgAruku nUn+gu+Aru = nUgu+Aru anna virupuku nAkEM abhyaMtaraM lEdu. mIru cheppinaTlu “Aru” anna padAniki veMTrukalanna arthaM elA vachchiMdannadi pariSIliMchavalasina aMSaM.

  184. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/14/2011 9:34 #am

    “#telugu vyAkaraNa dIpaM chinnadi” ani cheLLapiLLa veMkaTaSAstrigAru anna nATiki nETiki pedda mArpEmi rAlEdu. aTlAgE, ‘telugu naighaMTika dIpaM’ kUDA chinnadanE cheppAli. gata padi, padihEnELLugA telugu prAchIna sAhityaM chaduvutU, nighaMTuvulu chUstunna nAku arthamaina vishayaM EmiTaMTE mana prAchIna sAhityaMlOni padajAlAnni vivariMchaDAniki manaku aMdubATulO unna nighaMTuvulu pUrtigA chAlavani (SrIsUryarAyAMdhra nighaMTuvu nAkeppuDU aMdubATulO lEdu). aMdukE, nighaMTu arthAlanu vivEchiMchi, praSniMchaDaMlO tappu lEdanipistuMdi.

    bahujanapalli vAri SabdaratnAkaramu lO nU@Mgu anna SabdAniki ‘konni yAkulamI@Mdanu kAyalamI@Mdanu ErpaDiyuMDu chinna chinna muMDlu’ anna arthAnnichchi tikkana padyAnni udAharaNagA ivvaDaM eMtavarakU auchityamO pariSIliddAM.

    tikkana rAsina nirvachanOttara rAmAyaNaMlO shashThASvAsaM lO 51va padyaM idi:

    sammadavAri gangaDala@M jAluga mai garupAra niMdubiM-
    bammuna dRshTi nilpi payi@M brAkumarIchula nU@Mgu nU@Mgu lE@M
    gommalu vaTTa chaMchupuTa kOTi@M gadalchi temalchi koMchu sau-
    khyamma vihaMgama mmayina yAkRti noMde@M jakOra mokkeDan (6.51)

    “… iMdu biMbaM pai dRshTi nilipi chakOrAlu paiki pAkE miriyapu tIgala ‘nU@Mgu nU@Mgu lE@Mta kommalanu’ mukkulatO kadalchi , temalchuchuMDagA egirE pakshi AkRti poMdAyi” ani nAku telisina arthaM.

    ikkaDa nU@Mgu anna padAniki ‘konni yAkulamI@Mdanu kAyalamI@Mdanu ErpaDiyuMDu chinna chinna muMDlu’ anna arthaM saripOtuMdA? ‘konni yAkulamI@Mdanu kAyalamI@Mdanu ErpaDiyuMDu chinna chinna muMDlu’ annadi nAmavAchakamu (viSEshyamu). ‘nU@Mgu nU@Mgu lE@Mta kommalanu’ anna chOTa ‘nU@Mgu’ viSEshaNaMgA vADinaTTu spashTaMgAnE telustOMdi. ‘nU@Mgu nU@Mgu’ ani reMDusArlu vADaDaM kUDA adi viSEshaNamE anna vAdAnnE balaparustunnadi. aMdukE nEnu SabdaratnAkaramu lO nU@Mgu anna padAniki viSEshaNArthaMlO ichchina lE@Mta anna arthAnni tIsukoni adi sarikAdu ani vAdiMchAnu.

    ramagAru annAru:

    “nUgu” ni “nUn” lOMchi chUDabOtE kadA mIku ibbaMdi? nUgu anna padAnni bhinnaMgA nunna lEdA nUn annadAnikannA mIru chUDaTam kasTaM EmI kAdE?? bhinnapadAlani mIru Eka vyutpatti niMchi sAdhiMchalEru kadA?

    rama gAru: nU@Mgu anna padaMlO madhyalO arasunna unnadi chUsArA? telugulO arasunna unna pratipadAnni okappuDu pUrtisunnatO palikEvArani manaM cheppukOvachchu. telu@Mgu, tO@MTa vaMTi padAlaku migilina drAviDa bhAshalalO iMkA sunnatO uchchAraNa nilichE uMdi (teluMgu, tOMTa mo॥). nUgu modaTagA nUMgu/nUngu anna rUpaMlO uMDEdi ani mIru oppukuMTE adi nunna/nUn- anna dhAtuvu saMbaMdhiMchiMdEani vivariMchaDaM aMta kashTamEmi kAdani nA abhiprAyaM. lEkapOtE, nUnguku migilina drAviDa bhAshalalO sajAti padAlu chUpalEM. prati achchatelugu padAniki mUladrAviDabhAshA dhAtuvu chUpiMchagalagAli. lEdA, adi telugu bhAshalOnE kottagA puTTina padamani (#independent innovation)# vAdiMchagalagAli. adi #historical linguistics# lO manamu nErchukonE tolipAThAllO okaTi.

    vallabharAyani padyaMlO nunupAru padAniki Aru aMTE veMTruka(lu) anna arthaM lEdaMDi. nU@MgArulO Aruku veMTrukalu anna arthaM rAvaDAniki dAni mUladhAtuvu *nA~ru ayi uMDavachchunEmO AlOchiMchAli.

  185. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/13/2011 2:38 #pm

    #@ramagAru: nU@MgAru anna padAniki ‘sanna veMTrukalu’ anna arthamE nEnu kUDA chebutunnAnaMDi. ayitE, mOhana gAritO nEnu vibhEdiMchEdi nU@Mgu anna padAniki ‘nunnaTi’ (#smooth), ‘#sannaTi’ (#minute) # anna arthAlE gAnI,lE@Mta anna arthaM lEdu anna vishayaMpai. ika nU@MgAru vishayaMlO nEnu muMdu anukunna nUn+kAru vIlukAdani nUn+gu+Aru karakTEnani oppukuMTU ‘Aru’ku vyutpatti Emai uMTuMdA ani mOhanarAvugArini aDigAnu (Ayanaku tamiLa, kannaDa bhAshalalO viSEshamaina parij~nAnaMtO pATu pratyakshaMgA parichayaM uMdi kAbaTTi).

    nU@Mgu anna padaM vyutpatti rItyA nun-/nUn- anna dhAtuvuku saMbaMdhiMchiMdE anna vishayaMlO nAkE saMdEhAlu lEvu. nunupachchi,nunumEnu,nunusiggu, nunulEta chekkiLLu, nuvvulu, nUlu anna padAlannI nun-/nUn- dhAtuvuku saMbaMdhiMchinavE.

    telugulO nAlugu, Enugu, piDugu anna padAlalO kanipiMchE -gu pratyayaM nUn- dhAtuvutO kalasi nUMgu ayyiMdi ani sulabhaMgA vivariMchavachchu.

    ayitE nighaMTuvula ardhAlE vyavahArAniki ellavELalA pramANaM kAvu annadi muMdu gurtuMchukOvAlsina vishayaM.

    #Exactly.# SabdaratnAkaramu nU@Mgu anna padAniki lE@Mtadanamu,lE@Mta anna arthAlu ichchinaMta mAtrAna adi pramANaMgA svIkariMchAlsina avasaraM lEdu. nU@Mgu aMTEnE lEta ayitE ‘nunulEta’ anna padabaMdhAniki arthaM EmiTi? ‘nU@MgunU@Mgu lE@Mgommalu’ lO tikkana ‘nU@MgunU@Mgu’ anna taruvAta maLLI ‘lE@M’ ani eMduku vADADu?

    nunupAru vivariMchaDaM tElikE kadA? nunupAru = nunupu + Aru (niMDina) = #very smooth (‘#gaMga maTTiya tODa sAMgatya meDalina nunupAru muni miTTanuduru vOle’ ani krIDAbhirAmamulO prayOgamu)

  186. vETUri pATa guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/13/2011 10:24 #am

    #SrInivAs gAru: #Many thanks!# pratirOju okkasArainA mOniyar viliyams nighaMTuvu chUsE nEnu, ‘svarasa’ guriMchi eMduku vetakalEdO nAkE teliyadu. sva- anna upasarganu AtmArthabOdhakaMgAnE (#reflexive)# kAka, sahajamaina, svayaMsiddhamaina anna arthAlalO vADutArani ippuDE telusukunnAnu. svarasa anna padAniki #natural flavor# anna arthaMtOpATu mIru vivariMchina arthachChAyalu kUDA unnAyi. ‘svArasyaM’ anna padaM ‘sArasyaM’ nuMDi vachchinaTTu vivariMchina brauNyaM kaMTE mI vivaraNE bAguMdi. chAlA kRtaj~natalu.

  187. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/12/2011 6:04 #pm

    #mOhana gAru: mIrannadi nijamE kAvachchu. kAnI, Aru anna SabdAniki nAku itara drAviDa bhAshalalO “veMTruka” anna arthaMlO padAlu kanipiMcha lEdu.

    adIgAka, *nun/*nUn- anna dhAtuvutO #smooth, minute# anna arthaMtO ennO padAlu unnAyi. nunupu (dUrapu koMDalu nunupu), nunnagA (tala nunnagA duvvukuni) mo॥. migilina bhAshalalO I dhAtuvuku saMbaMdhiMchina padAlanu drAviDa vyutpatti nighaMTuvu #[DEDR 3700]# lO chUDavachchu. I dhAtuvu AdhAraMgA nU@Mgu SabdAniki lE@Mta anna arthaM kaMTE nunupaina, chinnadaina anna arthAlu sababani nAkanipistuMdi. tikkana “nU@MgunU@Mgu lE@Mgommalu” annADu. aMTE nunupaina lEtakommalA kAdaMTArA? “nunulEta kommalu” anna vADuka kUDA uMdi kadA!

    ika Aru SabdAniki “veMTruka” padaMlO arthAlu vErE bhAshallO lEvu kAnI, kuruL, kurulu, kUdal, kUMtal anna padAlunnAyi. kurulu SabdaM nuMDi Aru nishpannaM chEyaDaM aMta sulabhaM kAdu kAbaTTi, nU@MgAru anna padAniki vyutpatti aMta sulabhaMgA vivariMchalEmEmO.

  188. vETUri pATa guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/12/2011 2:42 #pm

    #okE porapATu reMDusArlu chEsAranukODaM nammaSakyaM kAdu. ikkaDakUDA “sarasa” “svarasa” kalisi rAvaDaM gamaniMchavachchu. “sAraMga”kUDA vachchiMdi!

    thAksaMDi. mUDO sAri kUDA vADAru saptapadi sinimAlO, ‘akhilAMDESvari, chAmuMDESvari’ anna pATalO:

    SukaSaunakAdi vyAsa vAlmIki munijana pUjita Subha charaNE
    sarasa sAhitya svarasa saMgIta stana yugaLE varadE akshararUpiNi

    vETUri lEru kAbaTTi Ayana svarasaku arthaM EmanukunnADO telusukOvaDaM kashTaM anukuMTAnu.

  189. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/12/2011 2:18 #pm

    #@kAmESvara rAvugAru: magadhIra, magamaharAju ilAMTivi konni unnAyaMDi. alAgE mahAtalli, mahammAri, atichinna, atigArAbaM anna prayOgAlu vADukalO unnAyi. nA dRshTilO rAjyapusiri annadi rAjya, siri anna reMDu padAMSAlu ‘pu’ anna pratyayaMtO kalisi ErpaDina padabaMdhamE kAni oka samAsaM kAdu. nEnu mATlADutunnadi okE padabaMdhaMlO pratyaya rahitaMgA chEri samAsaMgA vachchEvi. kanugava, nEtradvayaM aMTAmE gAnI, kanudvayaM, nEtragava anaMkadA! penuchIkaTi = peMjIkaTi aMTAM, lEdA, gADhAMdhakAraM aMTAM; kAnI, gADhachIkaTi, penaMdhakAraM ani analEmu kadA! aTlAgE mullOkAlu, mujjagamulu anna prayOgAlu unnA, munnEtrAlu, munnadulu, mussAgarAlu anna prayOgAlu oppavu gadA!

    “pAtika” pAda nuMDi vachchuMDAli. padyaMlO pAdaM nAlugOvaMtu kadA!

    avunaMDI. saMskRtaMlO pAdika aMTE nAlugOvaMtu. paSuvulaku, padyAlaku nAlugu pAdAluMTAyi kAbaTTi pAdika aMTE nAlugOvaMtu!

    mOhanarAvugAri abhiprAyaM:

    Aru aMTE niMDu, upaSamiMchu, veMDrukalu (nUgArulATi padAlalO) ani arthamu.

    Aru aMTE niMDu. A~ru aMTE upaSamiMchu. nUgArulO Aru lEdu (konni nighaMTuvulalO Aruku A arthaM ichchinA). drAviDa bhAshalalO nUn-aMTE sannani, atichinnani anna arthAlu unnAyi. kAru- aMTE nalupu. nUgAru = nUn + kAru anE nA abhiprAyaM.

    vEmUri gAru annAru:

    annaTTu, sA. Sa. 1950 prAMtAlalO, viSAkha jillAlO, “muchchilaka” anna mATani “nAlugiMTa mUDu pALlu” anE ardhaMlO vADagA vinnaTlu gurtu.

    ippaTikI I prayOgaM uMdO lEdO evarainA viSAkhA jillA vAru cheppagalarA? I arthaMlO muchchilakaku vyutpatti Emai uMTuMdaMTAru?

  190. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/12/2011 12:36 #pm

    #@nAgamuraLi gAru: mIru cheppina javAbulu chAlAvaraku nEnanukunnavE! ayitE, ‘Archu’ anna padAnni ‘Aru (niMDu)’ anna kriyApadAnikE kAka ‘ADu’ anna padAniki kUDA sakarmakarUpaMgA (#transitive form)# vADutAru (reppalArchu aMTE reppalADiMchu anna arthaM uMdi kadA!) ‘tIrchu’ aMTE chakkadiddu (tIrchididdu), parishkariMchu anna arthAlukUDA uMdi. adIkAka, ‘A~ru’aMTE upaSamiMchu ayitE, ‘A~rchu’ upaSamiMpajEyu anna arthaM kUDA uMdi. ilA AlOchistE, ‘A~rchutAvA?, tIrchutAvA?’ aMTE ‘upaSamiMpajEstAvA? parishkaristAvA?’ anna arthamE sababani nAkanipistunnadi.

    AriMda anna padaM nighaMTuvula prakAraM hiMdustAnI dvArA telugulOki pravESiMchiMdaTa. ayitE, urdU, pAraSIka nighaMTuvulalO AriMdA anna padAniki #A porter, a carrier# anna arthAlE tappa nErpari, praj~nAvaMtuDu, pariNiti galavADu anna arthAlu kanipiMchalEdu.

    telugulO AriMda ADavArikE vADaDAniki oka vivaraNa ivvavachchu. -ta, -dalu dakshiNa-madhya drAviDa bhAshalalO strI vAchakapratyayaM. nelata, gubbeta, muTTuta, golleta mo॥ padAlalO -ta pratyayAnni vADaDaM chUDavachchu. saMskRtaMlO dEvatA anna padAnni strI, purusha dEvatalakU vADitE, telugulO mAtraM ADa dEvatalakE parimitaM cheyyaDAniki kUDA I pratyayamE kAraNamani nA gaTTi nammakaM.

  191. kOnasIma kathalu: sattevati guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    09/06/2011 11:53 #pm

    #mOhana gArU, namastE!
    achchu tappula guriMchi ‘evarU aDagani nA salahAlu” ani mIrannArE kAnI, nijAniki mIru cheppinavannI aMdarikI panikochchE upayOgakarAlu ani bhAvistunnA.

    konni mATalu *rAsE (Ta) ppuDu kaligE saMdEhAlaku aMtU poMtU vuMDadu. mari konniMTiki saraina arthAlu pustakAllO kUDA labhiMchavu. padAlu kalipi *rAsE(Ta)ppuDaitE.. puTTalu puTTala *DauTsEstAyi (?). udAharaNaki..reMDULLU (reMDu ULLu ani rAstE bAvuMTuMdEmO ani reMDO AlOchana ..), itanni nammochchEmO!? ani *rAsA(SA)ka.. (‘namma vachchEmO’, ani rAstE? *bA(ga)lEdu.. ‘nammochchA, EmO!’ ani rAddAmA? nachchaTlEdu… pOnI, ‘nammochchu anukuMTA’ ani rAddAmA! ilA manasulO tarjana bharjanalu jarugutU vuMTAyi. *satAyiMchEstAyi. ilAMTi paristhitullO enni sArlu tirigi chaduvukunnA A *kan phyUjan alAgE vuMTuMdi. aMdukE reDI mED Ansar mishan lA ‘oka telugu mAsTAri kAlam’ *ikkaDuMTE (ikkaDa vuMTE ) bAvuNNu, veMTanE aDigi *telsukODAniki vIluMTuMdi kadAni! *anukuMTUM(vuM)TAnu, idE vishayAnni surEsh gAri kAlam lO kUDA nE nOsAri prastAviMchaDaM jarigiMdi.

    nEnu kUDA kadhani ilAgE rAsEdAnni okappuDu! oka eDiTar gAru, ‘mIkidi rA(vrA)yaDaM kUDA rAdA’ ani chUsinappuDu mAtraM bAdhEsipOyiMdi. ‘SabdAlu okaTE ayinA, spelliMgs vEru. kadhani katha anE *rAyAlani (vrAyAli ani)maMdaliMchAru. nEnanEdEmiTaMTE – ilA.. ‘spOken – riTen teluguni’ chakkagA vimarSistU, viSadIkaristU aMdarikI arthamayyE bhAshalO pAThyAMSAlugA bOdhanalu *jaragAlsina ( jaraga valasina) avasaraM eMtainA vuMdani abhiprAya paDutunnA.


    sAyi gArU ! mI katha bAvuMdi. A baddhaka jIvi jIvita vidhAnaM chAlA maMdi svapnaM.

  192. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/06/2011 1:55 #pm


    mIru OpiggA kEtana padyAlanu, nannechODuni padyAlanu vetiki mA aMdarikI aMdajEsinaMduku eMtagAnO kRtaj~natalu.

    nA dRshTilO I kiMdi kEtana padyaM telugu saMskRtaM padAla kalayika sAdhuvani dhRvIkaristunnaTTugA lEdu. okkokkachOTan aMTE #rarely, occasionally# ani arthaM chEsukOvAlanukuMTAnu.

    tenugupadaMbulapai@M beM-
    ponara@Mga saMskRtamuchellu nokkokachOTan
    munu sukavIMdrulu gRtulan
    banigoni rachiyiMchinaTTi paripATimeyin (133)

    iMtaku pUrvaM sukavIMdrulu telugu saMskRtAlanu kalipina padAlu ippaTikE prachAraMlO unnAyi kAbaTTi vATini vADaDaMlO tappulEdu aMTunnADu, kEtana. “AryavyavahAraMbulaMdu dushTaMbu grAhyaMbu” ani cheppinaTTugA.

    ika mIru cheppina “mUDu nEtramulavA@MDu”, “pachcha yaMbaramu” annavi vigrahavAkyAlautAyi gAni samAsAlu kAvu. kEtana ichchina udAharaNalalO mUDastraMbulu anna samAsaMlO telugu saMdhi vADaDaM gamaniMchadagga viSEshaM.(saMskRta saMdhi sUtrAlanubaTTi mUDu+astraMbulu = mUDvastraMbulu (yaNAdESasaMdhi) ayyEdi).

    nannechODuDu mUMDu, vAMDu, vIMDu, vIMgu, lOMgoni ani rAyaDAniki tamiLa saMparkaM kAraNaM kAdani nA abhiprAyaM. ippuDu manaM arasunna vADutunna pratipadAnni niMDusunnAtO okappuDu telugulO uchchariMchEvAru. I niMDusunnanu arasunnagA uchchariMchE dhvanipariNAmaM jarugutunna rOjullO reMDu rakAla prayOgAlu arthavaMtaMgAnE uMTAyi kAbaTTi nannechODuDu vITini sunnatOnU, arasunnatOnU vADagaligADani nA abhiprAyaM.

  193. SrI sOdi subbayya gAri soMta gODu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    09/05/2011 12:50 #am

    katha bAgA rAsAru.navvistUnE, nETi sAmAjika, kuTuMba vyavastha tIrutennula pai vyaMgyaM bANAlu guppiMchAru. bAguMdi. mIru marinni hAsya rachana lu chEyAla ni abhilashistU..

  194. #About eemaata# guriMchi #Ramchander Deekonda # abhiprAyaM:

    09/05/2011 12:12 #am


    I madhyE mI “ImATa” chUsAnu. chAla bAguMdi. pravAsa telugu vArini sAhitya prapaMchaMtO saMbaMdhaM konasAgiMchaDaM lO mI prayAsa vijayavaMtaM ayyiMdi.

    nA pEru rAmachaMdar dIkoMDa. nEnu sAhitI priyunni ani cheppukuMTAnu. saMskRta telugu, urdU bhAshalalO pravESamuMdi. nEnu gAlib divAn lOni konni nAkishTamaina shErlanu telugulOki anuvadiMchAnu. mitrulu bAgA unnAyannAru. koMdarayitE mUlaM lOni bhAvAniki ati daggaragA unnAyannAru. urdU prapaMchaM lO perigi peddavAnnayinaMdu valla urdU bhAsha #idiom# ni telugulOni tEvaDaM lO migatA anuvAdAlakaMTE bhinnaMgA ochchAyani bhAvistunnAnu. nEnu iMtavaraku E patrikaku vITini paMpalEdu.

    mIru paMpamaMTE konni anuvAdAlu machchu ku paMputAnu.


    rAmachaMdar dIkoMDa
    haidarAbAd, 9966354106

    #[#tappakuMDA. <>#eemaata.com/em/instructions"#>rachayitalaku sUchanalu anna laMkelO vivariMchinaTlugA <>#eemaata.com">submissions@eemaata.com# ku paMpagalaru. saM.#]

  195. #kOnasIma kathalu: sattevati guriMchi #na’ma’t’a # abhiprAyaM:

    09/04/2011 2:37 #am

    #pAThakula abhiprAyAlu anna pEjIlO I katha pai mOhana gAri abhiprAyaM paina unna I katha liMku paTTukuni vastE I katha mUDO pEjIlOki vachchAnu. adE modalanukuni chadavaDaM modaleTTAnu. koMcheM chadavagAnE kathalO EdO chinna lOTunnA, “OhO saMpAdakulu marI eDiT chESESErEmO, pAtralani parichayaM gaTrA chEsE pErAgrAphulu narikEsErEmO!” anukunnAnu. katha mAtraM arthamayiMdi, lOTEmI anipiMchalEdu. kiMdadAkA vachchEka, muMdaroka reMDu pEjIlu unnAyani telisiMdi. mottaM kathaMtA chadivAka “klIshE”latO niMDina pAtra chitraNa, vAtAvaraNa kalpana chUsEka “muMdu reMDu pEjIlu chadavakapOyinA paravAlEdulE” anipiMchiMdi.

    I sirIs (SrEDhi?)lO kathalu saraLaMgA chadiviMchagaligElA unnAyi, kathaki kAvalasina lakshaNAlu avimAtramE kAdu. I kathalannI eppuDO okappuDu pustakaMgA vEstAranukuMTAnu. (aMduku I saiT^ lO pailaT TesT chEstunnAranukuMTAnu) anni kathalu OkE vAtAvaraNaMlO okE sAmAjika/Arthika vargAlaki cheMdina vAri kathalu, annI #first person narration# lO unnavi ayinappuDu kathalannI ilA mUsalO pOsinaTlu uMTE mohaM mottaDaM khAyaM. vaividhyaM chAlA avasaraM. bhinna dRkpathAlaniMchi cheppaDaM– kAdu naDipiMchaDaM– chAlA avasaraM.

    SrIpAda, ma.rA, SAstri, rAvi SAstri, Ar.kE. nArAyaN lAMTi vALLa kathallO I vidhamayina mUsa dhOraNi kanipiMchadu.

    inni kathalu rAsinA achchu tappulamIda dRshTi peTTakapOvaDaM vichArakaraM. “vyAhyALi” tappu. konni chOTla “viSvanAdhaM” anI konni chOTla “viSvanAthaM” anI annAru. ilAMTivE marikonni.

  196. japanIs^ pain^ cheTTu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    09/03/2011 10:49 #pm


    # eMta edigi pOyAvayyA !

    mArch 11 na japAn lO jarigina bIbhatsaM tarvAta..A vULLO EmI miga llEdu. prANa nashTaM, tIvramaina Asti nashTaM jarigiMdi. prajalu nirASrayulayyaru. illU vAkilI lEdu. vartakAlu lEvu, vudyOgAlU lEvu. paristhiti eppuDu kuduTa paDutuMdO telIdu. kAlU chEyI eppaTiki kUDutuMdO telIdu. sunAmI sRsThiMchina vidhvaMsAniki pratyaksha mUga sAkshi lA migiliMdi A vUru.
    nijamE, A vUru vUraMtA nIravutOMdi. kannIru munnIrautOMdi. aitE, vALLu vilapistOMdi. tamaku jarigina anyAyAniki kAdu!
    samudra tIrAna vaMdaDugula ettulO reMDoMdalELLa charitra galgina Debhai vEla dEvadAru vRksha samUhAla chikkani tOpuni – sunAmI vochchi A paLaMgA tuDuchipeTTuku pOyinaMdukU kAdu!
    mareMdukaMTE- tamanu sainikullA kApADina dEvadAru sainya daLaM mottaM prANa tyAgaM chEsi pOtUpOtU selyUT gA migilchi pOyina okE okE okka cheTTuni..chUstU..dukhistunnAru.
    tama prANAlu oDDi ainA sarE dAnni bratikiMchukOvAlani tapistunnAru. aMduku oka riTairD mAsTAru tana sarva Saktini dhAra pOstunna vainaM..I vyAsaM.
    eMta adbhutaM! iMtadbhutamaina sajIva kathani I madhya kAlaM lO vini vuMDaM!
    inni vEla kaLLa chemariMpuki… inni kOTla hRdaya spaMdanalaki atani guMDe chappuDokkaTE kAraNaM.. aMTE atiSayOkti kAdu.
    I voMTari vRkshAnni chUstU vuMTE. raNa bhUmilO ayina vAraMdarnI pOguTTukunna arjuni vilApaM gurtOstOMdi.
    dAni dukhAnni chUstE – AtrEya tana sAhityAnni tiraga rAsukunE vADE mOnanipistuMdi. (mAnU, mAkunu kAnu..anE pATa)
    kashTAlu kuMgadIyaDaM, dukhAlu kammukODaM..haThAttugA okkaramai migilipODaM…asalivEvi kAvu vishAdakarAlu..alAMTi vipatkara paristhitullO saitaM pakkanevarU lEka pODamE nijamaina vishAdaM manishiki! alAMTi durdaSaku, duravasthaku, nirASaku, nispRha ku lOnu kAkuMDa atanu- A cheTTu ki chEyUta nivvaDamE ikkaDa manalni kadiliMchE vishayaM, sanni vESaM!
    ippuDA cheTTuki atanoka sEvakuDu. oka taMDri. oka nEstaM. oka Ayuvu. oka AtmIyuDu. oka mAnavuDu. oka dEvuDu. adinnALLu tana ettu chUsi murisiMdi kAnI, tanakaMTE ettaina manishi okaDunnADanI, atani hRdaya vaibhavAnni chUDDaM kOsamE tanu migilunnAni anukuMTuMdEmO A cheTTu !
    I okka cheTTE kAdu, hRdayamunna prati vArU A mAshTar gArni abhinaMdistAru.A Unnata hRdayAniki vaMdanamaMTAru.
    konni pratyEkamain SAstrIya paddhatula dvArA..I vRksha jAti mokkalu nATukuMTunnAyi narsarI lO. kotta prANAlu pOsukuMTU, kotta mokkalavutunnAyi. vATini maLLI I tIrAna nATi, daTTamaina dEvadAru vanaM chEyAlani akkaDi praja kaMkaNaM kaTTukuni vuMdi.adi aDavilA vistaristuMdi. pUrva vaibhavAnni saMtariMchukuMTuMdi. aitE, idaMtA jaragaDAniki marO iravai yELLu paDutuMdi. saMdEhaMlEdu. kAni, japAn charitra lO mAtraM jarigipOyina vishAda saMghaTana kaMTE, mAsTAri mAnavatvapu viluvE goppadigA nilistuMdi ani cheppAli. !
    A durghaTanalO tAnu illU, kArU , sarvaM kOlpOyinA…niluva nIDa lEkunnA…..A cheTTu kshEmaM kOsaM niluvunA kRshi chEstunna A mAsTAri sEvaku aMdarU jOhAr anaka tappadEmO!manishi hRdaya vai SA lyAnni kolichEM duku okkO sAri AkASaM kUDA venakADutuMdi . lEkuMTE, vaMdaDugula dEvadAru, voMgi vaMdanaM chEyagaladA A mAshTAriki!?
    innALLu A bhUmi – nUraDugula cheTlatO AkASaM mIda kavitalu rAsukunEdiTa! ippuDatani pEru rAstuMdEmO!!

    nijAniki I japAn pain oka chinna vArta. mana vArta patrikalOmahA aitE oka bAks aiTaM kUDA kAdEmO! ‘oka vArtani vArta lA cheppaDaM valla adi kEvalaM chadiviMchaDaM varakE panikostuMdi. kAni, adE oka kadha lA cheppaDaM valla, A vArta eMtamaMdinO kadilistuMdi. AlOchiMpachEstuMdi. pratispaMdiMpachEstuMdi..samAja prayOjanAniki upakaristuMdi’ ani chebutU vuMDE vAru jarnalijaM klAs lO mA mAsTAr! Ayana mATalu akshara satyAlulA tOstunnAyi ippuDidi chaduvutU vuMTE!
    mI japAn pain chadivutUnE..japAn ni nAlugu che~ragulA chadivochchA. pani lO pani gA ‘klabbu chapTA samAdhi’ lO iMkA sajIvaMgA vunna ‘nidra gannEru nI’ chUsochchA. bAvuMdi. kotta pAThakulaku mIrilAMTi saulabhyAnni kaligistunna I prayOgamU bAvuMdi. !
    oka nija samAchAraM tO bATu oka saMdESAtmaka maina vyAsAnni aMdiMchina saMpAdakulaku abhinaMdanalatO..
    – Ar.damayaMti.

  197. palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 2 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/01/2011 2:07 #pm

    #mOhana gAru,

    mI abhiprAyAniki kRtaj~natalu.

    1. nannechODu@MDu prAsakai sunnagA vADADA, lEka, ataDu nivasistunna prAMtaMlO iMkA mUMDu anna uchchAraNa uMDEdA anna vishayaMpai kachchitamaina abhiprAyaM cheppaDAniki saraina AdhArAlu lEvani nA nammakaM. dIrghamupaini anusvaraM/anunAsikaM lOpiMchi aMtaku pUrvaM unna achchu #nasalized# kAvaDaM telugulO 7-11 SatAbdAla madhya jarigina pariNAmaM. nannechODu@MDu itara padyAllO mUMDu (mUMDDu) anE vADADA lEka mU@MDu (mUMDu) ani vADADA anna vishayaM pariSIliMchAli.

    2. miSrasamAsAllO pUrvapadamu telugai, uttara padamu saMskRtamaitE adi dushTasamAsaM kAdani nEniMtavaraku eppuDU vinalEdu. kEtana gAnI, appakavi gAnI vITiguriMchi rAsArEmO nAku teliyadu. paDuchAhAraM, goppAvESaM (goppa+AvESaM), munnEtruDu (=mukkaMTi) ivannI dushTasamAsAlu kAvA? maraitE, muMdu telugu padaM vachchi taruvAta saMskRta padaM vastE, vATini kalapaDAniki telugu saMdhi sUtrAlu upayOgiMchAlA, lEka saMskRta saMdhulA? pachcha+aMbaraM (pachchabaTTa)nu telugu akAra saMdhini vADi pachchaMbaraM anAlA? lEdA saMskRta savarNadIrgha saMdhi upayOgiMchi pachchAMbaraM anAlA? ‘pAlAbhishEkaM’, ‘paDuchAhAraM’ anna samAsAlni sInIkavulu vADitE avi dushTasamAsAlani vimarSiMchina vArunnAru kadA!

  198. vETUri pATa guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    08/26/2011 9:14 #pm

    #akki: vETUriki chAlA pAMDityaM uMdi kAnI adaMtA oka paddhatilO nErchukunna SAstra vij~nAnaM kAdani nA abhiprAyaM. paMDita vaMSaMlO puTTinaMduku Ayanaku chAlA vishaya parij~nAnaM anuSrutaMgA abbiMdi — aMTE Ayanaku chAlA vishayAlapai #intuitive# gAavagAhana uMdi gAnI vATini hEtubaddhaMgA viSlEshiMchE SAstrIya dhRkpathaM gAnI, SikshaNa gAnI lEdu. Ayana DabbiMg pATalu viSlEshistE Ayana chEsE tappulalO kanipiMchE oka kramAnni (#pattern#)gamaniMchaDaM dvArA Ayanaku mAtrAChaMdassu avagAhanalO unna lOpAlni manaM kanipeTTavachchani nA abhiprAyaM.

    udAharaNaku, “tAnA tAnA tAnananAnA” anna bANIki ‘mAmakoDuku rAtirikostE’ (A bANIlO ‘mAmA koDukU rAtirikostE’ anE pADAlsivastuMdi) ani rAsina vETUri, ‘tAna tAnanA/tana tAna tAnanA/tana nAna tana nAna tananA’ anna bANIki ‘lEtapApala chirunavvutOTakE digivastAvA sirula vennelA’ (‘lEtapApalA chirunavvutOTakE digivastA vAsirula vennelA’ anE pADAli ATyUnuku) ani rAsADu. 2000lO aTlAMTAlO jarigina samAvESaMlO mATlADutU, tanu ‘rAmachilakamma, prEmamolakamma’ ani pATa rAstE, dAnni telugu rAni udit nArAyaNa ‘rAmmA chilakammA, prEmA molakammA’ ani pADADani vApOtE SrOtalaMtA chappaTlu koTTAru. A taruvAta nEnu praivETugA AyanatO mATlADutU “‘tAnA tananAnA, tAnA tananAnA’ anna 4+2+4, 4+2+4 mAtralaku ‘rAmachilakamma, prEma molakamma’ saripOdukadaMDi”ani aDigAnu. dAniki badulugA “nijamE kAvachchu bAbu, vALLu ichchina bANIki nAku tOchinaTTugA rAstuMTAnu. nAku I mAtrAChaMdassulu, avi aMtagA teliyadu” annADu. adI saMgati!

