About eemaata

Welcome to eemaata!

The idea that Telugu expatriates who love to read good Telugu literature should have a venue for it has become eemaata. Since the first issue of Nov 1998 the goals of eemaata remained: that eemaata should be a non-profit and voluntary effort, a platform for writers and readers to commingle in an amicable environ, a non-political, non partisan and ideology free webzine. That this webzine not only lasted this long with its ideals intact but continues to grow is a testimony to the unwavering support of its readers and contributors from all over the world. eemaata is published in Unicode and is the recommended format for reading it.

We strive to maintain eemaata as a quality Telugu webzine for the world without boundaries, with your continued support.

Suresh Kolichala
Madhav Machavaram
Gali Trivikram
Sattenapalli Sudhamayi
Avineni Bhaskar

[Past editors: K. V. S. Ramarao, Kolichala Suresh, Kompella Bhaskar, Indraganti Padma, Veluri Venkatesvara Rao, and Panini Sankhavaram]