  199. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    08/26/2011 11:08 #am


  200. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    08/23/2011 9:41 #pm

    #tulasI mOhan gArU!
    mI bhAvAbhiprAyAnni okE okka vAkyaMlO vyaktIkariMchaDaM bAvuMdi.aMdaMgA kUDA vuMdi.thAMkyU!

  201. vETUri pATa guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    08/22/2011 8:30 #am

    #jIbrAki #algebra# chihnAla
    lAMkOTU pAMkOLLU toDigi
    sAhitya paurOhityaM istE
    verrikAdu vETUri pATa sOdarA!

    adhivAstavika rachana aMTE manassaMchAraMlOni asaMlakshyakramAnni paiki tEvaDaM ani SrISrI nirvachiMchADu. aprayatna rachanalO AvishkRtamaitunna chitravichitra vastujAlamE AnaMdAniki koMta kAraNaM aMTU “maMTa, muLLaDoMkalu, nek^Tai, TaipuraiTar, haMsa ivi eMduvallanO varusagA okadAni taruvAta okaTigA nA manassulO dorlutU kshaNaMlO kanabaDi, marukshaNaM mAyamainavi” ani tana ‘mATala mUTa’lO chebutADu SrISrI.

    haddulu lEkuMDAegirE svEchChAbhAvAlni aspashTamaina pada chitrAla dvArA, SabdaM dvArA AvishkariMchaDaM kUDA adhivAstavitakE ayitE, vETUri achchamaina adhivAstavika kavi. chEtanAvasthalOnO, suptachEtanalOnO tanalO kaligE alOchanala alajaDini pAThakulalO/SrOtalalO kUDA kaligiMchaDamE kavitvAniki paramAvadhi ayitE vETUri A vishayaMlO kRtakRtyuDayyADanEcheppavachchu. adIkAka, I asaMbaddha bhAvAla kummariMpu valla A pATa bhAvaM chappuna arthaM kAkapOvaDaMlOnE koMta AkarshaNa uMdani nEnU bhAvistAnu.

    vETUri pATa guriMchi rAmArAvu gAru pratipAdiMchina konni prAdhamika sUtrAlu pUrtigA adhivAstavikatA kavitva lakshaNAlEnani nA abhiprAyaM. adhivAstavikata oka mAnasika rugmata annavArunnAru. oka bhAvachitrAnni gIstU ardhAMtaraMgA, paradhyAnaMtO marO bhAvachitrapu komma paiki geMtaDaM mAnasika rugmatE ayitE, A ‘SAkhAlaMghana’ lakshaNAlu vElUri pATallO pushkalaMgA kanipistAyi.

    ayitE, vETUri rAsina anni pATallO I rakamaina aspashTa kavitvaM uMTudani cheppalEM. udAharaNaku, rAmArAvu gAru prastAviMchina SaMkarAbharaNaM sinimAlOni ‘rAgaM, tAnaM, pallavi’ tIsukOMDi. “SabdAlaMkArAlu pushkalaMgA uMDi chevikiMpugA hAyigA vinipiMchE I pATa, arthAnni aDiviki tOlEsi SabdAnni chaMkanettukOvaTAniki oka maMchi udAharaNa” ani rAmArAvugAru annAru. #I beg to disagree.

    #“kRshNAtaraMgAla sAraMgarAgAlu
    kRshNalIlAtaraMgiNI bhaktigItAlu

    sasyakEdArAla svarasagAMdhArAlu
    sarasahRdayakshEtra vimalagAMdharvAlu

    kshIrasAgaraSayana dEvagAMdhArilO
    nIpada kIrtana sEyagA”

    I charaNaMlOni arthAnni vivariMchaDaM aMtakashTamEM kAdu. I charaNAniki sAdhAraNa arthaM: kRshNAtaraMgAla dhvanulu, kRshNAnadi prAMtaM vADaina nArAyaNa tIrthulu rAsina kRshNalIlAtaraMgiNi lOni bhaktigItAlu, paMTa polAlu vinipiMchE gAMdhAra svaraM, rasaj~nula hRdayakshEtraMlOni vimala saMgItaM, ivannI, nI pAdakIrtanamE chEstunnAyi, O kshIrasAgara Sayana!

    ayitE, I charaNaMlO rAmArAvu gAru prastAviMchani ennO saMgIta paramaina rahasyAlu imiDi unnAyi. ‘rAgaM, tAnaM, pallavi’ ni rAgamAlikalO svaraparichAru. sAdhAraNaMgA rAgamAlika aMTE, pATa mottAniki okE rAgaM vADakuMDA, pallavi, anupallavi, charaNAlokkokkaTiniki okkO rAgaMlO svaraparachaDaM. iTuvaMTi rAgamAlikanu upayOgiMchina sinimA pATalaku oka maMchi udAharaNa <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200907/1441.html" rel="nofollow"#>hAyihAyigA Amani sAge. ayitE, ‘rAgaM, tAnaM, pallavi’ pATalO okka charaNaMlOni vErvEru paMktulanE bhinna rAgAtO svaraparichADu mAma (mAma aMTE mahadEvan anna mATa).

    manaM charchistunna charaNaMlO modaTi reMDu lainulu sAraMga rAgaMlO, madhyalO reMDu lainlu kEdAra rAgaMlO, chivari reMDu lainlu dEvagAMdhArilO vinipistAyi(Ta) (saMgItaMlO nAku vinikiDi j~nAnamE tappa E SikshaNa lEdu. saMgItaM bAgA telisina vAru nannu savariMchavachchu). aMTE vETUri, sAraMga, kEdAra, dEvagAMdhAri anna rAgAla pErlanu dattapadilO ichchina padAlugA kUrchi rAsina charaNamidi. aMtEgAka, kEdAra rAgaMlO sunnitaMgA vinabaDE gAMdhAraM (ga svaraM) guriMchi, dEvagAMdhAri rAgaM anagAnE gurtukuvachchE ‘kshIrasAgaraSayana ‘ anna tyAgarAja kRti guriMchi telisina saMgItaj~nulu I charaNaM vinagAnE AnaMdaMtO chappaTlu koDatAraMTE atiSayOkti kAdu. ippuDu maLLI chadavaMDI I pAdAlanu. chappaTlu koTTAlanipistE koTTaMDi!

    “kRshNAtaraMgAla sAraMgarAgAlu
    kRshNalIlAtaraMgiNI bhaktigItAlu

    sasyakEdArAla svaragAMdhArAlu
    svarasahRdayakshEtra vimalagAMdharvAlu

    kshIrasAgaraSayana dEvagAMdhArilO
    nIpada kIrtana sEyagA”


    alAgE rAmArAvu gAru sirisirimuvva sinimAlOni I kiMdi pATalO “chivari EDu pAdAllOnu EM rAyAlO tOchaka gilagilalADaTaM spashTaMgA kanipistuMdi” ani nishkAraNaMgA vETUrini niMdiMchArani nA abhiprAyaM!

    satI viyOgamu sahiyiMchaka – du
    rmatiyau dakshuni madamaDaMchagA
    Dhama, Dhama, Dhama, Dhamaruka dhvanula
    namaka chamaka yama gamaka layaMkara
    sakala lOka jarjarita bhayaMkara
    vikaTanaTaspada visphuliMgamula
    vilaya tAMDavamu salipina nIvE
    SilavE ayitE pagilipO-
    SivuDE ayitE ragilipO-

    kRshNa yajurvEdAniki saMbaMdhiMchina taittarIya saMhitalO nAlugO kAMDaMlOni 5va adhyAyAnni namakaM ani 7va adhyAyAnni chamakaM aMTAru! ivi reMDu mana vEdavA~mmayaMlO rudruDini kIrtistU rAsina vATilO ati praSastamainavi. svarAnni (#tone)# ati prAchIna saMskRta graMthAlalO yama ( <>

    kRshNa yajurvEdAniki saMbaMdhiMchina taittarIya saMhitalO nAlugO kAMDaMlOni 5va adhyAyAnni namakaM ani 7va adhyAyAnni chamakaM aMTAru! ivi reMDu mana vEdavA~mmayaMlO rudruDini kIrtistU rAsina vATilO ati praSastamainavi. svarAnni (#tone)# ati prAchIna saMskRta graMthAlalO yama ( <>

    Ayanaku mAtrAChaMdassulapai aMtagA paTTu lEdanna vishayaM Ayana rAsina DabbiMg pATalu chUstE bOdhapaDutuMdi. vETUri DabbiMg pATalapai oka Asaktikaramaina charchanu mIru terachATu chaMdamAma anna blAgulO chadavavachchu!

    iMkA vETUri pATa guriMchi eMtO rAyAlani uMdi kAnI, mariMkeppuDainA!


  202. ImATa julai 2011 saMchikaku svAgataM guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    08/22/2011 2:04 #am

    *# SubhAkAMkshalu *

    gauranIyulaina saMpAdakulaku, saMpAdaka vargAniki, ImATa raiTars ki, pAThakulakU nA hRdayapUrvaka kRshNAshTami janmadina SubhAkAMkshalu!

  203. marikonni apurUpamaina goMtukalu guriMchi #Nithin # abhiprAyaM:

    08/21/2011 10:41 #am

    #goMtukala kaMTE ‘rAtakOtala’ ragaDa ekkuvainaTluMdi. kAsta kaT chEstE maMchidanukuMTAnu.

  204. smaraNa: katha nachchina kAraNaM guriMchi #Dr.Sudhakar # abhiprAyaM:

    08/13/2011 7:15 #am

    #mA gokhalE gAri ‘smaraNa’ kadha kluptamu gAnU goppa gAnU vunnadi.
    #It narrates how jealousy, greed and domination overtake human values.
    Gokhale was a great artist and story writer too.
    I am fortunate enough to see the print of one of M. Gokhale’s paintings titled ‘#peLLi chUpulu’.
    #I still remember that beautiful picture reflecting telugu culture vividly.
    I am not aware of any museum exibiting this great telugu artist’s works.
    Thanks for Veluri Venkateswara rao gaaru for introducing Maa Gokhale to telugu people via EEMAATA.


  205. #j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    08/04/2011 11:12 #pm

    ‘i love rain too’.#.ennALLaki vinnAnU! siMpul gA sogasugA cheppAru. jIvitaMlO okka sArainA prEmalO paDani vAru, vAna lO taDavani vAru vuMDa(lE)raTa. nA I ‘reyin phul dhATs’ – mIku mI mAtRmUrti tO bATu mAtRdESAnni kUDA talapiMpachEyaDaM garviMchadagina vishayaM.
    sudha gArU!thAMks phar yuvar respAns,ai riyallI aprishiyET!

  206. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    07/28/2011 12:13 #am

    #voe# gArU! thAMks rAyAlA annAru! tappanisarigA rAyAlaMDI.
    rachana chadivi, tama tama amUlyamaina abhiprAyAlu velibuchchE prati vArU nA dRshTi lO apurUpa gauravanIyulu. nA sAhitI gaDapa lO aDugupeTTE vAraMdarnI sAdaraMgA palakariMchaDaM,saMdarbAnusAraM prati spaMdiMchaDaM, badulugA dhanyavAdAlu teliyachEyaDaM nA alavATu. adE mana telugu saMskRti, sAMpradAyaM kUDA. ika parsanal I meyil nAku ‘sari paDadu’. ippuDu telsiMdA mI kAmeMT eMduku vEsukunnArO ImATa vAru!? ..avunU, mI nik nEm preTI gA vuMdi.gurtiMchArA!? guD lak.

    are.cheppaDaM marchipOlEdu.
    thAMkyU. thAMkyU verI mach.

  207. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi #voe paatakudu # abhiprAyaM:

    07/27/2011 1:18 #am

    #pratI kAmeMTukI patrikAmukhaMgA thEMksulu rAyAlA?.. eDiTarlE kAmeMTu rAsinavAri Imeyilu aDrasu rachayitrigAriki paMpitE saripOdA?.. nANyamaina kAmeMTlumAtramE vEskuMTAranukunnAnu. I-mEgajainu ayinaMta mAtrAna UkaMtA (nA I kAmeTuni Uka ani gurtiMchagalaru..) vEsukOvAlA?

  208. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    07/24/2011 8:47 #pm

    #A rOjulu saMtOsha sAhityAlu. enni sArlu chadivinA, eppaTikappuDu malle tOTalO mArniMg vAk chEsochchinaTTuMTuMdi.pUlu akka DE vuMTAyi. parimaLAlE prANAlavutAyi. mIrannadI nijamE. A j~nApakAla tAjAdanaM alAMTidi mari!
    mana@hpUrvaka kRtaj~natalatO..

  209. vETUri pATa guriMchi #Rohiniprasad # abhiprAyaM:

    07/22/2011 6:09 #am

    #dASarathi guriMchina oka vyAsaM 22-07-2011 AMdhrajyOti dinapatrikalO chadavavachchu. idi chUDaDaM vIlavakapOtE <>#eemaata.com/misc/dasarathi_AJ220711.pdf"#>pIDIeph liMk kUDA chUDavachchunEmO saMpAdakulu gamaniMchagalaru.

    #[#I vyAsaM <>#eemaata.com/misc/dasarathi_AJ220711.pdf"#>pIDIeph ImATalO uMchAmu – saM.#]

  210. #j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    07/19/2011 5:31 #pm

    #chirugAli chappuDuki
    guMDe talupu teruchukuMTuMdi vAragA!
    chinni rekkala piTTa
    kuva kuvalu pOtuMdi tIya gA!
    nijaM.oka vechchani jNApakaM – A kAlaM.
    aMdamaina bAlyaM kOsamE puDatAMTa manaM. A AnaMdAniki kAka pOtE, manakEM pani I bhUmmIda!? ani aMTADu O rachayita. eMta bAgA cheppADu kadU!
    thAMksaMDi pavan gAru!

  211. I kAnukanivvalEnu guriMchi #Nithin # abhiprAyaM:

    07/18/2011 5:49 #pm

    #maMchi katha. bAvuMdi. kathanaMlO aMtarlInamaina AlOchana dyOtakamavutOMdi. pratyEkiMchi konni vAkyAllOni gADhata hRdayAniki hattukuMTuMdi. AsAMtaM OpiggA chadivina vAriki okka vAkyamainA vEdhiMchaka mAnadu!


  212. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    07/10/2011 9:48 #pm

    #nijamE, bAlyaM nATi kAlaM O adbhutaM. sapta varNAla idrachApaM.
    aksha rAlanu pUlatO kalipi varNiMcha DaM hRdyaMgA vuMdi. thAMkyU jOgArAv gArU!thAMkyU!!

  213. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    07/06/2011 9:25 #pm

    #bAgA gurtu chEsAru. thAMkyU!
    namassula tO-

  214. nILLu kAchE panipilla guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/05/2011 1:39 #am

    ‘#vIpuna uppATADutAyi podduTi chaligAlulu..’chuTTukuMdi guMDeni!

  215. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi -Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/04/2011 9:01 #pm

    #chAlA thAMks subrahmamaNyaM gArU!

  216. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    07/04/2011 2:43 #am

    #yaSasvi gArU,namastE!
    jayaprabha gAri vAna muchchaTa guriMchi mIrikkaDa pra stAviMchaDaM chAlA muripeMgA vuMdi. aMdarU chadivi AnaMdiMchE vidhaMgA rAsi paMpina mIkunU nA abhinaMdanalu!
    kRtajNatalatO –

  217. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    07/02/2011 7:39 #pm

    mI abhimAnAniki chAlA chAlA thAMksaMDi. tappakuMDA maMchi kadhalu rAyaDAniki kRshi chEstAnu.

    mOhana gAriki, namastE.
    varshAnni vasaMtaMgA eMta bAgA cheppAru! nEnu tappakuMDA mI padyAlu chaduvutAnu.

    nA aksharAla vAna jallu nachchinaMduku mana@hpUrvaka kRtajNa talu teliyajEsukuMTU-

  218. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi mOhana abhiprAyaM:

    07/02/2011 8:47 #am

    #ullamunu jallu manipiMchE pAta j~nApakAlu ati ullAsamugA unnAyi. vAna kUDa oka vasaMtakAlamulATidE. aMdukE vAnAkAlAnni nIrAmani aMTAru. mI vyAsaM bAguMdi. nEnu kUDa ilATi bhAvAlE konni <>#eemaata.com/em/category/library/satakamdasaurabhamu/"#>ikkaDa 8 nuMDi 11 padyAlalO telipi unnAnu. grIshmAtapatApAnni challArchE varshapu chinukullA mI vAna jallu AnaMdaparichiMdi, kRtaj~natalu.

    vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  219. j~nApakAla tOTalO vAna pUla jallu! guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    07/01/2011 8:42 #pm

    #mIrU rAyochchu kadA!

    koMta maMdi mAtramE mIlA hRdaya spaMdanani teliyachEyagalaru.
    rAjEsh gAru! dhanyavAdAlu. mI iMTi pEru bhalE nachchiMdi nAku.
    avunU!mIrU mI vAna jNApakAnni ikkaDa mA aMdaritO paMchukOvachchu kadA!venakADakaMDi.rAyaDAniki prayatniMchaMDi.

  220. pAThakulaku sUchanalu guriMchi #Dr.Vunnava Satyam # abhiprAyaM:

    06/28/2011 5:09 #am

    I am feeling highly relaxed by reading the stories in eemaata.

    I am thankful to you sir.


  221. #prapaMcha sAhityaM – prajAsvAmyIkaraNaM: reMDO sAri! guriMchi #r.damayanthi # abhiprAyaM:

    06/28/2011 1:01 #am

    #charchiMcha dagina aMSaM

    eDiTar gAriki, namastE!

    muMdugA mIku abhinaMdanalu! gUgul kaMpenI vAru vij~nAna sAhityaM DijiTaij chEyaDaM guriMchi aMtA chadivAka nAkoka katha gurtukostOMdi (cheppamaMTE chebutA tarvAta). gUgul talapeTTina prayatnaM maMchidE. kAkapOtE ASayaM ‘ArthikamaiMdi.’ aMdukE aMTAru – aksharaM eppuDaitE vyApAraM avutuMdO ..appuDakkaDa – AdarSaM karuvavutuMdi, kanumarugavutuMdI ani! ASayaM lEni eMta goppa prayatnamainA nishprayOjanamE!

    ika anAdha graMdhAla vishayAni kostE vATikoka kotta rUpunichchi velugulOki tEvaDaM kUDA oka saMchalanAtmakamaina AlOchanE. (ammukOvaDAnni minahAyistE) aMdarU abhinaMdiMcha daginadE. eTochchI..’ pEru nIdi. vUru nAdI’ anE oDaMbaDika kUDA vuMDi vuMTE bAvuMDE dEmO! mIrannaTTu gUgul ki ‘vyApAra prakaTanala raMdhi ‘ lEkuMDA vuMDi vuMTE..phalitaM adbhuta rItilO kona sAgi vuMDEdEmO! hArdikaM kAstA ArdhikamavvaTaM tO vochchina taMTA idaMtA! prastuta prapaMchaM mottaM – cheTTu tO kAdu ‘vittu’ tO naDustOMdi. ilA mATlADutU vuMTE – gAMdhI gAru gurtostunnAru. ‘ naitika bAdhyata lEni eMta goppa vyApAramainA adi samAjAniki hAnikaraM’ anna Ayana mATalU chappuna sphuraNakostunnAyi. ‘anAdha graMdhAlu’ prachuriMchi ammukOvaDaM kUDA chAlA bAdhAkaramaina vishayamE ayinA – evaru bAdha paDAlanEdi pedda praSna!

    I gUgul aMSaM eMta AsaktikaraMgA vuMdaMTe- (mIru ichchina vivaraNa chadivAka) prapaMchaM aMtA kalasi bAhATaMgA charchiMchukOvalasina (Open Diskashan) avasaraM eMtainA vuMdani nA abhiprAyaM.


  222. nallatOlu: katha nachchina kAraNaM guriMchi #subramanyam.Ravuluri # abhiprAyaM:

    05/30/2011 9:24 #am

    I read this story 50 years ago. The review posted by Sri.K.V.Giridhar Rao gaaru is excellent. Thanks to eemaata. May I request you to publish the story “family portrait” (Telugu version) which is one among the several wonderful Telugu stories translated in to English by Sri.Vadrevu Patanjali gaaru.


  223. #palukubaDi: saMkhyA padAlu – 1 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    05/16/2011 10:13 #am

    #chaMdramOhan gAru:

    1. tamiLaMlO viSEshaNaMgA vADEdi nEnu reMDO dhAtuvugA vivariMchina or/Or; o~r/O~r kAdu.
    2. nAgamuraLi gAru vivariMchinaTTu Tamuku, Dappu, ThavaLiMchu, ThEva vaMTivi dhvanyanukaraNAlugAnO, varNavyatyayaMgAnO vivariMchavachchu. dIni guriMchi vivaraMgA iMkO vyAsabhAgaMlO charchiddAM.

    SrInivAs gAru:

    AyiraM, sAviraM reMDU saMskRta tadbhavAlE. sahasra padaM prAkRtaM lO sAyiraMgA, Apai kannaDa, tamiLAlalO sAvira gAnU, AyiraMgAnU mArpu cheMdiMdi.

  224. mAdhuryAniki marO pEru: E. eM. rAjA guriMchi #Sreenivas Paruchuri # abhiprAyaM:

    05/02/2011 10:10 #am


    #Thanks for your kind words! Yes, you are correct that “Manathan Maravillai” is the Tamil version of Telugu# guMDamma katha. #We shall try to share some more rare; esp. non-film/AIR numbers of A.M. Raja in near future on eemaaTa.


  225. #purUrava: Sravya nATika guriMchi #nitin # abhiprAyaM:

    04/14/2011 1:22 #pm

    #samAdhAnaM ichchinaMduku saMtOshaM. nijaMgA ADiyOlO E lOpamU lEkapOtE marO vidhaMgA prayatniMchi chUstAnu. nAku I kaMpyUTar guriMchi peddagA avagAhana lEdu. SAradA SrInivAsan gAri ‘j~nApakAlu’ pIDIeph rUpaMlO aMdiMchinaMduku AnaMdistunnAnu. iMduku mIku mana@h pUrvakaMgA kRtaj~natalu teliyajEsukuMTunnAnu.


  226. purUrava: Sravya nATika guriMchi #Nithin # abhiprAyaM:

    04/09/2011 10:26 #am

    #I nATakAnni vinAlani eMtO tahataha cheMdAnu. duradRshTaM. ADiyOlO EdO lOpaM unnaTlu uMdi. vinE bhAgyaM lEkapOyiMdi. chalaM UhallO UrvaSi aMdAnni tanivitIrA AsvAdiMchAM. SAradA SrInivAs goMtulO prANaM pOsukunna A iMdralOkapu oyyAri madhurasvaraM eTlA uMTuMdO vinalEkapOtunnAM. dayachEsi evari daggarEnA I Sravya nATakaM tAlUkA orijinal ADiyO uMTE ganuka nA meyil^ki paMpaMDi. vAriki sarvadA kRtaj~nuDini. I vyAsaMlO marO lOpaM EmiTaMTE, SArada SrInivAsan guriMchi AMdhrajyOtilO vachchina j~nApakAla liMku ekkaDO egiripOyiMdi. okasAri sarichUDaMDi. nEniMtaku muMdu SArada gAridi EdO nATakaM vinnAnu. sarigA j~nApakaM lEdu kAnI A madhuramaina pATa maTuku nA guMDellO mArumrOgutUnE vuMdi. Amenu okasAri kalavAlani kOrukuMTunnAnu.

    #mail: nitin@annabattula@gmail.com

    [#mEmu prayatniMchAM. ADiyOlO E lOpamU lEdu. dayachEsi mI seTTiMgs okkasAri chek chEsukOMDi. AMdhrajyOti liMk sthAnE pI.DI.eph liMk ichchAmu.- saM.#]

  227. #palukubaDi: muMdumATa guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    04/07/2011 7:03 #am

    #surEsh gArU, namastE.
    mIru chEstunna maMchi prayatnaM I ‘palukubaDi.’
    konni padAla paTla mAlAMTi vAriki kaligE konni saMdEhAlaku I SIrshikalOnE samAdhAnAlu kUDA istE bAvuMTuMdEmOnani anukuMTunnAnu.
    chadavaMgAnE, tElikagA ardhamaitE iMkA bAvuMTuMdani nA abhiprAyaM.

  228. ImATa prachuraNalO chinna mArpu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    04/03/2011 9:07 #pm

    gauravanIyulaina saMpAdakulaku, saMpAdaka vargAniki, ImATa rachayitalaku, pAThakulaku nA ugAdi SubhAkAMkshalu!

  229. palukubaDi: muMdumATa guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    04/01/2011 11:29 #am

    #brahmAnaMdaM gAru,

    mI abhiprAyAniki kRtaj~natalu. I vyAsaMlOni ArO vAkyaMlOnE “padAla vyutpatti telipE niruktAnni Aru vEdAMgAlalO okaTigA pErkonnAru” ani cheppAnu. viDamarachi cheppAlaMTE “padAla vyutpattini telipE SAstrAnni niruktaM ani mana prAchInulu piluchukunnAru. dInni Aru vEdAMgAlalO okaTigA pErkonnAru.”

    vyAsAla paThanIyata (#readability)# peMchaDAniki, ikapai mariMta vivaraMgA rAyaDAniki prayatnistAnu.


  230. palukubaDi: muMdumATa guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    04/01/2011 11:05 #am

    #SrInivAs gAru,

    mIru cheppiMdi nijamE. “Aryulu” ani lUj gA anuvAdaM cheyyakuMDA uMDAlsiMdi. “svabhAshAnurUpAn — tama soMta bhAshalO (aMTE saMskRtaMlO)” anna padabaMdhaM chadivinappuDu teliyakuMDAnE Aryulu ani manasulO anukonnAnEmO, aMdukE anuvAdaMlO Aryulu ani vachchi paDiMdi.

    modaTi vAkyAniki TIka:

    tat = A; yathA = E vidhaMgAnaitE; drAviDabhAshAyAM = drAviDa bhAshalO; Eva tAvat = A vidhaMgAnE; vyaMjanAMta = halaMtamaina (vyaMjana=hallu); bhAshApadEshu = bhAshApadAlayaMdu; svarAMta = ajaMta (svara=achchu); vibhakti strIpratyayAdi = vibhakti pratyayAlanu, strI pratyayAlanu; kalpanAbhi@h = kalpiMchi, jatachErchi; svabhAshAnurUpAn = (tama) soMta bhAshalO; arthAn = arthamulanu; pratipAdyamAnA@h = pratipAdiMchE vAru; dRSyaMtE = kanabaDatAru.

    tAtparyaM: drAviDa bhAshalO halaMta padAlaku achchutO aMtamayyE vibhakti pratyayAlanu, strI pratyayAlanu kalpiMchi, tama soMta bhAshalO arthAlanu pratipAMdiMchE vAru kanabaDatAru.

    kumArila bhaTTa rAsina pai vAkyaM prasiddhi poMdaDAniki iMkO kAraNaM kUDa uMdi. Sithilamaina tALapatrAlanu tappugA chadavaDaMtO, 19va SatAbdhapu bhAshAvEttalu I vAkyAnni “tadAMdhra drAviDabhAshAyaM …” ani chadivi “AMdhra, drAviDa bhAsha(la)lO …” anna arthAnni cheppukunnAru. “#A comparative grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian family of languages”# lO #Robert Caldwell# I vAkyaM AdhAraMgA AMdhra SabdaM guriMchi rAstU ilA annAru:

    “#Telugu is called Andhra by Sanskrit writers. […]. It occupies the first place — not kalinga or Trilinga — in the compound term Andhra Dravida bhasha by Kumaila Bhatta […], designated what he appears to have supposed to be one language spoken by the Dravidians.”

    #aMtaku muMdu #Dr. Burnell# kumArila bhaTTa vAkyAnni uTaMkistU oka vyAsaMlO ilA annAru: “#The vauge term by which the Tamil language is mentioned (by KumArila), Andhra-Dravida-bhasha, is remarkable, as it indicates that a systematic study of the Dravidian languages can hardly have begun in the eighth century”

  231. #oka pramukha charchaku puna@hparichayaM guriMchi #yaddanapudi kameswari # abhiprAyaM:

    03/22/2011 1:22 #pm

    #nEnu oka sAhitya vidyArthini. 1984lo ,amRtaM kurisina rAtri-vAkyalaya bhAvapOshaNa anna aMSaMpai eMphil kEMdraviSvavidyAlayaM nuMDi poMdAnu. Adhunika kavitvaMlO ‘nEnu’ anE aMSaMpai 1990 lO adE viSvavidyAlayaM nuMDi pi.hech.Di chESAnu. nAvadda I charchaku saMbaMdhiMchi nEnu rAsinavi, maMchi vyAsAlu, mI saMdEhAlanu tIrchagalavi unnAyi. nAachchaina pustakAla nuMDi mIku elA paMpAlO nAku teliyaTaM lEdu. mukhyaMgA vachana kavitvaMlO pAdavibhajanaku saMbaMdhiMchi nA gamaniMpulu konni unnAyi. nA lAp^TAp lO kImAn, ailIp unnAyi. vITini upayOgiMchi A vyAsAlanu paMpaTaM sAdhyamEnA?

    padyaM anE mATa nu nEnu kavitalOni sTAMjAgA svIkariMchAnu. kavitalO konni padyAlu uMDaTaMlO evarikI abhyaMtaraM uMDadanukuMTAnu. pAdavibhajana sAdhAraNaMgA bhAva viSrAMtini anusariMchi uMDaTaM nEnu gamaniMchAnu. ika oka pAdAnnO, mATanO, punarAvRtaM chEsi, haiphan nu upayOgiMchi, lEka okEpadAnni okapAdaMgA chEsi , kavulu tAmu chUpadalachukonnaprabhAvAnni chUputunnAru. bairAgi ‘nAkkoMchaM nammakamivvu lO haiphannu upayOgiMchukonnADu A kAlaMlOnE. ika kavitvaMlO SabdaM niSSabdaM anE vyAsaMlO nEnu vachanakavi vADutunna ennO sAMkEtika vinyAsAlanu charchiMchAnu. A vyAsAnni mIku elA paMpAlO nAku teliyaTaMlEdu. vyAsaMlO ayitE okkokkokka vishayaM kramapaddhatilO uMTuMdi.
    DA.vai. kAmESvari.

    #[#okasAri prachuritamaina samakAlIna rachanalaku sAmAnyaMgA ImATalO sthAnaM lEdu, konni konni pratyEka samayAlalO tappa. mI vyAsAlanu <>#eemaata.com/forums/"#>ImATa charchAvEdikalO paMchukOMDi. I vishayaMlO mIku sahAyaM kAvAlaMTE <>#eemaata.com">editors@eemaata.com# chirunAmAvadda mAtO saMpradiMchaMDi … saM.#]

  232. #sirula saMkrAMti guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/13/2011 6:32 #am

    #aruN chaMdra gArU,
    mI vUri j~nApakAlu bAgunnAyi, chebutUMTE.
    manameMta dUraM veLLinA, vunna vUru, kannavAru aMtarAna vuMTUnE vuMTAru. sahajamE.
    mIkunU nA kRtaj~natalu.

  233. nirASakai ASapaDutU… guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/11/2011 9:45 #pm

    #namaskAramaMDi, surES kolichAla gArU!

    gurtutechchina gItAlaku kRtaj~natalu.

  234. nirASakai ASapaDutU… guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    03/11/2011 10:01 #am

    “#keMdAmaralu”, chelimimIra” aMTE saripOyEdemO!

    nAku gurtuku vachchina reMDu pATalu “telavAradEmO svAmi (makkuva mIraga … cheluvamu nElaga)”, “chirugAlE viMjAmara, chiTTipApE keMdAmara” (sItArAmaSAstri kAdu).

  235. nirASakai ASapaDutU… guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/11/2011 6:46 #am

    #SrInivAs gAru, thAMksaMDi.
    EmiTA reMDu pATalu? telsukOvachchA?

  236. nirASakai ASapaDutU… guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/09/2011 9:45 #pm

    #rama gAriki,
    mI vimarSa bAvuMdaMDi. mIrannaTTu mArchAlanukunnA, kAnI kudaralEdu.
    ‘arigipOyina’ ani annAru mIroka chOTa. kAdaMDi. ‘karigipOyina’ karekTEmO! ani anukuMTunnA.

  237. mUDu lAMtarlu – 2 guriMchi #Madhav # abhiprAyaM:

    03/03/2011 10:33 #am

    [#rachayita prastAviMchina <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200001/736.html"#>mAlikha – velchEru nArAyaNarAvu vyAsaM – ImATa janavari 2000 saMchikalO prachuriMchabaDiMdi – saM.#]

  238. #ImATa prachuraNalO chinna mArpu guriMchi Ar.damayaMti abhiprAyaM:

    03/02/2011 1:20 #am

    #gauravanIyulaina saMpAdakulaku, namastE!

    muMdugA mIku nA kRtaj~natalu teliyachEsukuMTunnA. ImATa lO ‘madhyaMtara rachanalaku’ sthAnAnni kalpistunna vainaM bAguMdi. alAgE- nelakO, reNnellakO, oka chinna navala kAnI, oka pedda kathaku kAnI vIlu kalpistE mariMta bAguMTuMdanukuMTunnA.(chinna chinna imEjes tO).

    adE vidhaMgA, I reMDu nelala vyavadhilO vachchE – mana telugu paMDagalaku saMbaMdhiMchina pratyEka vyAsAlu, pramukhulu poMdE pratishTAtmakamaina puraskArAla viSEshAlu,iMkA..telugu sAhitI vana vRkshAlanu vIDi veLtU… parimaLAlanu vedajalli pOyEvArini saMsmariMchukunE vIlU kalpistE mariMtagA bAvuMDochchEmOnani oka chinna Uha. ..aMtE.

    (ImATalO- muLLapUDi gAri maMchini, mallepUla sAhitya sEvani chadavAlanuMdi.)


    #[#mI abhimAnAniki kRtaj~natalu. pedda kathalaku ImATalO eppuDU chOTu uMdi. navalA sAhityAnni prOtsahiMchAlani mAkU eMtagAnO uMdi. kAnI samIksha kOsaM, navala mottaM okEsAri paMpamanaDaM, rachayitalaku kudirE pani kAdu. alA ani, samIksha EmI lEkuMDA prachuriMchalEmu kUDAnu. navalanu samIkshiMchE paddhatipai oka avagAhanaku rAgAnE teliyajEstAmu.

    ikapOtE, gata reMDELLugA koMtalO koMtagA ninnaTi pramukhulanU, vAri sAhityAnni puna@hparichayaM chEsE prayatnaM chESAM. ayitE, EdO oka saMdarbhaM vastEnE kAkuMDA, kEvalaM oka smaraNa gAnE kAkuMDA, mana sAhityAnni viSlEshaNAtmakaMgA pariSIlistU, maMchi cheDDalu eMchi chUstU chEsE vimarSanAtmaka rachanala kOsaM ImATa eppuDU eduruchUstUnE uMTuMdi. I sAhitya punarmUlyAMkanaM guriMchina kRshi ImATa prayatnAllO eppuDU oka mukhyabhAgamE. ImATa rachayitalu aMduku mariMtagA sahakaristE I prayatnaM saphalamavutuMdi – saM.#]

  239. #oka pramukha charchaku puna@hparichayaM guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    02/14/2011 1:29 #am

    SrI mOhana,
    SrI yadukula bhUshaN gAriki,
    muMdugA mI iruvurikI nA mana@hpUrvaka dhanyavAdAlu telupukuMTunnA.
    mOhana gArU!
    mIru annadI nijamE. vachana rachanalO oka mUD, A nIDala prabhAvaM kavita mIda jIrADutU vuMTAyi.

    yadukula bhUshaN gArU! mI praSaMsa nAkoka bahumati lAMTidi.aMtE kAdu, bahu sphUrtidAyakaM kUDA!


  240. oka pramukha charchaku puna@hparichayaM guriMchi tamminEni yadukula bhUshaN abhiprAyaM:

    02/13/2011 10:14 #am

    #oka pushkara kAlaMlO I mATalO vachchina aMdamaina abhiprAyAla jAbitA okaTi tayAru chEstE aMdulO damayaMti gAri pEru agra bhAgAna uMTuMdi anaDaMlO saMdEhaM lEdu. jAgrattagA parishkariMchi viDigA prachuriMchinA I abhiprAyaM nilabaDutuMdi, damayaMti gAri bhAvukatvAniki ettina patAkagA repa repa lADutU. <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200401/216.html" rel="nofollow"#>kotta kavulaku konni saMgatulu cheppE prayatnaM nEnaitE chESAnu. gataMlO adE pErutO maroka vyAsaM I saMchikallO (navaMbar 2002 )uMDEdi , adi sAMkEtika kAraNAla valla maruguna paDinA dAni mIda vEDi vADi charcha jarigiMdi. adI saMgati.

    tamminEni yadukula bhUshaN.

  241. sirula saMkrAMti guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    02/11/2011 11:03 #pm

    #thAMksOyi, veMkaTalakshmI.
    appaTlO, nAku telIkuMDa nannu chUsEvArilO mIrU vunnArani, ippuDE telisiMdi. chAlA saMtOshamEsiMdi kUDA. (mIriMtagA chebutunnA, sArI, mIrevarO assalu gurtuku rAvaDaM lEdaMDI)eMta dhairyaM mIku? mIraMdarU nannalA pilchukODAniki? (hammA!)
    OkE. sirula saMkrAMti nachchinaMduku chAlA thAMks.nijamE nagaraMlO Avu pEDa dorakaDaM kashTamE. gOSAlala abhivRdhdhiki aMdaraM sahakariMchAli.
    mI lEkhani aMdiMchina ImATa vAriki dhanyavAdAlu.

  242. oka pramukha charchaku puna@hparichayaM guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    02/11/2011 7:54 #am

    #vachana kavitvAnikI oka silabas vuMTE bAvuNNu

    guMDe , voNikinappuDO, toNikinappuDO
    manasu musurEsinappuDO,, murisipOyinappuDo..
    kavitvaM puDutuMdi.
    uppoMgina hRdayAniki kavitvaM – oka AhvAnaM. oka ASramaM. oka ASrayaM.
    AkASamaMta AvESaM – arachEtilO mutyaMpUsa lA meravaDamE kavitvaM.
    eMta dAhArtikainA..gaMgALametti voMpamu kadA nILLani?
    sAgara sauMdaryAnni tilakiMchAlanukunE vAriki alala mudralE aMdaM. (samudrapu pOTu kAdu.)
    vanamallA pUlunnA,, maruvamEsi kaTTina mallephU daMDE muripeM.
    vajraM eMta viluvainadE ainA..AbharaNaMlOnE dAni aMdaM.
    kavitvamU aMtE. dAni kunna okAnoka divyAkRtilO rUpu diddukunnappuDE, A sauMdaryaM, guMDelni rAjEstuMdi
    aksharAlennunnA..Erchi kUrchina pada saMpada -kavitA siri avutuMdi.’bhAvaM oka poMgu. adi bhAshalOne vodigi vuMDu’ anE chaMdAna..

    bhAva darpAniki bhAshA paridhi oka hOdAnistuMdi ani nA nammakaM. kavi tana sRshTini aksharAlalO niMpi, manamuMdu oka chitra paTAnnuMchutADu. adOaksharAla varNa chitraM. kavitAksharAlalO nakshatrAlanu meripiMchaDAniki, vennelanu kuripiMchaDAniki okE oka mArgaM. vyAkaraNaM -.aitE, dAni AvaSyakata vachana kavitvaMlO eMta ani mAtraM cheppalEnu. (nAku telugu vyAkaraNaM telisi vuMTE, maMchi vachana kavitvaM rAsi vuMDEdAnnani ippaTikI bhAvistA.).

    kAru Onar ki DraiviMg telisi vuMDAlA?, akhkharlEdA?.. annaTTe vuMTuMdi. I vishayaM mIda charchiMchukuMTE!

    tella dArAlu pOsi nEta nEsE nEtagADiki- raMgulapOgulu, kalnEtala kUrpulu, aMchulaku jarI pOtalU telistE- A kOka (vastraM) eMta vanne tErutuMdO. kavitva lakshaNAlu, guNAlu, vidhAnAlu, paridhulu teliyaDaM valla, aksharAla nEtalO kavitvamU siMgArAla ‘sItA kOka’ avutuMdani nA bhAvana. adi padyamO, gadyamO, gItamO, gEyamO, stOtramO, SatakamO, vachanamO, dEnikainA oka spashTatanu techchipeTTE Sakti I silabas ki vuMTuMdi anEdi nA pragADha viSvAsaM..

    gAyakuniki saMgItaM telisi vuMTe, A gAtraM elA gAMdharvamautuMdO, alAgE- kavitvaMlO – layala hoyalu, pAda vibhajanalO bhAva bhaMgimalU vuMTE kavitA SilpaM kUDA atyaMtadbhutaMgA vuMTuMdani nA abhiprAyaM.
    pATalelA pADAlO pAThAlugA chebutunnAru. chUstunnAM..
    rachanalelA chEyAlO sUchistunnAru. chaduvutunnAM..
    padyAlelA rAyAlO vivaristunnAru. nErchukuMTunnAM.
    alAgE,’vachana kavitalelA vuMDAlO telipE oka gaiDens kUDa vuMTE bAvuNNu’ ani nEnennALLaNNuMchO chUstunnA.

    ‘kavitvaM’ anE vastuvuki saMbaMdhiMchina oka viluvaina samAchArAnnistOMdi I charcha. E samAchAramaina sarE, aMdubATulO vunnappuDu telusukOvaDaM valla telIni tanAnni taggiMchukOvachchEmO! kavitvaM rAsE vAriki, AsvAdiMchE vArikI, I charcha upayOgakaraMgA vuMTuMdi anaDaMlO elAMTi saMdEhaM lEdu.

    aMdarikI, abhivaMdanAlu.

  243. nAku nachchina padyaM: aSOkavanaMlO sIta varNana guriMchi Ar.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/30/2011 11:08 #pm

    ‘#sIta neruMgakuMDa raghuSEkharuDarthamu gADu pUrtigA’ anna vAkyAlu manansuni chaliMpachEsAyi. varNana chaduvutuMTE, sItA dEvini kaLLatO chUstunnaTTE vuMdi.
    rAmAyaNaM vunnaMta kAlamU, viSvanAthuDU vuMTAru.
    adi ramaNIyaM.
    idi chirasmaraNIyaM.
    mIku nachchina padyaM nAkU eMtagAnO nachchiMdi.manasuki hAyinichchiMdi.
    mIkU, ImATa vAriki nA abhinaMdanalu.
    kavi sAmrAT ki nA sumAMjalulu.
    abhivaMdanamulatO _

  244. oka pramukha charchaku puna@hparichayaM guriMchi tamminEni yadukula bhUshaN. abhiprAyaM:

    01/29/2011 7:34 #am

    #I vishayaM mIda nEnu chAlA chOTla charchiMchAnu kAbaTTi charvita charvaNaM avutuMdi ani charchalOki pravESiMcha lEdu.
    <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200201/509.html"#>kavitva mImAMsa anna vyAsaMlO reMDava bhAgaM kavitva mImAMsa anna SIrshika kiMda nA AlOchanalu chUDagalaru.alAgE I saMbhAshaNalO mUDava praSnaku nEnichchina javAbu koMtavaraku I vishayAnni tETatellaM chEstuMdi.

    chErA AchAryula gAri charcha guriMchi nEnu chAlA vinnAnu. kAnI, A pustakaM saMpAdiMchi chadivinappuDu (1990 lalO) nAku AScharyaM kaligiMchina vishayaM ‘#vers libre ‘(free verse)# guriMchi vIriddarU paTTiMchukOka pOvaDaM. chAritraka nEpathyAnni vismaristE charchalO padunu pOtuMdi, enni viluvaina vishayAlanu prastAviMchinA. samasya mUlAlanu vadili anEkAnEka vishayAlu charchiMchaDaM valla prayOjanaM SUnyaM. Edi EmainA I charcha charitralO bhAgamE kanuka tappaka chadava valasiMdE.

    Sushka vachanAnni, Suddha kavitvAnni viDadIsEdi bhAvanA Sakti. vachanaMlO mAmUlu tarkaMtO baMDi naDustuMdi.ekkuva khALIlu uMDavu. pAThakuni UhA Saktiki mEta vEyaDu rachayita. dAniki bhinnaMgA kavi pAThakuni bhAvanA Saktini parIkshistADu. kavitvaMlO tarkaM lEdu anna vitaMDa vAdaM chEyaDaM lEdu nEnu. tarkAnni miMchina bhAvanA balaM kavitaku prANaM. dAnni pAThakunilO sphuriMpa chEyaDAniki pAdakalpana avasaramavutuMdi. pAdakalpana kaMda padyAllOnO ATaveladilOnO unnaTTu kAkuMDA svEchchagA uMTuMdi. pAThakuniki kavi tAnu chUsina jagattunu chUpi tadvArA tAnu poMdina anubhavAnnisUchiMchaDAniki sAdhanaM pAdakalpana. pAda kalpana lEkuMDA , vAkyaM taruvAta vachchE vAkyaM oka tarka dhOraNilO paDi pOtuMdi. vAkyAla madhya anvayaM hEtubuddhiki aMdutuMdi. kavitvaMlO vAkyAla madhya anvayaM
    hEtubuddhini dATina bhAvanA Saktiki saMbaMdhiMchinadi.dAnni sAdhiMchaDAniki oka sAdhanaM pAda kalpana.kavitaku oka kramaM, naDakA,nirmANaM unnAyi mari. aMtEkAdu,pAdakalpana lEkuMDA kavitalOni ettugaDa arthaM kAdu.laya avagataM kAdu.

    chivariki cheppEdEmiTaMTE vachanaM rEkhIyaM(#linear).# kavita vRttaM. adi elAMTi vRttaM? dAni gaNitaM jOliki pOvaDaM abhiprAyAnnimiMchina charcha.

    I vishayaMlO ismAyil gAri abhiprAyAnni telusukOvaDaM upayOgistuMdi.

    “Adhunika kavitvAniki vachana kavitva manE daurbhAgyapu pEru evaru peTTArO kAni,nijamE nanukoni Sushka vachanaM rAsEstunnAru chAlAmaMdi.vachanaMlAgE kavitvAniki oka kramaM, naDakA,nirmANaM avasaraM lEdani vILLa abhiprAyaM.A mATa kostE,vachanAniki kUDA kramaM, nirmANaM kAvAli kadA!manaM mATlADE bhAshE mana anubhavAnni,AlOchanalnI kramabaddhaM chEsE upakaraNaM.kavitvaM jIvitAnubhavAnni kramabaddhaM cheyyaTamE kAdu, vATi chATununna arthavatvtAnni kUDA AvishkaristuMdi.” (niSSabdaMlO nI navvulu, nA kavitA saMkalanAniki rAsina muMdumATa , bhUshaNIyaM nuMchi.)

    kAmESvara rAvu gArU ,
    ippaTiki mI modaTi ,mUDava praSnala ku samAdhAnaM vachchiMdE anukoMTunnAnu. ika migiliMdi reMDava praSna.
    ” a.A kavitalu pAdabaddhamavvAlani kAni,
    A. pAdAlugA vibhajiMchina vATiki nirdishTamaina sUtrAlu uMTayani/uMDAlani kAni anukOvaDaM samaMjasamA?”
    ( a. A lu nAvi , spashTata kOsaM )

    ‘#vers libre ‘(free verse )# sphUrtitO AlOchistE (A )samaMjasaM kAdu. kAnI, ‘#vers libre ‘(free verse )# pAda kalpanaku vyatirEkaM kAdu. phreMchi kavulu birra bigusukupOyina ChaMdO niyama nibaMdhanalanu atikramiMchi vATini pATiMchaDamE kavitvaM kAdu vATiki bayaTa kUDA kavitvaM uMTuMdi ani cheppa daluchukunnAru. (mOhana gAri viluvaina abhiprAyaM chUDaMDi padyaM kUDA oka rakamaina vachanamE).I sphUrtini grahiMchina kavulu chAlA varaku anni bhAshallOnU vAriki tOchina rItilO pAda kalpana pATiMchAru. jarman , rashyan lO aMtya prAsalu vadulukO lEdu akkaDi kavulu.(I vishayaMlO I nATikI rashyanlu amerikan lanu eddEvA chEyaDaM nEnu pratyakshaMgA chUsina vishayaM.) sArAMSaM EmaMTE I sphUrtini grahiMchi, nI bhAshaku Edi aMdamO dAnni vadalakuMDA kavitva rachana chEyAli.

    ika migiliMdi #prose -poem .# kavitvAnni bahuvachanAla bArI nuMDi kApADaDAniki puTTukochchiMdi aMTAru #Robert Bly.# SrI SrI kavitvaM tIsukOMDi patitulArA bhrashTulArA ..annI bahuvachAnAlE. rAjakIya kavitvaMlO idi tappadu. kAnI , idi kavitvAniki chETu chEstuMdi. manaM chUsEdi okkokka vastuvunE. vastu samudAyAlanu kAdu. I erukatO rAsEdi #prose -poem# idi kUDA muMdu phreMchi kavulE sAdhiMchi chUpAru. ekkuva vivarAlaku #Talking All Morning,# pustakaMlO #On Writing Prose Poems# anna iMTar vyU (1975 lO vachchiMdi.). alAgE tolinATi phreMchi kavula kavitA saMgrahaM savimarSakaMgA chadavAli.

    mana vimarSakulaku parabhAshA sAMgatyaM lEka chAlA chETu jarigiMdi. paTTu mani padi bhAshallO vachchina vimarSalu chadavaru. anuvAdAla mIda Sraddha lEdu.charitra telusukOru.Adhunika kavitvaM dAni vimarSa oka pratyEka vibhAgaM anna spRhE lEdu. piMDi koddI roTTe. Sushka vAdAlu SUnya hastAlu. ika jAliMtunu; svasti.

    tamminEni yadukula bhUshaN.

  245. sirula saMkrAMti guriMchi _#R#.damayaMti. abhiprAyaM:

    01/26/2011 10:58 #am

    #rAvu gArU, kiraN gArU! thAMksaMDi.


  246. rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi pi rAmachaMdra rAv vaijAg abhiprAyaM:

    01/01/2011 2:03 #pm

    #ImATa.kAM praprathamaMgA I rOjE chUsAnu. chinnachinna gEyAlu avI paMpAlaMTE elA paMpAli? E chirunAmAki paMpAli? dayachEsi telupa prArthana.

    #[#pai SIrshikalOnE cheppinaTlu #RTS#lO gAnI, #unicode# telugulO gAnI #type# chEsina rachanalu #e-mail# dvArA <>#eemaata.com">submissions@eemaata.com# anna chirunAmAku paMpAli… saM.#]

  247. #pAThakulaku sUchanalu guriMchi #Dr.Sudhakar.A. # abhiprAyaM:

    01/01/2011 9:35 #am

    It is true that Eemaata is a non commercial online magazine of high literary quality.
    Unfortunately most ( telugu ) people who use internet are not aware of it’s existence
    ( as you note from the opinions page ).
    Why not consider advertising Eemaata in local ( AndhraPradesh ) news papers for the benefit of majority of telugu people?
    with best wishes to all the staff of Eemaata
    S.A. from UK.

  248. #jayaprabhaSabda kavitvaM guriMchi anurAg Sarma abhiprAyaM:

    12/10/2010 1:56 #pm

    “#I vyAsaM rAsi innELLu gaDichinA dInimIda nEnu pratispaMdiMchE dAkA okka abhiprAyaM kUDA lEdaMTEnE Iyana mATalaki pAThakulu EpATi viluvanichchArO ardhamautUMdi mari.”

    rama gAru

    pAThakula abhiprAyAlA rachana ghanatanu nirUpiMchEvi ?? idekkaDi vitaMDa vAdaM ??

    gataMlO I mATa atithi pustakAlanu vADEdi.mE 2006 nuMDi manaM vADutunna “pAThakula abhiprAyAlu” (I mATa saMpAdakula mATallO cheppAlaMTE -“prati rachana guriMchI mI abhiprAyaM adE pEjIlO telugulO kUDA teliyachEyagaligE saukaryaM.) aMdubATulOki vachchiMdi. pAta abhiprAyAlaku saMpAdakulu liMku ichchArEmO nAku teliyadu. I saMchikalOni vyAsAlu sAMkEtika kAraNAla valla chAlA kAlaM aMdubATulO lEvu anna vishayaM pakkana peDitE, “jayaprabha Sabda kavitvaM” vachchina saMchika pai pAThakula abhiprAyAla liMku, Asakti gala pAThakula kOsaM pAta atithi pustakAlaku liMku istunnAnu.

    mIru koniyADE <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/199909/850.html"#>jayaprabha gAri vyAsaM mIda gata padakoMDELLalO okka vyAkhyayinA lEdu. A vyAsAniki pAThakulu viluva nivvalEdanA?? lEdA idi maga durahaMkArula kuTralO bhAgamA?

    adigAdu AlOchiMchE tIru, appaTi abhiprAyAlu vachchina pEjIlu ekkaDO uMDi uMTAyi, vATini vetiki paTTukOvAli, aMtE.

    anurAg Sarma

  249. rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi kaMdarpa kRshNa mOhan abhiprAyaM:

    11/02/2010 12:50 #pm

    #I mATaku namassulu
    rachanalu paMpavalasina I meyil aDras kanipiMchaTlEdu
    dayachEsi telupagalaru

    kaMdarpa kRshNa mOhan

    (#submissions (AT) eemaata.com, #pai vyAsaMlO rachanalu paMpE paddhati heDDiMg kiMdi modaTi buleT, modaTi lain chUDaMDi. – saM.)

  250. anAtha prEta saMskArAt^… guriMchi #anitha.yeluri # abhiprAyaM:

    10/21/2010 4:49 #am

    #avunu I kadha chAlA mArpu testunnadi. manushulu oka AdeyyalA, oka hanumaMtulA uMDAli. appuDu sItArAmayyalu uMDaru. mArAli mana sosaiTI. eppuDO A chEMj vastuMdani ASiMchAli. ilAMTi kathalu rAsE vElUri vAriki nA namaskAraM. #Thank you.

  251. #kaLApUrNOdayaM -8: maNihAraM guriMchi #Aditya Bhagavan Dhulipala # abhiprAyaM:

    10/06/2010 12:22 #am

    #hammayya mottAniki kaLApUrNOdayaM chadivEsAnu. chinnappuDu peTTelu saddutU uMTE nAnna ki kanipiMchi bayaTiki tIsina gurtu.
    chadavaDAniki prayatniMchina nA chinna burraki appaTlO ekkalEdanukuMTA! ippuDu chadivina veMTanE nAnnaki phOn chEsi kUDA cheppA…kaLApUrNOdayaM chadivAnani!

    #Once again thanks to eemaata!!

    #Aditya bhagavAn dhULipALa

  252. gOruvaMkalu guriMchi #desikachary # abhiprAyaM:

    09/02/2010 12:47 #am

    This is the worst metrical poetry I have come across. After discounting the obvious transcriptor’s (spelling) mistakes, the remaining (apparently original) text contains many grammatical errors, departures from accepted prosody rules (gana,yati doshamulu), lack of transparency, useless words thrown in to satisfy yati and praasas, and incoherent thoughts.

    (The transcription errors or far few if any, that we are certain of. As mentioned in Raa.Raa’s article, Visalandhra did a ridiculously sloppy job of publishing Tilak’s works. There are innumerable typos in these books. Since these books are published posthumously we have no way of knowing what the poet intended. Secondly, only some one who is a scholar of both Meter and Tilak is qualified to correct the errors. Hence, his works are republished in eemaata, exactly as they appeared in the books. – Ed.]

  253. #nuvvu guriMchi #soujanya # abhiprAyaM:

    07/20/2010 1:03 #am

    #chAlA bAgA rAsAru. nijamE atani sAnnihityaM kaMTE kUDA eduruchUpE madhuraM madhurAtimadhuraM……..!!!

  254. Uri chivara – aphsar kavitala saMkalanaM guriMchi viplav^ abhiprAyaM:

    07/14/2010 11:54 #am

    “#muppai vEla maiLLa dUraMlO unna iMTikI ..” – chAkirEvu upEMdra

    idi marI ekkuvEmO!? #Its more like 8 to 10 thousand miles to India from USA (depending on where you begin your trip).

    Earth circumference along equator (greater of the two compared to through poles), is 24,959.82 miles. And we refer to india, half way across the world :).

    Just a trivia along the# chAkirEvu!. #I love the nick name, I love to bring some of my laundry as well, especially if I dont have to air it myself :).

    By the way, a couple of parting comments won’t do much damage to this thread perhaps:

    eemaata has progressed — no, let me strike that — and say, it has been “democratized” in its comments section. If there is an accompanying blog or a facebook page for eemaata, it would certainly bring more creative juices. Suresh, you ought to think about that.

    I was a bit surprised by Rama Rao gari initial comments – too quick, he would agree perhaps.

    While I was not a bit, by Lyla gari issue —

    She must love,
    “We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
    By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
    Till human voices wake us, and we drown.”

    The question is, does she walk away from … the reality!?

    “”Visions! omens! hallucinations! miracles! ecstasies! gone down the American river!
    Dreams! adorations! illuminations! religions! the whole boatload of sensitive bullshit! …
    in my dreams you walk dripping from a sea-journey on the highway across America in tears to the door of my cottage in the Western night ”

    Are there not, tears in the western night?
    I have complaints on Afsar’s poetry as well, but not in the same league.

  255. #Uri chivara – aphsar kavitala saMkalanaM guriMchi #bollojubaba # abhiprAyaM:

    07/10/2010 12:52 #pm

    #nEnu usha gAri abhiprAyaMtO EkIbhavistunnAnu.

    kavi paTla kRti paTla gauravaM kshama lEni pAThakulu kUDA pAThakulEnA anipistuMdi.

    chAnnALlugA chUstunnAnu – aMtarjAlaMlO aphsar gAri paTla koMtamaMdi velibuchchutunna akkasuku kAraNaM? nAku telisi aphsar gAru EnADU lOnippunu ArpEsukOlEdu. uppu samudraMlO munigipOlEdu tElutUnE unnAru IdutUnE unnAru. aMdukEnA ?

    eMtaTi bAlyamitrulainA sabhalO mIru mIru ani saMbOdhiMchukoMTAru. adi sabhAmaryAda. anAnimas gA uMDochchu kadAni (koMtamaMdi) ishTaM vachchina rItilO mATlADaTaM sabhAmaryAdA?

    bollOju bAbA

    #[Post briefly edited – Eds.]

    [#rachanapai jaraga valasina charchalu vyaktigata dUshaNaki digajAraDaM vichArakaraM. gataMlO okasAri idE vidhamaina paristhiti ErpaDinappuDu ImATa saMpAdakulu vyAkhyAtalani sunnitaMgA hechchariMchAru kUDA. maLLI adE paristhiti tirigi pratyakshamaiMdi kAbaTTi, okkasAri aMdarU <>#eemaata.com/em/comment_rules"#>pAThakulaki sUchanalu marokka sAri chadavaDaM auchityaMgA uMTuMdi. appuDU ippuDU idE paristhiti talettaDaMlO pAtradhArulevarainA, sahRdayulaina ImATa pAThakulaki oka vinnapaM. vaiyaktika sparthalatOnO, sahaja guNAbhijAtyAlatOnO, marE kAraNaM valanO, evarainA EdainA rachana mIda asabhyaMgA mATlADinA, alA anipiMchinA, alA E abhiprAyamainA mimmalni noppiMchinA, veMTanE saMpAdakulaku teliyajEyaMDi. tagina charyalu veMTanE tIsukuMTAmu. nErugA itara pAThakulatO vAgyuddhAniki digaDaM valla anarthaM tappa EmI uMDadu. E okarO, iddarO durusugA mATlaDinaMtalO ImATalO rachayitalaku sadvimarSa, AdaraNa lEvu anE EkAbhiprAyAniki rAvaDaM kUDA samaMjasaM kAdu. E abhiprAyaM eMta varakU sabhyamainadi, velibuchchina bhAvaM, bhAshA tIvrata sababEnA, I abhiprAyaM charchaku eMta dOhadaM chEstUMdi, prachuriMchAlA vaddA? ani pratI sArI mEmu tarjana bharjanalu paDutU tIsukunE sApEkshika nirNayAlalO appuDappuDU porapATlu jaragavachchu. jariginai kUDA. tappulu diddukuMTU ImATa suhRdbhAva vAtAvaraNaM cheDakuMDA mEM chEstUnE uMDE prayatnAlaki mI tODpATu avasaraM ani vErE cheppakkarlEdu. dayachEsi sahakariMchaMDi. – saMpAdakulu#]

  256. #Uri chivara – aphsar kavitala saMkalanaM guriMchi usha abhiprAyaM:

    07/09/2010 8:41 #am

    #ImATani gUrchi nA “maruvaM” blAgulO maMchu mIda rAsina O kavitaki okari vyAkhya AdhAraMgA modaTasAri saMvatsamunnara kritaM <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200811/1318.html"#>mI patrikalO chUDaTaM saMbhaviMchiMdi. appaTinuMchI saMchikala AdhAraMgA kAka samayAnni baTTi rAvaTaM, ImATa rachayitalu anna TAb nuMchi okarini eMchukuni chadavaTaM. kanuka pAThakurAligA mI patrika vayasulO nAdi iravai SAtaM lOpE. alAgE rachayitalanI O pAtikaSAtaM pUrtichEsAnu. nA abhiruchi kavitalu, pariSOdhanA vyAsAlu, kathalu kanuka avi paTTi paTTi chadavaTaM alavATu. chadavaTaM oka kAlakshEpaMgA, jIvitAniki nEpathyaMlO vunna abhiruchi mAtramE. alAgE nA rachanalUnu. avi nA jIvitAnnallukunna paDugupEkalu kAkapOyinA nAkatyaMta praSAMtata dorikEdi vATi valananE. annI sagaTu sthAyilO unna O sAdhAraNa vyaktini. idi nA guriMchina svaparichayaM. ika I vyAkhya I okka rachanakE kAdu, nEnu gamaniMchina O tIru telupaTAnikE, mIru idi prachuriMchakapOyinA vATillE nashTaM EmI lEdu.

    * * * * *

    mI patrika oka chakkani sAMpradAyaMlO konasAgutuMdi. rachanalanu gUrchi kAka vyAkhyalanu/vimarSalanu gUrchI I mATa. priMTu patrikallO oka rachanaki saMpAdakuniki lEkhagA – praSaMsa/vimarSa aMdutAyi. ikkaDa konnisArlu oka rachanani chakkani vyAkhyArUpa vanarulu kalipi mariMta saMpUrNaM chEsEvArunnA, konni kEvalaM oka charcha, rachchagA avutunnAyi. vimarSalu chadavakuMDA veLLochchA aMTArA, avi okkOsAri baMgAru nagaki ratanAlu podiginaTlugA uMDabaTTE aTTi chakkaTi chaduvarulu/vimarSakulu kanapaDabaTTE chadivEdi. marikonni ikkaDa nuMDi veLLEsariki asalu rachanani chillulaki atukEsi kuTTina chiMkipAtalA tOchElA chEstunnAyi. konni eMta tIvraMgA uMTunnAyaMTE, rachayita chEta “agatyaM” paTTiMdi ani anipiMchEMta. mari konni rachayitani oMTarini chEsi aMtA kalisi yuddaM chEsinaMta. patrikaki nishpakshapAtaM, abhiprAyAla paTla sahanaM mukhyamE kAnI vATi tIru vyaktigata dUshaNagA mArinappuDu mI bAdhyata lEdA? okkOsAri 1:#on:1# lEdA okkaridE viluvidyApradarSana lA avutuMdikkaDa. pOTApOTIgA #back to back# mATalu ruvvEstU, astrAlu muMdE arachEta bigiMchi AvalIlagA vELLatO aksharabANAlu saMdhistU annaTlugA.. mari adi anni rachanalakA aMTE alA lEdu. asalu konni rachanalu E prAtipadikana tIsukunnAru ani AlOchiMchElA uMTAyi. vATiki praSaMsalu mariMta tikamaka peTTElA uMTAyi. kanuka ikkaDi praSaMsalu lEdU kanIsaM rachayita kRshi paTla sadabhiprAyaM #[#chAlA takkuva mOtAdulOnainA#]# vimarSalu #[#sadvimarSalA/kuvimarSalA AyA vArikE teliyAli#]# UhAtItaM. ilA rAstunnAnani nEnu evarikI sAnukUlurAlinI, sAnubhUtiparurAlinI kAdu. asmadIyulu, tasmadIyulU lEru. nijAniki O anAtha pAThakurAlini. ikkaDa O lOkaM vedukutunnadAnni. oka rachayitani/oka rachanani sAnabaTTi, A prakriyalO rachayita chEta lOtugA AlOchiMpacheyyaDaM sarvadA abhilashanIyaM. noppiMchaDaM evari uddESaM kAkapOyinA, oka paddatigA adi jaragAlani mAtramE nA uddESaM. nEnu I anaMta sAhitIvAhinilO O biMduvunE. mana venaka puTTi manani dATi veLLE sAhityAniki nA vaMtu EmuMdA ivvanU ani yOchiMchEdAnni mAtramE. “aurA pillakAki/kAkipillA!….” annA nAku AnaMdamE.

    paina cheppinaTlugA pAtika SAtaM pAThakurAlini, ilA nAlugu dArula kUDalilO unnAnu. nEnu naDichi vachchina dAri nannu ayOmayaMlO paDEstuMdi. rachana chadivi pOvaTamA/vimarSalani paTTiMchukOkapOvaTamA/ “ImATa” aMTE idi ani avagataM ayyEMta varakU ilA konasAgaTamA migilunnAyika. nA ImATa mI “ImATa” lO velugu chUDakapOyinA dAdApugA Arnella pATugA saMdigdhaMlO paDi Agina mATa velikivachchiMdi.

  257. SrIkRshNadEvarAyalu – AMdhrEtara sAhityamu guriMchi #mOhana # abhiprAyaM:

    07/07/2010 7:31 #pm

    #ikkaDa migilina pAThakulaku oka chinna vishayaM cheppAli. rAmArAvugAru mE 2000 ImATalO AmuktamAlyadapaina oka <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200005/767.html"#>dIrghamaina vyAsamE vrAsAru. chadavanivAru dAnini chadivitE bAguMTuMdi. vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  258. vijayanagara charitra rachana: oka samIkshA vyAsaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/07/2010 2:02 #pm

    #ramagAru:nEnu muMdugAnE cheppinaTlu, nA dRshTilO I vyAsaM pradhAna uddESyaM vyaktulni pramukhaMgA prastAviMchaDaM kAdu, vijayanagara charitralO prakaTiMchabaDina pustakAlni, vyAsAlni oka kramaMlO parichayaM cheyyaDaM. A vishayaMlO SrInivAs kRtakRtyuDayyADanE nA abhiprAyaM.

    mIru cheppinaTlu jayaprabha vAkyAlani kOT cheyyaDaM ikkaDa pUrtigA anavasaraM.


  259. vijayanagara charitra rachana: oka samIkshA vyAsaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    07/07/2010 9:57 #am

    #ramagAru: ardha SatAbdaM paigA aMtarjAtIya sthAyilO telugu sAhitya svarUpAla guriMchi — mukhyaMgA kRshNadEvarAyala guriMchi, A madhyayugaMlOni sAhityaM guriMchi — velchEru nArAyaNarAvu, Ayana sahapariSOdhakulu, iMkA itara pariSOdhakulu chEsina pariSOdhanalanu I pratyEka saMchikalO prachuriMchaDaM (mI bhAshalO kIrtiMchaDaM) kEvalaM yAdRchChikaM kAdu, samuchitaM kUDAnU. nA dRshTilO I vyAsaM pradhAna uddESyaM vyaktulni pramukhaMgA prastAviMchaDaM kAdu, vijayanagara charitralO prakaTiMchabaDina pustakAlni, vyAsAlni oka kramaMlO parichayaM cheyyaDaM. ivi kAka unnata pramANAlatO prachuriMchabaDina pustakAlu, pariSOdhanalu uMTE vATini guriMchina vivarAlu ImATa pAThakulaku aMdajEstE upayOgakaraMgA uMTuMdi kAnI unna pustakAlani vyAsAlani parichayaM chEsinaMduku SrInivAs paruchUrini tappupaTTaDaMtO kaligE prayOjanaM EmiTO nAku bOdha paDalEdu.

    “pratikUla pavanAlu” anna pustakaMlO jayaprabha gAru ilA aMTAru: “kanIsaM koMtavarakainA tama jAtiniMchi prabhaviMchina mEdhAvulani guriMchi, kavi paMDitula guriMchi, saMskartala guriMchi telusukOvAlanna jij~nAsa pratijAtilOnU, prati taraMlOnU uMDi tIrAli. appuDE vAri bhAshA saMskRtulaku oka konasAgiMpu sAdhyamautuMdi. lEkapOtE, oka tarAnni, iMkO taraMtO kalipE sUtrabaMdhaM ekkaDO okachOTa tegipOyE pramAdaM uMdi. aTuvaMTi pramAdAnni nivAriMchaDAnikE venukaTi kAlAnni guriMchi, A kAlaMlO batiki A kAlaM mIda tama prabhAvAnni prasariMchina vArini guriMchi aTu taruvAta tarAlu telusukOvAli!”


  260. eDiTarlU, rachayitalU, eDiTiMgU guriMchi #V. Praveena Reddy # abhiprAyaM:

    07/04/2010 2:29 #am


    Vrayatam… vrasina dhanni edit cheyyadam manaku ekkuvaga alavatu leni vishayam. Amricalo rachayithalaku edtarlu untarani thelisinappudu….

    #vrAyaTaM, vrAsina dAnini eDiT chEyaDa manaku ekkuvagA alavATu lEni vishayaM. amerikAlO rachayitalaku eDiTarlu uMTArani telisinappuDu.. nEnu chAlA AScharyapOyAnu. A tarvAta AlOchistE 99SAtaM rachanallO eDiTiMg avasaramE anipiMchiMdi. prakhyAti rAgAnE mana rachayitalu Emi rAsinA goppE.. anAlsi vastOMdi. aMduvalla goppa rachanalu rAvaDaM arudaipOyiMdi. kAnI 100lO 1kiMTiki eDiTarla valla rachayita A rachanalO prANapratishTa chEsinA #soul# ki vighAtaM kalugutOMdi. #Any how,# mI saMpAdakIyaM vishayabaddhaMgA uMdi.

    #Thank you.
    Memu meku rachanalu ela pampalo thelupagalaru….
    V. Praveena Reddy
    ( writer, journalist)

    [#mI abhiprAyAlu dayachEsi telugu lEdA iMglIshulOnE vrAyaMDi. teMglIshu vADakaMDi. ImATaku rachanalu elApaMpAlO <>#eemaata.com/em/instructions"#>sUchanala pEjIlO chUDagalaru – saM.#]

  261. #Uri chivara – aphsar kavitala saMkalanaM guriMchi #vElUri veMkaTESvara raavu # abhiprAyaM:

    07/03/2010 10:20 #pm

    #aphsar, mukuMdarAmArAvula kavitA saMkalanAlapai nEnu rAsina samIkshala mUlaMgA nApaivachchina vyAjastuti ( niMdAstuti, stutiniMdA tO sahA!) kAssEpu pakkaku peTTi, muMdugA nAdoka praSna. I praSnaveyyaDAniki kAraNaM, kEvalaM telusukOvAlanE kutUhalamE!

    rama gAru ilA rAsAru:
    ” pASchAtyadESAllO patrikalu iMkA prachuraNakartala mIdA oka mudra uMdi. adEmaMTE akkaDa vALLu kAvAlaMTE akavulani haDAvuDi chEsi kavulugA prachAraM chEyagalaru..lEdA kavulani tayArU chEyagalaru. alAgE oka maMchi pustakAnnI oka maMchi rachayitanI kAvAlanukuMTE nokkEyanUgalaru ani. dIniki saMbaMdhiMchi paSchima dESAla patrikala mIdA prachuraNakartala mIdA bOleDanni saMghaTanalU ..kadhalU prachAraMlO unnAyi, ” ani.
    rama gAru I ” bOleDanni saMghaTanalU … kathalU ” ekkaDa chadivArO, kanIsaM konni AdhArAlu ichchi uMTE, bAguMDEdi.
    E ArOpaNakainA AdhArAluMDAlanukuMTAnu.

    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu

  262. mAyadAri sinnODu: svarakarta ramES nAyuDu guriMchi #T.Raja gopal # abhiprAyaM:

    05/15/2010 11:43 #pm

    Srinivas garu,

    Thanks for the link on Sri Adinarayana rao. My request to you is to write in Telugu,in eemaata about his good work in detail based on Hindustani style, giving some audio clips.

    Raja gopal.

  263. #pAThakulaku sUchanalu guriMchi #Madhu # abhiprAyaM:

    05/08/2010 12:18 #am

    #nEnu kUDA ‘I mATa’ ku nA kavitalu paMpAlanukuMTunnAnu. elA paMpAlO vivarAlu teliyajEyagalaru. kRtaj~nuNNi.

    #[<>eemaata.com/em/instructions">‘#rachayitalaku sUchanalu’ chUDaMDi. – saM#]

  264. #telugu nighaMTuvu guriMchi… guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    05/04/2010 3:46 #pm

    #SabdaratnAkaramu DijiTaij^ ayyiMdi – dIni nuMchi, bauNya nighaMTuvulanuMchi, bUdarAju AdhunikavyavahArakOSaM nuMchi, konni pAribhAshikapadAvaLulanuMchi okE #interface# dvArA padamulanu, arthamulanu vetakuTaku #http://www.andhrabharati.com/dictionary# vADavachchu.

    vADapalli SEshatalpaSAyi
    kAlepu nAgabhUshaNarAvu

    #Fantastic. A remarkable achievement. Congratulations.

    A feature which interests me in e-reading is – when the reader’s finger hover over an unfamiliar word, a dictionary opens up and gives the meaning of the word. Can this magazine and andhrabharati.com collaborate and make it possible here? I do hope to read/listen the content at various Telugu sites, on demand, electronically on multiple devices/subscriptions that I pay for in US. I have not bought Kindle or I-Pad yet. I may buy I-pad and subscribe to Kindle book store. Besides individuals owning them, I would think these devices will be available for rentals pretty soon. (like ear phones are available for a small price, in aeroplanes.) Readers will read on, in the languages they like. Content ( whoever provides it) is and will always be the king.


    Love the content at andhrabharati.com., which I can read silently. Great material. Love the content at ‘eemaata’ too, along with the repetitive twitter that goes on:-)

  265. #taDistE kadA telisEdi! guriMchi #hareesh # abhiprAyaM:

    04/02/2010 5:12 #am

    #idi kavitvaM aMTE nEnoppukOnu. nA uddESaM prakAraM kaMdaMlO rASEvADE kavi. aMTE vachanaM eppuDU kavitvaM kAdu, bhAvaM eMta bAgunnA. #This is not to discourage the above poet(?), but I would like people to recognize the need to develop writing in proper chandassu. I hope “Eemaata” would train people who are interested in developing the skill of writing chando badda kavitvam.

  266. #O bujji kukka pilla guriMchi #Shiva kumar # abhiprAyaM:

    03/18/2010 12:27 #am

    #idi nijaMgA chAlA bAguMdi. iTu vaMTi vATini mIru iMkA AdariMchAlani kOrutu..mI abhimAni.

  267. kRshNaM vaMdE jagadguruM guriMchi #Rohiniprasad # abhiprAyaM:

    01/15/2010 12:29 #pm

    Compared to our times, the present generation has at its disposal several facilities on the Net to know about Ragas (and much else) at the click of a button. My <>eemaata.com/n/?page_id=28&aa=%E0%B0%95%E0%B1%8A%E0%B0%A1%E0%B0%B5%E0%B0%9F%E0%B0%BF%E0%B0%97%E0%B0%82%E0%B0%9F%E0%B0%BF+%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8B%E0%B0%B9%E0%B0%BF%E0%B0%A3%E0%B1%80%E0%B0%AA%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%B0%E0%B0%B8%E0%B0%BE%E0%B0%A6%E0%B1%8D%E2%80%8C">own modest efforts to introduce the subject in Telugu in eemaata are such a source.

    What should be remembered is that music can be understood better by listening to it constantly. Reading about it can only support such efforts.

  268. #SrISrI anuvAdAlu – oka pariSIlana guriMchi sAyi brahmAnaMdaM abhiprAyaM:

    01/06/2010 11:29 #am

    #chAlA kAlaMkritaM aMpaSayya navIn velchEru gAri “#Hibiscus in the Lake” – Twentieth Century Telugu Poetry From India”# pustakaMpai samIksha rAstU – “anuvAdaM anusRjanagA mAritEnE adi rakti kaDutuMdi” ani chebutU AMdhrajyOtilO (“<>#eemaata.com/vividha/Naveen_reviews_VNR.jpg"#>iMglIshu kolanulO telugu maMdAraM” – 2006 lO.) vyAsaM rAsAru. A vyAsaMlO cheppina vishayAlu khaMDistU anuvAdAla guriMchi”<>#eemaata.com/vividha/VRVinvividha080706.pdf"#>manaM akkaDa modalu peTTalEmA” ani vElUri gAru marO vyAsaM rAsAru. aMdulO anuvAdAla guriMchunna (mukhyaMgA iMglIshu anuvAdAlapai ) apOhala guriMchI, apArthAla guriMchI charchiMchAru.

    “kavitA kavitA ” padyAniki SrISrI anuvAdAnnI, velchEru gAri anuvAdAnnI pOlchi chUpistU, SrISrI gAri iMglIshu anuvAdamE goppadannaTlugA navIn rAsAru. velchEru gAri anuvAdaM SrISrI anuvAdaMkannA chAlA merugunI vElUri gAru samAdhAnaM ichchAru. A reMDu vyAsAllO anuvAdAla guriMchi chAlA maMchi charchA vastuvuMdi. anuvAdAla guriMchi <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200601/29.html"#>velchEru gAri vyAsaM ImATalO prachuriMchAru.

    -sAyi brahmAnaMdaM.

  269. SrISrI anuvAdAlu – oka pariSIlana guriMchi #V R Veluri # abhiprAyaM:

    01/05/2010 10:32 #pm

    #SrInivAs^ gAru kAmESvara rAvugArini aDiginA, choravachEsukoni nAku telisina vivarAlu chepputAnu. idivaralO telugu kavitvaM nuMchi iMglIshulOki vachchina anuvAdAlu EmI lEvanE cheppAli.

    gata pAtika saMvatsarAlugA, velchEru nArAyaNa rAvu telugu nuMchi iMglIshulOki anuvAdAlu chEstunnAru. Ayana svayaMgAnu, DEviD shUl man, hAnk haipheTj tOnu kalisi chEsina konni anuvAdAlu manavi chEstAnu.

    1. #For the Lord of the Animals – Poems from the Telugu, The Kaalahastiswara Satakamu, by Dhurjati ( University of California Press, 1987), with Hank Heifetz.

    2. Twentieth Century Telugu Poetry , An Anthology ( Oxford University Press, 2002) .

    3. Hibiscus on the Lake, Twentieth Century Telug Poetry from India
    ( University of Wisconsin, 2002)

    4. Classical Telugu Poetry, An Anthology ( Oxford University Press, 2002), with David Shulman.

    5. A Lover’s Guide to Warangal, The Kridabhiramamu by Vinikonda vallabharaaya ( Permanent Black, Distributed by Orient Longman Ltd., 2002) with David Shulman.

    6. The Sound of the Kiss, Pingali Surana’s Kalapurnodayam (Columbia University Press, 2002) with David Shulman.

    7. The Demon’s Daughter, Pingali Surana’s Prabhaavati Pradyumnamu (State University of New York Press, 2006) with David Shulman.

    8. When God is a Customer, Telugu Courtesan Songs by Kshetrayya and Others ( University of California Press, 1994) with A. K. Ramanujan and David Shulman.

    9. God on the Hill, Temple Poems from Tirupati, Annamayya (Oxford University Press, 2005) with David Shulman.

    10. A Poem at the Right Moment, remembered verses from premodern South India ( University of California Press, 1998) with David Shulman.

    I have very reliable information from one of the translators that the Manucaritra by Allasani Peddana is ready for publication.

    I haven’t mentioned Narayana Rao’s other translations ( from Telugu prose works and Sanskrit poetic works).

    Most of these books are available at Amazon.com


    Veluri Venkateswara Rao

  270. #ImATa navaMbar 2009 ko.ku pratyEka saMchikaku svAgataM guriMchi #jhansi # abhiprAyaM:

    12/31/2009 1:19 #am

    #saMpAdakulaku namaskAramulu.
    I patrika chAlA bAvuMdi.ilAgE konasAgiMchaMDi.I patrikaku EmainA vyAsAlu paMpuTaku gAnu mI chirunAmA teliyaparachagalaru.
    mI patrikA abhimAni

    #[#ImATaku rachanalu elA paMpAlO <>#eemaata.com/em/instructions"#>rachayitalaku sUchanalu lO chUDaMDi – saM.#]

  271. About eemaata# guriMchi #Mahendra # abhiprAyaM:

    10/25/2009 2:12 #pm

    #sAhitI mitrulaMdarikI vaMdanAlu,
    nEnu chAlA kAlaMgA iTuvaMTi vEdika kOsaM chUstunnAnu. koMta AlasyaMgA nainA IrOju “ImATa” chUDaDaM jarigiMdi. chAlA saMtOshaM vEsiMdi. iMtamaMdi sAhitI mitrulani okachOTa chUDaDaM chAlA saMtOshaMgA vuMdi. mana mAtRbhAsha iMkA padikAlAlapATu jIvistuMdani dhairyaM kaligiMdi. ,
    nEnu chinnatanaM nuMDi telugu sAhityaM ishTaMgA chadivEvADini. koMtakAlaM kavitalu kUDA rASAnu. gata koddi kAlaMgA palu kAraNAla valla sAhitya lOkAniki dUraMgA vunnAnu. Iroju “ImATa” chUsina taruvAta nEnu kUDA I sAhitIsravaMtilO bhAgaM kAvAlani anukunnAnu.

    idi nEnu telugulO rAsina moTTamodaTi Imeyil. chAlA saMtOshaMgA vuMdi.

    nEnu rAsina konni kavitalu mItO paMchukuMdAmanukuMTunnAnu. elA paMpAlO telupagalaru.

    mahEMdra goTTipATi

    #[#daya chEsi ImATa muMdupEjIlO <>#eemaata.com/em/instructions"#>rachayitalaku sUchanalu chadavagalaru – saM.#]

  272. #telugu nighaMTuvu guriMchi… guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara rao # abhiprAyaM:

    09/02/2009 6:14 #pm

    #mitrulaMdarikI namaskAraM.

    nEnu muMdugAnE manavi chEsukunnAnu; maMchimaMchi salahAlu kOkollalugA vastAyani. ayitE, I maMchimaMchi salahAlannI AcharaNasAdhyAlA annadE nA anumAnaM.
    vidhyArthulaku paniki vachchE nighaMTuvu punarmudriMchaDaM vaddani evaru anagalaru? lEdA, vidhyArthulaki paniki vachchE maroka nighaMTuvu tayAruchEsukOvAlsina avasaraM unnadani aMTE nEnu kAdaMTAnA?
    A mATakostE unna nighaMTulannI iMTarneT lO peTTiMchi aMdarikI “uchitaM”gA aMdubATulOki tEvaDaM maMchidi kAdani evaru anagalaru? ivannI maMchi salahAlE!

    pOtE, nEnu sUryarAyAMdhra nighaMTuvu, brauNyaM (modaTimudraNa prati) lanu pratyEkiMchi prastAviMchaDAni mukhyakAraNaM: I reMDu nighaMTuvula kApIraiT sAhitya akADamI vAriki uMDEdi. ippuDu sAhitya akADamI lEdugA! A kApIraiT prastutaM AMdhra pradES prabhutvaM vAri chEtilO unnadi. rAju talachukuMTE debbalaki kodavA? prabhutvaM vAru kAvAlanukuMTE, I reMDu nighaMTuvulanI veMTanE punarmudriMchi aMdubATulOki tEvachchu. aMtakannA maMchipani. I reMDu nighaMTuvulanI iMTarneT lO peTTiMchi aMdarikI “uchitaM” gA aMdubATulOki tEvachchu. AtaruvAta, tIriggA I nighaMTuvulanu saMSOdhiMchi, parishkariMchaDAniki pUnukOvachchu. ApErumIdainA iMkA bratikiunna koddimaMdi pedda paMDitulakI(?) kAsta bhukti dorukutuMdi.

    okavELa, prabhutvaM vAru allAMTi maMchi panulu cheyyaDaM mAku alavATu lEdu ani oppukuMTE, appuDu lAbhApEkshalEni E “sAMskRtika” saMsthO (ATA, tAnAlavaMTivi ani nAbhAvaM!) I paniki pUnukOvachchu. kApIraiTlu pErutO prabhutvaM vAru aDDaM rAmani hAmI istE chAlu, SubhaM! prabhutvaM vAru “amma peTTApeTTadu; aDukkO tinAnivvadu,” anna sthitilO uMTE, adi chAlA vichArakaramaina vishayaM.

    itara nighaMTuvulaki kApIraiT evaritO unnadO kanukkoni, vAriki tagu pAritOshikaM ichchi ( ippiMchi) achchu veyyaDamO, lEkapOtE iMTarneTlO peTTiMchi aMdarikI “uchitaM” gA aMdubATulOki tEvaDamO chEstE, (I pani evaru chEstAru annadi praSna!) aMtakannA kAvalasinadi Emunnadi?

    ayitE, I kApIraiT vyavahArAlu parishkariMchaDaMlO aDDaMkulu chAlA unnAyani nEnu mIku pratyEkaMgA cheppanakkaralEdanukuMTAnu.


    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu.

  273. kavitvaMlO ‘prabhAvaM’ aMTE EmiTi? guriMchi #Sowmya # abhiprAyaM:

    07/16/2009 2:54 #am

    #vyAsaM iMkA pUrtigA chadavalEdu kAnI, ikkaD “prArthana”, “dEvuDu” kavitalaki liMkulu lEvu. aMTE, avi maLLI A pEjIkE vastunnAyi. <>#eemaata.com/em/library/silaalolita/1018.html"#>dEvuDu kavita unnA prArthana ImATalO uMdO lEdO nAku telIdu <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

    [#kavitalaki liMkulu vErE pEjIki tIsikeLLavu. kavitalu reMDU haislayiD pAp ap viMDOlalO teruchukuMTAyi vyAsaM unna pEjIlOnE. phair^phAks lOnU ai.I. lOnU prayatniMchAmu. liMkulu sariggAnE pani chEstunnAyi. mIru ippaDikI chUDalEkapOtE mAku teliyajEyaMDi – saM. #]

  274. #paDamaTa saMdhyArAgaM guriMchi #lyla yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    07/13/2009 10:53 #am

    “#saMdhya iMTlO lEdu. ”

    saMdhya iMTlO lEdA? EmayyiMdi? beDrUM lO vastuvulannI ekkaDi vakkaDE unnayi. rOjU vADE parsu -Dressaru mIdE uMdi. iMTlO vEsuku tirigE cheppulu -akkaDE maMchaM pakkanE unnayyi . garAj. garAj .. ..- garAjlO TayOTA kEmrI kAru uMdA ? kArU akkaDE uMdi. saMdhya appuDappuDU lEk pakkanE saikilu tokkutuMdi. A saikilu , A saikilu – uMdi, adigO A mUlagA gArbej binnula pakkanE uMdi. adE mUla, baTTalu AreyyaTAnikani konukkochchina poDugATi tADu akkaDE uMDAlE . adi lEdu . aprayatnaMgA atanu garAj sIliMgu dUlAla vaMka chUSADu. guMDe daDadaDa lADiMdi.
    saMdhyA, saMdhyA ! aMTU gabhikkuna …

    EM pAThakulaMDI? rAmAyaNaMlO parNaSAlalO sIta kanapaDaka pOtE akkaDa vAlmIki katha ApitE – sIta EmaiyyiMdO ani madhana paDarU. sItA! sItA! aMTU rAmuDitO pATu aTU iTU parigeTTarU. EM pAThakulaMDI?

    kathalu kathalugA chaduvukunE pAThakulErI. aMdarU vimarSakulE. E vallaMpATi kadhA SilapaM, kathA vimarSa -pustakAlO chadivEsukuni – idi kathEnA? Saili bAguMdi . #Keep it up.# vastuvu SUnyaM. saMbhAshaNalu – asalu telugu vALLU ilA mATlADukOru. I kathalO nAku mugiMpu chadavaka muMdE telisi pOyiMdi. katha vAstavAniki dUraMgA uMdi. vAstavAniki marI ibbaMdi kaligiMchEMta daggiragA uMdi. kadhAkadhana vidhAnamu bAguMdi ….aMTU EMTEMTO rAstAru.

    EM pAThakulaMDI! kathalu ilAnA chaduvukuMTAru?

    pOnI maLLI chaMdamAma kathalannA chadavaMDi. <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />


    #[#pai vyAkhyalapai vachchina prativyAkhyalanu <>#eemaata.com/forums/topic/22.html"#>charchAvEdikalO uMchAmu – saM.#]

  275. #achchulO patrikalu aMtaristAyA? guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    07/12/2009 10:19 #am


    telugunADi patrika nirvAhakulu AMdhradESaMlO rachayitalaku pAritOshikaM istUnE unnAru. telugunADi DaijesT paddhatilO patrika. AMTE, aMdulO achchayina chAlA vyAsAlu, chAlA kathalu — ivannI reMDavasAri prachuriMchabaDDAyi. okasAri prachuritamaina prachuraNalu tirigi prachuriMchi telugudESaMlO patrikalatO samAnaMgA ( aMtakannA ekkuvagAnE ani vinnaTTu gurtu) telugunATi rachayitalaku vALLu pAritOshikaM istunnAru. ayinA telugunADi mUtapaDiMdi. achchupatrikalu mUtapaDaTAniki konni mukhyakAraNAlu nEnu saMpAdakIyaMlO muchchaTiMchAnu.

    reMDO vishayaM :
    #I request the eemaaTa readers to read an article by Malcolm Gladwell, titled, Priced To Sell, in the most recent issue of The New Yorker
    (The New Yorker, July 6 & 13, 2009) . I wish I had the issue at hand when I was writing my editorial.


    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu.

  276. strI parvaMlO gAMdhAri guriMchi #Madhav # abhiprAyaM:

    06/24/2009 5:10 #am

    #I vyAsaMpai abhiprAyAlalO konniTini charchAvEdikalO <>#eemaata.com/forums/post/134.html#p134"#>sAMpradAya sAhityaM vibhAgaMlOki mArchAmu. vyAsAniki pratyaksha saMbaMdhaM lEni abhiprAyAlanu <>#eemaata.com/forums/post/134.html#p134"#>akkaDa pOsT chEyagalarani mA vij~napti.

    – saMpAdakulu.

  277. rAgAlU svarAlU guriMchi #M.S.Prasad # abhiprAyaM:

    05/25/2009 10:14 #pm

    mInuMDi nAkeTuvaMTI saMdESaM rAlEdu. nEnu prati dinamU nA meyilu chUsukuMTAnu. ivALa kUDA chUsAnu. mI meyilu eDrasu telupanaMdu valana maLLI dIni dvArAnE saMparkiMchavalasi vachchiMdi. nA chirunAmA
    #msprasad2004@rediffmail.com maringantis@email.com


    #[#mIku gata 24 gaMTalalO reMDu vErvEru akauMTlanuMDi I meyiLLu paMpAmu. mI in^bAksulO avi lEkapOtE mI meyil seTTiMgs tanikhI chEsukOgalaru. alAnE mI balk lEdA spAM phOlDarulalO kUDA. mIru paina ichchina reMDu aDrasulalO reMDavadi pani chEyuTalEdu. mI rIDiph aDrassuki paMpina meyiLLu EmI tirigirAlEdu. mIru – #editors[AT]eemaata.com ( [AT] #sthAnaMlO @ vuMchi) aDrasu ku meyilu paMpi mammalni “saMpradiMcha”galaru.idE mI uddESamani mAku tOstunnadi. mI pratI meyilukI mEmu veMTanE riplai istUnE vuMTAmu. mIku avi aMdakapOtE mI meyil aDminisTrETarlanu saMpradiMchaMDi. – saM#]

  278. #prachuraNaki vachchE rachanala guriMchi guriMchi #rama bharadwaj # abhiprAyaM:

    05/12/2009 11:15 #am

    #porapATugAnE ayinA oka mukhya vishayaM prastAvanaku rAvaTaM maMchidE ayiMdi. adi “saMpAdana”.guriMchi. lOkaM mottaMmIda tana Sramaki tagina “kUli” E kOSAnA.. giTTanidi okka telugu rachayitakE… anna di jagadviditaM!! telugudESaMlOni patrikallO maMchi kavitakI.. kAni kavitakI kUDA okaTE rETu. mIru eMta goppa kavitanainA rAyaMDI..mIku vArichchEdi..oka 150rUpAyalu mAtramE!! goppavyAsaM rAsinA aMtE pAritOshikaM.!! mari idi rachayita budhdhi pariSramani kAruchaukagA dOchukOvaTamE kadA? ImATa lO achchayyE vATiki “aMtarjAtIya pramANAla”ki dhITugAnE dhara chellistArEmO..nAku telIdu mari.

    nA uddESyaMlo maMchi rachanalu rAvAlaMTE maMchi pAritOshikaM chAlA mukhyaM. akkaDa mArpu lEkuMDA..EmI kimmanakuMDA.. “pedda rachayitalu” rAyaDaMlEdani UrikE vagachinA..anavasaraMgA rachanalu paMpani vArini ADipOsukunnA… lAbhaM EmuMTuMdI??

    rachanalu kAvAlI..kAnI vAri aksharAniki kiTTubATu dhara kalpiMchaM..anna vaikhari ayAchitaMgA rachayitala kalpanASaktini dOchukOvaTamE avutuMdi. aMdukE patrikalaki arudugA tappa cheppukOdagga rachanalu rAnidi.IpATi bhAgyAniki vachchina rAtaltO saripeTTukuni naDupukOvaTamE patrikani. aMduTlO pasa lEdani anukunnA phalitamEmuMdI?? UrikE vachchiMdi uttamaM kAdA?!AlOchiMchaMDi.


    #[#vistRta charchaku vIlugA I abhiprAyaM <>#eemaata.com/forums/post/61.html#p61"#>charchAvEdikalO kUDA vuMchabaDiMdi.#]

  279. #prachuraNaki vachchE rachanala guriMchi guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    05/11/2009 10:06 #am

    #pogiDina vAriki oka namaskAraM. tegiDina vAriki anEka namaskArAlu. I vAda prativAdAlu chaduvutuMTE, viSvanAtha satyanArAyaNagAru cheppina chATupadyaM gurtukochchiMdi.

    tolinALula padyArthamu
    teliyanichO pAThakunidi teliyami. I nA –
    Lula vrAsina kavi dOshamu.
    kali gaDachinakoladi chitragatulan^ chelagun^

    vidhEyuDu, — vEvErA

  280. vADuka bhAshalO telugu kavitAvikAsamu guriMchi #M.S.Prasad # abhiprAyaM:

    05/05/2009 7:32 #am

    #ChaMdobadhdhavayina kavitvaM rAstunnavALLu anubhUtiki, bhAvAniki reMDO pITa vEsi ChaMdassuki peddapITa veyyaDaM vallE vALLa kavitvaMlO ChaMdassu tappa kavitvaM vuMDakuMDApOtOMdi. I pITala guriMchi nA vimarSa koMcheM rasaj~na pAThakulamuMduMchi nA dRkpadhaM sari ainadO kAdO telusukOvAlani anukuMTunnAnu.

    sAhityAniki aMdAnni kUrchEvi modaTidi SabdaM reMDavadi bhAvaM. SabdaM chevini paDutUnE SRtipEyaMgAnO karNa kaThOraMgAnO AkarshaNa vikarshaNalanu A kavitvaMpai kalugajEstuMdi.

    #[#I kAmeMT pUrtipAThaM <>#eemaata.com/forums/topic/10.html"#>charchAvEdika lO chadavagalaru – saM#]

  281. #okkatE… mRtyuvu guriMchi #Srinivas Nagulapalli # abhiprAyaM:

    05/04/2009 10:41 #am

    #maMchi anuvAdaM. kavita kannA anuvAdaM kashTamanukuMTAnu. mUlabhAshalO chadivinavALLanu meppiMchaDaM iMkA kashTataraM.
    “mRtyugItAnidi taDi UdApUla raMgu mRtyumukhaM mudurAkupachcha kAbaTTi” chadivAka EdO teliyani veliti, idi rAyaDAniki sphUrti….

    #[#pUrtipAThaM <>#eemaata.com/forums/topic/8.html"#>charchAvEdikalO chUDagalaru -saM.#]

  282. #punarapi guriMchi #Bhanu # abhiprAyaM:

    05/04/2009 7:45 #am

    #chAlA bAguMdi. #I enjoy the stories written in eemaata as mostly they resemble the stories of NRIs(In the lunch time in Office. NOT at HOME.. no time like Latha). But I never wrote a comment before for any story for any magazine before. A real story.. touched heart… I am sure many indian wives in US feel this way. This generation, wives in India or US need to earn apart from taking care of husband,house and kids. In India, at least there will be help from elders and/or servants. Here, we have to manage everything on our own…As it appears from out side …every thing is good and well with a small family, two jobs and being well off in US,so it looks insane to ask help from not understanding husband and land up in big fights which will disturb the whole family. Is there any remedy for this situation? I request to print some more stories with issues Indian wives face in US. Thank you very much.

  283. #ImATa pAThakulaku… guriMchi #Meher # abhiprAyaM:

    05/04/2009 1:15 #am

    #pAThakula abhiprAya niyamAvaLi chadivAnu. annI bAnE vunnAyi. mukhyaMgA oka pAThakuDu marO pAThakuni abhiprAyaMpai daMDettE cheDu alavATupai parimiti vidhiMchaDaM maMchidE. kAnI pAThakulu tana spaMdanalu saMpAdakulni saMbhOdistU cheppAlanna niyamaM mAtraM bAlEdu. pAThakunigA oka rachana nAku nachchinapuDu nEnu A kRtaj~natanu tinnagA rachayitakE telupukOvAlanukuMTAnu. nachchanapuDu sAdhAraNaMgA akkaDa spaMdanE telapanu. pAThakunigA nAkU rachayitakU madhya saMpAdakulu mIDiyETars aMtE. vALLatO nAkE nimittamU lEdu. EdannA kathO kavitO nachchinappuDu ika ikkaDa kUDA mAmUlu patrikallOlA “eDiTarjI mIru prachuriMchina phalAnA kavita/ katha chAlA bAguMdi” ani cheppAlaMTE EdO kOlpOyinaTTanipistuMdi. rachayitalu pratispaMdiMchaDaM/ pratispaMdiMchakapOvaDaM vALLa yishTaM. pAThakuni spaMdana mAtraM rachayitaku uddESistEnE bAguMTuMdi.

    #[#mI salahA prakAraM taguvidhaMgA <>#eemaata.com/em/comment_rules"#>pAThakulaku sUchanalalO mArpulu chESAmu. – saM#]

  284. #okkatE… mRtyuvu guriMchi garikapATi pavan kumAr abhiprAyaM:

    05/03/2009 7:28 #pm

    #anuvAdAlu katti mIda sAmu lAMTivE, aMdulOnU laya baddamaina vAkya nirmANAniki perennika ganna neruDA kavitvAnuvAdamaMTE eMtO lOtaina AlOchana, kavitvaM chadivinappuDu kaligina niMDaina bhAvAvESaM reMDU kalapOyAlani nA svIyAnubhavaM. lEkapOtE anuvAdaM rakti kaTTadu.

    modaTi EDu pAdAla spAnish mUlaM;


    HAY cementerios solos,
    tumbas llenas de huesos sin sonido,
    el corazón pasando un túnel
    oscuro, oscuro, oscuro,
    como un naufragio hacia adentro nos morimos,
    como ahogarnos en el corazón,
    como irnos cayendo desde la piel al alma.

    #urAmarikagA, spAnish nuMchi arthaM:


    akkaDa oMTarigA SmaSAnAlu
    emukalu niMDina samAdhulu, SabdaM lEdu
    guMDe guMDA oka soraMgaM
    chIkaTi, chIkaTi, chIkaTi
    manani mRtyuvulO diMchina pagilina ODannaTTu
    mana guMDelOna manani muMchinaTTu
    manaM tOlu nuMDi Atma lOki paDinaTTu

    ika bhairavabhaTla gAri anuvAdaM pariSilistE: modaTi pAdaM bAgA vachchiMdi, kAnI reMDava pAdaMlO kavi(neruDA) hRdayaM niSSabdaM ani kAdu, SabdaM lEdani (kavitvaMlO I reMTikI chAlA tEDA uMdi),alAgE samAdhulu emukala niSSabdaM niMDinavani kUDA kAdu.

    ika mUDava pAdaM AMglAnuvAdaMlOni tappuni kharAru cheyyaDaM.
    nAlugava pAdaMlO mUlaMlO lEni anavasaramaina daMDuggaNaM (kaTika)
    aidu, Aru, EDu pAdAlu #Como# anE padaMtO modalaitAyu spAnish lO, dAnarthaM lA, upamAnaMga cheppinaTTu. “I maraNaM” anEdi ekkaDa nuMDi vachchiMdi? kavitA vAkya nirmANAniki anuvAdaMlO eTuvaMTi sthAnaM kalpiMChAru bhairavabhaTla vAru?

    anuvAdAlu chEsEppuDu konni sUchanalu:

    1. mUlAnni rakshiMchaMDi (mUlO rakshati rakshita@h)
    2. vivaraNallOki pOvaddu, kavitani kavitagAnE uMchaMDi (udAharaNaki pai aidu, Aru, EDu pAdAlu vivaraNa)
    3. mUla bhAshalO kanIsa parij~nAnni peMchukOvaDaM.

    mana padyAlanu saMskRtaMlO nuMchi jarmanulOki parivartiMchEppuDu, ChaMdObaddaMgA anuvadiMchagaligitE bAguMDEdani mahakavi gOthE abhiprAyapaDDADu. I vivaraNa bhairavabhaTla gAri kalaM nuMchi iMkA maMchi anuvAdAlu veluvaDAlanE.

    #[#mariMta charchaku vIlugA I abhiprAyAnni <>#eemaata.com/forums/"#>charchAvEdikalO kUDA prachuriMchAmu. – saM#]

  285. #bODi padyaM guriMchi garikapATi pavan kumAr abhiprAyaM:

    03/31/2009 4:39 #pm

    #I kavitani, kavini arthaM chEsukOvaDAniki I laMkelOni vyAsaM upayOgapaDutuMdi “aphsar^ “valasa”, kalpanA reMTAla “kanipiMchE padaM”” – mE 2002 I mATa saMchika <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200205/552.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com/em/issues/200205/552.html

    #garikapATi pavan kumAr

  286. bODi padyaM guriMchi #Ravikiran Timmireddy # abhiprAyaM:

    03/25/2009 7:42 #am

    #aSlIlaM guriMchIgoDavEviTi. kavita nachchiMdO, nachchalEdO aMTE sarEgAnI, kavita aSlIlavaTavEviTi? alA anEvALLu eMdukO kUDA chebutE bAguMDEdi. rahaSyAMgAnnO (EviTO aMdulO aMta rahaSyaM), dAniki jarigE voka prakriyanO aSlIlavani anagalavA? pOnI aMta abhyaMtaravanukuMTE A konni padAlni parAyi bhAshalO anukOni chadivEsukuMTE saripOtuMdi kadA. A padAlni mAtraM chakkagA, E AMglaMlOnO, saMskRtaMlOnO anuvadiMchEsukuni chadivEstE asalu bAdhE lEdu. A bhAshallO I aSlIlavaina(?) padAlu, prakriyalu chadavaDaM manaki alavATE kadA.

    ippaTiki nEnO araDajanu sArlu chadivEnI kavitani, nAkEM bOdhapaDalA kavitAtmO, kavitArthavO dAnni mIrEvannA sarE. kavitvaMlO #abstraction# avasaravE. kAnI dAnni voka peyiMTiMg sthAyiki tIsukupOvAlsina avasaraM vuMdA? manishi medaDuki raMgula chitrAlu, pada chitrAlu arthavayyE tIru vEru, vErani nA abhiprAyaM.

    peyiMTiMg ni kaLLatO chUDaMgAnE manasulOki dUkE A pachchi emOshanal #abstraction,# kavitani chadivi dAnni arthaM chEsukuni anubhUtiMchagaligE prakriya vEru vErani nA abhiprAyaM. nakkani chUsi vAtalu peTTukunnaTTu, avakASaM uMdikadA ani, bhAshakunna (peyiMTiMg ki lEni, aMdukanE peyiMTiMglO A #abstraction# avasaravEvO) oka visRtavaina vyaktIkaraNani upayOgiMchukOkuMDA mAmUlu manushulaki arthaMkAni kavita valla upayOgavEviTi. pOnI A kavita vrAsina vArO, lEkapOtE prachuriMchina saMpAdakulO A kavitatObATu A kavitArthAnni kUDA prachuriMchuMTE bAguMDEdi.

    sAdhAraNa prachuraNalaki lEni oka goppatanaM veb prachuraNalakuMdi. ikkaDa kavita, katha, vyAsa karta tana abhiprAyAlni pAThakulatO EkTiv gA paMchukunE avakASaM vuMdi. #I do not know the reason why, here in “eemaata” writers, most of the times do not participate in the debate. Though they are the instigators of the debate by mare act of writing that poetry, story, or an essay, they shy away from the debate. Many times even our editors do the same. I hope they utilize the opportunity of this facility, and participate in this live discussion and help readers like us to a better understanding.
    #marO vishayaM abhiprAyalu rAsE vALLa pErlatO A ATalEviTaMDi. pErlanu vakrIkariMchinaMta mAtrAna origEdEviTi.

    ravikiraN timmireDDi.

  287. ImATa pUrvAparAlu – nA j~nApakAlu #I# guriMchi #Sudhakar # abhiprAyaM:

    03/14/2009 2:31 #am

    Suresh gaaru,
    Your article is an excellent insight into the origins of internet and eemaata. By using the quotations of telugu writers you have created a genuine telugu work.
    Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to encourage famous telugu people to treasure their memories on Eeemata for the future generations?.
    Best wishes.

  288. #ataDu, nEnu, ataDi katha guriMchi #Vamsi # abhiprAyaM:

    03/05/2009 8:44 #pm

    Seems like even suicide follows Darwin’s rule of survival. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

    Btw, thanks for this analysis and I would love to see more of this stuff in eemaata in future.


  289. #nAchana sOmana chatura vachO vilAsaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    03/02/2009 2:13 #pm

    “#Toppi” anna padaM nAchana vADADaMTE nAkU AScharyaM vEsiMdi. ippaTi dAkA nEnu telugu vAriki pOrchugIsu vAri dvArA saMkramiMchina AyA, almarA, kamIju, (tALaM)chevi, Aspatri, mEjODu, mEjA, mEstrI, pEna, pIpA, tuvvAla, sabbu, bAtu, bottAmu vaMTi anEkAnEka padAlalO TOpI kUDA okaTani anukunnAnu. #Top # anna padAniki saMbaMdhiMchi *#tuppaz# anna dhAtuvu nuMDi puTTina padAlu jarmAnik bhAshalalOnU, konni romAMTik bhAshalalOnU kanipiMchaDaM kaddu. kAnI, prAkRtaMlOnU, vEdakAlAnaMtara saMskRtaMlOnU “TOpiA”, “TOpika”, “Tuppika” modalaina prayOgAlunnAyani ippuDE #Turner “A Comparative Dictionary of Indo-Aryan Languages”# chUstE telisiMdi.

  290. smail^ – O j~nApika guriMchi koDavaLLa hanumaMtarAvu abhiprAyaM:

    01/27/2009 6:44 #am

    #mOhana gAriki,

    1985lO vaDDera chaMDIdAs “priyamaina mO” ani saMbOdhistU uttaraM rAyaDaMtO vEguMTa mOhana prasAd kEvalaM ‘mO’ gA sthirapaDipoyyADu. telugu, pASchAtya sAhityAlani lOtugA adhyayanaM chEsina kavi. modaTi kavitA saMpuTi, chiti-chiMta, tOnE pEru techchukunnADu. itara dESAla kavulani “karachAlanaM” vyAsAla dvArA teluguvALLaki parichayaM chESADu. iMkA chAlA rASADu. pOyina saMchikalOnE Ayana “<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200811/1346.html/5/#comments" rel="nofollow"#>nirAkAruDu” kavitani vElUri chavakarakaM jin^ aMD TAnik gA abhivarNistE nEnu maMchi kavitagA samarthiMchAnu.

    mO ki vimarSakulu ekkuvE. kAni, “I kavitva kashAyaM vikaTistuMdi,” ani vimarSiMchinAyanE “niraMtara ‘mO’hanarAgaM” AlApiMchE I kavi mana madhyanE unnaMduku garvapaDAlanaDaM gamanArhaM. #[1]

    #koDavaLLa hanumaMtarAvu

    #[1] “#vyAsAlu, dvEshAlu,” saubhAgya. 2004.

  291. SilAMtarALalOlita rEvatIdEvi guriMchi koDavaLLa hanumaMtarAvu abhiprAyaM:

    01/27/2009 5:42 #am

    #aruNa gAriki,

    SilAlOlita pustakaMlO rEvatIdEvi iMTi pErivvanaMduna nEnU dAnini prastAviMchalEdu. kAni mIranna vinnakOTa AviDa puTTiMTi pErU kAdu, meTTiMTi pErU kAdu – pustakAnni aMkitaM chEsiMdi taMDri yan. si. rAjAreDDi gAriki; bharta Di. raghurAmireDDi. I madhyanE <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200811/1369.html" rel="nofollow"#>niDadavOlu mAlati gAru mana dRshTiki techchina oka pustakaM #[1]# lO AviDani niDumAnUri rEvatIdEvi gA parichayaM chESAru.

    rama gAriki,

    mI abhiSaMsanA pUraka prOtsAhAniki kRtaj~natalu. rachchabaMDalO appaTlO kAsta ekkuvagAnE vAdOpavAdAlu chEsi gharshaNa paDEvANNi. vATillO okadAnini, vyAsaMgA rAsi mAku paMpagUDadA ani vElUri, kolichAla aDigitE haDAviDigA paMpina rachana idi. nAlAMTi pAThakulu rAyagalarEmO kAni, sAhityaMlO koMta sAdhikArikatagalavALLu rAstEgAni I kavayitrulaki nyAyaM jaragadu.

    baMgArammani prastAviMchAru kanuka O muchchaTa cheptAnu. muddukRshNa mUlaMgA AviDa pEru telusu kAni, I vyAsaM rAsEmuMdara nEnAviDa kavitvAnni aMtagA paTTiMchukOlEdu, velchEru gAri #Hibiscus# chUsiMtarvAtE nAkAviDa mIda Asakti kaligiMdi. dAMTlOnE unna #My Brother# mUlaM veMTanE dorakalEdu. tarvAta konnALLaki janavari 2006lO SEshaSAyi gAru AviDa kavitA saMchikani AMdhrabhAratilO peTTi rachchabaMDalO cheppAru. aMdumUlaMgAnE AviDa koMpella janArdanarAvu sOdari (akkO chellelO eMduku chepparu?!) ani telisiMdi. appuDu mA AviDa nannaDigiMdi – “mari SrISrI anaMtaMlO A vishayaM cheppalEdA?” ani. “janArdanarAvu j~nApakAlu” aMTU SrISrI chAlAnE rASADu kAni I vishayaM cheppina gurtulEdu.

    j~nApakAlaMTE, AchaMTa jAnakirAm #[2]# koMpella janArdanarAvu svagrAmaM, amalApuraM daggara gaMgalakurru veLLi, A Urini varNiMchi baMgAramma kottagA rAsina “nIDa” (#Hibiscus on the Lake)# AviDa chadivitE vini paravaSiMchaDaM gurtostuMdi. AviDa janArdanarAvuki akka annAru AchaMTa. #My Brother# ki mUlaM “mA anna.” pEruki tagga kavayitri baMgAramma.

    koDavaLLa hanumaMtarAvu

    #[1] “Women Writing in India: 600 BC To the Present,” Volume II: The 20th Century. Edited by Susie Tharu and K. Lalita. Oxford India Paperbacks, 1993.

    [2]# AchaMTa jAnakirAm “sAgutunna yAtra.” dInini “nA smRtipathaMlO” tO kalipi jyEshTha liTararI TrasTu vAru 2008lO prachuriMchAru. pEjIlu 230-231.

  292. SilAMtarALalOlita rEvatIdEvi guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    01/21/2009 3:53 #pm

    Dear Rama garu:

    Chavali Bangaramma, as you have said did not get the recognition she deserved during her time, and probably even later! But, there were quite a few poets, particularly women poets who were “ignored.”

    I would like to share the following information with the eemaata readers.

    Velcheru Narayana Rao of University of Wisconsin (currently visiting professor at Emory University, Atlanta) edited and translated a collection of one hundred telugu poems of the 20th century. The collection bears the title, “Hibiscus on the Lake.” It is published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 2003. I need not emphasize the very title for the book chosen by Narayana Rao. You could guess it!

    If you haven’t already read , I would request you to read “A Historical After-Essay” at the end of the book . A lengthy critical appreciation of Chavali Bangaramma’s poetry appears in the essay, and in particular on the poem neeDa translated as Hibiscus on the Lake.

    With best regards,

    Veluri Venkateswara Rao.

  293. #rAgalahari: mOhanaM guriMchi #K. Rohiniprasad # abhiprAyaM:

    01/18/2009 10:54 #am

    #I Sru anE vishayaMlO chAlA ELLa kritaM nEnu chEsina porabATunu guriMchi ImATa saMpAdakulaku eppuDO cheppAnu kAni vAriMkA <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200005/775.html"#>nA pAta vyAsaM SIrshikanu sarididdalEdu.

    #[#rOhiNI prasAd gAru, mI vyAsaM SIrshikanu sarididdAmu. ImATalO marikonni chOTla uTaMkiMchina “SRti” annamATanu kUDA “Sruti” gA sari diddAmu. dInini mA dRshTiki tIsukuvachchinaMduku dhanyavAdAlu. -saM.#]

  294. #rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi #Malathi Nidadavolu # abhiprAyaM:

    01/08/2009 7:15 #am

    #I vivaraNa chAlA vishayAlu spashTaM chEstuMdi. bAguMdi. dhanyavAdAlu.
    maroka saMdEhaM. ImATalO prachuriMchina rachanalu toligiMchinappuDu rachayitalaku teliyajEsE avakASaM vuMdA? nA rachanalu reMDu (“rachayitalakI pAThakulakI madhya gala avinAbhAvasaMbaMdhaM” anna vyAsamU, “aMpakAlu” anna kavitA tolisArigA ImATa.kAMlOnE prachuriMpabaDinAyi) ippuDu kanipiMchaDaMlEdu.
    – niDadavOlu mAlati

    #[#ImATalO prachuriMchabaDina rachanalu eTTi paristhitullOnU, E kAraNaM chEtanU tolagiMchabaDavu.

    mI ‘<>#eemaata.com/issue36/sambandham.pdf"#>rachayitalakI pAThakulakI madhya gala avinAbhAvasaMbaMdhaM‘ vyAsaM, mI ‘<>#eemaata.com/issue35/appagintalu.pdf"#>appagiMtalu‘ kavita (‘aMpakAlu’ kAdu) tikkana phAMT^lO lEni konni itara rachanalatO pATugA sAMkEtika kAraNAla valla iMkA pI.DI.eph phaiLLu gAnE unnAyi. vITini kUDA yUnikOD^ki mArchE prayatnAlu chEstunnAmu. mari koMtakAlaM paTTavachchu. pAta saMchikallO tama rachanalu kanipiMchani rachayitalu vATi vivarAlatO mammalni saMpradiMchavalasinadigA kOrutunnAM – saM.#]

  295. #janaraMjani: mahAnaTi sAvitri guriMchi #Sudhakar # abhiprAyaM:

    12/28/2008 5:53 #am

    #mahAnaTi sAvitri gAri janaraMjani kAryakramamu:
    So far, eemaata is restricted to literary writings and sounds/ voices only. I hope to see Eemaata coming up with programmes making the best use of the multimedia technology ( including videos and movie recordings and images ) in the future.
    Thank you for including the programme in your site.

  296. #smail okhaDE… iha lEDu! guriMchi #bollojubaba # abhiprAyaM:

    12/28/2008 4:38 #am

    ???? ?????? <>eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />
    ???? ??????? ???? ????????? ????????? ????????? ????. ???? ?????????? ????????? ????, ?? ?????? ????.??? ???????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???. ????????? <>eemaata.com/n/?page_id=28&aa=%E0%B0%87%E0%B0%B8%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%AE%E0%B0%BE%E0%B0%AF%E0%B0%BF%E0%B0%B2%E0%B1%8D">????????? ???? ??? ????? ???? ????????? ?? ??????? ?????? ??????. ?????? ?????????. I wonder in his poetry how he could see the things in such a totally different angles.

    ?? ?????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? ????? ????????? ???????????. ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ???????????????. ?????? ???????? ???? ????? ??????????? ????? ?????? ???????. ???? ????????? ????????? ???? ??????? ????????.

    ?? ??????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?????????? ?? ???????? ?????????? ? ??????? ??????????????. ????????, ??? ???????? ????? ? ????? ????????, ??????? ??????? ???????? ????????? ????????? ?????? ???? ?????????????????????? ???????.

  297. #telugu bhAsha vayasseMta? guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    12/22/2008 5:12 #pm

    #ramagAru: mIru cheppiMdE karekTu. “SUrula janmaMbu …” mahAbhAratapu AdiparvaMlOni Arava ASvAsaMlO aravayyova padyaM — karNuDiki aMgarAjyAbhishEkaM chEsE samayaMlO duryOdhanuni samarthiMpu (#DVSK# sinimAlO kUDA ilAMTi DailAgE vinnaTTu gurtu). dIniki mUlaM “SUrANAMcha nadInAMcha durvidA@h prabhavA@h kila”(Ta). nEnu palnATi vIra charitralO chUsiMdi ilAMTidE iMkO padyamaiyuMTuMdi. iTuvaMTi sAmetE marAThilO uMdi: “RshichE kUL ANi nadIchE mUL SOdhU nayE”. marAThilO lAgE tamiLaMlO kUDA vinipiMchE sAmeta “Rshi mUlaM, nadimUlaM arayakkUDAdu/kEkkakUDAdu”. vichAriMchi chUstE, “Rshi mUlaM, nadimUlaM na vichAryam” anna saMskRta SlOkaM I sAmetalanniMTikI mUlamaiyuMDochchani tOstOMdi.

  298. telugu bhAsha vayasseMta? guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    12/21/2008 6:28 #pm

    #nEnu mUDELLa kritaM rAsina vyAsAniki ippuDu vachchina pratispaMdana chUsi AScharyapOyAnu. nEnu bhAshASAstraM guriMchi rAsina modaTi vyAsaM kAbaTTi kAstA beruku, berukugA jaMkutUnE rAsAnu. nEnu I vyAsaM rAsEnATiki telugubhAsha prAchInata guriMchina vAdAlu kAnI, telugubhAshanu SrEshThabhAshagA gurtiMchAlanna ninAdAlu kAnI lEvu. Imadhya kAlaMlO I vyAsaM rAsuMTE koMta dUkuDugA, kuSAstraniMdatO modalupeTTi rAsEvADinEmO.

    vEmUri gAru: mI abhimAnAniki kRtaj~natalu. “telugadElayanna …” anna aMSaM mIda mIru chakkagA rAsAru. nEnu DeTrAyiT sadassulO kUDA I aMSaMpai kAstA mATlADaTAniki prayatniMchAnu. A sadassulO nEnu mATlADina vishayAlanu vyAsarUpaMgA vachchE nelalO poddu patrikalO mIru chUDavachchu.

    SrInivAs nAgulapalli gAru: bhArata upakhaMDaMlO lipula charitraku, bhAshala charitraku aMtagA saMbaMdhaM lEdu. bhAshalu, bhAshAkuTuMbAla charitra mahA prAchInamaitE, vartakulaku, rAjulaku, kavulaku mAtramE avasaramayyE lipulu ati navInamainavi. ippuDu bhAratadESaMlO vADE lipulanniMTikI mUla mAtRka brahmI lipi. I brahmI lipi 2500 saMvatsarAlaku pUrvaM vADinaTTugA ekkaDA AdhArAlu lEvu! vEda sAhityaM chAlAkAlaM varakU maukhika sAhityaMgAnE uMDEdanna vishayaM manaMdarikI telisiMdE.

    telugu-kannaDa lipula pariNAmAnni sUchiMchE I kiMdi chitrapaTaM bhadrirAju kRshNamUrti gAri #Dravidian languages# pustakaM lOnidi #[79# va pEjI#].

    #lipula guriMchi rOhiNIprasAdu gAru rAsina maukhika sAhityaM, lipula AvirbhAvaM anna vyAsaMkUDA mIku upayOgapaDavachchu.

    bAbjIlugAru: I vyAsaM tirigi rAyAlsi vastE “magavADi jItaM, vayassu” anakuMDA “SUrula janmaMbu, surula janmaMbu, Erula janmaMbu eruga taramE”anna palnATiyuddhapu padyAnnO, “RshichE kUL ANi nadIchE mUL SOdhU nayE! (Rshula kulAnni nadula mUlAnni SOdhiMchavaddu)” anna marAThI sAmetanO uTaMkistU rAstAnu leMDi :-).

    #Classical Language# anna pada baMdhAnni “prAchIna bhAsha” ani anuvadiMchaDaM lOnE vachchiMdi asalu chikku. klAsikal anna mATalO kAlAnikannA guNAnikE ekkuva prAdhAnyata kAbaTTi A padAnni SrEshThabhAsha ani anuvadiMchukoni uMDuMTE telugu bhAshanu sumEriyanlatO, telimanlatO muDipeTTi draviDa prANAyAmaM cheyyAlsina agatyaM tappEdEmO. ippaTikainA, A SrEshTha bhAshA pratipattitO pATu sAdhiMchina kOTi rUpAyalatO telugu bhAsha, charitrala guriMchi unnata sthAyilO SAstra pariSOdhanalu jarapaDAniki kAvalisina vyavasthani nelakolpaDAniki pUnukuMTArani ASiddAM.

  299. janaraMjani: mahAnaTi sAvitri guriMchi #vinaykumarnadella # abhiprAyaM:

    12/13/2008 10:29 #am

    #naTanakE bhAshyaM cheppina mahA naTi sAvitri svaraM vinaTaM eMtO AhlAdakaraM gA uMdi. #Most expressive face movie world had ever seen! NTR, ANR, SVR # sarasana sUpar^sTAr^gA vuMDadagina Ekaika naTImaNi mana sAvitri. #Thousand thanks to eemaaTa for bringing back her memories. Thank you. Keep going!

  300. #suvarNabhUmilO … guriMchi #Garikapati # abhiprAyaM:

    11/07/2008 9:16 #pm

    #iMdulO ayudu iMpaina kavitalu:

    muMdu mUDu kavitallO buddha jIvitaM goppatanaM kaLLaku kaTTinA, prati kavitalO edO oka prANi (erra chArala pilli, tEneTIga, kukkapilla) budduDi goppatanaM emI teliyadu, telusukOlEvu(koMtamaMdi mana pAThaka mitrullA) kanuka vATi panilO avi unnAyi (pAdAlanu nAkutU).

    nAlugava kavita: manaM kavitvaM elA chadavAli anE dAniki upamagA tIsukovachchu. tala ettaka, diMchaka nilichi gamaniMchamani cheputunnA, paiki kiMdiki chUsi prANa vAyuvu aMdani koMdaru pAThakulu, gaja ItagALLaina mOhana, kAmeSvara rAvugArlaku nijaMgA pani peTTAru.

    chivari kavita: mukhyaMgA I kavitala nEpadhyaM thAy lyAMD ani priyurAli manasunE kAdu mottaM kavitalanE ChAyAmAtraMganainA AnavAlu paTTaDAniki kavi vadilina sUchana. I saMdarbhaMgA “<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200401/200.html"#>ismAyil gAritO nA parichayaM” anna vinnakOTa ravi SaMkar gAri vyAsaMlO vAru sUchiMchina ‘kavitvaMlO aspashTata’ anE aMSaMpai charcha gurtuku vachchiMdi.

    raviSaMkar gAru: “haMpI padyamEmiTi alA uMdI”
    ismAyil gAru: “nuvvu haMpI veLLAvA?”
    raviSaMkar gAru: “lEdu”
    ismAyil gAru: “mari haMpI chUDakuMDA haMpI mIda padyaM elA ardhaM avutuMtuMdi?”

    “kavita ardhaM chEsukOvaDAniki kavi anubhaviMchina pradESaM veLLAlani” jarman mahA kavi gOthe ekkaDO annaTTu gurtu.

    kAbaTTi kanIsaM mansutO nainA kavi pradeSAnni chUDakuMDA vimarSiMchaDaM bhAvyaM kAdu.


  301. suvarNabhUmilO … guriMchi #mOhana # abhiprAyaM:

    11/07/2008 3:29 #pm

    #monna <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200811/1364.html"#>DeTrAyiTlO jarigina samAvESaMlO (nA samIksha chUDaMDi) kavitala paina oka sadassu uMDiMdi. aMdulO kavitalO poralu poralugA arthaM uMDAli annAru okaru. kAni alA rAstE pAThakulaku arthaM avutuMdA anE praSnaku I charcha javAbu anukoMTAnu. iMdulO ennO poralu unnAyi. evariki kAvalasina arthAlu vAru kalpiMchukOvachchu. konni rachayitaku kUDA tOchiuMDaka pOvachchu. udAharaNaku buddhuni Sirassu, moMDemu. dInini chaduvagAnE nAku tOchiMdi eppuDO chadivina shellIgAru rAsina OjimAMDiyas anE sAneT. aMdulO kUDA virigina OjimAMDiyas SilAvigrahaM eDArilO uMTuMdi.
    #My name is Ozymandius, King of Kings,
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    #ani aMtamavutuMdi. niraMkuSuni evarU talachukOru. A vigrahaMlOni kaLanu tappa, dAni kArakuDu Silpi. buddhuni vigrahaM virigi unnA, buddhuni ippuDu kUDA pUjistUnE unnAru kaluvalatO. manaM elA jIvistunnAmO annadE mukhyaM anE oka bhAvana kalugutuMdi I paMktulu chadivina taruvAta. I Uha aMdarikI kalugakapOvachchu. kAni poralu poralugA uMDAli kavitvaM anE dAniki idi oka nidarSanaM. oka kavita maMchidO kAdO anE dAniki tUnika rALLu elAga uMDAlO cheppalEmu (vElUrigAri vyAsaM chadavaMDi). kavita maMchidaitE kalakAlaM nilustuMdi, lEkapOtE telugu sinimAlA I rOju uMTuMdi, rEpu uMDadu. kAni kaviki gauravaM chUpAli,
    kavitanu chadavAli, arthaM chEsikonaDAniki prayatnaM chEyAli. inni kashTalu paDDA okkokkappuDu arthaM kAdu. adi mana duradRshTamE kAni kavi tappu kAdu. sulabhaMgA arthamayyE kavitalu kUDA saMchikalO unnAyi, vATipaina vyAkhyalu rAyavachchu, vATini chadivi AnaMdiMchavachchu. nEnu pAris veLlinappuDu pOMpedU myUsiyaMki veLlAnu. adi mADarn ArT paina. aMdulO konni nAku iMkA arthaM kAlEdu. kAni uttama kaLAkArulachE sRshTiMchabaDinavi avi. dAnini rasAsvAdana chEyalEkapOvaDaM nA tappE gAni myUsiyaM vAridi mAtraM kAdu. vidhEyuDu – mOhana

  302. suvarNabhUmilO … guriMchi #rama # abhiprAyaM:

    11/07/2008 9:37 #am

    ayya editor loo..namaskaralandee !!

    telugulo type chese opika leni nenu mee patrikaki abhiprayalu rase prayatnaanni eppudO viraminchukunnanu. kanee yadukulabhushan raatala meeda vachhina pratispandanalani chadivi chachhela navvi navvi..marinka aagaleka nA spandanani rastunnanu. vamanamoorti gariki..prajapati gariki..suneel gariki na danDaalu.em navvincherandayya meeru..mee vyakyaanaalatO! inka nakaLLalO neeLlu [aanandaBhaspAlu]alagevunnayi. inta vinOdannichhina bhooshangariki kooda na aBhinandanalu.

    inka migilina aYYaloo[ante kameswarrao..mOhana garalaki, emanDee manam enta ardham leni ratanainaa samardhinchaDam avasaramanTaaraa?? kavitvam anTe chulakana kalige ilanTi ratalani kooDa samardhinchi..andulO..edo vunDevunTundanna vathhaasu endukO ..okasari alOchinchandi.

    parody lu rendu rakalu. okaTi chala bagunna kavitakee parody cheyyochhu. vudaaharaNaki sreesree mahaprastanam loni geyalaki machiraju deviprasad .. inka zaruksastrila parody la lanTivi.alaage parama neerasamaina ardham leni..ardhanni prayatninchinaa sadhinchaleni vaTiki vamanamoortigaru chesina parody la lanTivi.

    yadukulabhushan garu ilanTi parody lu rase avakasam ichhinanduku..andarikanna mundu aayanni congrats chestoo, ilanTi manchi rasaheenamaina padyalani.. manchi vinodam kaliginche padhatilO marikonni rayamani ..aBhyardidtoo..parady kartalaki marOsaari na santoshanni teliyajestunnanu.
    adisare..vamanamoorti garu..changubhala..Enkimaama..anna oohalO vunna mahaardhamemO! mee vakyanni nenu maravanandOy.

    eemaaTa sampadakuloo kaDupaara navvukOnichharu. thank u.


    [#rama gAru: mI abhiprAyAnni I sAriki rOman lipilOnE prachuristunnAmu. telugulO TaipucheyyaDaM kannA ilA rOman lipilO rAsinavi chadavaDaM iMkA kashTamani gurtiMchagalaru. mIku ImATalO abhiprAyAlu rAsE DabbAlO telugulO Taipu cheyyaDaM alavATu kAkapOtE telugulO Taipu cheyyaDAniki #Quillpad, Baraha# lAMTi sAdhanAlu pariSIliMchagalaru. – saM#]

  303. #suvarNabhUmilO … guriMchi #bollojubaba # abhiprAyaM:

    11/07/2008 12:01 #am

    #paina nEnu chEsina kAmeMTuki koMta vivaraNa

    kavitvaM aMTE manaki arthaMkAnidEdO dAnilOpala uMDi tIrAlanE bhramalO sAdhAraNaMgA pAThakuDu uMDaTaMlO tappukAdugA. eMdukaMTE yadukula bhUshaN gAri kavitvaM ruchi chUsina taruvAta, koMta ekspekTEshan tO kavita nu chadavaTaM, koMta ardhaM kAkapOyinA edO uMDi uMTuMdilE, ani saripeTTukOvaTaM, tOchina rItilO anvayiMchukOvaTaM sahajamE.

    Edi EmainA I padyAlu I kriMdi ivvabaDina liMkulOni vAri kavitA saMpuTilOni padyAla valEkAka, koMta asphashTaMgAnU, pratI oka vAkyAnikI EdO oka bhAshyaM cheppukoMTE tappa ardhaMkAnaTlu gAnU unnAyana mATa vAstavaM.

    <>#eemaata.com/em/category/library/nnn/" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com/em/category/library/nnn/

    #ika pOtE kavi pAThakuni sthAyiki taginaTlugA vrAyAlA, lEka pAThakuDE kavi sthAyiki veLLi chadavAlA anEdI eppaTikI oka miliyan DAlarla praSnE.

    bollOju bAbA

  304. rahadAri pATa – ‘pathEr pAMchAli’ satyajit rAy sinimA guriMchi vishNubhoTla lakshmanna abhiprAyaM:

    11/04/2008 9:57 #am

    #rAvu gArU:

    mIkochchina saMdEhaM koMtavaraku sababE!

    aMduku nA samAdhAnaM idi.

    ImATa oka nirNIta kAlAniki veluvaDE patrika. prati reMDu nelalaki medaTi tEdIna. navataraMgaM eppuDainA prachuriMchE patrika. dIniki oka nirdishTa kAlaM lEdu. okappaTi ImATa saMpAdakuDigA nA oka pratyEka lakshyaM ImATE!

    nEnu konni nelala kritaM ImATalO rAsina rashOmAn (jApanIs sinimA)lO koMta bhAgaM (nA anumati lEkuMDA) navataraMgaMlO peTTi, nA vyAsAniki ImATa liMkulichchAru. adi chUsi nEnu bAdhapaDalEdu. mari koMtamaMdiki telustuMdi kadA anukonnA! A taravAta nEnu navataraMgaMlO sabhyuDanai, ImATalO prachuriMchani vyAsAlu rAsA.

    I madhya nA kochchina AlOchanaltO, rAy sinimAlo “ImATa” pAThakulaki parichayaM chEddAmanukoni, vyAsAlu rAstU, avi ImATalO prachuriMchina taravAta navataraMgaMlO peTTaTAniki navataraMgaM mODarETaruki EmainA abhyaMtaraM uMdA ani aDigi, lEdani telisina taruvAta ImATalO prachuritamaina taravAta navataraMgaMlO prachuriMchamani kOrutU (tEdI eppuDO evarikI teliyadu), ImATa ki rephereMs kOrAnu. adi kapaDaka pOtE, nEnE A vishayaM cheppAnu. udAharaNaki I kriMdi IrOju nA abhiprAyaM navataraMgaMlO chUDaMDi. alAgE chArulata pai nA vyAsaM, ImATalO prachuriMchina taravAtalOnavataraMgaMlO prachuriMchi, ImATa guriMchi repherens lEkapOtE, adi nEnE ichchA!
    navataraMgaM mitrulaki:

    nEnu sinimAla pai rAsE vyAsAlu muMdugA,”ImATa” veb^mAgajIn (#www.eemaaTa.com)# lO prachuristunnAnu. anEka vishayAlapai ImATa veb patrika naDuputunna vishayaM chAlA maMdi navataraMgaM mitrulaki telisE uMTuMdi.

    ayitE, ikkaDa pratyEkaMgA sinimAla painE dRshTi kAbaTTi, ikkaDa kUDA prachuriMchaTaM jarigiMdi. idi puna@hprachuraNa ayinA, ekkuva maMdi pAThakula dRshTiki I vyAsAlu tIsukeLLaTaM tappa marE uddESyamU lEdu.



    ikkaDa konni chikku praSnalunnAyani nA abhiprAyaM.

    aMtaku muMdu prachuriMchina rachanalani ImATa prachuriMchadani nAku, okappaTi saMpAdakuDigA, telusu. oka sAri prachuriMchAkA, ImATa tana hakkunu kolpOtuMdA? adi puna@hprachuriMpabaDitE, aMdulO rachayita bAdhyata, prachuraNa kartala bAdhyata EmiTi? iMdulO svalAbhaM evarikainA, eMtainA uMdA?ivi AlOchiMcha valasina vishayAlu.

    iMdukai pAThakula abhiprAyaM telusukOTaM maMchidi.

    aMdarikI namassulatO,


  305. vADuka bhAshalO padyAlu guriMchi #Kameswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    11/01/2008 5:33 #am

    #I madhya iMTarneTTu saulabhyAniki kAstaMta abhyaMtaraM ErpaDi I charchani iMtavarakU chUDalEdu. dIni guriMchi tApIgA maLLI AlOchiMchi rAyAli. prastutAniki reMDu mUDu vishayAlu.
    mOhanagAru vADukabhAshalO padyAlaki AdaraNa labhiMchAlani kOrukunnAru. samaMjasamE. vADuka bhAshalO padunaina, aMdamaina padyakavitvaM vastE (rA galigitE) dAniki AdaraNa tappakuMDA labhistuMdani nA nammakaM.
    telugulO pAdAMta virAmaM guriMchi. adi saMskRtaMlO niyamaM. telugulO lEdu. kAbaTTi, kAvAlsina chOTallA A virAmAnni pATiMchaDAnikI avakASaM uMdi, akkaralEdanukunnappuDu pATiMchakapODAnikI avakASaM uMdi. kAbaTTi I vishayaMlO telugu ChaMdassulO ekkuva vesulubATu uMdannamATa!
    bAbjIlugAru tama vyAkhyallOki reMDu mUDu sArlu nannu lAkkochchAru <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /># vArikOsaM nEnu vADukabhAshalO rAsina padyAlu: “<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200501/948.html"#>nAnnA telusA“.

  306. rAgalahari: kalyANi guriMchi vishNubhoTla lakshmanna abhiprAyaM:

    10/16/2008 8:40 #am

    #chEtan gAru:

    mE, 2000 saMchikalO <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200005/777.html"#>mOhana rAgaM pai vyAsaM uMdi.
    adi chadavagalaru.


  307. ImATa guriMchi guriMchi #Paruchuri Sreenivas # abhiprAyaM:

    10/03/2008 5:04 #am


    rajanIkAMtarAvu gAri “<>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200311/1342.html"#>chalaMtO iMTarvyU“, “ImATa” <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200311/139.html"#>aidO janmadina saMchika lOni “SabdataraMgAla”lO vinavachchu.

    A iMTarvyU #transcript# chinna pustakarUpaMlO kUDA vachchiMdi.

    “khAnAgaTTu” guriMchi vijayanagaraM vALLu cheptE viMTAniki/chadavaDAniki bAguMTuMdi.

    — SrInivAs

  308. rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi #Audisesha Reddy Kypu # abhiprAyaM:

    09/15/2008 5:52 #am

    eemaata.com# chUSAnu bAguMdi. maMchi kathalu, kavitalatO chUDa chakkagA vuMdi. nirvAhakulaku dhanyavAdAlu.
    — kaipu AdiSEshA reDDi, rachayita.
    23-1-1256 , araviMda nagar ,
    nellUru – 524 003 ( AM .pra ))

  309. ETi oDDuna guriMchi ravikiraN timmireDDi abhiprAyaM:

    09/11/2008 7:48 #pm

    #adbhutaMgA vrASAru. oka #impressionist painting# ni chUsina anubhUti. mI kavita chadivEka <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200809/1248.html"#>SArada gAri katha chadivEnu. mI adbhutavaina padachitrAlu pUriMchalEni velitEdO SArada gAri kathalOni ati sAdAraNa padAllO pUriMchabaDiMdani nA abhiprAyaM. nEnE tappEvO, mI kavitalO veliti #may be due over dose of romanticism in “#ImATa” ani anukuMTunnAnu.

  310. manucharitra – dvitIyASvAsamu guriMchi #Kameswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    08/15/2008 11:16 #pm

    mIru vetikina rUTu raiTE, nEnichchina eDrasE tappulA uMdi! dIni guriMchi ekkaDO rAsAnani ippaTikI anipistOMdi kAnI ekkaDO gurtukurATaM lEdu.
    iMtakI asalu vishayAniki vastE, I padyAnni chAlAmaMdi,
    “sirikin jeppaDu, SaMkhachakrayugamun chEdOyi saMdhiMpaDu, E parivArammunu jIraDu, abhragapatin panniMpaDu…” ilA viDadIsi sAgadIsi chadavaDaM viMTUMTAnu. adi nAku kAsta chirAku kaligistuMdi. iMta melligA vishNumUrti veLitE, akkaDa gajEMdruniki mosalE muktini prasAdiMcheyyadU! pApaM pOtanagAru kashTapaDi akkaDa saMdhulu chEsi, “sirikiMjeppaDu SaMkhachakra yugamun jEdOyi saMdhiMpaDE parivArammunu jIraDabhraga patiM banniMpaDAkarNikAMtara dhammillamu…” aMTU padyAnni parigeTTistE, alA chadavaka, sAgadIstArEmiTani anipistuMdi.
    anni padyAlakI idE sUtraM vartistuMdani hAmI ivvalEnu sumaMDI!saMdarbhAniki taggaTTu kavi vAkyAlani kUrchitE, dAniki taggaTTu A padyAnni chaduvitE bAvuMTuMdanEdi nA uddESaM.
    ayatE iMdulO ChaMdassu oragabeDutunnadi EviTI aMTE, adi rAsE kavi baTTi uMTuMdi. ChaMdassuni saMdarbhAniki taggaTTugA upayOgiMchukuMTE, dAniki taggaTTE manaM chaduvukOvachchu. ChaMdassani saMdarbhAniki taggaTTu vADukOvaDaM gUrchi nAkunna AlOchanalu I vyAsaMlO rAsAnu:
    <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200211/1323.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com/em/issues/200211/1323.html

  311. #ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi rAjEMdra kumAr dEvarapalli abhiprAyaM:

    07/31/2008 9:35 #pm

    ???????? ?? ???????. ?????? ?????, ? ?????? ???????????? ??? ??????????? ??? ??????? ?????????? ? ??????? ???????? ????????? ?????????? ?????????? ????.

    [???????? ?????? ????: ?? ?????? ?????????. ???? ??????, ?????? ?????? ???????????? ????????????? ???????? ??????? (Server Push) ????? ?????, ??????? ?????? RSS Feed (<>eemaata.com/n/feed">???? ???? ????, <>eemaata.com/n/?feed=comments-rss2">???? ?????????? ????) ?????? ???? ??????????? ?????????? (Client Pull) ?????????????? ?????? ???????? ?????. (???? ???, ??????????? ????? ????????? ??????? ????????? validate ??????? ?????? ????.) ?????? ??????? ???? ?????????? ?????? 25 ??????????? ??????????????.
    ???????????? ??????????? ??????? ?????? ? ?????? ?????????????. — ????, ???? ?????? ?????]

  312. #telugadEmiTanina… kAdu… telugadeMdukanaga… guriMchi #pingali sasidhar # abhiprAyaM:

    07/31/2008 1:55 #am

    #nEnu gata koMta kAlaMgA ImATa chaduvutunnAnu. mukhyaMgA koMdari kavitalu eMtagAnO AkaTTukuMTunnayi. udA: vaidEhi SaSidhar gArivi chAlA chAlA ishTamu.
    AyitE, nAkU ImATalO sabhyuDinayyi nAvI konni kavitalu paMpAlani uMdi. chAlA sArlu yelA paMpAlani aDigAnu. pravAsAMdhrulakE I ImATa pratyEka maitE sarE. adE teliyajEyaMDi. adI saMtoshamE oka pAThakuDigAnE AnaMdistA.

    piMgaLi SaSidhar (jAbilli)

    #[#SaSidhar gAru: ImATa ellalulEni prapaMcha patrika. mI rachanalaki AhvAnaM. dayachEsi <>#eemaata.com/em/instructions"#>rachayitalaki sUchanala pEjI chUDaMDi. mI rachanalani I pEjI kriMda unna Imeyil aDras^ku meyil cheyyavachchu. anni rachanalU samIkshiMchabaDatAyani gamaniMchagalaru. mI niMchi maMchi rachanalakai eduru chUstAmu.
    — ImATa saMpAdaka vargaM#]

  313. #gulmohar guriMchi #baabjeelu # abhiprAyaM:

    07/29/2008 8:04 #am

    #vaidEhi gArU,

    samakAlInulu mechcharu elArAsinA ani O pAta kavigAri bAdha nAkarthaM kAlEdu. mI <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200703/1077.html"#>punaScharaNa ki “ravikiraNu”, “I mATa” lO mI sahavAsi, pulakiMchaDaM muchchaTEsiMdi.

    chakkani anubhUti; anubhUtini aMtakannA chakkagA abhivyaktIkariMchaDaM; aMtEkadA kavitvaM aMTE.

    “niralaMkAraM” aMTE sariggA ardhaM kAlEdu. mIrEM rAyakaMDi. E bhairavabhaTlagArO, koDavaLLavArO iMkevarO tIrikA OpikA vuMTE rAstAru.

    abhiprAyAlni paTTiMchukOkaMDi. paTTiMchukunnA samAdhAnAlivvakaMDi. kavitvaM rAyaMDi.

  314. aMtarmathanaM guriMchi #kumar # abhiprAyaM:

    07/20/2008 10:24 #am

    one of the best on eemaata site

  315. 88# ELLa yuvakulu guriMchi #Rohiniprasad # abhiprAyaM:

    07/17/2008 9:01 #pm

    #AMdhrajyOti DailIlO rajanIgAri guriMchina vyAsaM vachchiMdi.

    #dInikI, iMtaku munupu InADulO chaMdamAma guriMchi vachchina kavarEjikI sphUrti nissaMdEhaMgA ‘ImATa‘ patrikadE! #Kudos to eemaata.com!

  316. 88# ELLa yuvakulu guriMchi #Madhu # abhiprAyaM:

    07/03/2008 9:40 #pm

    #chAlA maMchi vishayAlu cheppAru. dhanyavAdamulu.

  317. ImATa jUn 2008 pratyEka saMchika guriMchi paruchUri SrInivAs abhiprAyaM:

    06/17/2008 9:33 #pm

    #kAmESvararAvu gAru:

    idi mIru <>#eemaata.com/em/200806-foreword/1268.html#comment-8352">06/12/2008# nADu rAsina vyAkhyaku #followup.

    #pAThyapustakAlalO bOdhanA bhAsha vishayamannadi I vAdulATaki oka #catalyst# lAMTidi mAtramE. nA dRshTilO yI udyamAniki mUlakAraNAlu vErE chOTunnAyi (oka mukhya kAraNaM achchuyaMtra pravESaM). mIru modaTi pErAlO cheppina migilina vishayAlatO aMdarU (nEnaitE) EkIbhavistAru (nu). kAkuMTE I kiMdi vAkyameMduku prastAviMchArO bOdhapaDalEdu. idE saMdani kAvyAlOni SRMgArarasaM unna bhAgAlu pAThyapustakAlalO uMDakUDadani saMbaMdhaM lEni charcha iMkokaTi. I reMDu charchalaku elAMTi saMbaMdhaM lEdu. vITilO pAlgonna vyaktulu/saMsthalu (vAviLLa vArinokkarini minahAyistE!) kUDA vErvEru ani mIku nEnu cheppanavasaraM lEdu.

    kaMdukUri madhya mArgaM pATiMchina manishigA elA cheptunnArO arthaM kAlEdu. vivariMchagalaru. gurajADa “kottapAtala mElu kalayika” annappuDu ASu (/maukhika), likhita saMpradAyAlni kalupukuMTU anna arthaMlO vADADu. bhAvakavulaku ASukavitvaM paTla, “grAMthikaM” paTla vunna ayishTata telisinadE.

    alAgE ti.veM.kavulu grAMthikavAdAnni tiraskariMchArani E AdhAraMtO cheptunnArO kUDA nAku bOdhapaDalEdu. tirupatiSAstri gAru jIviMchi vunna kAlaMlO vAriddarU “vyAvahArika vAdAniki” anukUluru kAdu. nijAniki chAlakAlaM (aMTE jamIMdArula pOshaNa poMdinaMtakAlaM), vArE chAlAchOTla cheppukunnaTlu, telugaMTE chinnachUpE (chU: kathalu-gAthalu, mUDu bhAgAlU). veMkaTaSAstri gAru chivarirOjullO kUDA “vyAvahArikAniki” anukUluNNani cheppukOlEdu. oka udAharaNa:

    “nEnI pottamunu sarvasAdhAraNamayina vyavahArika bhAshalOnE vrAstAnu. 64 vatsaramulu niMDu vayassulO vrAstU vunna dInini chUchi, nannu “tuda kabberA turaka bhAsha” ani nA mitrulU, SishyulU lOnaguvAru koMdaru niMdiMturani nakku telisinnI, nEniTTi bhAshanu samarthiMchu vArilO chErinavADanu kAka yuMDinnI, iMdulO vrAyuTaku kAraNamu, nAku I bhAsha aMTE aMtagA yishTaM lEkapOyinA, dvEshaM kUDA aMtagA lEdani lOkulaku teliyajEyaTamE nA mukhyOddESyamu.” (chU: kASIyAtra, 1942)

    EmayinA, vALLu, mukhyaMgA cheLLapiLLa, E gATAnA kaTTaDAniki loMgani vyaktulu :-). vALLa #Cultural Biography # evarainA rAyavalasina avasaraM yeMtainA vuMdi.

    saMskRta prabhAvaMtO “telugukunna vyAkaraNadIpaM chinnadanE” bhAvana paMDitalOkaMlO chAlAkAlaM balaMgA vuMdi. adi cheLLapiLLavAri abhiprAyaM mAtramE kAdu.

    ##[…] All Telugu courtly poets proudly proclaimed that they commanded scholarship in Sanskrit, Prakrits of different varieties, Puranas, Sastras and a host of related subjects like meter. While they composed poetry almost entirely in Telugu, they did not have to support their Telugu by texts of grammar or dictionaries: Telugu was a language of poetry, not of scholarship. When challenged, the court poet supported the Sanskrit words he had used in his poem by quoting the great Sanskrit lexicographers of the past, but for his Telugu words, he only needed the approval of past usage by an earlier court poet. There was also a long and sustained effort on the part of grammarians and lexicographers to produce a set of rules and dictionaries for the Telugu used in courtly poems. None of them however had the status of the famous Sanskrit grammarians and lexicographers.[…*] #

    #nAku telisi madhyEmArgastuDevarainA vuMTE adi gurajADa mAtramE.

    chivarigA mIru mugiMpulO prastAviMchina reMDu vishayAlapai mAtraM yeMtainA charcha jaragavalasina avasaraM vuMdi.

    — SrInivAs

    * #V. Narayanarao, Print and Prose: Pundits, Karanams and the East India Company in the Making of Modern Telugu. In _India’s Literary History: Essays on the Nineteenth Century_, S. Blackburn (Ed). Delhi: Permanent Black. 2004. pp. 146-66.

  318. #ImATa jUn 2008 pratyEka saMchika guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    06/09/2008 12:38 #pm

    #@akkirAju – charitrakAruleppuDU tama, tama vartamAna paristhitulu, avasarAlu, AsaktulanuguNaMgA pUrva charitranu pAkshikaMgAnE chitristArani koMtamaMdi chAritraka tatvavEttala siddhAMtaM#[1]. # aMTE, I siddhAMtaM prakAraM, prati kotta taraM vAru vAri vAri dRkpathAlakanuguNaMgA pAta charitranu puna@hsamIkshiMchukOvAlsina avasaraM uMdanna mATa. udAharaNaku, bUdarAju rAsina vyAvahArikOdyama charitra vyAsaM, 1910-20la nATi vyavahArikOdyamaM guriMchi eMta chebutuMdO, A vyAsaM rAsina 1970 kAlaM nATi avasarAlu, AsaktulaguriMchi, A rOjullO bUdarAju gArini uttEjaparichina, udrEkaparichina AlOchanala guriMchi kUDA cheppakanE chebutuMdi (#And Būdarāju is such a colorful writer!).

    # vADuka bhAsha, mAMDalika bhAsha, rachanA bhAsha, prAmANika bhAsha anna aMSAlapai I madhya kAlaMlO koMta charcha jarugutunnadi. I charchala nEpathyaMlO vyavahArika-grAMdhika vAdAlanu puna@hsamIkshistU, InATi bhAshAsamasyalaku, koMta SAstra viSlEshaNatO, parishkArAla kOsaM anvEshiMchE vyAsAlanu rAbaTTagaligitE I pratyEka saMchikaku sAphalyata siddhiMchinaTTE.

    grAMthika vAdulu lEvanettina praSnalaku vyavahArika vAdula samAdhAnAlu konniMTini I vAraM aMdistunnAmu. vachchE sOmavAraM marikonni pramukhula vyAsAlu aMdajEstAmu. grAMthika-vyavahArika bhAshA vAdAlaku saMbaMdhiMchina rachanalanu vivariMchE oka vyAkhyAna sahita graMthasUchika (#annotated bibliography)# nu SrInivAs paruchUri gAru tayAruchEstunnAru (akkirAju ramApatirAju gAri grAMthika-vyavahArika vAda sUchika AdhAraMgA). ivEkAka, I saMchika kOsaM pratyEkaMgA rAsina vyAsAlanu kUDA vachchE vAraM aMdistAmu. vyavadhi takkuvainA, vAsi taggani vyAsAlu rAsi paMpina rachayitalaku mA abhivaMdanAlu.


    #[1]The philosophy of history: A Re-examination By William Sweet
    some have argued that what we identify as ‘past’ is determined by present interests – that the past is largely a reflection of the present [p. 15] historical testimony doesn’t stand as a fact on its own, but must be evaluated from the perspective of a historian [p. 9].

  319. #vyavahArika bhAshA udyamaMpai ImATa pratyEka saMchika guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    06/09/2008 12:36 #pm

    #reMDu vArAla vyavadhi ichchi rAyamaMTE elAgaMDI!

    vEmUri gAriki, itara rachayitalaku:

    mIru mI vyAsAnni gaDuvu tEdIlOgA pUrticheyyalEka pOtE julai saMchikaku gAni, A pai saMchikaku gAni paMpagalarani manavi. pratyEka saMchikaku iMta takkuva vyavadhi ichchinaMduku mA kshamApaNalu.


  320. hiMdOLa rAgaM – anubaMdhaM guriMchi #Jayasri # abhiprAyaM:

    05/18/2008 5:14 #am

    Thanks to the Author & to Eemaata for giving one more informative, interesting piece of article to all music enthu people and students. Links are interesting and enjoyable.
    I wish, before publishing, Editors should filter off unwanted, and useless comments. It would save us [readers’] our time.
    Shaaradaagaru , did I write your point well?

  321. #hiMdOLa rAgaM – anubaMdhaM guriMchi #Patakudu # abhiprAyaM:

    05/16/2008 7:37 #am

    As a reader I want these discussions to be more productive and enlightening . But unfortunately it looks like some of the comments are emanating from ego. They appear to be made just for the sake of embarrasing the writers. I sincerely thank Eemaata and Rohini Prasad garu for publishing the good articles on Ragas. These are very useful for the people like me who have limited knowledge on Classical Music.

  322. #nannaya haMsagItikalu guriMchi koDavaLLa hanumaMtarAvu abhiprAyaM:

    05/11/2008 6:52 #pm

    #SArada rAtrulu

    dAdApu reMDELLa kritaM, rachchabaMDalO I padyaM guriMchi rASAnu: goppa kavitvaM rAyAlaMTE goppa kavitvaM chadavAlannAru (tamminEni anukuMTA); dAnini vachanAniki anvayiMchukoni, SrIpAda “anubhavAlU – j~nApakAlUnU” chadavaDaM modaleDitE “SArada rAtrulu” padyaM mIda Ayana vyAkhyAnaM nannu kaTTEsiMdi. evarannA vivaristE tappa nAkai nAku mana pAta padyAllOni kavitvAnni elA AsvAdiMchAlO teliyadu.

    (koDavaTigaMTi kuTuMbarAvuki SrIpAda ichchina salahA: “ADavALLu mATlADukunEdi vinavOy. asalaina telugu vastuMdi.” pustakabhAshagA unna kuTuMbarAvu rachanAdhOraNi dAnitO mAripOyiMdaTa! saumya gAru cheptunna mATalu nijamayitE, SrIpAda pAtabaDipOyADA ani anumAnamEstuMdi. AviNNi tappupaTTaDaM lEdani manavi.)

    appuDu gUDA rachchabaMDalO muchchaTiMchukunnAM – pAtralu ivE. mOhanarAvu gArU, kAmESvararAvu gArU pAta sAhityaMlO (itarEtrA kUDA) uddaMDulu. samagramaina chakkaTi vyAsaM rAsinaMduku #JKM# gAriki abhinaMdanalu.

    “daLita navIna” padyaM vivaraNa manOharaMgA uMdi. kappala bekabekalalO upanishdgAnAmRtaM atiSayOkti anipiMchiMdi. (mA iMTi venakAla unna cheruvulO kappalu pADE saMgItAniki iMTlO phyAnu mOta jata chEstE tappa nAku nidra paTTadu.) vAnA, vennelA kalisina maMchi ismAyil kavita <>#eemaata.com/em/issues/200305/437.html" rel="nofollow">“#kappala niSSabdaM.”
    mOhanarAvu gAru padyAla guriMchi rAsE konni vAkyAlu – “paMdommidi ra-kArAlu, enimidi la-kArAlu, EDu Sasalu, Aru pa-kArAlu, ta-kArAlu I padyAniki oka UpunistuMdi” – chadivitE nAbOMTlaku cheviTivADi muMdara SaMkhaM UdinaTluMTuMdi. lailA gAri lAMTi pratibhAvaMtulu mAtraM uttEjapaDi ThakI mani O kavita allEstAru! pAThakullO rakAlu anEkaM.

    kAmESvarArAvu gAru cheptEnE madhunApaMtula vAri vyAsaM chadivAnu. “SArada rAtrulu” anu utpalamAlalO chuTTukoni nannaya gaMTamu ika kadalalEdaTa! nannaya modaTi utpalamAla “rAjukulaika bhUshaNuDu” lOnU chivari utpalamAla “SArada rAtrula” lOnU vennela prastAvanE annAru. adi gUDA maMchi vyAsaM.

    koDavaLLa hanumaMtarAvu

  323. arhata guriMchi #Chaitanya # abhiprAyaM:

    03/14/2008 7:52 #am

    Its very good story .. After a long time i red such a good story ..

    Thanks to the author ..


  324. #shashThyaMtamulu guriMchi #mOhana # abhiprAyaM:

    03/06/2008 12:09 #pm

    ????????? ???? :

    ???? ???? ????????? ??????????? ?????? ????? ????????? ??????????.
    ?????? <>eemaata.com/n/issues/200003/746.html" title="??????? ?????? ????? ????">????? ??????? –

    ???? ?????, ???????????? ??????????? ????? ?????.
    ?? ??????? ??? ?????????? ??? ??????????. ????? ??????
    ??? ????? ?????? ??? ??????? ? ???????? ??????. ???????????
    ???? ???????? ????? ???????. ? ?????? ??????? ????
    ?? ????????? ?????? ??????????? ?????????????.

    – ????

  325. #jyOtishamU – lOpali saMgatulU – 1 guriMchi #surya # abhiprAyaM:

    03/06/2008 6:05 #am

    I find this statement of Malati Chandoor appropriate: “#nAstikuDu nirISvaravAdi”; “hEtuvAdiki dEvuDitO pani lEdu”. #Unfortunately the power (or lack of it) of astrology is still a puzzle – like God’s existence. The world follows whoever argues strongly – for or against them. We do not look at the world as it is, but as we are told to. For quite sometime I have been seeing one famous personality (astrologer) in many movie and social events. None of the events he ‘foresaw’ came true, except one or two stray incidents. I asked one of his followers, “why do people still throng to have him in their midst, knowing fully well that his predictions are as accurate as just anyone else’s?” To which he replied, “He has a photogenic face; moreover, although he consults his books before giving any advice, he always tells us to ‘go-ahead, everything will be fine'”!

    I read several articles where terminally ill people, condemned by the world of medicine, become normal, with their deadly ailments simply disappearing!! Some call them miracles. Some attribute to a hidden power. Finally it’s the faith that does the magic. I request readers to ‘also read’ Paanuganti vaari Saakshi. Eemaata may also consider publishing some essays from Saakshi.

    [This comment has been edited – editors]

  326. #jyOtishamU – lOpali saMgatulU – 1 guriMchi #P. N. Raja Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    03/05/2008 8:22 #am

    Dear Sri Nagamurali garu:

    My doubt, if you want to call it a doubt in reference to “Scientific,” “Rational,” analyses is deeper than what you have surmised as my intent. What the rationalists have been propounding all along (the so-called dielectical materialists included in my summing up!) is questioned in its basics these days. As a matter of fact the neo-Marxists have considerably revised the hard-core marxists’ opinions on the text-book-marxist ideology.and dielectics. However, it is a different and unrelated issue. I have to raise it since one of the correspondents mentioned dielectics in passing! And, I know that it is beyond the scope of your article.

    A good discussion on what is scientific and what is non-scientific that includes the new and old ideologies would be useful in a different article.

    All I want to say is the ideas of modern science exemplified as ‘scientific,’ and ‘rational’ have been questioned and the very bases of the theories are at quandry. So, simply saying that a particular system ( may be even a belief system too) is unscientific may give a good following in the ‘elite’ readership of eemaata but that does not make it profound.

    Best wishes,


  327. #O chaMdamAma guriMchi kottapALI abhiprAyaM:

    03/04/2008 2:20 #pm

    ? ???????? ??????.
    ????? ???? ?????? ?????? ?????
    <>eemaata.com/n/library/ata-2006/271.html" rel="nofollow">http://eemaata.com/n/library/ata-2006/271.html

  328. #kalyANi rAgaM – anubaMdhaM guriMchi #D.Girija # abhiprAyaM:

    03/04/2008 8:48 #am

    This is an excellent idea to introduce one particular ragam to students like me. Thank you Prasadgaru. Only you can think of such innovative ideas and make good use of.a web magazine.

    Before reading this article, I used to think that Kalyani and Mechakalyani are one and the same. Though it is not very important in the context, I did some R&D, consulted my gurus, and came to know that they are slightly different in fact and have a little variance in bhavams.

    Thanks to Eemaata for a useful and interesting article.

    Please keep this series up and give similar articles in future also.

  329. #kalyANi rAgaM – anubaMdhaM guriMchi #Rama Pandra # abhiprAyaM:

    03/03/2008 1:29 #pm

    This is really a great article. I thank Eemaata for publishing this kind of articles. These articles provide the music lovers insight about the ragas in a simple way. I have become a fan of Rohini Prasad garu and Lakshmanna garu because of these articles. Please continue to publish the information about the songs and ragas in them, I will appreciate. I also thank Ranga garu for his link on Kalyani.

  330. #kaMpyUTiMg pUrvAparAlu, sAdhyAsAdhyAlu – 2: laib^niTj svapnaM guriMchi #rajasankar kasinadhuni # abhiprAyaM:

    03/03/2008 8:46 #am

    #laibniTj guriMchi ennO vishayAlanu teliyajEsina mI vyAsaM chAlA bAvuMdi hanuma gAru. EdO #Fundamental Theorem of Calculus# chaduvukunnappuDu I mEdhAvi pEru vinaDaM tappa mI vyAsaM chadivE dAkA Ayana guriMchi nAku EmI teliyadu.
    mI vyAsaMlO konni Asaktikaramaina vishayAlu:
    rEkhAgaNitaMlO nishNAtulaina grIkulu aMkagaNitaMlO venukabaDi uMDaTaM: AScharyakaramaina vishayaM EmaMTE yUkliD #squareroot# gaNiMchE paddhatini kanukkunna modaTivADu. dIni avasaraM grIkulaki rEkhAgaNitaMlO vachchinaMduna ( #finding the hypotenuse of a right triangle with unit sides)# I #squareroot# ni laMba tribhujAniki saMbaMdhiMchina #property# gA parigaNiMchi dAnini ekkuvagA paTTiMchukOledu. #Squaretoot(2), Squareroot(3)# modalaina #irrational (real) numbers# mUlaMgA gaNitaSAstraMlO jarigina SOdhanalu vATi paryavasAnaM nEDu manaki telisinadE.

    bhAratadESaMlO gaNitaSAstraM: krI. pU 800 nuMchi krI. Sa 12va SatAbdaM dAkA gaNitaMlO mEdhAvulu janmiMchina dESaMlO 12va SatAbdaM taruvAta cheppukOdaggavAru lEkapOvaDaM. ekkuva lOtuku veLLakuMDA bIjagaNitaMlO DiyOphAMTIn samIkaraNAlapai vistRtaMgA SOdhanalu jaripina Rshulu, jyOtisha SAstraMlO diTTalu:
    -bOdhAyana maharshi (#ca 800 BC),# ApastaMba maharshi (#ca 600 BC). # vILLu kalpasUtrakArulugA mAtramE manaku telusu kAnI bIjagaNitaMlO vIru chEsina kRshi amOghaM (#finding positive integral solutions to a set of simultaneous Diophantine equations with upto 4 unknowns)
    #-AryabhaTTu (#ca 500 AD),# bhAskaruDu #I (#6va SatAbdaM): #Algorithms for finding solutions to Diophontine equations
    #-brahmaguptuDu (628 #AD) : Pell’s equation

    Thanks again for an incredible article. Would like to read more about Leibnitz’s dream (and related efforts to formalize reasoning by greats like Bertrand Russel) in your own words.

    Just a note to other interested readers that the book suggested by one of the other eemaata readers, “The emperor’s new mind” by Roger Penrose makes for excellent reading on the subject of computability.

    rAjASaMkar kASInAthuni

  331. kalyANi rAgaM – anubaMdhaM guriMchi #Jayasri # abhiprAyaM:

    03/02/2008 6:43 #am

    This is an interesting article for all Kalyani lovers. Thanks to the author and to eemaata, for taking the trouble of giving so many audio links.

  332. #cheppulu guriMchi koDavaLLa hanumaMtarAvu abhiprAyaM:

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    ??????? ??????????

  333. #nAku nachchina padyaM: AmuktamAlyadalO chikkulO paDina pallepaDuchulu guriMchi koDavaLLa hanumaMtarAvu abhiprAyaM:

    01/06/2008 3:18 #pm

    ?????????????? ?? ????????

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    ?????? ???????? ?????????? ????? “?????????????” ?????, ??????????? Ulysses ??????? ????????????????. ?????? ?????? ????????? ?????? ????????? ????????? ???? ???????? ?????? Ulysses ??????. ??? ?????? ???? ??????????! ???????? ???????? ? ??????????????? ?????? ??????? ?????.

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  334. #sarvOttama sitAr vidvAMsuDu ustAd vilAyat^khAn guriMchi kottapALI abhiprAyaM:

    01/05/2008 6:02 #am

    fantastic .. esply all the superb links you provided ..
    I’ll be enjoying this one ..slowly .. till the next issue of eemaata <>eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

  335. #sarvOttama sitAr vidvAMsuDu ustAd vilAyat^khAn guriMchi #Surya # abhiprAyaM:

    01/02/2008 12:38 #am

    “Un-put-down-able”. Rohini Prasad garu “presented yet another breathtaking performance”.

    The information and the audio-video support complemented and enriched each other.

    Many many thanks to Eemaata and Dr.K.R.P. garu.

  336. #rachayitalaku sUchanalu guriMchi #venkat # abhiprAyaM:

    11/30/2007 1:31 #pm

    #ImATa chAlA bAguMdi!
    idi chAlA adbutaM muMdu muMdu eMtO prajAdaraNa poMdagalaru

    veMkaT , #New Jersey.

  337. “#chaMdamAma” j~nApakAlu guriMchi #suryanarayana # abhiprAyaM:

    11/12/2007 9:06 #pm

    I added this page to my favourites and read it every day. It’s like watching Mayabazaar – you can watch any number of times without “side effects”. Hats off to Rohiniprasad garu and Eemaata.

    The article is very informative and amusing. Rohini Prasad Garu has taken me into an era which I consider as golden for Telugu literature. Golden because we used to have so many magazines -Chandamama, Balamitra, Bommarillu, Vasanta Bala etc for children, the “Andhra” series for grown ups, many more dailies, monthlies like Jyothi, Swathi, Yuva, film magazines like Vijaya Chitra, women’s magazines like Vanitha and Mahila, etc.

    My village is just 3 km from Kasimkota, where Vaddadi Papayya gaaru used to live. Everyday while going to college I used to pass in front of his house only. It’s on the banks of river Sarada in Kasimkota. But I never had any occasion to wish him, out of fear. Vapa is a serious man, and I never saw him smile.

    Many other telugu children’s magazines that mushroomed after Chandamama are its plain imitations. The cover pages look like Papayya’s art, inner stories trying to imitate Koku gaaru, etc. Chandamama has such a great image, that people imitating it never thought twice before doing it. It appeared that they just couldn’t help imitating! (How else would you present a children’s magazine?)
    Like every actor playing the role of Lord Krishna imitating NTR!

    Equally great are Rohiniprasad garu’s articles on OP Nayyar and on the lighter side of classical musicians (‘Balamurali paadina sunaadamaa Irukku, Neevu Paadina Vinodama Irukku’ etc).

    Hats off to Eemaata.

    Truly yours,


  338. #roseTTA rAyi katha – velugulOki vachchina maruguna paDDa oka purAtana bhAsha guriMchi #Murthy Akella # abhiprAyaM:

    11/12/2007 4:42 #am

    I have planned a trip to Cairo next month, I have been reading material for that trip. I am a regular reader of Eemaata, very pleased to read about this in telugu. Thanks# lakshmanna gArU.
    mUrti AkeLLa

  339. #Ra.Vi.Sastri’s ‘A Man of No Consequence’ (alpajIvi)# guriMchi #C.S.Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    10/25/2007 6:41 #pm

    I felt bad as I read Dr.Rajasekhar’s comment on Sri.K.Hanumantha Rao’s opinion on Dr.Rajeswar’ article on Ra.vi.Sastry’s “A Man of No

    Is it not presumptious on anybody’s part to dismiss readers who have not devoted considerable time to study principles of literary criticism as part of their academic curriculum as an unqualified lot to form and express opinions on literary works?

    Literary works are not written for trained critics ;they are essentially written for ordinary readers.So readers can read,form and express their opinions on what they read.Their opinions are not only relevant ,but important that way.No less a writer than Virginia Woolfe acknowledges ,with sincere and endearing humility and with no air of obnoxious condescension,the importance of the opinion of ordinary readers on works of literature in her article”How Should One Read a Book.” Readers’ opinions will slowly and imperceptibly leave their effect on writers and critics.Readers’ responses to literary works are by and large quite valid.Readers feel and express their opinions ,and critics give intellectual reasons for their critical evaluations.To deny ordinary readers a right to express their opinions on literary works they read is nothing short of unacceptable literary autocratism and disagreeable feudal exclusiveness.A critic will only systematize a human experience in intellectual terms,but the experience is well within the parameters of the natural competence of all people,including illeterate people. You read out two different pieces having literary quality ,even the illiterate man will tell you which is the better of the two. Saying that only trained critics should express opinions on works of literature is like saying that to decide whether a dish is delicious or not is best left to culinary experts,and not at all to eaters.

    Lastly,I may ask Dr.Rajasekhar whether he has forgotten the title of the column in “eemaata” in which he is writting: it is “Readers’ Opinions” and not “critics opinions”.


  340. #araNya kavitalu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    09/16/2007 7:18 #am

    #Du,mu,vu,lu vaMTi telugu pratyayAlu lEkuMDA saMskRta padAlanu telugu vAkyaMlO rAyaDaM dAdApu asaMbhavaM. kavita anna padAnni “#poem” #(oka kavitA khaMDika) anna arthaMlO prayOgiMchaDaM arvAchInamainaMta mAtrAna “araNyakavitalu”, “viplava kavitalu”, “vachana kavitalu”- ivEvi dushTasamAsAlu ayipOvu. ika samAsaM aMdaMgA anipiMchaDaMlEdanna abhyaMtaraM mOhanarAvu gAru cheppinaTTugA vyaktigataM. nA maTTuku nAku aMta ebbeTTugA lEdu. – surES.

  341. araNya kavitalu guriMchi #Subrahmanyam Mula # abhiprAyaM:

    09/08/2007 12:03 #am

    ???????????? ????,

    ?????????? ??????????????? ?????? ?????????????????? , ???????? ?????????? ?????????????? ???????? ???! ????? ???? ??????? ??????????????. ???? ??????. ???????? ???? ?? ?????? subrahmanyam.mula@gmail.com ?? ?????? ????????. ??????? ???? ??????? ????????.

    ????????? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ??????? ????. ?????? ??????.

    <>eemaata.com/n/category/library/karunamukhyam/" rel="nofollow">http://eemaata.com/n/category/library/karunamukhyam/

    ????? ????? ?????? ???? ??????. ???? ????????????.


    ?? ????????? ????? ????????????? ???? ????? ??? ??????? ???? ?????? ?????? ??????. ????? ????? ??????.


  342. #rachayitagA satyajit rAy – nA abhiprAyAlu guriMchi #Wyer2 # abhiprAyaM:

    09/06/2007 4:48 #am

    The editors have acknowledged the mistake. Unlike the print versions, the web allows us to correct mistakes.
    It is only fair that the two should be published as two separate pieces. Sowmya Balakrishna clearly mentioned she was introducing Roy as writer and she did a good job of that.
    Rohiniprasad is a scholar, perfectly capable of writing an article introducing Roy as film-maker.
    Eemaata is a reputable magazine. I am sure they don’t want to carry this down history and archive it for posterity.

    Wyer Govin

  343. #rachayitagA satyajit rAy – nA abhiprAyAlu guriMchi #Lyla Yerneni # abhiprAyaM:

    09/04/2007 1:11 #pm

    I am disappointed in the stance of eemaata, in the publication of this essay.

    Clearly, the writer wanted to give her opinion on Satyajit Ray’s writings. The writer writes an original, refreshing piece.

    The reviewer sees the article as incomplete . So additions are made and the piece gets presented as a joint article.

    To me, the reader, that change makes it a piece which is neither here, nor there. It is a mish-mash now.

    The purpose of review panel is to see if the articles are readable, publishable. And even these basic functions are controversial, how much a review helps or obstructs creative writing.

    The reviewer must have the largesse of heart, the eagerness to read the writer, as the writer presents it. Not the way he sees the subject, he wants it, or he would have written it.

    The reviewer’s knowledge or style may not be what readers want to enjoy all the time.

    If the reviewer adds his material, imposes his style, the writings’ identity will be lost. Uniform, cooky cutter articles will result.

    When there is opportunity for all, to write independently, on any number of subjects, in any number of ways why should the reviewer piggy back to the writer?

    Please let the writers write the way they want to. Thanks.

  344. #gAyaka gaMbhIruDu ustAd amIr khAn guriMchi #Atluri Jayasri # abhiprAyaM:

    07/05/2007 5:27 #am

    When we do puja, we rotate harati plate with one hand, ringing the bell with another, saying mantrams/mangalam, and also praying. People use cell phones while driving.

    ‘Ashtavadhanam’ used to be a common cultural program, in which an artist performs 8 tasks at a time. So there is no need of verifying neuro surgeons, we can just ask our own parents and grand parents.

    This type of articles help us, telugus who are interested in music, to get to know more about Hindustani musicians like AmirKhan.

    The article is very interesting, and the audio clips are extraordinary. Especially the Hamsadhwani clip, reminded ‘Vatapi’ and gave a feeling of the ‘other’ version of the raga.

    Thanks to Rohiniprasadgaru and Eemaata.

  345. #jugal^baMdI kachErIlu guriMchi #Dwibhashyam Girija # abhiprAyaM:

    05/06/2007 10:02 #am

    Thanks to Eemaata & to Rohiniprasadgaru for giving the readers a rare thrill of enjoying a very rare jugalandi of Balamurali Krishna and M Ali Khan by describing his own experience.

    Hindustani and Carnatic jugalbandis may provide an opportunity to everyone to familiarize themselves with the other side.
    Those who can understand and enjoy the comparative aspects of both Carnatic and Hindustani music may be fewer.
    One rarely finds Hindustani musicians and music lovers, who know something about Carnatic. Even among Carnatic music lovers, the enthusiasm to know the other style is not much, I feel.

  346. #valasapOtunna maMdahAsaM guriMchi #ravi kumar # abhiprAyaM:

    04/18/2007 4:20 #am

    #hello !
    I patrika chAla bAguMdi. #It is really fantastic. eemaata is of great value to me. everyday I spend atleast 20 minutes with eemaata.

  347. #reMDu saMgIta saMpradAyAllO ashTadiggajAlu guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    03/06/2007 7:43 #am

    #nAku eMdukO iMDO-yUrOpiyanu bhAshalu elAgO, alAgE I saMgItamu kUDA ayi uMDavachchu anipistuMdi.

    chAvA gAru: anni vishayAlanu iMDO-yUrOpiyan addaM lOMchi chUstE elAgaMDI? <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /># iMDO-yUrOpiyan bhAshala madhya janma saMbaMdhaM nirUpiMchE bhAshASAstra AdhArAlu kOkollalu. gata ayidAru vaMdala EMDlalOnE bAgA abhivRddhi cheMdina pASchAtya karNATaka saMgIta saMpradAyAlaku, sumAru ayidu vEla yEMDla kiMda viDipOyina iMDO-yUrOpiyan bhAshalaku laMke lEdu. I vyAsaMlO saMgIta saMpradAyAla madhya sArUpyaM ettichUpaDAniki prayatniMchina nAgarAju gAru saitaM A pOlikalaku kAraNaM mAnavuni AlOchanallO nigUDhamaina EkatvamanE vAdiMchADE gAni vATi madhya E rakamaina janma saMbaMdhaM aMTagaTTalEdu. EvO konni yAdRchChika sArUpyAlanu (#chance similarities)# AdhAraM chEsukoni tayAru chEsina sajAtitva siddhAMtAlu SAstra vimarSaku nilavalEvani mIku telusu kadA?


  348. nAmATa guriMchi #chavakiran # abhiprAyaM:

    03/05/2007 9:26 #pm

    Generic comment.

    It is time to install some more word press plug in’s to eemaata. isn’t it?

    particularly plugins like Ajax comments and etc…

  349. #vikIpIDiyA – svEchChA vij~nAna sarvasvaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    03/05/2007 5:43 #am

    #sudhAkar bAbu gAriki, iMkeMdarO vikIkArulaku,

    ImATalO rachanala kApIraiT hakkulu ImATa patrikavi, rachayitavInu. lAbhApEkshalEni vikIpIDiyAlO ImATa rachanalalOni samAchArAnni vADukOvaDAniki patrikA paraMgA ImATaku abhyaMtarAlEmi lEvu. ayitE, mIru EdainA samAchArAnni saMgrahiMchE muMdu AyA vyAsa rachayitalanu kUDA saMpradiMchi vAri anumatini kUDA poMdaDaM avasaraM. aMdarikI upayOgapaDE vikIpIDiyA vaMTi bRhatprAjekTulaku tama rachanalanu vADukOnE vishayaMlO chAlAmaMdi ImATa rachayitalu saMtOshaMgA oppukuMTAranE nA abhiprAyaM. rachayitala kAMTAkT vivarAlu mIku teliyakapOtE mAku rAyaMDi. vAri anumatini saMpAdiMchaDaMlO mIku vIlainaMtagA sahAyaM cheyyaDAniki mEmu tappakuMDA prayatnistAM!

    saMpAdaka vargaM taraphuna,
    surES kolichAla.

  350. padyAlu – vADukabhAsha guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    02/11/2007 4:54 #am

    #rAnAre gAru: E okkariddari uchchAraNa bEdhaMvalla bhAshApariNAmaM rAdu. E okka vikIpIDiyA lEbul mArchaDaM valla rAbOyE bhAshA pariNAmAlu AgipOvu! I samAchAra viplava SakaMlO, prapaMchamE kuMchiMchukupOyi oka kugrAmaMgA mAripOyE I saMdhiyugaMlO ennO bhAshAmahAvRkshAlE kUkaTivELLatO sahA peLLagiMpabaDutunnAyi. prapaMchaM nalumUlala prastutaM mATlADabaDutunna AruvEla paichiluku bhAshalalO 90% paigA bhAshalu I SatAbdAMtAniki luptamaipOtAyani bhAshASAstraj~nula abhiprAyaM (#Cf. Language Death – David Crystal).# appaTiki telugu sajIva bhAshagAnE uMTuMdani nA nammakaM, ASa. ayitE, appaTi telugu bhAsha manaM gurtu paTTalEnaMtagA mAripOtuMdani manaM UhiMchukOvachchu. udAharaNaku, daMtyAksharAlaku (#Dentals),# mUrdhanyAksharAlaku (#Retroflexes)# tEDA naSiMchi avi AMglaMlOni daMtamUlIyAlu (#Alveolars)# gA mAripOvachchu. mahAprANAla sthAnaMlO Unika (#Stress – Primary and Seconary)# prAdhAnyatanu saMtariMchukOvachchu. AMglaMlO lEni dvitvAkshara uchchAraNa telugulO kUDA naSiMchipOvachchu. I nEpathyaMlOnE telugu bhAsha #agglutination# lakshaNAnni kOlpOyi #isolating# bhAshagA mArutuMdEmOnanna nA abhiprAyAnni arthaM chEsukOvAli. aMtE tappa E okka vikIpIDiyA lEbul ni vimarSiMchaDaM nA uddESyaM kAdu.

    ayitE, telugu vikIpIDiyA lEbuls anuvAdAla vishayaMlO okarakamaina #consistency# ni, prAmANikatanu sAdhiMchaDaM kOsaM, evarainA telugu bhAshApaMDitula sAyAnni arthiMchaDaM maMchidani nA abhiprAyaM. iMglIsh vikItO pOlchi chUsukunEMtavaraku arthAlu sphuriMchani samudAya paMdiri (du.sa.), vIkshaNa jAbitA (du.sa.), isukapeTTe vaMTi padAlu, -mu kArAMta padAla, biMdu pUrvaka (sunnatO aMtamayyE) padAla vADakaMlO #consistency# modalaina vishayAllO upayOgaMgA paMDitula sAyaMtO oka Saili niyamAvaLini rUpoMdiMchaDaM kUDA avasaramEmO. Edi EmainA, ippaTikE teluguvikI kOsaM eMtO kRshi chEstU, dInini bhAratIya bhAshalalO ennadagina vikIpIDiyAgA tayAru chEsina mI bRMdAniki abhinaMdanalu.

    maMchi vyAsAnni, maMchi charchanu aMdiMchinaMduku kAmESvararAvugAriki abhivaMdanAlatO,

    du.sa. = dushTa samAsamu

  351. nAmATa: nUtana saMvatsara SubhAkAMkshalu guriMchi #rajay # abhiprAyaM:

    02/10/2007 8:10 #pm

    Dear sir.

    Its good to see the latest issue with new features. Eemaata is really wonderfully and going great with new features additions quite frequently and becoming more robust. Hats off.


  352. #padyAlu – vADukabhAsha guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/31/2007 7:00 #am

    Morphological typology# lO nEnu arthaM chEsukunnadi telugulO cheppaDAniki prayatnistAnu. okE padaMlO ennO SabdAlu (#morphemes)# pratyayAla (#affix)# sAyaMtO allukupOyi uMDE bhAshalanu #agglutinative# bhAshalanI, oka padaMlO dAdApugA oka SabdaM mAtramE kanipiMchE bhAshalani #isolating# bhAshalani cheppavachchu. I reMTiki madhyasthaMgA oka padaMlO SabdAlu (saMdhi) sUtra niyataMgA, SabdAlu tama sva-rUpaM mArchukonE vidhaMgA saMlInaM cheMdE bhAshalanu #fusional/inflectional# bhAshalani sthUlaMgA cheppavachchu. telugu, tamiLAdulu #agglutinative# bhAshalanI, saMskRta-lATin bhAshalu #fusional# bhAshalanI, chainIs, iMglIsh bhAshalu #isolating# bhAshalanI cheppukOvachchu. “iMTipainuMDi” anna telugu padAnni iMglIshulO “#over the top of the house”# anna Aru viDi viDi padAlugA rAyAli. anushTup ChaMdassu, virAmayati, pAdAMta virAmaM #fusional# bhAsha ayina saMskRtAniki oppinaTTugA #agglutinative# bhAsha ayina teluguku oppadanE nannayAdulu vRtta ChaMdassunu virAma niyamAlu lEkuMDA aksharamaitritO svIkariMchArani kAmESvara rAvu gAru chebutunnArani nA #interpretation!

  353. #padyAlu – vADukabhAsha guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/30/2007 4:10 #pm


    “-^n”, “-l” vaMTi pratyayAlu modalainavi lEkuMDA nETi kAlapu bhAshalO padyAlu rAyAlaMTE ChaMdassu (vRttAlu) mArAli anna viSvanAtha abhiprAyaM sababE ani tOstOMdi. oka vidhaMgA chUstE, Adhunika bhAshalO adbhutamaina SabdasauMdaryAnni, pravAhaguNAnni pradarSistU dESI ChaMdassulatO (mAtrA ChaMdassulatO) kRshNaSAstri, SrISrI ityAdulu sRshTiMchina kavitalE mArina ChaMdassuku udAharaNalani nAkanipistOMdi. I Adhunika kavulu vADina bhAsha nijaMgA vADuka bhAshEnA ani koMtamaMdi vEsE praSnaku samAdhAnaM mIru charchiMchakuMDA vadilEsina “kavitva bhAsha”. konni padAlU, lakshaNAlU eppaTikI vyavahAraMlOki rAnivI, vyavahAra dUramainavI kavitva bhAshalOnE uMTAyi. “parimaLapu tuphAnulni rEpi, mahAraNyAla sauMdaryAnni chUpi, maunaMgA unna dvIpAlni Upi” anna mATalu kavitvaMlOnE tappa manaM sAdhAraNaMgA mATlADE vAkyAllO vinipiMchavu kadA!

    iMkO vishayaM. “telugu padyAlaki uMDE maroka pratyEkamaina lakshaNaM pravAha guNaM, lEka dhAra … I nAdaM telugu bhAsha sottu.” ani annAru. ikkaDa mIru telugu bhAsha #agglutinative# svabhAvAnni vivaristunnArani nA soMta abhiprAyaM ! ayitE, prapaMchIkaraNa valla, anyabhAshAprabhAvAla valla telugu #agglutinative# svabhAvAnni kOlpOyi iMglIsh bhAsha lAgE #isolating# bhAshagA mAripOyE sUchanalu kanipistunnAyi. “I vAramu samaikya kRshi” anna telugu vikIpIDiyA lEbul iMduku oka udAharaNa <>#eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />


    – “SOkiMpaMgan” annappuDu yatibhaMgaM kAlEdu. nannayya “ja”-kArAniki “Sa”-kAra yati vADina saMdarbhAlu Adi parvaMlOnE kanipistAyi.
    – nannayya “va”-kArAniki “pa”-kAra yati vADADO lEdO nAku teliyadu. “vArija kAMtal” ku badulugA “vikacha kusumamul” vADochchani adi pOsTu chEsina kAsEpaTlOnE anukunnAnu.

  354. padyAlu – vADukabhAsha guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/29/2007 9:33 #am

    #lOtaina viSlEshaNatO AlOchiMpa chEsE chakkani vyAsaM! ayitE, “grAMdhika bhAsha aMTE iMtakAlaM sAMpradAyikaMgA likhita pUrvakaMgA vastunna prAchIna kAvyAlalO vADabaDina kAvya bhAsha.” ani mIrichchina tAtkAlika nirvachanAnni iMkoMta vivaristE bAguMDEdEmO. kAla gatilO vADuka bhAsha mArinaTTugAnE kAvya bhAsha kUDA pariNAmaM cheMdutU vastOMdani, nannayya, tikkanAdulanuMDi viSvanAtha varaku vAri vAri kAvyAllO vADina kAvyabhAshalannI okE rUpaMlO lEvani mIku telusu. nannayya kAvyabhAshaku enamidO SatAbdapu bhAsha AdhAramaitE, 11va SatAbdapu SAsanAlalO kanipiMchE ichchinA@MDu ( <>

  355. padyAlu – vADukabhAsha guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/29/2007 9:33 #am

    #lOtaina viSlEshaNatO AlOchiMpa chEsE chakkani vyAsaM! ayitE, “grAMdhika bhAsha aMTE iMtakAlaM sAMpradAyikaMgA likhita pUrvakaMgA vastunna prAchIna kAvyAlalO vADabaDina kAvya bhAsha.” ani mIrichchina tAtkAlika nirvachanAnni iMkoMta vivaristE bAguMDEdEmO. kAla gatilO vADuka bhAsha mArinaTTugAnE kAvya bhAsha kUDA pariNAmaM cheMdutU vastOMdani, nannayya, tikkanAdulanuMDi viSvanAtha varaku vAri vAri kAvyAllO vADina kAvyabhAshalannI okE rUpaMlO lEvani mIku telusu. nannayya kAvyabhAshaku enamidO SatAbdapu bhAsha AdhAramaitE, 11va SatAbdapu SAsanAlalO kanipiMchE ichchinA@MDu ( <>


    “nEnoka pUlamokkakaDa nilchi …” padya bhAvAnni nannayya bhAshalOki evarainA anuvAdaM chEsi rAstE chUDAlani uMdi. nA Sushka prayatnaM:

    aDaviki@M buvvulu dEra@Mga
    vaDinarigina nannu@MjUchi vArija(?) kAMtal
    poDavu@M seDa@M druMchi vagavaka
    jaDamuDi@M vaDaliMturanuchu SOkiMpaMgan
    (nannayya bhAshalO poDavu=rUpamu; vagavaka=AlOchiMpaka)

  356. telugulO aMkelu, saMkhyalu 11 nuMchi paina guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/29/2007 6:04 #am

    #EDu, padi Debbadi elAgayiMdO, E vyAkaraNasUtraM upayOgiMchAlO nAku arthaM kAlEdu.


    mUla drAviDaMlOni dhAtuvulalO prathamAksharaMgA kanipiMchani mUrdhanyAksharAlu (Ta,Tha, Da, Dha, Na, La, ೞ lu), ra-~ra-lalu telugu-kuyi lO mAtramE kanipiMchaDAnni viSlEshistU bhadrirAju kRshNamUrti gAru varNavyatyayaM (#metathesis)# anE dhvani pariNAmaM valla mUla dhAtuvulalO dvitIyAksharaMgA unna I mUrdhanyAksharAlu modaTi sthAnAniki chErAyani vivariMchAru (chU. #Telugu Verbal Bases p 51-52)

    lOna <>lOna <> Dassi <>Dassi <> lE(ta) <>lE(ta) <> rE(yi) <>rE(yi) <> rOlu <>rOlu <>

    I dhvani pariNAmaM AdhAraMgA EDu + padi Debbadi elA ayyiMdO vivariMchaDaM sulabhaM:
    *Eೞು > EDu+padi > DEbbadi > Debbadi > Debbhai


  357. bhAshA saMbaMdha nirUpaNa – bhAshASAstraM 101 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/23/2007 12:43 #pm

    #kAmESvararAvu gAru,

    anavasaraMgA viSvanAthanu I charchalOki lAginaMduku nAku saraina churakalE aMTiMchAru. mIru cheppiMdi nijamE: Ayana bhAshA charitra lapai tanakunna abhiprAyAlanu vyAsAla rUpaMlO rAyalEdu. ayitE Ayana rAsina “purANa vaira graMdhamAla (12 navalalu)”, “nEpAla rAja charitra (Aru navalalu) “, “kASmIra rAja charitra (Aru navalalu)” lOni chAritraka aMSAlannI tAnu chilukUru vIrabhadrarAvu modalaina charitra pariSOdhakula nuMDi nErchukonnavi lEdA tanu svayaMgA SramapaDi pariSOdhiMchinavEnani AyanE svayaMgA cheppukunnAru. yuvabhArati vAru 1972lO prachuriMchina “mahati” lO “nEnU nA sAhitya rachanalu” anna aMSaM mIda Ayana rAsina vyAsaMlOni I paMktulanu gamaniMchaMDi:

    “I iruvadi nAlgu navalalalO mana purANamulalO AyA charitramulalO nunna yaMSamulu tArIkhula prakAramu kAlamunu chUpiMchitini, saMdarbhamulanu vivariMchitini. charitralOni pradhAnAMSamulanu vadali peTTalEdu. … aMdarunU nEnu paDDa Srama paDaru …”

    “mana charitra vispashTamugA nunnadi. mana purANamulayaMdali magadharAja vaMSAdula yaMdali yadhArtha charitra nanusaMdhiMchi nEnu purANavaira graMdhamAlanu paMDreMDu navalalanu vrAsitini. aMdulO chaMdraguptuni svapna manna navala gupta chaMdragupta, maurya chaMdraguptula bhEdamunu cheppunadi.”

    “AMdhra charitra travvi travvi parama rahasyamulu konni “AMdhrapraSasti” lO, konni navalalugA “snEha phalamu” “chaMdavOlu rANi”mudalaina graMdhamulalO vrAsitini”

    “nEnu nidrAhAramulu lEkuMDa saMpAdiMchina vij~nAnamaMtA nA navalalalO, pustakamulalO uMTuMdi.”

    ayitE bhAratIyu charitra guriMchI, telugu bhAshA charitra guriMchi Ayana rAsina viSlEshaNalanu parikistE, I madhya bhAshA vyAsAlu rAsE koMtamaMdi rachayitalaku sphUrti ekkaDidO arthamavutuMdi. aMdulO machchuku konni:

    “”philippain dvIpamu kiMda mAMDenO ani oka dvIpamunnadi… akkaDa Adima vAsulu tivOlijAti. vALLa AchAramulu ippaTiki kUDA telugu vALLa AchAramulu. vALLa bhAsha pEru tegalAg – telugu annamATa.”

    “”kAlDvel AphgAn sthAnamulO brahUyI anu oka bhAsha yunnadanI, A bhAshakU mana telugu bhAshakU palu vishayAlaMdu sAmyamunnadani vrAsinADu. SAtavAhanu lAMdhrulu – vAru bhArata sAmrAjyamunu pAliMchunappuDu AyA prAMtamulaMdali adhipatulaMdaru nAMdhrulai yuMduru. AnATi AphgAn sthAnamulO nevaDO AMdhruDu adhipatiyai A ATavikulachEta mana bhAsha chadiviMchiyuMDunu. dIni lakshaNamulakkaDa pAtukupOyinavi”

  358. bhAshA saMbaMdha nirUpaNa – bhAshASAstraM 101 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/22/2007 10:40 #am

    #bhAshA charitrala pai nAkunna Asakti vyApakaMgA mAraTAniki prErakulu, kArakulaina koddi maMdi vyaktulalO bApArAvu gArokaru :-#].# gata koMta kAlaMgA telugu charchAvEdikalaku dUraMgA aj~nAtaMlO uMTunna bApArAvu gAru I vyAsaM kAraNaMgAnainA marugudATi tera muMduku rAvaDaM nAku paTTalEnaMta AnaMdaMgA uMdi. ika muMdu kUDA ImATalOnU, migilina charchAvEdikalalOnU Ayana tana vilakshaNamaina viSlEshaNA Sailini pradarSistU tirigi vyAsAlu rAyAlani, rAstArani nA ASa.

    ika I vyAsAnni merugu parachaDAniki Ayana chEsina sUchanalu:
    1. bhAshASAstraM 101 ki parimitaM chEsi uMTE bAguMDEdi.
    nijAniki I vyAsaMlO “telugu patrikallO bhAshAvyAsAla tIru” anna vibhAgaM Akhari nimishaMlO kUrchiMdE. kutarka vAdAla guriMchi koMtainA vipulaMgA prastAviMchaka pOtE, telugu patrikalu aMtagA chadavani pAThakulaku bhAshASAstraM-101 yokka AvaSyakata arthaM kAka I vyAsaM parama bOr gA tayAravutuMdani oka samIkshakuDu chEsina sUchana, nAku kUDA sababE anipiMchi A vibhAgaM chErchAnu.

    2#a.# kUn paMDituni “SAstrIya viplavAla svarUpaM” guriMchi, sAmAjika-vij~nAna (#Social Sciences)# raMgAlalO pratyakshyOttara (aMTE #Post-Positivist:-))# vAdaM guriMchi gAnI prastAviMchaDAniki bhAshASAstraM-101 saraina chOTu kAdEmO. ayinA oka viplavAtmakamaina kotta AlOchanA-rUpAvaLi (#Paradigm)# dvArA ippuDu aparishkRtaMgA unna konni samasyalakainA parishkAraM chUpiMchEMta varakU prastuta rUpAvaLi chaTraMlOnE (#within the frame of the current paradigm# ki vachchina tippalu) itara pariSOdhanalanu vimarSaMchaDaM kaddu. aMtEgAka, SAstragatilO rUpAvaLi mArpu (#Paradigm-shift)# ni prastAvistU bhAshASAstraM-301 rAyaDAniki avasaramaina SikshaNA, sAmarthyAlu nAku lEvu.

    2#b.# bhAratIya bhAshalapai pariSOdhana chEsina pASchAtya paMDitulaMdarU E rakamaina jAtyaMkAramu, durabhimAnAlu lEni mahAnubhAvulani kIrtiMchaDaM nA uddESyaM kAdu. mAnava sahajamaina abhijAtyaM aMdarilOnu uMDi uMDavachchu. adIkAka, vAru pratipAdiMchina Arya-drAviDa siddhAMtAlanu appuTi AMgla prabhuvulu, krisTiyan mishinarIlu, svAtaMtryAnaMtaraM mana tamiLa nAyakulu, tama tama prayOjanAlakOsaM vADukOni uMTE uMDavachchu. kAni pASchAtya SAstraj~nulaMdarU eMta durabhimAnulainA vAri pariSOdhanallO SAstra pramANAlanu pATiMchaDaMlO oka rakamaina chittaSuddhi, nibaddhatA chUpiMchArani nAkanipistOMdi.

    3. pAMDityaM rANiMchAlaMTE pratibhatO pATu vyutpatti, abhyAsAlu avasaramani mana lAkshaNikulu cheppAru kadA. vanarulu aMTE nA dRshTilO #training and infrastructure:# atyuttama sthAyilO pariSOdhanalu chEyaDAniki tagina SikshaNa, prOtsAhaM (#grants,# saMghaMlO gurtiMpu), vAtAvaraNaM (nirupahati sthalaMbu, tappu mepparayu lEkhaka pAThakOttamul vagairAlu mAtramE kAdu) lEkapOtE eMta pratibha unnA adi maTTilO mANikyamE. nA dRshTilO bhadrirAju, chEkUri gArlu bhAshA SAstraj~nulugA aMtarjAtIyaMgA gurtiMpu poMdaDAniki vAru amerikA viSvavidyAlayAllO poMdina SikshaNE kAraNaM (emenO gAri vadda SishyarikaM vallE tanu iMtavADayyADanna bhadrirAju gAri mATallO atiSayOkti lEdu). advitIyamaina pratibha uMDI kUDA bUdarAju gAru aMtagA SAstra pariSOdhanalu chEya(lE)kapOvaDAniki kUDA I SikshaNa lEmi kAraNamani nA anumAnaM.

    4. AScharakaramaina vishayaM EmiTaMTE bhAshA saMbaMdha nirUpaNaku dhvanulu (#phonemes),# SabdAlu (#morphemes),# padajAlaM (#vocabulary)# tODpaDinaMtagA vErE vyAkaraNAMSAlu upayOgapaDavu. kAlagatilO oka bhAshalO liMga (#gender),# kAla (#tense),# vAkya nirmANAdi (#syntax)# vyAkaraNAMSAlalO ennO mArpulu saMbhaviMchinappaTikI prAthamika SabdAlu mAtraM aMtagA mArpu cheMdavanna aMSaM tulanAtmaka paddhati (#Comparative Method)# ki mUlAdhAraM. aMdukE aMtaku muMdu paddhatulaina #Comparative Philology, Comparative Grammar# lanu tOsirAjani gata SatAbdaMlO chAritrAtmaka bhAshA pariSOdhakula ammula podilO brahmAstraMgA mArina upakaraNaM I #Comparative Method. Agglutinative# bhAshalaina telugu, tamiLAdulalO saMdhula guriMchi nAku vErE abhiprAyAlunnAyi. vATi guriMchi vErE eppuDainA muchchaTiddAM.

    5, 6. tadupari vyAsAllO mI sUchanalanu pATiMchaDAniki prayatnistAnu.

    ikapOtE viplav, kAmESvara rAvu gArlu “sAhityakArula” guriMchi cheppiMdi koMtavaraku karekTE. kAnI I vyAsAlu rAsina vAraMdarikI telugu sAhityaMtO parichayamunnaMtagA vij~nAnaSAstra raMgaMlO pariSOdhanaku kAvalsina avagAhana, SikshaNa lEvanE nA abhiprAyaM. adI kAka nEnu A vAkyaM rAstunnappuDu manasulO anukunna mATa cheppEstunnAnu: “nATi kavi sAmrATTu nuMDi nETi navalA chakravarti varakU bhAshA charitralapai vyAsAlu rAstunna chAlAmaMdi pradhAnaMgA sAhityakArulu.” sAhitI kshEtraMlO viSvanAtha satyanArAyaNa gAru sAmrATTulE gAni, charitra adhyayanaM lO kAdani nA chinni abhiprAyaM.

    “E kallaMlO giMjalu akkaDE tUrpAra paTTAli” anna viplav kOrika prakAramE nA vyAsAnni telugudESaMlOni O patrikaku paMpiMchAnu. I kONAniki meyin sTrIm elA spaMdistuMdO vEchi chUddAM.

  359. taraM mArinA … guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/18/2007 5:20 #am

    #I kathanu pUrtigA anvayaM chEsukOvAlaMTE SivAreDDi kavitalatO parichayaM chAlA avasaraM anukuMTAnu. udAharaNaku “taraM mArinA…” anna makuTaMtO unna I kavita chUDaMDi:

    taraM mArinA…

    A gETu pakka
    beruku beruggA – bedurugA
    nilabaDDADu – mUDELLavADu,
    lOna vALLamma
    bAsAnlu tOmutuMdi
    bayaTa vALLayya
    EDa rALLu goDutunnADO –
    vALLayya kUDA
    adE vayasulO alAnE
    I gETupakka kAkapOtE
    nilabaDE vunnADu.

    —- SivAreDDi (1973 navaMbar
    raktaM sUryuDu saMkalanaM nuMchi)

  360. taraM mArinA … guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    01/16/2007 3:16 #pm

    #saumya gAri AkshEpaNalatO nEnU EkIbhavistAnu. mIretti chUpiMchina vAkyAlu kathaki
    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu.

  361. bhAshA saMbaMdha nirUpaNa – bhAshASAstraM 101 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/10/2007 10:18 #am

    #chilukUri nArAyaNarAvu gAri AMdhrabhAshAcharitramu reMDava saMpuTamu (#volume II)# mAtramE #DLI# lO dorikiMdi. adi #PDF# rUpaMlO I kriMda ichchina #link# dvArA #download# chEsukOvachchu. aTlAgE gata saMvatsaraMlO telugu patrikalalO vachchina vyAsAlu konni #Internet# lO kanipiMchAyi. vATi liMkulu kUDA ikkaDa istunnAnu.

    – <>#eemaata.com/books/chilukuuri.pdf" rel="nofollow"#>AMdhrabhAshAcharitramu – reMDava saMpuTamu (37.4#MB)
    #tel^mun^ bhAsha telugu
    ‘sumEru’lOnE veligina toli telugu
    telaMgANa gOdAvarE ‘telivAha’!
    SrI kRshNuDu telugu jAtivADE
    teluguvEru, AMdhraM vEru!

    surES kolichAla

    kosamerupu: mOhana rAvu gAru cheppinaTTugA jIvaSAstraM, bhAshASAstraM 19 va SatAbdaMlO kUDA okadAnipai okaTi prabhAvaM chUpinaTTunnAyi. I kriMdi vyAsaM #Comparative Method# puTTukaku jIvaSAstraMlOni #Comparative Anatomy# AdhAraM ani vAdistOMdi:
    #Where does the ‘Comparative Method’ Come from?

  362. #bhAshA saMbaMdha nirUpaNa – bhAshASAstraM 101 guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    01/07/2007 6:35 #am

    #prOtsahistU abhiprAyAlu telipina vAraMdarikI nA kRtaj~natalu! hanumaMta rAvu gAru prastAviMchina svalpa lOpAla guriMchi:

    – gaMTi sOmayAji gAri pustakaM #DLI# lO dorikiMdi. I mATa pAThakula saulabhyaMkOsaM vATini #PDF# rUpaMlO ikkaDa uMchAnu (<>#eemaata.com/books/ganti_andhra_bhaashaa_vikaasamu_1.pdf" rel="nofollow">Part I, <>eemaata.com/books/ganti_andhra_bhaashaa_vikaasamu_2.pdf" rel="nofollow">Part II, <>eemaata.com/books/ganti_andhra_bhaashaa_vikaasamu_3.pdf" rel="nofollow">Part III).# bhadrirAju gAri pustakaM iMDiyAlO veyyi rUpAyakE konnAnu. migilina pustakAlannI mA lOkal laibrarI nuMDI, emarI laibrarI nuMDI sEkariMchinavE.

    – chilukUri nArAyaNa rAvu gAri pustakaM “AMdhra bhAshA charitramu” nEnu chadavalEdu gAnI Ayana vyavahArika vAdAnni samarthiMchina vArilO okaDani (bUdarAju: vyavahArika bhAshAvikAsaM pE. 97), Ayana siddhAMta graMthaM nannaya bhArata bhAshanu, samakAlIna SAsana bhAshanu tulanAtmakaMgA pariSIliMchina samagra rachanayani (bhadrirAju: bhAshA, samAjaM, saMskRti – avatArika pE #x) # Ayana guriMchi sadabhiprAyAlE vinnAnu. ayitE prAkRta bhAshalalAgE telugu bhAshakUDA prAchIna Arya bhAshala nuMDi puTTiMdani Ayana 1937 lO chEsina siddhAMtAniki samAdhAnaM gAnE gaMTi sOmayAji gAru 1947 lO samagra AdhArAlatO, kUlaMkasha charchatO drAviDa bhAshA kuTuMba siddhAMtAnni nirUpistU rAsina “AMdhra bhAshA vikAsamu”.

    -paiSAchi bhAsha iMDO-yUrOpiyan, iMDO-irAniyan bhAshA kuTuMbAniki cheMdina dardika bhAsha (#Dardic Language). # guNADhyuni kAlaMlO nEpALI dESaMlO I bhAsha mATlADi uMDavachchu. #[ “#AMdhra bhAshA vikAsamu” pE. 75-80#].

    –# pEru lEni vimarSalu: rachayita pErunu prastAviMchakuMDA vimarSiMchaDaM guriMchi oka samIkshakuDu (#reviewer)# kUDA abhyaMtaraM teliyajEsADu. vyaktigata dUshaNa nA vyAsaMlO pradhAnAMSaM kAkUDadanE vyaktula pErlu prastAviMchaDaM aMta mukhyaM kAdani anukunnAnu. telugu paiSAchi bhAsha nuMDi puTTiMdanI, arjunuDu amerikA veLLochchADanI ghaMTApathaMgA cheptunna rachayita AMdhrabhUmilO aMtaryAmigA masalE mudigoMDa SivaprasAd gAru. pASchAtya charitrakArulu tama svArthaM kOsaM timmini bammini chEsi tappuDu charitra banAyiMchArani vimarSiMchi “Edi charitra?”, “idI charitra!” anna reMDu pustakAlatO #David Frawley#-mArku charitranu prachAraM chEstunna rachayita AMdhrabhUmi eDiTar eM. vi. Ar. SAstri gAru. “teliman bhAsha telugu bhAsha” aMTU prachAraM chEsina vAru saMyukta kUnayya, saMganabhaTla narasayya gArlu. SrIkRshNuDu telugu jAti vADE ani cheppiMdi riTairaina ArkiyAlajI DairakTar vi. vi. kRshNaSAstri gAru. bhAshAparaMgA telaMgANa telugu vEru, AMdhraM vEru anna vAdAnni lEvanettinavAru kanakadurga daMTu gAru. #[#chikkEmiTaMTE mana patrikallO reMDu vArAlaku miMchi E patrikA Arkaivulu uMchaka pOvaDaM#].

    –# saMskRtaMlO dESi padAlanu gUrchi: oka padaM drAviDa bhAshalanuMDi vachchiMdani cheppaDAniki I vishayAlu tODpaDutAyi (drAviDa bhAshalu: pi. es. subrahmaNyaM): 1. migilina iMDO-yUrOpiyan bhAshalalO A padAniki sajAti padAlu lEkapOvaDaM 2. drAviDa bhAshalO A padaM prachuraMgA uMDaDaM 3. drAviDa bhAshalO dAniki vyutpatti uMDaDaM lEka dAni dhAtuvu niMchi vachchina itara padAlu kUDA uMDaDaM 4. saMskRtaMlO adE arthAnni sUchiMchaDAniki itara padAlu uMDaDaM lEdA A padaM mana dESaMlOnE uMDE jaMtuvulU, vRkshAlu modalaina vATini sUchiMchaDaM.

    – gAthAsaptaSatilO telugu mATala gUrchi: ” palli”, ” Uru”, “vADa”, “vADi” anna pallela pErla dvArA mahArAshTralO #Dravidian Substratum# uMDEdanna vishayaM suspashTamE ayitE adi pUrva-teluguku (#Pre-Telugu or Proto-South-Central Dravidian (SD2))# ku daggaraina bhAshO lEdA pUrva-tamiLa-kannaDa (#Proto-SouthDravidian (SD1))# bhAshalaku daggaraina bhAshO teliyAlaMTE iMkA pariSOdhanalu jaragAli.

  363. telugu sAhityaM lO vimarSa guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    11/15/2006 8:09 #am

    #viplav gAri oka akshEpaNa chAlA samaMjasamainadE ani oppukOka tappadu. adi: kEMbriDj lO krikeT ATa guriMchi brAkeTlalO nEnu chErchina vAkyaM. A vAkyaM anavasaramainadE! #Guilty as charged!

    #ayitE, “kavitvatattvavichAramu” lO niMDugA unna avahELana, apahAsyAlatO pOlchichUstE nA porapATu kshamArhamanE anukuMTAnu. ayinA tappu tappE! marOsAri #Guilty as charged.

    #maroka vishayaM: umAkAMtaMgAri pai maMchi vimarSa-samIksha iMtavarakU rAkapOvaDaM kshamArhaM kAdu. A pani evarainA sahRdayulu talapeDitE maMchidi.

    allAgE, mArksisTu dRkpathaM anna pErutO prastutaM patrikallO vachchina sAhitya vimarSalapai oka samIkshA vyAsaM evarainA rAstE bAguMTuMdEmO!
    #And the field is open, I suppose!


    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu.

  364. telugu sAhityaM lO vimarSa guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    11/05/2006 11:08 #am

    Alok Vastav# gAru kRshNaSAstri gAri mUla vyAsaM chadivi uMTE, umApati gAri guriMchi nEnu annamATalaki akshEpaNa chEsEvAru kAdanukoMTAnu.

    kRshNaSAstri gAri “pAtika saMvatsarAla telugu kavitvamu” anna 1948 bhArati patrikalOni vyAsaM 1923 nuMchi 1948 varakU vachchina kavitvaMpai, nATi kavitA udyamAlapai chakkani vimarSanA vyAsaM ani nissaMSayaMgA cheppavachchu.

    OriyaMT lAMgman vAru 1993 lO prachuriMchina “appuDE puTTi uMTE” anna kRshNaSAstri gAri vyAsa saMpuTi lO I vyAsaM tirigi achchayyiMdi. 1/8 DemI saijulO 34 pEjIla sudIrgha vyAsaM idi. A vyAsaMnuMchi I kiMdi vAkyAlu (chU: 29 va pEjI):

    “… kRshNapakshaM prachuriMchAnu. sphuTaMgA nA manassulO nATukopOyina mari reMDu mUDu ghaTTAlu unnAyi. 1925 lO nEmO akkirAju umAkAMtaM gAru vrAsina “nETi kAlapu kavitvamu” anE graMthaM vachchiMdi. ASanipAtamaMta tIvradhATitO vachchiMdi. rAkEM jEstuMdi? eppuDayitE nijamaina oka udyamaM bayaludEriMdO, appuDE dAni guNadOshavimarSana kUDA vastuMdi. Ayana tIvra vimarSananuMchi nAvaMTi kavulu nErchukOvalasinadi lEkapOnU lEdu; kAni koMta Ardra dRshTitO kavitAhRdayamutO A vimarSana sAgitE, nETikAlapu kavitvaMlO vAru chakkadanamU kavitvaguNamU grahiMchi uMDEvAru. UpirADanIyanaMta kOpaMtO A graMthaM dADichEsinaTlanipiMchiMdi nAvaMTi vAriki. dAniki javAbu vrAddAmA annAru koMdaru mitrulu. Emi javAbu mEmu vrAyagalaM? kotta padyAlu vrAyaDamE javAbanipiMchiMdi. vrAyakuMDA elAguMDagalaM? I saMkalpaM 1925 lO madarAsulO marI dRDhapaDiMdi.”

    Ardra dRshTi, kavitA hRdayamu umAkAMtapaMDitulaku lOpiMchiMdani iMtakannA mRduvugA, kRshNaSAstrigAri kannA chakkagA iMkevaru cheppagalaru?


    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu.

  365. A nEla, A nIru, A gAli guriMchi #Veluri Venkateswara Rao # abhiprAyaM:

    11/02/2006 7:53 #pm

    #brahmAnaMdaM gArU!

    kOnasIma kathalu cheppinaMduku dhanyavAdAlu. nEcheppina katha #variation on the same theme# annamATa. iTlAMTi piTTa kathalu iMkA EvannA uMTE cheppaMDi. annI kalipi oka chinni pustakaM vEddAM.
    marOsAru dhanyavAdAlatO,
    vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu.

  366. saMgItaMtO kustI guriMchi #T.Raja gopal # abhiprAyaM:

    09/09/2006 9:13 #am

    Dear Eemaata,
    A very good discussion on Sri Rohini prasad gari Article. As a music lover and an enthusiastic learner, I am very much benefited and learnt some more new things by the article and the discussions on the same.
    Thank you very much.
    Raja gopal.

  367. #saMgItaMtO kustI guriMchi #Rohiniprasad # abhiprAyaM:

    09/08/2006 6:25 #am

    #sAyigAri saMtRpti kOsamani nEnu lOgaDa rAsina vyAsaM liMk istunnAnu. aMdulO SAstrIya saMgItapu 16, 22 Srutulanu guriMchi kluptaMgA cheppAnu.

    <>#eemaata.com/issue10/rOhiNii.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com/issue10/rOhiNii.html

    #Ayanaki vyAsaM nachchinaMduku saMtOshaM. autsAhikula saukaryaM kOsamani 16 Srutula guriMchi prastAviMchalEdanI, nEnU, itara pAThakulU vinnaviMchukOvaDaM jarigiMdi.

    maroka vishayaM. 72 mELakartala varakU vivariMchaDAniki 16 Srutulu saripOtAyi kAni Arabhi, dEvagAMdhAri vaMTi rAgAla madhya tEDAlu telusukOvaDAniki upakariMchavu. autsAhikulaku avasaraMlEni ilAMTi vishayAlu konni uMTAyi. 22 Srutula guriMchi teliyAlaMTE idi chUDaMDi.


    [#I 12 #vs. 16 vs. 22# Srutula pai charcha iMtaTitO mugiMchavalasiMdigA pAThakulaku manavi. – saMpAdakulu#]

  368. #saMgItaMtO kustI guriMchi #Girija Agasthyeswar # abhiprAyaM:

    09/03/2006 10:10 #pm

    Respected Rohiniprasadgaru,

    Thank you very much for an informative and interesting article.
    After reading all the comments of this article, I wish to say that I am a
    practical example of a student of music who is using keyboard, to check my own notes and pitchings everyday, as per your valuable suggestion, you gave us, a few years back. It is definitely helping me.
    It is not possible to practise only in front of a teacher because of so many reasons, and long distances in cities being one of them.

    Another point is, if it is any other instrument, like veena or violin,
    somebody has to teach us even how to hold it. Learning to play M1 or M2 in those instruments is more difficult than singing vocally. So they cannot be used by vocal students for learning purpose.

    If everybody says “Sangitam Mahasamudram”, “Purva Janma Punyam”, many people will hesitate even to start learning Classical music.
    You are the one, at least who tells us “It is simple, you all can try”.
    Thanks a lot.

    Thanks to Eemaata too, for publishing such an useful article.

    Girija Agasthyeswar

  369. #saMgItaMtO kustI guriMchi #T.Raja gopal # abhiprAyaM:

    09/01/2006 10:40 #am

    Eemaata gaariki,
    The article on “Samgeeatha tho kusti ” by Sri Prasad garu is excellent.! It is very help ful for people who are interested to learn music. Very well analysed about raagaas. This article will enthuse and motivate the beginers to learn more about music.
    Thanks to sri Prasad garu.
    Raja gopal.

  370. “#chaMdamAma” j~nApakAlu guriMchi #T.Raja gopal # abhiprAyaM:

    08/31/2006 1:56 #pm

    EEmaata Gaariki,
    The article on Chandamama took my plesant memoriies back to my early years of seven to ten years of age ,
    when I was regularly reading “Chanadamama”.
    Many thanks to Sri Prasad garu for narrating the story of the great children’s magazine.
    Raja gopal.

  371. #vinnaMta kannaMta teliyavachchinaMta guriMchi viplav abhiprAyaM:

    07/07/2006 7:44 #am

    “#EtA vAtA” prayOgaM vADakAnni gamanistE, kAsta ekkuvaitE E prayOgamainA parama bOr gA migulutuMdi ani tElutuMdi.

    “mAripOtunna viluvalu AdarSapAtramayinavA? ” annadi praSna.

    Edi AdarSamO teliyadu kAnI, bhAshaku saMbaMdhiMchi, “mArpu cheDipOvaDaM kAdani” kAlDvel pratipAdiMchADani rAsiMdi bUdarAju gArE.

    ardhAnusvAra SakaTarEphalanu varjiMchAlanna pratipAdananu chUpeTTi, adi abhyudayagAmi paMDitula dRkpathaM kriMdiki vastuMdani cheppiMdI bUdarAju gArE. abhyudayaM AdarSapAtramEnEmO.

    “I nATi rEDiyOllO, patrikallO, sAhitI rachanallO, sinimAllO anukshaNaM vADukalO uMDi prajAsAmAnyAniki aMdubATulO unna vyAvahArAnni E SaktI ekkuva kAlaM bahishkariMchalEdu” annadi bUdarAju gArE. {pai vATiki TIvI yAMkarlanu jata chEyAlippuDaitE. vattulu palikinaTTu haidarAbAdu pAta bastIla kUDa evvalu palukaraTa, ninna monna baLLeku pOtunna pillalatOTi oka sAri mATlADi chUste yAMkarlanu tayAru chEstunnadi manamE ani telustuMdi.}

    “okaTO taragati nuMchi padO taragati varakunna telugu pAThya graMthAlu ippaTikI grAthikaMlOnE unnAyi. marO mahOdyamaM praLayaM lAgA vachchi muMchettitE tappa I svArtha saMkuchita pratIpa Saktulanu modalaMTA pekaliMchaTaM sAdhyapaDakapOvachchu.” ani IsaDiMchiMdi bUdarAjugArE. “A samayaM eMtO dUrAna lEdu” annadI AyanE.

    I bATa iTlanE paTkOni pOte mATallOMchi jAripOyETivi ottulu dIrghAlE, saMdhulu samAsAla tarvAta. veyyEMDla grAMthikaM okaTi kAnappuDu vaMdEMDla vyavahArikaM okalAganE uMDAlaMTe kashTaM. jAgratta paDETOLLu paDochchu. lEkapOyinA bhAsha Agadu.

    <>#eemaata.com/books/budaraju.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com/books/budaraju.pdf

    #bUdarAju gAri mIda samayOchitamaina muchchaTlu cheppinaMduku rachayitaku, “I mATa” ku abhinaMdanalu.

  372. naushAd^ guriMchi #Mr. D.A.Eswar # abhiprAyaM:

    07/05/2006 8:38 #pm

    #rAgAla chEta “aMdaMgA chAkirI chEyiMchi adbutamaina saMgitAnni manakichina naushAd gAri guriMchi manaku teliyani #interesting# vishayAlu , padAlato aMdaMgA chAkirI cheyiMchi rohiniprasAd garU maMchi vyAsaM ichchAru.
    #After reading this article, I feel more respect for Sri Naushad.
    Thanks to Prasadgaru & Eemaata for this very good essay and also for the rare photographs of ‘the great people’..

  373. #O pennI, nA pennI! guriMchi #V. R. Veluri # abhiprAyaM:

    07/03/2006 12:40 #pm

    #Du, mu, vu, lu prathamA vibhakti ani chaduvukunna gurtu. chUSArA! “mu” muMdu, “lu” tarvAta! aMdukE, vEmUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu gAru muMdu; Ayana taruvAtE, nEnu!
    eMtamaMdi IsaDiMchukunnA ImATa udyOgaM nEnu jalagalA paTTukoni eMduku vadalanaMTE, — prachuraNa kochchina anni kathalU, kavitalU, vyAsAlU (SApanArthAlu kUDA!) aMdarikannA muMdugA chadivE avakASaM unnadi kanuka! vEmUri gAru mAku rAsinaMtakAlaM, nannu “saMpAdakulu” (abba! ikkaDA “mu” taruvAtE!) gA tIseyyAlaMTE, nAmIda viSvAsa rAhitya tIrmAnaM peTTavalasi rAvachchu.
    mI pennI katha eppuDO chadivAnu. I kriMdi vivarAlu nAku kriMdaTinelE dorikuMTE mIku paMpEvANNE! mIru pennIkathani iMkA rasavattaraM chEsi vuMDEvAru.

    * #Today it takes 1.2 pennies to mint one penny.
    * Gallop poll has shown that two thirds of the Americans want to retain the penny, for its historical ‘value.’
    * The idea of “penniless” society began to gain currency in the Congress in 1989. (Ever since, they are striving hard to make our society penniless!)
    * 58% of the Americans stash pennies! (For the first time, you and I are in the majority!)
    * A penny of the 1972 vintage was sold for $437,000! ( I don’t have one; do you? )
    * Edmond Knowles of Alabama hoarded pennies for over 4 decades as a hobby! He ended up with 1.3 million of them, weighing 4.5 tons and his bank refused to take them all at once!
    * There is a pro-penny lobby called American for Common Cents! (Both of us should join right away!)

    The information is from Jeff Donn, Associated Press News Release, July 3, 2006!

    And finally, I really enjoyed your article, as usual!

    #vElUri vEMkaTESvara rAvu

  374. araNya kavitalu guriMchi #reader # abhiprAyaM:

    06/21/2006 11:12 #pm

    tender love poems..beautiful expression. wow.

  375. #ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi padma abhiprAyaM:

    05/31/2006 6:07 #pm

    #mI graMthAlayaMlOni pAta pustakAla liMkulu punaruddhariMchavalasiMdigA manavi. SilAlOlita sagaMlO chadivi ApESAnu. ippuDu liMku kanipiMchaTlEdu.

    <>#eemaata.com/books/Silaalolita/directory.html"#>SilAlOlita, iMkA <>#eemaata.com/library.html"#>itara pustakAlannI kotta #format# lOki tIsuku rAvaDAniki prayatnistunnAM. mI sUchanaki dhanyavAdAlu.

  376. ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi padma abhiprAyaM:

    05/10/2006 4:18 #pm

    ? ?????? ??????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ????? ?????????? ??? ????????? ???????? ??? ???????

    ????? ????, <>eemaata.com/n/newlayout#comment-43" rel="nofollow">????? ????? ?????????? <>eemaata.com/n/?feed=comments-rss2" rel="nofollow">?????????? RSS feed ????? ????? ???? ????

  377. #ImATa lO kotta saukaryaM guriMchi #granthi ramaraju # abhiprAyaM:

    05/09/2006 11:30 #pm

    Your timely editorial on Pattabhi is highly commendable. I think it would be valuable if some researcher brings out the total cultural life of Pattabhi. I have read somewhere that the famous poet “late Duvvuri Rami Reddy” didnot like “Phidelu Ragala Dozen” and ridiculed it in the local Nellore paper “Jamin Ryot”. Certainly, Pattabhi is the greatest Telugu literary figure Nellore has produced after Tikkana and Duvvuri Rami Reddy and KV Ramana Reddy.
    It would be interesting to know of these thingsand more on Pattabhi on Eemaata in future.


  378. #ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi #granthi ramaraju # abhiprAyaM:

    05/09/2006 11:04 #pm

    Dear Suresh Garu,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply and suggestions. I will try to follow the links. I am also trying to see Eemaata in IE.

    Regarding my system, I use windows XP and use firefox as the browser.

    Finally, I would like to know whether the PDF versions of articles (by VNR) on Pattabhi are available?

    Congrats to you and the editorial team for your “sewa ” to Telugu language and culture.



  379. #kRshNarAyala kavipOshaNa guriMchi tamminEni yadukula bhUshaN. abhiprAyaM:

    05/04/2006 11:22 #pm

    (Part of this post is edited by eemaaTa editors due to its insensitive, unprofessional, loose, indecent and unwarranted tirades against an individual. Such behavior is inconsistent with the literary discourse this magazine is dedicated to encourage. Though our policy has been to allow free discussions on topics published here, this is a sad exception we do not wish to be a frequent occurrence.)

    ……# rAmArAvu gAri vyAsaM chakkagA uMdi.
    kAnI rAyala vaishNavaM Ayana paramata asahanaM lAMTivi
    ekkuva sAgadIsi naTTu unnAyi.appuDu bauddhulu ,jainulu
    dakshiNAdilO aMta prabalaMgA vunnaTTu kanabaDadu.bhaktiye
    chAlu anna mATanu maruvakUDadu..rAyalu bhikshuvulanu aMtagA
    viDadIsi chUDalEdu.rAjanIti telisinavADu A mAtraM audAryaM
    pradarSiMchakuMDA vuMDaDu.dInni vadilEstE migilina anni vishayAlu
    nirdushTaMgA vunnAyi..ekkaDA vikalpAniki lOnu kAlEdu.
    — ————————–
    #Forgotten Empire- Dos Reis de Bisnaga# anna pOrchugIsu
    prachuraNaku toli anuvAdaM.iTIvala #Dr.Vasundhara Filliozat,Paris
    University# saMkaliMchina #Vijayanagar as seen by Dorningos Paes
    and Fernao Nunitz and others# annadi praSasta rachana.pOrchugIsu vArivE
    kAka iTalI yAtrikula kathanAlu unnAyi. #Burton Stein# rAsina #Vijayanagara
    #kUDA ennadagina graMthamE. telugulO rALLapalli, puTTaparti vAru vijayanagaracharitra gUrchi kaMThadaghnaMgA vachiMchivunnAru;vIri bahubhAshA pAMDityaM viSrutapUrvamE..

    tamminEni yadukula bhUshaN.

  380. ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi #suresh # abhiprAyaM:

    05/04/2006 6:43 #am

    Dear Sir,

    The PDF version has been available for 2 days. Click on the “PDF Version” on the front page or directly go to:

    <>eemaata.com/issue43/directory.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://www.eemaata.com/issue43/directory.pdf

    On reading unicode text, did you try to use Internet Explorer to see if you can read the unicode text? For reading it in Firefox, you may have to enable Complex text support for indic scripts. The following site has the instructions:


    If you can share the info about the operating system on your computer and the browser version, we may be able to help you enable unicode on your machine.


  381. #ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi #granthi ramaraju # abhiprAyaM:

    05/04/2006 5:39 #am


    Eematta new look is wonderful. Unfortunately, we are not able to see unicode telugu script on our browser (firefox). I also couldnot find ‘pdf ” version of May 2006 issue. Could you please provide the “pdf” version so that some of us, the lesser souls, have oppurtunity to enjoy eemaata?


  382. #ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi #Kiran Kumar Chava # abhiprAyaM:

    05/03/2006 2:59 #pm

    I guess this slowness is due to our browsers only, not due to this eemaata software.

    Still our browsers scroll unicode text very slowly.

    But Will addming more new lines, will adding less lines for paragraph might solve the scroll slowness issues.

  383. #ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi surES kolichAla abhiprAyaM:

    05/03/2006 2:24 #am

    #telugu #Posting/Commenting# ku EdannA #Plugin create# chEsArA?

    abhiprAyAlu telugulO rAyaTAniki ImATa iMtaku muMdu pAta saMchikalalO vADina <>#eemaata.com/unicode/guestmaaTa.html"#>mI mATa #javascript #nE tirigi vADukunnAmu. I skripT mu raLi naMdula gAru rAsina telugu TUl^bAr skripT AdhAraMgA nirmiMchabaDDadi. Ayana skripT mArchi, vADukOvaDAniki anumati ichchinaMduku patrikA mukhaMgA muraLi naMdula gAriki marO sAri kRtaj~natalu. – surES.

  384. ImATa kotta vEshaM guriMchi padma abhiprAyaM:

    05/02/2006 10:19 #pm

    ????????? ????, ???? ????, ????? ????,
    thanks for the positive feedback and for making my day. <>eemaata.com/em/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png" alt=":-)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

    ?????? ????? ???????, ???, ????? ????????? ????????????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ???? ????????????. ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????? ????? ????????? ??????? ???? ?????????? ????. ??? ????, “????? ?????????” ??? ???? ????? ????, ??????? ?????????? ??? ?????? ?????????????.

    ??? ???? ???? ????. ??????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ??? ???????????? ???????. ?????? ? ?????? sidebar ?? ???? ????? ????????. ???? ??????? ??????: ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ??? ???????????? RSS ?????? ????????? ????????????. ???? ????, ???? ??????? Feed aggregator ???? <>eemaata.com/n/?feed=comments-rss2">????? ?????????? RSS Feed ?? subscribe ?????????.

  385. #teMpukOvE baMdhanAlu guriMchi #Savithri Machiraju # abhiprAyaM:

    07/03/2002 10:00 #am

    [Reposted from <>eemaata?pass=&page=71 ">old guestbook –# saMpAdakulu #]

    I have just read the story “#teMchukOvE baMdhanAlu” #by Mahe Jabeen in the July issue and was so appalled that I felt I must comment. The story uses the name of a well known organization, Sakhi for South Asian Women, based in New York, as a driving force in the plot. But it is clear that the author has no clue how such organizations operate in the U.S., nor what the relevant rules and laws are. Even someone with no first hand knowledge of the organization can take a quick look at their website for some basic information.

    The first tip off is in the manner in which a group of Sakhi staff members go to the home of someone who has not called them, in fact, does not even know they exist, and inform her that they are there to rescue her! Later in the story, after separating the victim from her husband, they get taken in by his “lobbying” (author’s word) and “decide to return” his wife back to him. On neither occassion is the wife herself a participant in the decision. This “cell” (note the communist based terminology) of Sakhi does nothing to advise the wife of her rights, options, or legal recourses, but gives her some unspecified “counseling” that turns her into a “feminist”! And of what does her feminism consist? Why, it determines her to wish her father could’ve met the hero of the story before her husband, because then she would have been married to him instead, as all her father wanted was an “#amerikA alluDu”. #And of course, at the end (after her husband starts to beat her up again within minutes of their reunion), it gives her the strength to throw her# maMgaLa sUtraM #at him and walk off in the hero’s embrace. And all this is applauded by the heroine of the story, the Sakhi staff member, a self-professed feminist who is steadfastly refusing all pleas by her boyfriend to marry, though she likes him, because “marriage means you are under a man’s control”. However, for the poor victim of domestic violence, marriage is the only solution on everyone’s mind, as from the minute she is taken from her home, everyone starts worrying over her poor chances of remarrying if she divorces her husband.

    The subject of domestic violence, especially in the H1b/H4 community, has become very popular in Telugu stories and novels in the past few years, amounting almost to a fad or cliche. Perhaps it was the author’s intention to raise awareness in her readers, but such serious misinformation, almost amounting to disinformation, does no good, but absolute harm. (Example: at the end, Sakhi staff members “charge” the husband with domestic violence, even though they haven’t witnessed it; not the wife.) Also, this whole story takes place in New Jersey, so that the relevant Domestic Violence organization would be Manavi. I guess Ms. Mahe Jabeen hasn’t heard of them; thank god, or she would have libeled another fine organization (the oldest South Asian DV organization in the U.S.) If the author of the story is the well known poet Mahe Jabeen, who is supposed to be running a domestic violence organization in Hyderabad, I can only hope and pray that she doesn’t run her organization along the lines attributed to Sakhi here.

    Aside from the domestic violence issue, the story also abounds in cliche and stereotypes. We have Peter, an African American, so naturally he is a “trash collector”, and, when in a mellow mood, speaks in Swahili!! Can anything be more blatantly racist? Perhaps the author doesn’t know how many generations separate the present day African Americans from their ancestral homelands, nor how systematically and comprehensively their language and culture were eradicated in the days of slavery, nor that Swahili is spoken in east Africa, whereas most slaves were captured from west Africa. But never mind! Can’t let a few facts stand in the way of a “good” story! In your new guidelines to authors, you state that you continue to have all submissions go through the review process. May I request that, in future, in addition to whatever literary merits your reviewers are looking for, they also look for some veracity and verisimilitude in the submission before accepting it for publication?